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Many of the books state on the copyright page a statement of the form "Special Thanks to Narinder Dhami", which qualifies as as statement of the ghost-writer for the book. Where available, books should be checked on Amazon or Amazon UK for the "Look Inside" feature which will reveal the author using the "Daisy Meadows" pseudonym for the individual books. We have, however, discovered some errors in these attributions (see below).

The full list of which Fairy books were written by Narinder Dhami is available at Narinder's Home Page, by clicking on "All the books".

A substantial list of which Fairy books were written by Sue Mongredien is available on her agent's web site at Sue Mongredien. This list appears to be complete for the early years, but has not been fully maintained of late.

The other ghost-writers for Daisy Meadows do not appear to have good sites that list their contributions to the Rainbow Magic books.

Many web sites list Daisy Meadows as being a pseudonym for 4 authors only (Linda Chapman, Narinder Dhami, Sue Bentley, and Sue Mongredien). Other authors have written books since then, as indicated by the pseudonym list for Daisy Meadows.

The most recent books have not yet appeared with the "Look Inside" feature, and hence the actual authors have not yet been identified.

Specific Books with Pseudonym Issues:
Maya the Harp Fairy is listed inside the Orchard Books (UK) edition as "Special Thanks to Narinder Dhami", but inside the Scholastic edition as "Special Thanks to Sue Mongredien". Narinder claims this book on her personal list; Sue does not. We credit it to Narinder.

Olivia the Orchid Fairy is listed inside both the Orchard and Scholastic editions as "Special Thanks to Narinder Dhami". However, Narinder does not include this in her comprehensive list of her ghost-written books, and Sue Mongredien's agent lists it as one of the books by her. We credit this book to Sue Mongredien.