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The TitleUpdate submission updates title information for a single specific title.

Required Tags

The submission contains one required tag:

  • Record - Required tag. Specifies which title record to update.

Optional Tags

The TitleUpdate submission also supports a number of optional tags. These tags should be used whenever an update is made to a particular field. If a particular field is unchanged, it should not be included in the submission. If a field value needs to be deleted, the tag should be included, but the value should be empty. The following section describes the tags that are supported in the metadata section. You should refer to Help:Screen:EditTitle for more detailed information on data entry. The bold text in the description refers to specific labels found in the Help article:

  • Title - The Title of the title.
  • Authors - The Author list associated with the title. This XML tag will enclose:
    • Author - There should be one Author entry for each individual who wrote or edited the title.
  • Year - The Date of publication using the YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • Series - The Series Name this title is associated with.
  • Seriesnum - The Series Number of this title.
  • Storylen - The Length of this title.
  • Language - The Language of this title. See "My Preferences" for a list of supported languages.
  • TitleType - The Entry Type of this title.
  • Webpages - A list of Webpage entries for this title. This XML tag will enclose:
    • Webpage - A web page associated with this title
  • Synopsis - The Synopsis of this title.
  • Note - A permanent Note associated with this title.
  • ModNote - A note to the approving moderator. This note will disappear after the submission has been approved or rejected.

For REVIEW titles only, the following tags are also supported:

  • BookAuthors - The BookAuthor list associated with the authors who's work was reviewed in this review. This XML tag will enclose:
    • BookAuthor - There should be one BookAuthor entry for each individual who wrote the title being reviewed.

For INTERVIEW titles only, the following tags are also supported:

  • Interviewees - The Interviewee list associated with the people who were interviewed. This XML tag will enclose:
    • Interviewee - There should be one Interviewee entry for each individual who was interviewed.


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
     <Subject>Breed to Come</Subject>