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NEED followup, records created/updated -11-01/02

Night Mail

T68044 display the variant subheadings
The Windsor Magazine 1905-12 --still "NEED" the artwork contents, Reuterdahl T2272529


to KiplingSociety on "Regulus"

Presumably that is two magazines, <a href="">Nash's Pall Mall Magazine</a> and Metropolitan Magazine. HathiTrust provides full view of The Pall Mall, vols 1-53, 1893 to 1914.

HDL copy shows the first issue of volume 54, as printed, manually corrected as v53, the seventh such issue of what had been a series of 6-issue volumes (p. 815, see also the announcement, pp. 1009); the HathiTrust copy of bound volume 53 contains no such page at the beginning of the August issue, the last as The Pall Mall Magazine

Not found 2017-11-04 at HathiTrust: Nash's Magazine and the merged Nash's Pall Magazine, v54-79 in part, 1914 to 1927; nor the subsequent renditions to 1937 as The Pall Mall relaunched, mid-volume 79, and merged again.

Metropolitan [45.5?], April 1917, pp. 20-22, 73-75 --a Stalky school-boy story

-- "They" T21309, Scribner's monthly

Scribner's books by Kipling --only this one in database 2017-10-20

elsf Rudyard Kipling 1961 (1904)

A Diversity of Creatures T39142

Fo1917[1] 1917 #5-40
1917 uk ordinary naming 5 editions/formats
1919 4th printing evidently o[2] reports 1st April, 2nd June 1917
1917 us
1925 us "401. 256 p. 21 cm." []
1987 Penguin Classics
1994 printing LCSH: "Science fiction, English." o[3] Fo1994/1987[4] ;
2004 Gutenberg #13085 o[5]
publisher adverts Observer -04-15 p4 (placed? "[Tuesday."=0417?), [6] (improved layout) Man Gua -04-19 p3
4 or 5 editions: Uniform, Pocket (2 bindings), Bombay, De Luxe
review The Scotsman -04-19 (p2, promoted p4, review not found)
The Observer -04-22 p4 review?
Toronto Daily Star -05-04 p23, Eaton's $1.50
[7] review NYTimes -05-06 p64

Publication records for the 1st eds. cover in part 5 UK eds./formats and 2 US eds./formats

Review promoted The Scotsman -04-19 p4, as appearing on page 2, image not found 2017-11-04

5 format, 4 "Edition" publisher advert Manchester Guardian -04-19 p3

  • Extra Crown 8vo. 6/- UNIFORM EDITION
  • Fcap. 8vo. Cloth 4/6 POCKET-a [Blue]
  • Leather 5/- POCKET-b [Scarlet]
  • Super Royal 8vo. 21/- BOMBAY EDITION
  • 2 vols. 8vo. 10/6 each EDITION DE LUXE

With the Night Mail

Wikipedia series Aerial Board of Control

Kipling Society

1 [8]
2 [9] (2065); Libertarian Futurist Society, 2011

10-28 submissions with leftovers

[10] With the Night Mail CHAPBOOK Gutenberg

later shorten Content titles and, probably, remove the second colon from the long title where it is appropriate--certainly, from the ebook publication title

see also 1st US ed. 638626 --printed on one side of the leaf only
[11] Actions and Reactions, pub 1909 us
[12] Actions and Reactions, collection

F. Gardner --nidb, niLC --Frederick in queue In the Morning of Time (UK, 1919) [13]
el  .Frank X. Leyendecker, Franz Xavier 60271 (4)
el  .H. Reuterdahl, Henry 261249 (7)
H. C. Steppings Wright --nidb (several entries at FictionMags)

for those A.B.C. illustrators see Forgotten Futures --ADD to some database records --in queue, Title Note "As Easy as ABC"

SHORTFICTION With the Night Mail (1905) T68044 CHAPBOOK T1204797 (3 as 1905) 2021164 (1 as 1909)

us 1909 -HDL o[14], 1986 microfilm o[15]

Gutenberg 29135 [16] source (not stated): Doubleday, Page, 1909

The last 10 printed pages (all but one "recto") are unnumbered (as are earlier section title pages such as p[72], "Reviews") and appear on 9 leaves,

In the HathiTrust digital edition, those unnumbered recto and verso images are both numbered 85

check newspapers: 1906 (0 hits)

1909 (16 hits)

forthcoming -03-25 per Cin Enq -03-13 p
excerpt [17] NYTimes -03-14 pSM11 "Kipling's Visions of the Conquest of the Air" : "The account of the night ride across the Atlantic in an airship has already appeared without the supplementary material in McClure's Magazine, but the advertisements, &c., a sample of which is given on this page, are all new." (full-page promotion)
publisher advert [18] NYT -03-27 pBR181 "Now Ready" $1.00, postage 10c, four illustrations in color by Leyendecker

"a magazine story of the year 2025" --where?

HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of four copies (Doubleday, 1909), all apparently complete ( ; ; -- title page: "illustrated in color by Frank X. Leyendecker and H. Reuterdahl" -- front/back endpapers, frontispiece, and two interior plates evidently signed "Frank X. Leyendecker" -- one of three interior plates signed "H. Reuterdahl" (scrutable given the title page

Actions and Reactions (coll., October 1909)
[19] The Scotsman 1909-10-11 p2, advertises three editions including "Edition de Luxe. (Limited to 775 copies.) Hand made paper. Sateen cloth. 8vo. 10s. 6d. net." where the publisher advertised only the first two eds. -10-04 p2 and Manchester Guardian -10-05 p5

other reviews US

SF Chron 17 Oct 1909: 38 (as $1.25 or $1.75 net, brief and positive on Night Mail only and very)
LA Times 17 Oct 1909: III20 (no price, brief and very positive; clear on the two allegory)

Scribner's v24 o[20] o[21]


[22] The Scotsman 1909-10-07 p3, 6/-
[23] The Irish Times 08 Oct 1909: 9 --in queue
(quote) "The Mother Hive" is another solemn warning to England, of the kind which her greatest thinkers have been uttering for some time. It is an allegory showing the causes of the development of the degenerate and unfit, and also what the end must be. ..."
[24] The Observer 10 Oct 1909: 6


(notice) The Globe 16 Oct 1909: 16 $1.50 (no publisher)
(review) The Globe -10-23 p16 (no price)

1995 microfiche o[25] (c) 1909 [26]

UK newspapers 1910: no coverage of chapbook, only of late 1909 collection Actions and Reactions

Canadian edition at HDL

at HDL Macmillan (Oct 1st, Nov 2nd, 1909), 301, 5 copies --U Michigan copy without cover

stories spans p1-301; p[302] "Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh."
p[303-14] publisher advertisements: 303-06, by Kipling; 307-14, Autumn 1909 307-14 (inclg 3 eds. this collection, p308)
  1. UMich, 1909-11 2nd printing, with cover
  2. Cornell, apparent 1st (1909-10 per 2nd) = Internet Archive copy
  3. UCal-LA, apparent 1st, with cover
  4. UCal-SC c2, " ", " "
  5. UCal-SC, " ", " "

at HDL Doubleday, Page (Oct 1909), 324, 6 copies --U Michigan copy without cover

Illustrations, list of 8 (frontispiece and 7 plates not included in the pagination) credits 7 different artists; one for this story is the chapbook frontispiece by Leyendecker
stories span p3-324
this story p119-81; narrative p119-53
  1. UCal [Berkeley?], "Published October, 1909" (library cover?)
  2. UMich c2, " " (library cover?)
  3. Cornell, " "; with cover - identical to 1st ed. Puck and Rewards
  4. Harvard, " "; " "
  5. Harvard, " " (library cover?)
  6. UCal = The Hand of Ethelberta: A Comedy in Chapters by Thomas Hardy

Project Gutenberg 2381 [27]

appears to be from 1st printing, same as HDL copies, but "Contents" is corrupt
"Actions and Reactions" appears atop and "The Puzzler" (poem) does not

The late 1909 collection Actions and Reactions contains the novella --that is, the novelette and magazine extracts. The Macmillan eds., UK and Canada, appear to be identical but the US ed. is reset, with a different span of pages, typographical differences, even a few different wordings. Yet the Advertising Section prices are all given in shillings and pence. The section headings in the collection (3 eds., apparent 1909 printings viewed at HathiTrust) differ slightly from those in the chapbook (2 eds., apparent 1909 printing of the US ed. viewed at HathiTrust).

