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de la Motte Fouqué 16358 (91) 

--as canonical name Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué (few genuine publications)


1839 Colman's Library of Romance, vol III (#2) t.p. 1839
[v]-vii A General Preface to the "Library or Romance."
[viii] Editorial.
[ix]-xi Preface. "Vision of beauty, dear Undine, Since, led by storied light, ..."
[xii] Contents.
p[13]-157 Undine
[161] half-title The Fortieth Hour./[162] poem
p[163]-211 The Fortieth Hour.
(no back pages)


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Die Jahreszeiten

1814 Ein Cyclus ABE
1814, Undine, 2nd ed. ABE
1815 Sintram, 1st ed.? "Wien, Katharina Gräffer und Härter, 1815" ABE

The Four Seasons

1869 Hurd and Houghton [1]
2015 Create Space [Blackdown] £9.95 Amazon 1518817432 w Look (no t.p.)
This edition of Friedrich de la Motte Fouques Undine and Other Tales (1867) first published in 2015 by Blackdown Publications; (c)Rachel Louise Lawrence 2015
Notes p303-06 #1-13 Sintram, #14-29 Captains, #30-37 Aslaugas
"Adapted by Rachel Louise Lawrence" (front cover) -- (Amazon) "British author who translates and adapts folklore and fairytales from original texts and puts them back into print."--
RLL website; print length The Four Seasons 316/317 ; 194/195 132/100 82/83 70/70 ; Captains "The friendship of German Captain, Sir Heimbert of Waldhausen, and Spanish Captain, Don Frederigo Mendez, is tested by love and war."


Die Jahreszeiten: Ein cyclus romantischer dichtungen 1814 (also 1971 Kraus Reprint facsimile as Eine Vietreljahrschrift)
Die Jahreszeiten v1-4 HDL
Undine and Other Tales [4] 1867 67 67 69 70 70 72 75 79 81 1900
Undine and Other Stories 1932/Gosse
Undine and Sintram 1845 52 55 56 64/Tracy 70 76 80 88
Undine and Two Captains 1897
Undine and Aslauga's Knight 1901
Undine 1820de 1824 39 39 45 57 58 59 64 77 81 88 95 95 97 97 1907/Macgregor 09 12 18
German Romance (Thomas Carlyle) 1841
Miniature Romances 1841
Wild Love and Other Tales 1844; Wild Love 1845
Sintram 1848 69 81 1901 1908

1845 Burns t.p. 1845

WorldCat: The Four Seasons

1843 ? --reported at
1845 Burns o[2] 4 vols in 1 (4 engraved t.p.), illus.
1855 Lumley Fo[3](3)
?1855 Lumley? Fo[4](8)
1856 Lumley o[5]

Die Jahreszeiten 1971 "reprint of a periodical" o[643786074] o[ocm04411337]

1811 Undine
1812 Die beiden Hauptleute
1814 Aslauga's Ritter
1814 Sintram [...]
1896 collection, unique(?) publication P616767 --online at Wayne State U
intro Yonge T2194035
illus Gordon Browne T2194036; S=T1144975; U=nidb

Gutenberg #2824-27 "Produced by Sandra Laythorpe, and David Widger"; arrangement as winter/spring/summer/fall

P[6] 2824 (winter) Friedrich de la Motte Fouque (Charlotte M Yonge) --from 1896
P747003 2825 (spring) Friedrich de la Motte Fouque (Charlotte M Yonge) --from 1896
P[7] 2826 (summer) Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de La Motte-Fouque --"A Mild summer evening was resting on the shores of Malaga, awakening the guitar of many a merry singer among the ships in the harbor, and in the city houses, and in many an ornamental garden villa. ..." "Sir Heimbert of Waldhausen and Don Fadrique Mendez"
P[8] 2827 (autumn) Fredrich de la Motte-Fouque --"Many years ago there lived in the island of Fuhnen a noble knight, called Froda, the friend of the Skalds, who was so named because he not only offered free hospitality in his fair castle to every renowned and noble bard, but likewise strove with all his might to discover those ancient songs, and tales, and legends which, in Runic writings or elsewhere, were still to be found; ..." ("Aslauga, the fair daughter of Sigurd", eventually Queen of Denmark)
  1. 2825-27 no images

All: The ebook (viewed in HTML format) does not represent print page numbers or divisions.

  1. 2824/25 Sintram/Undine from one 1896 source edition that does not contain the others (Ebook #2824 contains an image of the illustrated title page, as well as Gordon Browne interior illustrations.) (Ebook #2825 contains no images.)

Sintram and His Companions (winter, #2824)
el  .Anna Richards Brewster, daughter, illustrator 138261 (4) --also credited as "A. M. Richards" (1906, Wikipedia)
el   Anna M. Richards, mother, poet/translator 108193 (4)

Sintram and His Companions, 1818 novella [all versions] T2193555

  • --unique ISFDB transl. A. M. Richards (1)
  • also transl. A. C. Farquharson (also unique at ISFDB)
translations as "{tr" (3) --there are none as "trans"
1900 transl. A. M. Richards T2194226 "In Drontheim's high castle sat many Norseland knights ... HDL p1 (as 1900, De La Motte Fouque)

