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Patrick Scalisi

Patrick Scalisi (born 30 September 1983) is a magazine editor and emerging author from Connecticut. He has published fiction in several magazines, including The Willows, Neo-opsis, Twisted Dreams, Space Westerns, and others. Several of his short stories have also been selected for publication in speculative fiction anthologies. His website is

Selected Bibliography

"Warded" (Twisted Dreams, June 2008); "The Horse Thieves" (Space Westerns, 2008); "The Ice Fields of Europa" (The Tiny Globule, December 2008); "The Zumundo Cog" (The Willows, November-December 2008); "Ragnarok" (Read Short, January 2010); "Swordsman Wanted" (Neo-opsis, Issue 19 [2010]); "Crude" (The Absent Willow Review, June 2010); "The Registry of Lost Socks" (An Honest Lie Volume 2: Delusions of Insignificance, [Open Heart Press 2010]). "Carousel Gardens" ("Shadowplay", February 2011) (Reprinted in "Dark Doorways", September 2011). "Guidelines for Selecting a Dashboard Totem" ("Untied Shoelaces of the Mind", September 2011).