• Aerial Board of Control
• Notes
• Correspondence
• Review [no 's']
• [none]

The advertisements simply appear under subheadings of the purported 2000 A.D. advertising section: "Miscellaneous", "Safety Wear for Aeronauts", "Appliances for Air Planes", "Air Planes and Dirigible Goods", "Air Planes and Dirigibles", "Bat-Boats", "Air Planes and Starters", "Accessories and Spares" (identical to the chapbook in wording if not design).

magazine publications
McClure's 1905 299469 o[28]
Doubleday, Page 1909 o[29] o[30]
we cite for the short title and cover by Reutedahl PBA Galleries [31]

text p3-58 very lightly revised from McClure's (eg, 21 o'clock => 9 o'clock)

p[60] Aerial Board of Control Bulletin [A.B.C. may be new to this ed.]
spans p61-63
p[64] Notes
spans p65-66
p[67] Correspondence
p[72] Reviews
p73-77 "(to be continued)"
p[78] Advertising Section
spans p[79-86]

McClure's v26, bound volume from U Michigan

frontispiece leaf
title leaf
Contents of McClure's Magazine // Volume XXVI (two unnumbered leaves)
frontispiece leaf of issue 26:1 evidently (although its numbered pages begin as page 1)

1-694, of which 1-676 is the paginated span of the print magazine --evidently six 112-page issues except December 116pp
677-678, ads
679, Contents of the April 1906 issue
680, other side of the same leaf presumably
681-694, ads; p681 begins with a book forthcoming May, so these may be the advertisements in April number, the frontispiece and p677-694 may be all of the unnumbered pages for April, 10 leaves
1-174, all ads, perhaps from the first five issues; these are images of 87 leaves, so that hypothesis implies many unnumbered leaves in the April issue than in some others; apparently these include no covers or Contents, so the comparison is 87 leaves to 8 leaves

The Kipling story spans pp.

(The first is the frontispiece of the issue, reproduced in color; the third is that retained in the 1909 chapbook with illustrations otherwise by Leyendecker, where the second is replaced by Leyendecker's frontispiece)

subheading and lead sentence (quote):
(McClure's Magazine Advg. Dept., June, 2025 A.D.)
At 21 o'clock of a gusty winter's night I stood on the lower stages of the G. P. O. outward mail tower. ...
(captions also differ)

(the second is that re-used in the 1909 chapbook with illustrations otherwise by Leyendecker)

subheading and lead sentence (quote):
From "The Windsor Magazine," October, A.D. 2147.
"At 9.30 p.m. of a windy winter's night I stood on the lower stages of the G.P.O. Outward Mail Tower. ..."
(captions also differ)
illus. Reuterdahl, new captions, pp 53 56 65; Seppings Wright pp 59 62
H. C. Seppings Wright Commons Wikidata

review as McClure's [32] N-Y Trib 1905-10-26 p5 (negative) "another one of his rhapsodies in hardware" " ... for the rest [it] is a farrago of meaningless 'specifications'"
advertisements of "the November McClure's" from -10-28
excerpt The Globe -11-04 pA7

no indication of any chapbook publication 1905/1906

McClure's 1917-22:

vol 50, 14 issues to end 1918
51, 12 issues, 1919
52, 12 issues, 1920
53, 9 issues to Sep 1921, no title page or index in the copy from U Michigan
54, 10 issues from March to Dec 1922, no title page or index after resumption under new ownership (5 months out of print evidently, Oct 1921 to Feb 1922)
55, 12 issues, 1923 (no view)
irregular again thereafter

As Easy as ABC

2012 omnibus COLLECTION T1461327

1912 sequel story T68361

The London Magazine 29 (1912) [33]

begins "Special Holiday Number", v29 September 1912 n23 [Sep 1912 - Feb 1913 ?]
p[1]-876, incorporating xxvii-xxxii among p870-76 ; February = 733-876

HDL collection limited, only

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 (Aug 1903 - Jan 1904)
1904-01, p[627]-
3 5 6 8 9 11 29 30 31 33 (v29 = Sep 1912 - Feb 1913)
1-11 (1898- Jan 1904) 29-31 (Sep 1912 - Feb 1914), 33 (Sep 1914 - Feb 1915 = 675-802

v11, #65-66, Dec03/Jan04

The London. A Magazine of Human Interest. 1903-12, p[489]-626 "This Enlarged Winter's Number ..."
including at last XI, E. Nesbit:
596 "Archibald the Unpleasant", ill Gordon Browne; 596-603, 6 b/w drawings --in queue
731 "Over the Water to China", ill Gordon Browne; 731-38, 4 b/w drawings - New Treasure Seekers, ch 3-4 "Across a long life – spanning several incarnations ..."

1732-, 1820-29, 1898-1933 (HGWells, Feb 1903) (Nesbit, 1904ff), 1954-present

Bound volume title pages at HathiTrust show:

v1, [Aug 1898?], at HDL as The Harmsworth ..., vol I, 1898-9 ; dated Jul-Dec 1898 at NYPL
v2, Feb 1899, The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine
v3, Aug 1899, The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine [and 4]
v5, Aug 1900, The Harmsworth Magazine [and 6
v7, Aug 1901, The Harmsworth London Magazine
v9, Aug 1902, The Harmsworth London Magazine [and 8, 10]
v11, Aug 1903, London Magazine [as n61-66]
v29 n23, Sep 1912, (no title page) The London Magazine // Special Holiday Number
v31 n35, Sep 1913, (no title page) The London Magazine
v33 n47, Sep 1914, (no title page) The London Magazine

2 of 3 from a heavy contributor to Wikipedia and ISFDB.

Concerning the magazine generally known as The London Magazine (, the index shows title The Harmsworth London Magazine in use for only three issues, the first half of vol 7, from Aug 1901. --between The Harmsworth Magazine (v5-6) and The London Magazine (from v7 #4).

That may be true of the single issues for which I have no information before v29.

HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of bound volumes 1-11, 29-31, 33.

Title pages of the bound volumes show The Harmsworth Magazine (v5-6) followed by The Harmsworth London Magazine (v7-10 to Jul 1903). See the volume 10 title page at HathiTrust (

Paging forward from that link target:

page 1, "Important Notice", refers to the magazine in-line as (quote) the "London Magazine".

page 3, the first text content begins. Evidently the volume as bound includes no title page/header, table of contents, front cover (nor back cover, see pages 128 129) and thus --no information how it may or may not have been distributed under/as The London Magazine or any other name --although it does use that name as running header styled THE LONDON MAGAZINE. (with dot).

The volume 11 (Aug 1903--Jan 1904) title page ( shows The London Magazine. .

The HathiTrust collection ends with vol 11 to Jan 1904, until vol 29 from Sep 1912.

Volume 29 at HathiTrust spans 1-876pp with interspersed roman-numeral advertising pages. It contains no title page or index. The first three issues show that text contents of each begins on the third page of its paginated span (pp 3, 147, 291) under a header that displays "The London Magazine" and volume, date, number.

Paul Wendt

3 of 3 from a heavy contributor to Wikipedia and ISFDB, who does not plan much contribution to The FictionMags Index and did not read relevant instructions.

Here is some data on four London Magazine issues now missing or incomplete in the Index. Lines that begin with colon (:) are remarks that may be useful or interesting but do not belong in the Index, except perhaps some as brief annotations. Concerning "[ (Bastables) ]" see the earlier note "FictionMags: Bastable series by Nesbit needs consolidation" (1 of 3).

Paul Wendt

The London Magazine [v11, #65, December 1903] 491-626pp Details taken from bound volume 11.

