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Elizabeth Winthrop --born 1948 or 1949 per below-- is the daughter of Stewart Alsop (1914-1974) and niece of Joseph Alsop (1910-1989). Her official website and Wikipedia-EN biographies identify several Roosevelt ancestors and no Winthrops.

As of 2016-05-10 the framework for her official website reads:

  • Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop

It states copyright

  • (c) Elizabeth Winthrop and Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop 2014

and grants permission for some use with

  • credit to Elizabeth Winthrop and Elizabeth Winthrop Journal

One title page of her novel The Castle in the Attic (1994 Yearling ed., 19th printing examined) states copyright

  • Copyright (c) 1985 Elizabeth Winthrop Mahony

The Library of Congress notes only one variant name

  • Alsop, Elizabeth Winthrop

Winthrop's first marriage (Mahony?) ended in divorce. She married Robert Jason Bosseau on March 26, 2005, in Key West FL, keeping her own name. She was 56 years old (born 1948 or 1949), he 63.

  • "Elizabeth Winthrop, Jason Bosseau" (marriage announcement), NY Times 2005-03-27 pI15