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I'm John I live in Atlanta, Ga

I read all genres, SF and Fantasy are my favorites

I Collect Hardcover First's

Authors I have the most of
  • 65 Anne McCaffrey
  • 52 Piers Anthony
  • 50 Eric Flint
  • 45 Orson Scott Card
  • 48 C J Cherryh
  • 43 David Weber
  • 37 L E Modesitt Jr.
  • 32 David Drake
  • 32 Terry Brooks
  • 31 Larry Niven
  • 31 Isaac Asimov
  • 31 John Ringo
  • 30 Ben Bova

Feel free to ask me to look up anything, even if I haven't verified it yet.

Practice Area

Project Links



Poetry Tracking

Transliteration Help

German Umlauts

Remove the diacritical mark and add the letter e.

ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, ß=ss


Use both for each title

  • Short Form: Drop all diacritical marks.
  • Long Form: á=aa, é=ee, Í=ii, ó=oo, ö=oe, ő=ooe, ú=uu, ü=ue, ű=uue.