596 · Archibald the Unpleasant [ (Bastables) ] · E. Nesbit · ss; illustrated by Gordon Browne

closes p603 with a note on Nesbit, which mentions the Bastables series but does not indicate this is anything but a standalone story

The London Magazine [v11, #66, January 1904] 627-762pp Details taken from bound volume 11.

731 · Over the Water to China [ (Bastables) ] · E. Nesbit · ss; illustrated by Gordon Browne

closes with promise of another next month
later those are the 3rd and 4th chapters of New Treasure Seekers (1904), the third Bastables book

HathiTrust Digital Library collection spans v1-11, 29-31, 33 --and there is no Index in the later volumes apparently.)
volume 29 spans 1-876pp with interspersed roman-numeral advertising pages

The London Magazine [v29, #23, September 1912] 1-144pp Details taken from bound volume 29.

41 · In the Morning of Time, V: The Puller - Down of Trees · Charles G. D. Roberts · ss; illustrated by Frederick Gardner

closes p52 (quote) Next month: "The Battle of the Brands"

69 · Haggett’s - and After [Viv] · F. Tennyson Jesse · ss; illustrated by Balliol Salmon

that instalment title is styled on two lines: NO. II. HAGGETT'S—AND AFTER
closes p80 (quote) Next Month: "The Babes in St. John's Wood"

The London Magazine [v29, #24, October 1912] 145-288pp Details taken from bound volume 29.

199 · The Babes in St. John’s Wood [Viv] · F. Tennyson Jesse · ss; illustrated by Norah Schlegel

that instalment title is styled on two lines: NO. III. THE BABES IN ST. JOHN'S WOOD
closes p211 (quote) "Good-night, Viv," he said. "Remember me in your--dreams."

235 · In the Morning of Time, VI: The Battle of the Brands · Charles G. D. Roberts · ss; illustrated by Frederick Gardner

closes p246 (quote) CHARLES G. D. ROBERTS. (and) THE END.
later those are the first 6 of 14 chapters in In the Morning of Time (1919)

Title pages of the bound volumes (viewed at HathiTrust) show:

The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine [v1-4]
The Harmsworth Magazine [v5-6]
The Harmsworth London Magazine [v7-10]
London Magazine [v11]

Spot check shows no front covers or issue title pages

FictionMags reports:

The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine [v1-4]
The Harmsworth Magazine [v5-6]
The Harmsworth London Magazine [v7, 3 issues only]
London Magazine [v7, last three issues -- Oct 1930 (v65?)]

Index v9, title/page only

Index v10 shows no Kipling or Nesbit; Wells pp. 3-12 "Mr Skelmersdale in Fairyland", 4 illus. Max Cowper

this issue enlarged per Important Notice, p[1], namely p1-128 --in fact 6@128

Index v11 shows no Kipling; Nesbit 596 731; Wells pp. 70-73 "The Presence by the Fire" Editor, pp. 626, 762 (ann 136 pp, -/4.5, these two issues on the new plan, ready -12-15 maybe; -01-15, -02-15

that is, apparently, 128-page from Feb 1904, 136-page from Aug 1904 11:65 491-626, header p626 : The London. A Magazine of Human Interest. December, 1903.


Artists (c - some ed. of the collection)


c André Castaigne (59)
Robin Goodfellow, I to VI (Puck, V to X)
Charlotte Harding --nidb EN (30)
Puck of Pook's Hill, I to IV T39140
c H. R. Millar
c Arthur Rackham
Claude A. Shepperson, R. I.
UK serial


c Charles E. Brock ; "Charles E. Brock, R.I." per 1935 title page
c Frank Craig
Elizabeth Shippen Green --nidb EN (156)
The Knife and the Naked Chalk (Rewards and Fairies) T956233
Frederick Dorr Steele (Frederic) as Frederick
9-part serial
F. H. Wellington, engraver of Craig --nidb
9-part serial
1927 [34] 253, 319, unillus?
1935 [35] x, 670

1993 [36] xlii, 450, unillus? ; paper 0192825755 ; "Puck of Pook's Hill ; and, Rewards and fairies / Rudyard Kipling ; edited by Donald Mackenzie."

1906 [37] Doubleday, 277 --in db

1906 [38] Strand, 1906de [39], 1914 [40], 1920 [41], 1923 [42], 1925 [43], 1929 [44], 1946? [45], 2006 [46]

1910 [47] Macmillan, xii, 338 --in db
1910 [48]-HDL Doubleday, xiv, 344 --in db

1911 [49], 1920 [50], 1922 [51], 1922 [52], 1928 [53] illus. Brock, 1929 [54], 1949 [55],


All the Puck Stories, Macmillan 1935

at antiQbook "32 full-page monochrome plates (Deluxe Ed.)

1906 page-count 277 1910 page-count xiv+344

Only edition of this title found 2017-02-22 in WorldCat library records (4, none with list of contents) LCCN: <a href="">2007-582734</a> and OCLC: <a href="">972806916</a> -- "Note: Includes stories from Puck of Pook's Hill and Rewards and fairies. Cf. Stewart." OCLC: <a href="">561607441</a> -- "Note: A reissue of the 1906 and 1910 editions of Puck of Pook's Hill and Rewards and Fairies respectively." -- "Other Titles: Smaller Collections" (interpreted to mean titles of the two component collections)

--but 1910 ed. illus. Frank Craig, from the magazine serial

1935 newspapers (9 hits)

Scot 10-17 p6, James Milne "When the Christmas market comes along ..."; "from"; "The tales present episodes in English history in a dramatic form."

8 hits -1201 to -1212

capsule Obs 12-01 p20 --price; two titles "in one volume"
[56] advert Manchester Guardian 12-05 p23 "containing all the stories" C. E. Brock, R.I.; 2 prices
received India 12-06 p9 --as 10s/6d
advert India 12-06 p9 --this title listing same as Man 12-05
advert Obs 12-08 p22 --2 prices only
advert Scot 12-12 p14 --same as Man 12-05
review Scot 12-12 p14 -- "This new and very attractively produced one-volume collection comprises all the stories previously published in PPH and RF and is illustrated by Messrs. [HRM] and [CEB]. "Christmas Gift Books: Complementary Arts: Writers and Illustrators in Collaboration": "Kipling's Puck stories, which present episodes from English history so vividly in dramatic form ...""
page view (both items)

at Amazon

Omnibus under multiple titles, with cover image (we have none yet 2017-10-23)

1935 Macmillan [57] -- from Millar?
1941-12 Ams Press [58] -- no image
1993-04-08 Oxford World's Classics [59] -- ? (full-size color close-up Puck)
2010-02-28 Nabu [60] -- irrelevant photo
2010-09-10 Kessinger [61] -- unillustrated
2014-03-30 Literary Licensing [62] -- unillustrated

All the Puck Poems
Puck of Pook's Hill -- KiplingSociety states first publication in the 1906 collection, if at all, many not stated

Songs from Books (1912) at KiplingSociety --nidb

HDL: Macmillan Canada, 1912 Contents, ix-xii (in sequence as collected, with page numbers)

-- 'Cities and Thrones and Powers' (quoted), vii-viii -- p[243] "A Song of Kabir"; closes, "Printed ..." [63]

p180-83: Song of the Red War-Boat (A.D. 683) --word layout identical to the UK ed.
HDL: Doubleday, 1912 Contents (in sequence as collected, no page numbers)

-- Contents, preliminary -- Cities and Thrones and Powers (not quoted), preliminary -- poems span p3-241; p241 "A Song of Kabir" [64] -- First Line Index, 243-46 -- Title Index, 247-49 -- p[250] colophon

p178-81: Song of the Red War-Boat (683 A.D.)
HDL: Macmillan UK, 1913 Contents, ix-xii (by title, with page numbers)

-- 'Cities and Thrones and Powers' (quoted), vii-viii -- Contents, ix-xii -- Index to First Lines, xiii-xix -- p[303] "The Prayer"; closes, "Printed ..." -- p[305-08] The Works of Rudyard Kipling [65]

p219-22: Song of the Red War-Boat (A.D. 683)

