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Link locally hosted images to their wiki description pages.

When a user clicks on the thumbnail of an image hosted on the ISFDB wiki, the user is taken to the "raw image page". But it would be helpful if the user was instead taken to the image description page, where any meta-data, including copyright and fair use notices, and source info, are displayed. This would require that the code detect the URL as being part of the isfdb site (by its domain, presumably), and convert the raw image URL to the URL for the description page. This is straightforward, For example when the raw image URL is http://www.isfdb.org/wiki/images/b/b1/Time_future-Burns.jpg, the description page is at http://www.isfdb.org/wiki/index.php/Image:Time_future-Burns.jpg. In general when the raw URL is at http://www.isfdb.org/wiki/images/X/XY/NAME.jbg, the description page will be at http://www.isfdb.org/wiki/index.php/Image:NAME.jpg. X and XY are hex digits (from the hash of NAME), and NAME is the on-wiki file name of the image, which will be unique on the wiki. OPEN -DES Talk 17:06, 17 August 2008 (UTC)

Note that implementing this would mean that a user who licks on an image hosted on our wiki would see the description page, including any fair-use or public domain tags, any source info, and any notes. This would make the image description page a better place to annotate cover images, and put us on stronger ground with fair use issues. -DES Talk 19:37, 30 September 2008 (UTC)