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2017-12-12 create by import from User:Pwendt/People/E. Nesbit#December 2017

See also (and later integrate?) User:Pwendt/People#Carroll . Alice

 lw .Aldren Watson 116795 (54) 
el   Edward Guiliano, ed. 269942 (8)
.ews  W. H. Walker (George Ranken) --niLC 
.el   Eileen A. Soper 246728 (8)

Victorian engravers

EN: Brothers Dalziel Brothers Dalziel, a firm of Victorian engravers founded in 1839 by George and Edward Dalziel, and assisted by John and Thomas Dalziel --Wikipedia: Dalziel (disambiguation)--

As engraver(s) of drawings by other artists, Dalziel is commonly uncredited, or credited from its legible signature. Engravings from drawings by other artists may be visibly signed by Dalziel alone.

London engraver known as:

Brothers Dalziel at Wikipedia
Dalziel Brothers at Library of Congress LCCN: nr93-27604 (34) --see also founder and 4 members (5 Dalziel siblings)
Edward and Thomas Dalziel at Victorian Web
George Dalziel, 1st sibling 227351
Edward Dalziel, 2nd 227352 EN: Dalziel Brothers Dalziel
Swains 235530 EN: Joseph Swain [1]
el W. J. Linton 175178 EN: W. J. Linton
Victorian Web Swain (and Dalziel and Linton) London engraver and engraving firm

SWAIN SWAIN[]S SWAIN[]& SWAIN[]SC SWAIN[]&C[meaning & Company] SWAIN[]&c[meaning et cetera]

1876 several "SWAIN[...?]" -- 1876 cover, bellman
-- 1876 Contents gives page numbers 3, 15, 27, 37, 47, 61, 71, 79 (each preceded by unnumbered title leaf = 16 of 83 pages)
  1. 135 " SC" -- (on the tide, missing 1876?) 1876 missing frontispiece Fit 1
  2. 137 "hh" and engraver signature inscrutable -- 1876 p5 Fit 1
  3. 140 ", &c" -- 1876 p10, beaver Fit 1
  4. 151 ? -- 1876 p31 Fit 3
  5. 155 " & c" -- 1876 p41, the march Fit 4
  6. 163 " SC" -- 1876 p52, the lesson Fit 5
  7. 168 "SC" -- 1876 p62, the dream Fit 6
  8. 175 "hh" and ", S"? -- 1876 p74, banker Fit 7
  9. 179 (none?) -- 1876 p82, the vanishing Fit 8
-- 1876 "Works by Lewis Carroll" p[86]

SWAIN SWAINS SWAINSC SWAIN&C (where whatever follows SWAIN may be spaced, may be lower case) is a London wood engraver Joseph Swain 1820-1909 and wood engraving firm. LC identifies only the person LCCN: nr91-44297 (4)

DNB 1912 states (sources include "information provided by J. B. Swain"):

In 1843 he married Martha Cooper, and had issue three daughters and a son, Joseph Blomeley Swain, who carries on his printing and engraving establishment.

Wikipedia [2] (1820-1909) and features two images with different signatures (SWAIN. &c and SWAIN) and states

In 1843 he was appointed manager of the engraving department of Punch, but in the following year set up in business for himself, retaining the whole of the engraving work for Punch from 1844 until 1900.
His own work is not always signed, and the signature "Swain sc" must be taken to include the engraving of assistants working for his firm.
They had three daughters and a son, Joseph Blomeley Swain, who [all or son only?] carried on the printing and engraving establishment.

with featured image apparently signed "SWAIN.[]Sc" or "SWAIN.[]&c" (some of the Snark engraving signatures seem to include a dot or comma)

Alice illustrators


Pook Press editions

Charles Robinson [3] at Amazon w Look inside Kindle
(5) Appleton[The Children's A], Folkard[Songs from Alice omni], Goodhue[AIW: A Play], The Illustrated AIW, The AIW Colouring Book v1,
(19) Adams[AIW], Bowley, Hudson, Jarrett[AIW], Jackson, Kay, Kirk & Tenniel, McManus[omni], Maybank [Adventures of AIW, Pears & T.H. Robinson, Pogany, Rackham, C Robinson, Rountree[AIW?], Soper, Sowerby, Tarrant[AIW?], Tenniel, Winter[omni]