DV = Rudyard Kipling's Verse: Definitive Edition (1940)

check newspapers 1912/1913 (30 hits)

1912 (6, all us)

[66] NYT 1912-10-27 pBR624 "It is said that the original manuscript of Kipling's "Songs from Books", which has just been published, was sent to this country on board the ill-fated Titanic and sank with the ship. ..." ; DFP -12-07 p8 retailer panel advert, this one $1.40 ; [67] NYT -12-08 pBR764 review/promotion? "BY W.L. COURTNEY.(From Daily Telegraph, London.). " [68] Chi Trib -12-11 p13 publisher panel, this one $1.40 leather $1.50 ;

1913 (May us; Sep-Dec uk except India -11-27 US -12-21)

Observer 0928 as fc -10-03 ; [69] Scotsman 0929, Man Gua 0930 "Macmillan & Co.'s List" (first item) multiple formats as "[Friday." ; [70] Man Gua 1007, longer list

ca  uk   1935
  3   3    3  • Puck's Song • (1905) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 21  21   31 • A Tree Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 19  19   63 • Sir Richard's Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 46  60   67 • Harp Song of the Dane Women • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
236 290  101 • Thorkild's Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
--- ---  135 • The Runes on Weyland's Sword • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling ["A Smith makes me"]
vii vii  139 • Cities and Thrones and Powers • poem by Rudyard Kipling [quoted?]
 76  96  163 • A British-Roman Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 42  52  191 • A Song to Mithras • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 78  98  225 • A Pict Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 91 111  229 • Prophets Have Honour All Over the Earth • poem by Rudyard Kipling
215 269  251 • A Smuggler's Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
141 172  255 • The Bee Boy's Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
  8   8  277 • A Three-Part Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
108 140  281 • Song of the Fifth River • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
119 143  305 • The Children's Song • (1906) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 82 102 'Rimini' (as Puck) [(Marching Song of a Roman Legion of the Later Empire) "When I left home for Lalage's sake" 102-04]
   KiplingSociety: the first verse opens "On the Great Wall"
145 179 Old Mother Laidinwool (as Puck) [" 'Old Mother Laidinwool had ..." 179-81]
   KiplingSociety: "(Enlarged from Old Song)" 'Dymchurch Flit' p258
151 196 The Queen's Men (as Rewards) ["Valour and Innocence" 196-97]
 26  26  307 • A Charm • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 30  36  335 • Cold Iron • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
--- ---  339 • The Two Cousins • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling ["Valour and Innocence"]
148 193  363 • The Looking-Glass • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
212 266  367 • A Truthful Song • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
218 272  395 • King Henry VII and the Shipwrights • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
  6   6  401 • The Way Through the Woods • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 10  10  429 • Brookland Road • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
  9   9  433 • The Run of the Downs • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
238 296  461 • Song of the Men's Side • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
--- ---  465 • Philadelphia • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling ["If you're off to Philadelphia in the morning"]
121 149  497 • If— • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 58  66  501 • A St Helena Lullaby • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 85 105  537 • 'Poor Honest Men' • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 37  45  543 • Eddi's Service • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
180 219  569 • Song of the Red War-Boat • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
133 164  575 • An Astrologer's Song • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
103 127  603 • 'Our Fathers of Old' • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 54  62  607 • The Thousandth Man • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
231 285  633 • Frankie's Trade • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
225 266  637 • The Ballad of Minepit Shaw • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling
 33  41  669 • A Carol • (1910) • poem by Rudyard Kipling 

Chapter Headings pp. 30 78 132 182 245

Puck of Pook's Hill

Puck of Pook's Hill T39140 in The Strand Magazine 31:1--32:4

Wikipedia lists Stories and poems (26)
o[71] Lon/Millar ; o[72] NY/Rackham (24)
User talk:Chris J#Puck of Pook's Hill contents
User talk:Chris J‎#Puck of Pook's Hill, 1906 eds.
User talk:Linguist#Puck of Pook's Hill

Puck at Kipling Society

"A Centurion of the Thirtieth" (poem) -- "Cities and Thrones and Powers" T1917893
"A Song of Mithras" -- "A Song to Mithras"
"Hal o' the Draft" (poem) -- "Prophets at Home" --nidb but the latter title is ubiquitous online
First line, "Prophets Have Honour All Over the Earth" T2286449 T1880341
"The Bee Boy's Song" -- "The Bee-Boy's Song"

LHJ 23:1 (December 1905), page 2 "What We Shall Have in 1906"

McClure's Magazine 27:1-6 (May to October 1906), Robin Goodfellow--His Friends (Part I to VI) 12 full-page from drawings by André Castaigne (links = 4 selected for Scribner's Puck of Pook's Hill)

  1. 27:1, p2(frontispiece) 6 8
  2. 27:2, 153 155
  3. 27:3, 289
  4. 27:4, 417 419
  5. 27:5, 502 504
  6. 27:6, 593 595

Robin Goodfellow---His Friends 2270500 (prologue; retitled by JLaTondre?)

McClure's Magazine 27.1, p3-4

" Once upon a time a boy called Dan and a girl called Una lived in England upon a farm a thousand years old and not very far from where Caesar landed to conquer the Britons ...
When [Puck, or Robin Goodfellow] met Dan and Una, ... he gave them each a clod of earth, said Words over it, and made them free of all Old England, and all the people who had lived on their Farm for three thousand years.
... many folk must have come and gone there.
And Puck he knew them all! "

quoted in The Minneapolis Journal, Wednesday 1906-05-02 p14 (viewed at via google search), in "The Magazines"

[But] Puck after each talk magicked away their memories with the Strong Magic of Oak, Ash, and Thorn, and they went back to their home quite comfortable and ordinary.
That is one of the reasons why these tales have been so difficult to collect. ...

Puck at HDL

1906 . October 1906, Scribner's Vol XXIII, illus. André Castaigne 122512 (4, frontispiece plus 3 not included in the pagination), vi+305 Contents, cover unillustrated
1906 Canada [73]; Macmillan Canada 1906, illus Millar (clearly signed), Contents 10, Illustrations 20 (frontispiece plus 19 b/w plates *included* in the pagination), x+306, "Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh"; p[307-08] By Rudyard Kipling (London, mainly Uniform edition, etc); no cover --partly done --NEEDs more Illustrations
1906 - Tauchnitz 1906, poems inside 10 chapters at HDL, p[7]-288; Collection vol. 3924, no cover, unillus.

evidently much later edition and its correction

1906 as 251p [74] Doubleday & Company, Inc., no date, pp-[252], no cover, no illus.;
1906 as 253p [75] Doubleday & Company, Inc., no date, pp-[254], no cover, no illus.; Contents lists "Cities and Thrones" and "Prophets Have Honour" (but those two are untitled within) "A Song to Mithras" "Bee Boy" --same as above except p251-[254]
1909 - multivol works (Outward Bound ed.)
1911 (2 ident) Doubleday, Page (cat as pocket edition), Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, A. R. W. S. --same, undecorated cover
2 scans of the same book from U California, which lacks the frontispiece and perhaps other front pages; recommend the color version title page --Amazon shows cover
1913 - multivol works
1916 - multivol works
1921 - multivol works

copyright 1905? --as stated LHJ 1906-01 (Weland's Sword) (but The Strand states (c) 1906 in the USA), LHJ February states (c) 1906 apparently identical except title page (and perhaps other front/back pages)

1914 (cat as 1925) Doubleday, Page 1914, identical?
1917 Doubleday, Page 1917 --same, no cover
1919 (2 ident) Doubleday, Page 1919 (2) with cover --identical to below except t.p. date 1919
1920 (cat as Doubleday, Page 1920) no title page, p1-277
1924, Doubleday, Page 1924, p1-277

Toronto Daily Star 1906-11 --repeat Firefox crashes 2017-10-22/23

11-27 p7 (crash!)
[76] 12-04 p2 --one of six initial offerings promoted by The Tabard Inn Library
12-06 p9 (crash!)
12-17 p9 (crash!)

