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This page is a help or manual page for the ISFDB database. It describes standards or methods for entering or maintaining data in the ISFDB database, or otherwise working with the database. Other help pages may be found via the category below. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page.

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When a publication is displayed, there is a link in the left navbar labelled "Remove Titles from this Pub". Clicking on that link brings up the removal editor, which allows you to detach content from a publication.

The screen will display some information about the publication, followed by a list of all the content items, each with a checkbox. Check the boxes for every content item you wish to delete from the publication, and click Submit Data. When this submission is approved, the publication will have those titles removed from its list of contents. The titles will still exist in the ISFDB, but they will no longer be associated with this publication.

This can be useful if you want to delete and re-enter a content item for some reason, or if you discover that a content item was actually entered twice.