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Alias: Andrew North

Sargasso Of Space Ace Books F-279

Attributes to Author Andrew North Actually Andre Norton

Thre is an early bibliography of Andre Norton's books provided in The Book of Andre Norton published by Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt. It includes publications to 1975.

Andre Norton - Shorter Fiction

The following shorter fiction is referenced in bibliography by Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt. Updating these would require creating the periodical and issue - a task beyond my desires. -- Holmesd 01:51, 18 April 2008 (UTC)

The Boy and the Ogre - Golden Magazine Sept., 1966
By a Hair - Phantom Magazine (England) July, 1958
The Gifts of Asti - Griffin Booklet 1 (Basil Wells and Andrew North, eds), Griffin, 1949
Toymaker's Snuffbox - Golden Magazine Aug., 1966
Toys of Tamisan - Worlds of IF April-May, 1969
Wizard's World - Galaxie (French) no. 75, 1970