ISFDB novella records, English-language

1842 Stated "new translation" --online at Google Books
1842 -- (earliest publication 2002-09, intro Yonge --perhaps shdbe 1896 not 1842)
1896 COLL, illus. Gordon Browne --online at Wayne State U Libraries (v 1.6.0) p.xv --Project Gutenberg #2824 (as no diacritical é) contains title page image
The text begins as Chapter I, "In the high castle of Drontheim many knights sat assembled to hold council for the weal of the realm; and joyously they caroused together till midnight around the huge stone table in the vaulted hall. ..."
1900 tr A. M. Richards
1902 ANTH containing both --online at Google Books
1908 tr A. C. Farquharson (Methuen, 1908) --online at HDL

Sintram illustrators at Wikipedia

  • Charles Robinson (, 1900) --niLC
  • Anna Richards Brewster (, 1900)
  • E. J. Sullivan --nidb (Methuen, 1908)
  • Heywood Sumner --nidb (Seeley Jackson & Halliday, 1883) Baldwin LHCL t.p. 1883 De La Motte Fouque --Preface, [v]-vii, transl. based on the 1820 J. C. Hare 1st English transl.
"In Drontheim, within the high castle, were many knights of Norway assembled ..."
.Heywood Sumner --nidb EN (9)

Unknown translation Unknown source for date 2001-09 See the novella record for more information.

LC (5) --none indb

[1848] Lumley -HDL 119p
[c1881] Munro -HDL 28p

Undine and Sintram

1845 Wiley and Putnam xiv 238
1852 Putnam -HDL xiv 238
[1895] Putnam's -LOC vi 384


1820 C. & J. Ollier BL 002062194 xiv 267 --tr [Julius C. Hare]
1842 James Burns BL 002062195 219p
[1848] James Burns BL 002062197 119p
1844 W. Smith BL 002062196 017734702 39p
1867 Tauchnitz; Sampson Low BL 006713857 361p --tr F. E. Bunnett
1877 Osgood BL 002062198 156p
1883 Seeley & Co BL 002062199 vii 124p --"[Founded on Hare's translation]"
1895 Kegan Paul (A Northern drama in five acts) BL 004047182 170p --"By a graduate of Balliol [i.e. C. S. Devas]."
(1896 Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. xix 279)
[1900] Freemantle BL 002062200 188p --tr A. M. Richards
1901 drama; 1905
1905 Blackie BL 002062201 140p
1908 Methuen BL 002062202 viii 193p --tr A. C. Farquharson
1911 Wells Gardner BL 002062203 ix 129 --ed Mary Macleod
[1928] Brodie Books #52 BL 002062204 63p --ed Gordon S. Maxwell
Undine (spring, #2825)

Undine, 1811 novella [all versions] T1579581

  • unique ISFDB transl. F. E. Bunnett (2) "Undine, thou image fair and blest, // Since first thy strange mysterious glance,"; "There was once, it may be now many hundred years ago, a good old fisherman, who was sitting one fine evening before his door, mending his nets. ..."
  • 1896 -- [? same as 2006 and 2009]
1902 --
  • 1818 George Sloane, A.B.
  • 1839=1839 Thomas Tracy
  • 1907 Unknown translation (Famous Stories ECSK, multiple eds.)
no poem; "Once--it may be some hundreds of years ago--there lived a good old Fisherman, who, on a fine summer's evening, was sitting before the door mending his nets." (Gutenberg #16247)
  • 1909,2009 W. L. Courtney
  • 1990 --
  • 2002=2003 F. E. Bunnett (Gutenberg #3174)
  • 2006 -- [same as 2009]
  • 2009 -- (Gutenberg #2825, intro Yonge)
  • 1841 anthology PV Rtrace (at Google Books) "The following translation of Undine ... was made in the winter of 1835, and has since received such revision and improvement, as the kindness of literary friends, in connections with my own wish to do so as little injustice to the genius of the author as I could, has enabled me to give it." (no Rosicrucian preface)
no poem; "Once on a beautiful evening, it may now be many hundred years ago, there was a worthy old fisherman who sat before his door mending his nets.
Now the corner of the world where he dwelt, was exceedingly picturesque. ..." [p13]
User talk:Rtrace#Undine: A Miniature Romance; Miniature Romances
Undine 2002 T174560 as by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué; transl. Bunnett
one publication record cites 2011 "Friedrich Heinrich Karl Freiherr de La Motte-Fouque"
Undine 2003 T75365 de La Motte Fouqué; transl. Bunnett
diacritical é is spurious

"Undine! thou fair and lovely sprite, Since first from out an ancient lay I saw gleam forth thy fitful light, How hast thou sung my cares away!"; "On a beautiful evening, many hundred years ago ..." = Charlotte M. Yonge; also Echo Library 2006

Mary Macgregor, Told to the Children --no poem, "A fisherman brought a stool to the doorway of his home and, sitting down, he began to mend his nets. ..."

1909 Arthur Rackham, transl. William Leonard Courtney

The Two Captains (summer) T[9] --as 1843, English
0000 "This translation uses the names of Heimbert and Fadrique for the two captains." --Holmesd
2001 tr Unknown

Undine and The Two Captains

1886 Cassell's National Library. vol. 48 BL 002062135 192p
[c1886] John W. Lovell 94p

Undine and Other Tales

1867 Leipzig : Bernhard Tauchnitz ; London : Sampson Low, Son, and Marston; BL 006713857 361p; Collection of German authors, v6
Aslauga's Knight (autumn) T1566349
1827 tr Carlyle
2001 tr Unknown