-10-27, new operating system, perhaps with Firefox update : all three articles accessed without trouble

Macmillan eds.


[77] The Observer -10-07 p9
[78] Times of India -10-20 p8
[79] Irish Times -10-26



[80] Chi -09-29 p8, L. Jeanette (brief)
[81] NY Times -09-29 pBR593 "KIPLING'S NEW MOOD.: Fairy Stories of England That Must Have a Purpose and a Moral -- Puck and the Voluble Shadows." ! (A. R. W. S., no price)
[82] N-Y Tribune -10-02 p5 (A. R. W. S ; 12mo, pp. 275.)

--INTERIORART needs "Arthur Rackham, A. R. W. S."

Scribner's Outward Bound v23
[83] SF
[84] Bos -11-09

at Amazon, WorldCat
Strand o[85]
McClure's o[86] o[87]

Puck at Amazon, with cover image

1906 Scribner's v23 [88] -- unillustrated
1911 Doubleday, Page [89] -- almost plain (with images of title, copyright, Contents)
1911 Doubleday, Page [90] -- almost plain ; TITLE PAGE IMAGE REVEALS London: Macmillan, 1911
1918 Doubleday, Page [91] -- matches 1st ed.
1951 Macmillan [92] -- ?
1961 Macmillan Centenary Ed. [93] -- ? (same as 1951)
1964 Macmillan [94] -- ?
1994 Wordsworth Children's Classics [95] --Rackham cover
1995 Folio Society -- ? from serial
1995-02-23 Penguin [96] -- ?
2001-10-01 Wordsworth [97] -- cartoon
2006-11-24 Dover [98] --Rackham cover (we have 2012 ebook)
2012-05-02 Aziloth [99] --Rackham cover
2015-04-15 Pook [100] --Rackham cover
2015-08-27 Kindle (e-artnow books) [101] --Rackham cover "Complete Collection of Puck's Magical Stories" with Look inside that shows Contents, 10 stores, perhaps limited to 1st half of omnibus; yet illus. Rackham and Millar only
2016-03-07 Kindle [102] --cover matches 1906 Doubleday, Page

Rewards and Fairies

T39139 ; Kipling Society

Wikipedia lists Stories and poems (34) -- Introduction [fictional prologue], 11 stories, 22 poems
Formats[103] o[104]uk o[105]ca


1910uk --later clone Canada
1910ca, Contents p.v-vi, Illus vii, text spans p.ix-338; 4 illus facing pp 41 74 171 292 (same selection)

Canadian ed. (no cover) evidently identical, including Edinburgh printer statement p338, except half-title, title page, and lack of publisher promotions

1910de, vol 4218, Contents p5-6, text spans p7-302

US --all as Doubleday, Page

1911us (2), identical to 1910 (inclg cover, Harvard only)
1913us, identical to 1910 (inclg cover)
1916us (cat as 1906), identical to the Michigan below, no cover
1910us (6)

Harvard (3) is 1910, 3 copies

Illustrations p(xi), lists 4 (front and facing 44 76 298)
Introduction, xiii-xiv
p344 closes "THE END"

UMich (3) is 1916

A Charm, vii-viii
Contents, ix-x
Illustrations (not in the pagination) (otherwise identical)
Introduction, xi-xii
[106] 1925 Doubleday, Page (no view) omnibus [254, 320] p --perh

1909-12 Gloriana: A Story p502

"Illustrations by Frank Craig and Frederick[sic] Dorr Steele; the largest engraved on wood by F. H. Wellington" (per Contents p467)

1910-07 Contents Delineator 76:1 (Jul 1910) Brother Square-Toes: A Story

"Wood engraving by F. H. Wellington from a drawing by Frank Craig // Decorations by Frederic Dorr Steele"

p6-7 and 68-69

"Illustration engraved on wood by F. H. Wellington from a drawing by Frank Craig"
"Decorations by Frederic Dorr Steele"

"The Eighth of a New Series of Tales of Dan, Una and Puck of Pook's Hill"

Introduction (Rewards and Fairies) 1880353[by User:Linguist?] Doubleday, Page p.xi-xii at HDL

apparently new for the collection, altho related to "Robin Goodfellow" and to The Delineator Editor's Note
Kipling's "Introduction" was first published in the collection, probably. It is not published online, nor discussed or even listed, by the Kipling Society--although it is included in many editions of the collection, if not all.


"Once upon a time, Dan and Una, brother and sister, lived in the English country, had the good fortune to meet with Puck, alias Robin Goodfellow ..."
... as I have tried to explain in a book called Puck of Pook's Hill.
A year or so later, ...
... Dan and Una would find the strangest sort of persons in their gardens and woods.
In the stories that follow I am trying to tell something about those people."

Series 40129: The Delineator (NY: Butterick) 1909 15c/$1.00 ; Jul to p80, Aug 160, Sep 256, Oct 368, Nov 466, Dec 467-572

no Introduction/prologue

main page 1909-09 LXXIV:3 p163, Contents including "Cold Iron"

extraordinary note from the Editor

76:1 (Jul 1910) Brother Square Toes p6-7 68-69
issue break not found pp. 161-226

1 9 3 2 8 11 10 6 7

NOTE: (on the significance of the series) --The Editor p69; also 94-95 130-131

at close of 7th, and with modification at the head of 8th and 9th

no such note at v75 p161 (6th)

v75 p478, head of Simple Simon (7th)

Puck, the only one of the fairies and heathen gods who loved Old England too well to be driven from her by modern disbelief, is in the habit of appearing to Dan and Una, two modern English children living near the Channel coast. Each time he conjures up from the past people who centuries ago trod the ground upon which he and the children are standing. Each time, when these knights and queens, saints and artists, doctors, centurions and Jews have told the tale of the long-ago they lived in, Puck touches the children with the magic of oak, ash and thorn, and straightway they forget all they have seen and heard--till next time. Back of these stories and tying them all together is a big idea--that of picturing forth to the reader the very heart and soul of the great English people, of which we are a part--the forming and growth, through the centuries, of the feelings, opinions and ambitions that are live to-day in our own breasts. Roman, Pict, Saxon, Dane, Norman[] --we meet them all, and back of each stirring tale and playing through every word of it are shadowy pictures of great events and the changing manspirit that bit by bit have made--us.

v76 p69, foot of Brother Square-Toes (8th); and p131, foot of The Priest (9th)

NOTE:--Puck, the only one of the fairies and heathen gods who loved Old England too well to be driven from her by modern disbelief, is in the habit of appearing to Dan and Una, two modern English children living near the Channel coast. Each time he conjures up from the past people who centuries ago trod the ground upon which he and the children are standing. Each time, when these knights and queens, saints and artists, doctors, centurions and Jews have told the tale of the long-ago they lived in, Puck touches the children with the magic of oak, ash and thorn, and straightway they forget all they have seen and heard--till next time. Back of these stories and tying them all together is a big idea--that of picturing forth to the reader the growth through the centuries of the race-soul of the great English people[] of which we are a part. The central idea lies in the first of the series, "Cold Iron", and in each is shown how the land itself compels the men it breeds to save it in some fashion or another. For all are servants of the Iron Ring: "What else could I have done?" say they.
Roman, Pict, Saxon, Dane, Norman, Englishman, American --we meet them all, and back of each stirring tale and playing through every word of it are shadowy pictures of great events and the changing man-spirit that bit by bit have made--us.

