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BL too!

add ASIN

(hybrid record?) OCLC 823749627

need add website

ISFDB Data Cleanup Reports

  • Containers -- several reports worthy to consult


Help:Using Templates and HTML in Note Fields of database records
Help:Linking templates for use in ISFDB Wiki pages

2022-03-26 recent Archives at ISFDB Wiki
(datespans, creation of new sections only)

Moderator noticeboard (current from 2021-11-01)

30 : 2021-0701/1030 ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard/Archive 30
27 : 2020-0107/0628

#Rules and standards discussions (current from 2021-01-03)

18 : 2020 Rules and standards discussions/Archive/Archive18
?annual calendar year 2014--2020, #12--#18

#Community portal (current from 2022-01-02)

51 : 2021 07/12 ISFDB:Community Portal/Archive/Archive51
48 : 2020 01/06
six-monthly semiannual from 2017--2021, #42--#51
38 : 2015 10/12
ao late 0326; have looked at some of #45 #47 at least, perhaps not systematically (as well as reading current page that will be #52); probably should use a separate subpage for Community Portal alone

2022-03-23 at public library after investigation of (book cover) scan capabilities.

Rtrace - new cover image for Charmed Life, exc quality, only 44KB!
Rtrace, Annie - current discussion of magazine titles at Rules & Standards. What are the implications for single-story collections. What makes the Tauchnitz Edition of British [or American] a magazine or publication series?

(urgent save)

Cover art titles and Amazon URLs at Community Portal. Have we only the single discussion. What is recommended procedure for improving 20+ transient PV that linke "images/P" cover at Amazon?

(urgent save)

2022-03-23 work on comeback
NEED new user page soon

  • incorporate works as subject of (auto)Biography? --Ahasuerus showed some interest a couple years ago
  • Nesbit children's novels --above the threshold?
  • editors who retired and deleted verifications
  • scope of the complete database without user data --private tags; editor and moderator names, etc
what is the structure of the database
  • multiple dustjackets for same publication?
  • verification of HathiTrust digital copies (routinely without spine or dustjacket images, something missing cover and more)
  • External ID "BNB" now handles "GB" (and perhaps "B") style British Library IDs P518250
Does this depend on vagaries of BL coding?
(The linked BL record contains "BNB GB7124244" in the Identifiers field

  • where is this ?
  1. New cleanup report -- anthologies and collections without fiction titles]]
What is the long-term goal re such as Andersen's Fairy Tales, Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination
(Yeah, yeah, they should all be filled in, but be real, there aren't three of me.) --Vasha (cazadora de tildes)

The Queen's Nose --cover images; trade and library binding Amazon UK as "Gollancz; 1st Edition (10 Feb. 1983)"
1st US ed., trade hardcover P673113

The Iron Man --Wikipedia subtitle may be unique to 1985/89/91 Faber edition

see 2022-03-25 OCLC search hits #39 and #48-50
needs more bibliog doc at Wikipedia, such as multiple editions at LCCN
needs LCCN, WorldCat links here T909075

Nonfiction contents untitled, but titled in the database by function

My Recently Changed Primary Verifications

!point of entry 2022-03-24 work on interpretation of Edit history


publisher Greenwillow Publ52110 which should be eliminated?

cf. Username on Sidgwick & Jackson, Sidgwick and Jackson

First Men to the Moon P250551 --what does Chavey contribute?
Charmed Life --what does Mhh contribute in second edit?
Below the Root --my own submission [3]

"blue" Warnings in records of past submissions

Image URL already on file
"-" and "+" code

Rules and standards

ISFDB:Rules and standards discussions (aargh)

(Archives annual from 2014)

!skimmed 2022-03-23 but without making notes
Notetaking may be impractically slow here. Instead gradually read all.

1.ISFDB:Rules and standards discussions#Clute/Nicholls Verification Revisited

  • Rtrace 2021-01-03

SFE3 as source for "Secondary Verification" --perhaps to be added as distinct from Clute/Nicholls meaning eds. 1 and 2

2. ISFDB:Rules and standards discussions#Standard for disambiguating author names

  • MKupper 2021-01-04 and JLaTondre

Annie somewhere mentions that substantial disambiguation such as "(artist)" is preferred. --primary role only? renames?

