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Many past and current fanzines can be accessed online or downloaded from and
Additional lists of fanzines and other zines, with various amounts of information about them, are available on ZineWiki. Of primary interest to us are their "zine category" pages for:
Science Fiction, Fantasy Amateur Press Association, Fantasy, Horror, and Supernatural. Another source of information is FanLore.
Temple University in Philadelphia houses a collection of Science Fiction fanzines. They provide an overview.

Fanzines (listed in alphabetical order) #-A-Z

The 14 Leaflet - Australian SF Review

Banana Wings - BW

Challenger - Cypher

The Dark Man - The Drink Tank

E'ch Pi El - Exploding Madonna

Fanac - The Futurian

Gothic - Gross Encounters

Habakkuk - Hyphen

Idea - Izzard

Janus - Journey Planet

Kalki - Knarly Knews

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet - Luna Monthly

The Mad 3 Party - Mythologies

Necrofile - Nyctalops

Oak Leaves - Oziana

Paperback Inferno - Pulp Vault

Quandry - Quipu

Rastus Johnson's Cakewalk - The Romantist

Science Fiction Advertiser - Studies in Weird Fiction

Tangent - Twll-Ddu

Under the Ozone Hole - Universal Translator

Vanamonde - The Vortex

Warhoon - The Witch and the Chameleon

Xenofilkia - Xero

Yandro - Yarf!

Zenith Science Fiction - Zoo Nation