Book publication
Opie 1999 microfiche o[107]
uniform ed: red cloth, extra crown 8vo, 6s. o[108]
pocket ed: India paper, limp leather, fcap. 8vo, 5s. net. o[109] (but o[110] xii, 338 pages, [12] ; illus. C.E. Brock --mistaken date)
edition de luxe: handmade paper, sateen cloth, 8vo, 10s. 6d. net. o[111] o[112]

Dominion or Colonial ed.?
The Times of India 1910-10-26 p9 "Books Received" (no price, probable retailer that lists s/d prices)
Canada ed.

o[113] o[114]; o[115]+o[116]-HDL

The Globe (Toronto) 1910-09-03 p18 "Life and Letters"; "Macmillan Co. announce, among others, the following importations: ..."
-11-05 p18 "Life and Letters", reviewed ... "published in Toronto by the Macmillan Company of Canada" (no price)

Doubleday, Page & Company o[117]-HDL --in progress; pagination done
Scribner's Outward Bound v25

Scribner's v25 o[118] ; (mistakenly as v26) o[119] xi+378 --newspaper coverage confirms, vol 25, as does Amazon

illus Charles E. Brock:

  1. 1926 School ed. o[120] xii+338 [12] 18cm
  2. 1928 o[121] xii+338 Charles E. Brock ; xii+338 [12] 18cm
  3. 1929 reprint of 1926 o[122] xii+338 [12] 18cm

at Amazon, WorldCat

with cover image (we have none of these eds., nor yet the 1910 Canada source for 2015 Kindle)

1910, v25 [123] -- identical to v23 (nearly plain brown)
1910 Scribner's [124] --spine states "Macmillan"
1914 [125]
1917 Doubleday, Page pocket [126]
1922 Macmillan pocket [127] --same as 1917 Doubleday
1937 Macmillan [128]
1949 [129] --same illus as 1906 Doubleday Puck
1960 [130]
1964? Wordsworth [131] --unlikely date
1988-04-01 Puffin Classics [132]
1997/95 Wordsworth Classics [133]
1999/95 Wordsworth Classics mass market [134]
2015-05-18 Kindle [135] --illus. Frank Craig (cover?) with Look inside that shows it is based on 1910 Canada ed. ; introduction p.xi-xii similar to 1906 prologue
2015-10-07 Pook [136] --illus. Frank Craig (cover?), with Look inside that shows Contents ix "A Charm" ... 337 "A Carol" (one xii+338 evidently, same as Macmillan); introduction p.xi-xii similar to 1906 prologue (no title page)
2016-11-24 Pook [137] --illus. Frank Craig
2016-12-09 [138]


07-23 ann for September


[139] 3 eds./formats "Ready October 4" --Scots -09-26, Man -09-27
[140] review The Observer 1910-10-09 p5 (negative except poems)
The Times of India -10-26 p9 "Books Received" (no price) and review [141] (charming, no price)
The Times of India, several Classified Ad, no image
DFP -10-02 pD3, cable from London -10-01 "next Tuesday" -10-04

Canada (2)

Toronto Daily Star 1910-11-04 p8 (comment on Kipling sales, having read it)
[142] The Globe -11-05 p18 (review)

US - apparent reviews

[143] N-Y Tribune -10-08 p8 (very positive, no price), Scribner's vi+378
[144] NYT -10-15 pBR6 (long) Doubleday, Page $1.50, Scribner's OB v25 $2
[145] Bos -10-22 p4 (Outward Bound, v25) "sold only by subscription, simultaneous with its trade form" (brief, positive)
[146] SF -10-23 pSM6 (brief) "sold only by subscription at $2"

Just So Stories


Kipling, Just So Stories for Little Children T39137

canonical title of COLLECTION at ISFDB: Just So Stories for Little Children T39137

continue cleanup of early eds. of this collection (discussed partly on User talk pages Pwendt, Hauck, Stonecreek)

User talk:Stonecreek#Introduction (Just So Stories) 2012520 ESSAY



ISFDB search

Title Notes: St. Nicholas [147] (8)
Publication Notes search St. Nicholas (1) P195845
[148] NYT 1902-04-12 pBR12 ; see User talk:Pwendt#Copyright dates for some of Kipling's Just So Stories (Ladies Home Journal) --three more stories in LHJ, first The Cat

INCLUDES a note on NET PRICE, American Publishers' Association

A Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling (1881-1921) Ernest Walter Martindell Bookman's Journal, 1922 --found by google search at

St. Nicholas vol 25 part 1 (1897-11 to 1898-04), illustrated by Oliver Herford, p89 185 272 (as O. Herford?)

Herford, ill at EN (418, including about 20 credited primarily to another person as writer--mainly illustrated books) --including 1917 Alice, 1890s JCHarris (4) Aaron, Thimblefinger; Overheard in Arkady (coll.) Formats[149]; The Bashful Earthquake (children's poetry) Formats[150] VIAF=1202710 |LCCN=n50034980

  • 1894 Harris Little Mr. Thimblefinger and his queer country
  • 1895 Harris Mr. Rabbit at home (sequel)
  • 1896 Harris The Story of Aaron
  • 1897 Harris Aaron in the Wildwoods
  • 1895 Wiggin Timothy's quest; a story for anybody, young or old, who cares to read it Formats[151] EN: Wiggin
Herford at Gutenberg
Alice submitted 0720


  1. 1 wha St. Nicholas [magazine?] Dec 1897 as Tiny Throat HDL The "Just-So" Stories: by Rudyard Kipling: Some stories are meant to be read quietly and some are meant to be told aloud. ... [long paragraph] if you begin in a low voice and tell the tales precisely as I have written them down, you will find that Effie will presently curl up and go to sleep. // Now, this is the first tale, and it tells how the whale got his tiny throat, p89-93 -- with the familiar title only in the index to volume 25
  2. 2 cam St. Nicholas Jan 1898 HDL as The "Just-So" Stories: by Rudyard Kipling: II. How the Camel Got His Hump', p185-89
  3. 3 rhi St. Nicholas Feb 1898 as Wrinkly Skin HDL "Just So" Stories: by Rudyard Kipling: Now this is the last tale and it tells how the Rhinoceros got his wrinkly skin: Once upon a time ..., 272-75

1900-1903 (10), several ill. Frank Ver Beck

LCCN: Kipling & Ver Beck

2007-586218 Animal stories: ele, arm, kan 1900-04/05/06
2007-586214 but LHJ 19.11 p3-4
2007-586322 leo Pearson's Apr 1902 p446-50
2007-586217 leo LHJ 18.11 p3-4
2007-583986 The Elephant Child, OUP 36+[8]
2007-581641 proofs 1900-1902

April, May, Jun 1900

LC Online Catalog search Verbeck 41 hits of which frank verbeck Bangs, Eddy, Harris 4, Heaton, Kipling (1 + leopard), McManus 2, Hanna Rion VerBeck, Tybout

2008-570150 The Windsor Magazine, Rudyard Kipling extracts 1901-1904

--including elephant (not first); cat; tabu tale (Sep 1903)

"The Elephant" T998501 at The Windsor Magazine

The Windsor Magazine, February 1902, p333-40, with 11 illustrations by Frank Verbeck --located via

None of the 11 illustrations is in the 1st US ed. of the book (examined at HathiTrust Digital Library), which includes two full-page illus of the story pp. 73 and 79; that p73 is the cover illustration of the 1st UK ed.

Slightly edited, primarily by occasional insertion of several words; also "O, Best Beloved" for "oh, Best Beloved"

([152] 2016-06-30, held by Stonecreek)

The Windsor Magazine, February 1902, p333-40; stated copyright 1901 by Rudyard Kipling in the USA; 11 illustrations with short captions --located at
The 11 do not include the cover illustration for the collection Just So Stories for Little Children (1902), which illustrates this story. (Illustrations not compared with the interior of the book -Pwendt 2016-06-30)

"Rudyard Kipling's New Animal Stories" [banner across top cover], LHJ Apr 1900-04

cover image (stable?)
  1. 5 ele The Windsor Magazine Feb 1902-02 (79) Post 8vo, pp. 12; 1900 otherwise identical to 74 [sequence as 1902] LHJ 1900-04 [p3]
  2. 7 arm LHJ May 1900-05 as Armadillos [no 'e'] (74) Post 8vo, pp. 12; The Beginning of the Armadillos (copyright issue) A. P. Watt; Issued in green paper covers. Only 10 copies were printed for copyright purposes.
  3. 6 kan LHJ Jun 1900-06 [p1] (75) Post 8vo, pp. 16; 1900 otherwise identical to 74
  4. 4 leo LHJ Oct 1901-10 [p3] ; Pearson's 1902-04 [p446]
  5. 8- let LHJ Dec 1901-12 [p11]
  1. 11- cat LHJ Jul 1902-07 [p4] ; Windsor 1902-10 [p483]
  2. 10- crab Pearson's Magazine Aug 1902-08 as The Crab That Made the Tides [p209]
  3. 12 but LHJ Oct 1902-10 [p3]
  4. 9 alp [Taffy?]

