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see also Haley_Riordan=A221892 Bio:Haley Riordan
Rocco 2014 mural/poster/coverart


For John_Rocco coverart (c) 2014 see Amazon Kindle editions.

The Lightning Thief cover art mixups

  • Rocco 2014 Cover: The Lightning Thief T1244491 "One in a set of 5 "new covers" for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians novels, announced by John Rocco in February 2014. The far left one-fifth of a single illustration spanning all five novels. Rocco was one previous creator of cover art for each of the five novels. John Rocco, "Percy Jackson gets new covers".

(no date; first comment dated 2014-02-28)

2014 Cover: The Sea of Monsters is no longer in the database except as represented in omnibus covers. The note above should be used for all of the new COVERART Titles as they do appear in the database.


Amazon falsely, perhaps deceptively shows later cover images on its page for these novels --perhaps later printings with different cover art, for the "first paperback edition" as defined by the industry

  • first ppb editions at Amazon: 1 2 3 4 5

Now visit and see these are nominally first US paperback editions, 2006 to 2011. Perhaps the one ISBN is still in use and the official edition is the same, but the cover is new and Amazon shows the new cover images.

  • 1st dates per WP: 2005-07-01, 2006-04-01, 2007-05-01, 2008-05-06, 2009-05-05 (all citing Kirkus, most another source too)
  • 1st tb dates per Amazon [WP]: 2006-03-21 [0401], 2007-03-20, 2008-04-08, 2009-04-07, 2011-01-25

for this ISBN 0-7868-5686-6, presumably first edition of The Sea of Monsters

Kirkus [3]: Hyperion, 352 pp, 2006-04-01
WorldCat OCLC 64664383: Miramax Books/Hyperion Books for Children, 279 pp

oops, from talk page

mainly concerning cover art by John Rocco; The Sea of Monsters standalone and omnibus editions

in effect, much information about Amazon conventions


  • Unabridged (from front cover of contemporary audio cassette <a href="">Publication 110631</a>)
  • Read by Jesse Berns (same source)
  • "Read by Jesse Bernstein" from front cover of later audio CD edition (<a href="0739331191.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg">cover at Amazon</a>)
2006-04-01 [4]
2007-04-01 [5]
2009-05-05 [6]
2010-02-00 [7]

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion; Reprint edition (March 20, 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 1423103343 ISBN-13: 978-1423103349

Audible Audio Edition
Listening Length: 7 hours and 56 minutes
Program Type: Audiobook
Publisher: Listening Library Release Date: June 9, 2006
Whispersync for Voice: Ready

Audio CD: 7 pages
Publisher: Listening Library (Audio); Unabridged edition (June 13, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0739331191
ISBN-13: 978-0739331194

Delete Image URL because it targets Amazon's cover image for the current/recent edition/printing, which incorporates the 2014 Rocco illustration of the novel. If I understand correctly, this URL will drop out of the database except for the submitted Note; the linked cover image will no longer be displayed as one of <a href="">All Covers for The Sea of Monsters</a>. In order to confirm or correct my understanding, I will look now to add the current edition as a new publication.

At Amazon I find the current cover illustrations of Percy Jackson novels (US eds., illus. John Rocco) displayed only for editions for which Amazons early publication dates, presumably because every product now in print is treated as a later "printing" of an early edition rather than as a later edition.

There is true even for the omnibus editions, presumably both CD and print, for which Amazon does provide a complex set of 7 images. Select "See all 7 images" and observe that thumbnails for the five novels cover images are square in shape but do not carry text that identifies them as audio editions. Select one of the five novels cover images and observe that the big target images are rectangular in shape as for books.

[8] (omnibus edition; no direct link to the complex cover image "set of 7" is available, afaik)
[9] (The Sea of Monsters cover image in that set)

Anyway, the latter is evidently a very large, high-resolution image. I wonder whether it is considered appropriate for target here.

oops, from composition window


Jesse Berns(tein), The Sea of Monsters

Read by Jesse Berns --first audio cassette 110611; and first audio CD 110631
Read by Jesse Bernstein --later audio CD, used for first audio CD by mistake 83181, []; ALSO another work, see Notes 414512

what's the point?

