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Name used initally for joint work by Earl Binder and Otto Binder. However, most of the works credited to Eando Binder were written by Otto Binder alone. Data from Day and Contento has been used to synchronize isfdb data in magazines. A note has been placed in the master title record indicating the source of the pseudonym attribution for those titles credited to Oscar only. Data for some of the novels still need to be researched.--swfritter 15:22, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

Also see "Inventory of the Science Fiction Archive of Otto Binder: 1927-1971":
  1. 1936-01-04: Otto to Earl Binder ... noting a partial payment for "Crystal Curse" from Weird Tales
  2. 1936-01-16: Earl to Otto Binder ... reporting the sale of "The Spawn of Eternal Thought" for $350.00
  3. 1936-01-20: Otto to Earl Binder ... on disposition of payments, and on Earl’s decision to no longer participate in the "Eando" pseudonym
  4. 1936-07-13: Otto to Earl Binder ... a note on resubmitting "Giants of Anarchy" to Tremaine
  5. 1937-01-06: Otto to Earl Binder ... on rewriting "our old stuff," and the problem of rewriting, with a sales split proposal of 75% to Otto and 25% to Earl
  6. 1937-02-27: Otto to Earl Binder ... enclosing a check for the rewritten "Strange Visions," at a rate of 1 1/4¢ per word, and noting possible sales of "A Comet Passes,""The Chemical Murder," and "Cosmowheel." Speaks of the closing of their collaboration
  7. 1937-02-28: Earl to Otto Binder ... on the use of the joint pseudonym and a question about Earl’s manuscript sent for comment
  8. 1937-03-13: Otto to Earl Binder ... noting final payments for "The Crystal Curse," and "The Chemical Murder"
  9. 1937-08-12: Earl to Otto Binder ... a plot idea for Otto’s consideration
  10. 1938-01-29: Earl to Otto Binder ... on a sales opportunity for some of the "old stuff"
Ahasuerus 21:30, 8 September 2008 (UTC)