"The Crab" at Pearson's Link title: for 2016-07-01 Pearson’s Magazine [v14, #80, August 1902] ed. C. Arthur Pearson (C. Arthur Pearson, 112pp) from a bound volume at Hathi Trust. Details supplied by Denny Lien.

v13 is 1902-01/06

680 pages as bound, including Index [679]-80

v14 is 1902-07/12

740 pages as bound, including Index [741]-42
#80 Vol. XIV, No. 80 (2nd issue of 6 in vol)
Page-count 112 represents frontispiece p[113-14] and p[115]-224, the only content of this issue as bound.
Non-genre magazine, only known SF content listed.
#84 Page-count 180 represents frontispiece p[561-62] and p[563]-740, the only certain content of this issue as bound (no covers nor other front/back material), but the bound volume concludes with Index p[741]-42

Title page at HDL and its reverse immediately precede p[3], follows frontispiece of bound volume, probably the July frontispiece

  1. 81 433-43

working from digital copy at HathiTrust

later note that source at Title, Pearson's Magazine - 1902

  1. 80. 209-13
  1. 82. 373-78, with 5 small illus. by T. H. Robinson (so signed), as by "John Geo. W. Leech"
  1. 82. 433-43, with 4 illus. (3 full-page) by Jay Hambridge (so signed, relying on the Index to discern) at HDL
NOT #81 September!


  1. 73, January; 120
  2. 76, April; 112 [345]-456
  3. 77 [457]-568 or 110+[2] including contest unpaginated
  4. 78 [569]-678; 112 includes index

signed (all caps) "Frank Verbeck" and Verbeck index

0720 "The Leopard" Pearson's submitted ; LCCN 2007-586322
0720 Pearson's October 1902 update submitted ; on hold by Linguist

13 The Tabu Tale
published following The Cat in 1903; following Alphabet in 1993 -- as #10 and #12 respectively

Evidently 'The Tabu Tale' appeared in the Outward Bound edition of Kipling's works, v. 20 (Scribner's, Oct? 1903) $2.00; not in the Uniform edition (Macmillan, Nov? 1903)


14 Ham and the Porcupine
based on a letter about the origin of the hedgehog per The Kipling Society (newsletter?)
available online at The Kipling Society

St. Nicholas Magazine - 1897 --submitted 2016-07-19

Illustrators credited from the Contents of Part I. Volume XXV., p.[v]-viii as bound.

signed "- Wm A. Mackay -" and O Herford

179 338 375 514

following the usual punctuation conventions

  1. The "Just-So" Stories [comprising the latterday preface and How the Whale Got His Tiny Throat] Now this is the first tale, and it tells how the whale got his tiny throat: --
  2. The "Just-So" Stories: II. How the Camel Got His Hump "Now this is the second tale, and it tells how the camel got his big hump"
  3. "Just So" Stories: Now this is the last tale and it tells how the Rhinoceros got his wrinkly skin:

The "Just-So" Stories (part 3 of 3) (as "Just So" Stories)

1887-12 is front. plus 89-176 (90 pages rather than 88)

respectively the 5, 5, 4-page text fits around 4, 4, 4 full-page illustrations by Herford


SHORTFICTION They, Kipling, 1904 T21309

1905 per SFE-ef

1904 Scribner's Magazine 36.2 1904-08 p[129]-139 o[153] o[154]
advertised in newsppr -07-23
1904 Scribner's p339-375 (what?) o[155]
1904 Macmillan collection pp303-35
1905 Macmillan 80 o[156] ill. F. H. Townsend 50-41955
1906 Doubleday, Page 80 o[157] " " 06-36631 links catalogue record at HathiTrust Digital

Traffics and Discoveries simultaneously Doubleday, Page and Scribner's vol 22 SF Chronicle 1904-10-23 p8 "the one story which redeems the book and recalls Kipling of old is 'They' ...

N-Y Tribune 1904-12-17 p10 "revising the proofs of traffics and discoveries last summer"

Chi. Tribune 1904-10-01 p9 D, p 4th of this month $1.50 per NYT 1904-10-08 pBR673 "contains the much-discussed story, 'They' ...

  • 10,000 sold on the day $1.50
  • The Eagle's Shadow, 1st printing sold out first day $1.50

Manchester Guardian 1904-10-25 p5 "Crown 8vo, gilt top. 6s."

N-Y Trib 10-03, from London 09-30, the collection is under review if not release

NYT 10-01 "next week" (this week?)

The Brushwood Boy

1907 Macmillan 51-54047 91 leaves+12 ; story runs 5-91 color illus. not paginated
1907 D, P 07-36228 links HDL 73+[12]

(c) 1895 98 99 07; plates as facing p3-73; copy 1 front cover is p8; copy 2 front cover is p24 (apparently a later replacement copy)

Kipling Society readers' guide [158] says 1899 (reprints in 1907 and 1925) with 12 illus by Townsend

Tabu text [159] Taffimai Metallumai See “How the First Letter was Written” and “How the Alphabet was Made”. Notes
Ham text [160]

Kipling at [161]



[162] 1902-05-25 notice of translations; US ed. forthcoming Autumn
0721 [163] fc October (NY)
0726 [164] fc September
0802 [165] 25-30 pen and ink

change of title, Aug/Sep

0902 [166] W. L. Alden on the latest "Just So" story (1 item)
[167] William L. Alden (2 items)
Wireless appeared in The Windsor Magazine
adv publ NY Times 1902-09-13 pBR9 ready September 30th. $1.20 net
1002 [168] now presented London; review
1004 [169] Elephant's Child (ill.)
1004 [170] W. L. Alden Kipling's last story in the Monthly Review
1004 The Globe, from London, one of the books of the week
1004 [171] on the last day of September we published (NY)
1004 Books Received 247pp $1.20 NYTimes pBR31
1012 The Observer 1902-10-12 p1 6s. list from Macmillan (London)

George N. Morang (Toronto) o[172]

also at HDL

Cover illustration

Toronto, kangaroo ABEbooks
London, elephant --red cloth decorated in black and white ABEbooks

[173] [174] [175]

Tauchnitz, unillustrated
New York, no cover image [but 3rd, 5th printings at HDL show kangaroo]


Kipling, 1902 --also Toronto --also Leipzig
Kipling, 1902 us [176] (3)
  1. UNC, 3rd printing, Dec 1902 [177] alt cover (Kangaroo; that of p92-93 caption and full-page p93
  2. HU, 1st printing, Sep 1902 [178] library rebinding p93, 1st printing without original cover; p73-known cover illus. of UK ed.
  3. HU, 5th printing, Dec 1903 [179] alt cover p93


Just So Song Book. Being the Songs for Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. Set to Music by Edward German. Doubleday, Page. $1.20 net (evidently Nov 1903) "Books Received" NYT 1903-11-21 pBR18

The Works of Rudyard Kipling. Scribner's. $2.00 "Books Received" NYT 1903-10-10 pBR39

v20 Just So Stories. one year after the trade ed.
v22(sic) The Five Nations (poetry). simultaneous with the trade ed., as henceforth

N-Y Tribune 1903-10-03 "have only just brought out" vol 20

v20 "Outward Bound" subscription ed. contains "The Tabu Tale"
v21 The Five Nations. same day as the ordinary ed. from Doubleday, Page

Manchester Guardian 1903-11-17 p5

Just So Stories Song Book. Music Folio 6s
new vol in the Uniform Edition of the Prose Works of [RK]. Just So Stories for Little Children. 8vo 6s


o[">6700956</a> for Little Children (c) 1903 with list of Contents; short title 1903

" The writings in prose and verse of Rudyard Kipling, vol. 20"