On the main point, for The Sea of Monsters and nine other Percy Jackson novels, I will work on this from the direction of COVERART records. As for The Book of Three under guidance and moderator approval of Mhhutchins, I will merge multiple COVERART records that now represent multiple uses of one illustration (art) in cover designs of multiple publications. All with the date of earliest known publication in whose cover design the artwork is incorporated.
The Book of Three Evaline Ness 1964 including one radically different 2014 cover design (whose image is linked)
proposed The Sea of Monsters John Rocco 2006

As an aside, I wonder whether moderators (not I) are able to check whether the field Image URL has been revised since a publication record was primary verified? (I know that the manual urges editors to be cautious about revising primary verified records, and to give notice at the user pages of the primary verifiers before/when they submit such revisions, and that some moderators check for such notices before they approve such submissions.)
On the main point, refer to The Sea Monsters (Title 180971. The list of publications begins with eight that carry 2006 and 2007 publication dates including 7 for U.S. editions (and there is no U.S. edition with "date unknown"). I know that John Rocco's contemporary illustration of the novel is the one used on covers whose images we now link to the 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 8th of those publication records; and that the same artist's 2014 illustration is the one used on covers whose images we now link to the 1st, 3rd, and 7th of those publication records (the 4th is a U.K. edition).
Regarding the 7th Publication 546581, I infer from the Note that the source of our error is 2015 reliance on Amazon --which commonly, as in this instance, displays current cover images; and, i suppose, latest in-print cover images for editions that are out-of-print-- for a 2007-04-01 "edition" (not Amazon's term and not necessarily what ISFDB or the publisher or I would call an edition).
Regarding our 1st and 3rd publication records for this novel, I feel certain that the source of our error is similar, if not identical. Those two records acknowledge Amazon for the linked cover images but donot cite Amazon in Notes. For the 1st (the first publication of the novel, I believe) we cite OCLC 64664383 but that page is currently illustrated with a cover image that uses the 2006 Rocco artwork.

delete Image URL whose target shows front cover that incorporates the 2014 Rocco illustration (coverart presumably the 2006 Rocco but don't bother)

Percy Jackson omnibus


2009-10-13 1-4231-1950-9 500881; Amazon states both -10-13 and -10-06

Amazon "Look Inside" this first omnibus edition shows several images from The Lightning Thief (volume 1), only; that title page states "First Edition", 9th printing; gives our 2005 first ed. ISBN 0-7868-5629-7 but later 2006 John Rocco cover art

2010-05-25 1-4231-4189-X [10] (no cover); Amazon both -05-25 Slp edition (slipcover?); maybe shows cover image for an intermediate edition
2014-06-03(3) 1-4847-2147-0 445539 ; Amazon
2014-06-03(5) dnf ISFDB ; Amazon 1484707230 (with poster)
2014-09-16(3e) 1-4847-2721-5 522470 B00NAJOPMC; Amazon does not give ISBN

Denouement 2015-12-31

The first sentence of a rule cannot define its scope. Nor can any other part of the text without explicit wording that addresses the scope. If the rule pertains only to works published in magazines then the heading needs to indicate that this Exception is specific to magazines. If your interpretation of the rule is valid, its heading should begin "Exception for works published in magazines", or similarly such as "a work published in a magazine", etc.
Is any of this written up clearly anywhere in the "manual"? When content is deemed to This point concerns internal title pages, not title pages of books but title pages of contents of books --including the novels itself for a book that contains almost nothing but one novel; also a title page for part one of a novel if the novel is published in two books, or in one book that contains part one and part two, book one and book two, etc. Sometimes there is a page with nothing but a roman numeral such "I" representing book one, part one, chapter one, section one, whatever. Are there indeed many novels published with internal title pages that precede some front material?
Take a recent edition of The Return of the King off the shelf (of local public library). ISFDB deems this book a NOVEL. The content of the "novel" may or may not be deemed to begin on page 755 where the text of its first chapter begins, as stated in its table contents. The previous printed sheet, recto, two pages back at [753], states "Book Five". The printed sheet previous to that one, recto, or [751], states "The Return of the King // Being the third part of [yada yada yada]". Everything else (including "Synopsis" of preceding volumes) is front material --or earlier front material if we consider [751-54] front material. (By the way, I don't know the page number on which the preceding volume The Two Towers ends (at least 750 and 754 must be candidates), nor do we have two consecutive volumes from any one edition on the shelf at the moment. But this is tangential, as "by the way" implies.)