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A Publication Series is a series of publications. This is what distinguishes Publication Series from regular Series, which link titles.

Publication Series generally consist of otherwise unrelated texts that were grouped by the publisher in some way. Sometimes they share the same editor, e.g. Ballantine Adult Fantasy was edited by Lin Carter, sometimes they share the same presenter, e.g. A Frederik Pohl Selection, and oftentimes it's something arbitrarily chosen by the publisher, e.g. Lost Fantasies.

Although it is uncommon, a Publication Series may be shared across publishers, e.g. if the original publisher drops it or goes out of business and it is later picked up by another publisher.

Publication Series records have five fields which are similar to the fields found in Publisher records: "Name", "Transliterated Name", "Web Page" (can be repeated), "Note" and "Note to Moderator". See Publisher-specific Help pages for more information on what to enter in these fields.

Please note that, unlike regular Series, Publication Series can't be nested at this time.

See also: Help:How to work with series