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Magazine Reconciliation Project

Project Gutenberg Science Fiction

Titles which have been added as the contents of PG pubs have been tagged Project Gutenberg.

Judith Merril's S-F the Year's Greatest Honorable Mentions

Some Merril selected stories are not in the database because they appear in mainstream magazines and have not been collected or anthologized.

There are no Honorable Mentions in #11 or #12.

My Tags are based upon my own knowledge and research. The ISFDB is not responsible for their accuracy.

Stories cited in Clareson article in Aug 1953 issue of Science Fiction Quarterly

My interest in Science Fiction began at the Golden Age of twelve with the purchase of the April 1961 35th Anniversary issue of Amazing Stories. I collected a number of magazines from the 1950's and then reality intervened.

I became a DOS programmer, writing medical software in COBOL (although I prefer Pascal) and then made the transformation to GUI programming using Powerbuilder (although I prefer Delphi). Thankfully, I did not have to make the transformation to Web programming.

So now I am retired and can attempt to fulfill my goal of collecting all the SF mags from the 50's and 60's. Probably about 90% there but they were a lot cheaper 30 years ago. I would like to have all the old pulps but they are way too expensive and are literally too flaky to read (I am still wading through the pulp chips of a couple of magazines I entered into the database).

Bogus entries leading to invalid pages

Continuing Magazine Projects