1912 Country Life Press o[180] HDL o[181] = Doubleday?

"in progress" 2016-06-27 late

1912 Doubleday, ill. Gleeson only?
1912 HDL copy o[182]
1912 b/w Kipling col Gleeson o[183] o[184]
as ISBN 0385071108 with cover illus.; o[185]

1912 first story text 1-12 including two two-page breaks with very long captions on the left and full-page b/w illustrations by Kipling on the right (p4-5 and p8-9 in the first story) poem stands alone p13, p14 blank; then plate with color illustration by Gleeson inserted before the text of the second story begins p15

Evidently the text and b/w illustrations p1-249 were not reset, merely one plate inserted before the beginning of each story

Gleeson, 1912 [186] UMi
Kipling and Gleeson, 1950 c1912 [187] UMi

1932 ?
1932 Gleeson & Bransom
1932? LC collection o[188] 1933 o[189]
1980 Kipling & Gleeson

0831752963 Reprint of the 1913 ed. published by Macmillan, London. --so Kipling & Gleeson illus. date from 1913 or 1912 NY: Mayflower Books Facsimile classics series

1987 Kipling & Gleeson 244+[10] (less attractive plates eliminated?)

with linked Publisher description "Kipling's own drawings, with their long, funny captions, illustrate his hilarious explanations" 0517631776 $8.98 NY: Children's Classics

Gleeson and Bransom, no date, c1912 [190] PSU
Kipling, 1974 c1912 0451521803 [191] PSU

1987 more recent reviews (Kirkus?) note editions selected 1986, 1957 ; and revised 1987 (one story?)

1993 - Complete
Brent 1993 The Complete Just So Stories --done

The Complete from

From School Library Journal
Grade 3 Up-This volume calls itself The Complete Just So Stories because it includes one additional Taffy adventure ("The Tabu Tale") not included in the first edition, as well as "Ham and the Porcupine," the last story of Kipling's career, neither of which are usually printed with the collection. These additions are neither better nor worse than the other just-sos: this volume's real distinguishing feature is its illustrations. Brent's colorful, realistic, slightly naive watercolors recall Persian miniatures in their composition and style. What makes them stand out is their borders, bright mosaics of tiny multicolored tesserae, rich with lapis blue and gleaming with gold, in varying geometric patterns. A narrow strip of similar design edges each page. This book is undeniably lovely, but those who purchased the edition with David Frampton's woodcuts (HarperCollins, 1991) or the version with Safaya Salter's paintings (Holt, 1987) should not feel any discontent either.

Patricia Dooley, formerly at University of Washington, Seattle

Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
positive where Kirkus is negative concerning those illustrations

1995 - Oxford

Oxford World's Classics -- evidently tp and pb format

Oxford 1995 World's Classics o[192] with list of Contents (no appendices), ill Kipling; lii+237; 19cm; ISBN 0192822764

UK 1995-08-01 US 1995-09-07 (cover blue border); 18.6cm 7.3in; paperback

Oxford 1998 World's Classics paperback o[193] ISBN 0192834363 UK 1998-04-02 US 1998-07-09 (cover red border); 19.3cm 7.6in UK with "Look Inside!" -- 3rd printing (cover red border) -- 94-31326 -- [vii] General Preface Andrew Rutherford [xv]-xlii Introduction Lisa Lewis [xliii] Note on the Text [xliv]-xlvii Select Bibliography [xlviii]-li/i A Chronology -- 1 Author's Preface (uncollected) [from St. Nicholas] -- 12 stories in the usual sequence -- 189 A The Tabu Tale -- 213 B Ham and the Porcupine

mainly available at google books ISBN 0199538603 - JSSfLC (OUP 2009), pp 213 and 216-18

-- 219-236[37-39missing]/ Explanatory Notes -- [240-46] A selection of Oxford World's Classics; [247-48] More about [same] -- no back cover or coverart credit

Introduction, Note on the Text, Explanatory Notes (c) Lisa Lewis, 1995
Preface, Bibliography, Chronology (c) Andrew Rutherford 1987
Updated Bibliography (c) [AR] 1996

October 2017

1st eds. p[1]-247 and p249

1902 Macmillan --not at HDL
1902 Doubleday as 3
Harvard 1st, 1902-09 [194], no cover
Harvard 5th, 1903-12 [195], with original cover (Kangaroo)
UNC 3rd, 1902-12 [196], with original cover (Kangaroo) good quality
1902 Morang at HDL, with original cover (Kangaroo)
as 1907 Doubleday 249 (3) [197] --ERROR
[flc] NYPL 8th, 1907-05, no cover --identical to 1902 eds. ([1]-247 and 249, no printer)
[later] Ohio State same as Penn State, no cover
[later] California "Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc." no date; no cover; stories p3-248; TOC true 3 87 101
as 1907 Doubleday Doran 249 [198]
[later] Penn State "Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc." no date, "Country Life Press"; no cover; stories p3-248; TOC true 3 87 101
as 1907 Doubleday 249 [199]
[JSS] Harvard, "Doubleday & Company, Inc." no date; no cover; stories p[3]-248, final verse p249; TOC true 3 87 101
flc as 1907, ill K; Doubleday Doran 249 (2) [200] --ERROR
[flc] Cornell is Doubleday Page 1921, no cover; stories p[3]-248, final verse p249
["later" as above] Minnesota same as Penn State, no cover
flc as 1908, ill K; Scribner's 279 [201] --Writings
pp 3 ... 107; stories p3-279, final verse p[281]; TOC phoney numbers
flc as 1909, ill K; Doubleday Page 249 (2) [202]
[flc with new layout]
NYPL 12th, pocket ed, 1909-06 [203]; p3-248, no cover --presum. identical to the November 1907 "New edition, uniform with The Day's Work"
Harvard Doubleday, Page & Company 1909, New ed. 1907-11 (no 1909 ed./printing listed) [204]; p3-248; TOC true 3 87 101, no cover at all --presumably a later printing of the November 1907 "New edition, uniform with The Day's Work"

New illustrations, 12 plates by Gleeson, evidently the first edition as Just So Stories (short title)

as 1912, ill Gleeson; Doubleday Page 249 [205] --NEED layout
[JSS] illustrated title page "Doubleday Page & Company" 1912; p[1]-247!, verse p249; TOC true 1 85 101
as 1912, ill K and Gleeson; Doubleday 247, 1950 [206]
[JSS] ill t.p. "Doubleday & Company, Inc."; p1-247, verse p[248]; original cover and endpapers
as 1912, ill Gleeson and Bransom; Country Life 249 [207]
cover, missing title page(?), 2-page title illustration, no publisher, no date, Country Life Press; p1-247, p249
includes no color illustrations nor work evidently by Bransom ... no illustration not in the complete 1912 by Gleeson
page 1 is numbered, as 1912 is not; page 33 b/w drawing is rotated, and others may be; p[250] is blank (no printer); printed pages appear otherwise identical
Internet Archive shows contributions by Bransom front cover, endpapers, and title page only
[flc] as 1919, ill K; Macmillan 219, 1st pocket ed. [208] --ERROR
Doubleday Page for Review of Reviews Co. 1919; New ed. 1907-11 (as above); p3-248; 3 87 101, no cover --presum. identical to the November 1907 "New edition, uniform with The Day's Work"
flc as 1921 Doubleday Page [209]
[flc] ill K --identifies 10 printings; New ed. Nov 1907 ; pp 3 ... 101; stories p3-248, final verse p249, TOC true

search newspapers 1912-1935 'just so stories' gleeson (9 hits: US late 1912, UK late 1913; 1915 (charity auction); 1922 $2.50 retail)

barnhart (0 hits), bransom (0 hits)

1922 Children's Book Week, some new ed. $2.50, retail advert NYT N-Y Trib -11-12 p15

C Trib, ill Gleeson

[210] Bos Globe 1932-12-10 p3 "Classics of Children's Literature in Special Editions" $1 Gilchrist's, with drawing of Bransom cover

also Davison's, Atl. Const. 1933-12-10 p5A, $1, rough sketch

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