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This page is a help or manual page for the ISFDB database. It describes standards or methods for entering or maintaining data in the ISFDB database, or otherwise working with the database. Other help pages may be found via the category below. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page.

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When you display a publication, there will be a link in the left navbar labelled "Delete this Pub". Clicking this link will immediately submit a delete request for the publication. There is no confirmation step; the delete request happens as soon as you click the link. The delete submission is reviewed by a moderator and will be approved or rejected; if it is approved, the publication record will disappear from the ISFDB.

There is usually no problem with deleting obvious duplicate publications of Novel titles. However, Collections can be a little trickier depending on whether their contents records are identical. If they are not, then it helps to pull up the two Publication records side by side, identify the differences and update the Publication record that will be kept with any data from the record that will be deleted. Commonly missed items include introductions, forewords, minor essays, etc.