Feature:90075 Pseudonym and vt sourcing

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The functional requirement here is to have a way to capture the source information used by an editor to make a connection between two titles, or two author's names. Here's one possible way to implement it, just to illustrate the requirements.

  • Every time a MakeVariant or AddVariant is done, the editor would also have to enter a source field. This could be free form, but could also have some prefills for some standard biblio sources. On submission and approval the updates would be made to the title records, and in addition to the parent ID being filled in, a parent ID source field would also be filled in on the child title record.
  • These sources would not show up on most displays, but would appear on title display of the child, or title display of the parent. There might also be a "variant titles" display at some point, and these could show there.

For pseudonyms, the situation would be exactly analogous, with the "Make Pseudonym" screen requiring a source.

The value of this requirement is that it would enable auditing of these connections. Currently the sources can only be recorded in the Wiki. However, they are really attributes of the connections between data, and it would be useful to record them there.

I have been using the notes field when I run across publications that state previous/other authors/titles for a story. It also allows me to include the stated comments such as revised, expanded, etc. As authors don't have a notes field I guess the wiki will do in those rare cases where a book discloses both the real and pseudonym (usually it's a reprint under the real name once an author is established). I agree though that it would be useful if there was a standard for citing sources though I’m not sure how I’d use a “variant title” display. Marc Kupper 15:33, 30 Dec 2006 (CST)