(2013) Help:How to separate two authors with the same name --roman numerals are a last resort!

7. ISFDB:Rules and standards discussions#Non-genre magazines and editor names

  • Annie 2021-03-24

concerns credit to/as EDITORS of ... Outcome -- Help:Entering non-genre periodicals changed -04-08

Community portal

ISFDB:Community Portal

(Archives semiannual from 2017)

ISFDB:Community Portal#Crime Club

  • Username 2022-01-05; no reply

ISFDB:Community Portal#Rogue Wave / Theodore Taylor

  • Username 2022-01-06; latest -01-10
concerns pruning non-genre works, including non-genre stories within collections
"13 stories"
"13 stories [(not all in the database March 2022, [some excluded [by previous editors] as non-genre])]"
[Cite a known apparently complete list of contents, or image, if convenient.]

ISFDB:Community Portal#Amazon-hosted cover scans

  • Ahasuerus 2022-01-29; latest -02-04
We have new reports at My Primary Verifications:
(17): My PV with Unstable ISBN-based Amazon URLs --important to improve these
(5) My PV with Possibly Unstable "/G/" Amazon URLs

ISFDB:Community Portal#Gollancz Fantasy Date

  • Annie mentions a possible "reserved ISBN". What is the timeframe?

ISFDB:Community Portal#Unknown Page Numbers

  • Username 2022-03-12; no reply
Concerning The First Book of Unknown Tales of Horror T1316966 in two eds. needing detective work re sources and assembly of data
OCLC (another citation for Mews ed. should be deleted)
Username note to moderator --what is this?

ISFDB:Community Portal#Publisher Pricing Stickers

  • JLaTondre 2022-03-19; latest -03-21
concerns also dustjackets and "wraparound cover" or not
Annie cites Direct Upload Help:How to upload images to the ISFDB wiki#Direct Upload Procedure

ISFDB:Community Portal#The Old Tobacco Shop

  • Username 2022-03-21
IN REPLY i promise -03-24 to take a look 2022-03 at this and Unknown, above.

Three years old. #44-45 = 2018; #46-47 = 2019


ISFDB:Community Portal/Archive/Archive47#SERIALs added to "Title Dates Before First Publication Date"

excerpt and "(excerpt)", etc
intended for all shortfiction?
cf. collection of linked stories, commonly entered as NOVEL
fairy tales, etc
essay vs shortfiction

New cleanup report -- anthologies and collections without fiction titles

  • Ahasuerus 2018-09-17
Anthologies and Collections without Fiction Titles
that is, cleanup_report.cgi?240

ISFDB:Community Portal/Archive/Archive45#Merging illustrations

includes my own request re such as Alice in Wonderland [2]
no response, perhaps too technical

  1. The Witch of Blackbird Pond]]
2018-11-15 --remove from ISFDB with copy of bibliographic data to PVerifier user page

ISFDB:Community Portal/Archive/Archive45#Lemuel Gulliver and his famous Travels

  • 2018-11-29 Pwendt
my own ... Hey, thanks Rtrace!
  1. External Identifiers help updates]]
  • Annie 2018-12-10 --mentions "live help page that i am reluctant to edit on my own"
  1. New OCLC cleanup reports]]
  • Ahasuerus 2018-12-19

astonishing interpretation of OCLC ID and OCLC secondary verification

Aha -12-21 My tentative take on them is that OCLC IDs effectively supersede OCLC verifications. The additional information that secondary verifications provide -- the "N/A" capability, the name of the editor and the date of the verification -- doesn't seem to add much as long as we have OCLC IDs.
Vasha -12-21 That is a good plan. I also think there's likely no need to double-check the OCLC IDs that don't have verifications; although doubtless some of them are wrong, they're no more likely to be wrong than the verified ones.
Annie -12-21 I had found the name of the OCLC verifier useful - they are usually the source of a lot (if not all) of the information in the record and additional questions often find answers by asking them when there is no PVs or when they are inactive.