Bookanista: Alice in Wonderland at the British Library with 10 images --illus. by Carroll[], C Robinson, Walker[], Weisgard[], Oxenbury[], Rackham, music cover, Tenniel, Carroll, Attwell[]

DON'T FORGET to search eBay (eBay identifies the other Charles Robinson cover as "ca. 1915 Pictorial Boards", and as "1910" [4])

ABEbooks inclg stated 1907 Robinson w cover

Pinterest [5]

Blog Alices Illustrated Adventures in Wonderland

{fueilleton} Charles Robinson's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - with other coverage linked

C. Robinson images (see the possibly intact Internet Archive e-copy)

  1. fp "Off with her head!" -- Alice and hQ
  2. 34a "Ahem!" said the Mouse, with an important air -- animals
  3. 68a A large pigeon had flown into her face -- pigeon, long-neck A
  4. 80a She began nursing her child again, singing a sort of lullaby to it -- Duchess, baby
  5. 94a "What day of the month is it?" he said, turning to Alice -- Hatter, Hare
  6. 122a There was a dispute going on between the executioner, the King, and the Queen -- hQ, hK, hJ
  7. 134a "Up, lazy thing!" said the Queen -- A, Gryphon, hQ
  8. 174a The whole pack rose up in the air -- (missing)

Try a set of INDEX CARDS

2018-05-05 late: more Alice work --toward Robinson, Maybank, Rountree (G. Robinson, Neill --no eds. of the novel)

The Online Books Page: Lewis Carroll

1885 omnibus at Florida o[6]
1897 omnibus at HathiTrust
(1923 per title page at Baldwin) W. H. Walker at Florida o[7] (check cat nos 000768--), signed "WHW", "with eight coloured and 42 other illustrations by W. H. Walker", printed in GB; plates not included in the pagination
1912?] Tenniel and Elenore Abbott at HathiTrust frontispiece +6, The Washington Square Classics [list of 11 vols] "each $1.25 net"; Through the Looking-Glass half-title p161, then the chess problem; ... p135 "... Life, what is it but a dream?"

Wikipedia: Illustrators of Alice

at HDL Alice's Adventures (31 full view inclg several Tenniel, several adaptations)

1886 Alice's Adventures Under Ground at HDL, illus. Carroll
1902 F. Y. Cory 114340 P581272 --Canterbury Classics reader
22 no Alice
1907 Arthur Rackham T842703 uk,us
1907 Bessie Pease Gutmann 225763 --Alice done as excerpt only
1912 omni Tenniel & Elenore Abbott 141649 --nidb ; Alice done as excerpt only, namely Looking-Glass as 1916 ! --BUT OMNIBUS 1912?

for Elenore Plaisted Abbott (1912 edition?) see User:Pwendt/save#April 2018

1916 Milo Winter 133003 1916 omni T1339009

also at HDL

New Alice, Rae T2293531 1917 [8] T1157756 1st ed.
: lw  .John Rae, USA 141392 (23) 
FT from France 1920 -HDL o[9]
Reynard 1925 o[10]
New Alice T1157756 1917 , 2010

1928 Alice omni, ill Harry Rountree o[11] o[12] --excerpts indb as 1916
Alice not found at Gutenberg or Archive (only Verne/Challenger, The Poison Belt)


Elucidating Alice P524889 as Selwyn Goodacre 217749 --variant of Selwyn H. 131363 presumably

at Amazon The Story of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the Secret History of Wonderland Paperback – August 15, 2016 by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

The Original Illustrated Alice in Wonderland 1978 ISBN 0890092567 == Tenniel colorized o[13] at Amazon

Charles Robinson Alice (1907) --P664113 p. 17, The Pool

mon-21 at Baldwin (viewed at Baldwin)
in sequence [frontispiece missing?] Title, Half-Title, Dedication, Contents, Illustrations [incomplete]
missing pages evidently include List of Illustrations 3 [covering 155-79]; probably also a following list of color plates
missing page numbers (reverse of full-page b/w? ^=confirmed) 10^ 18^ 28^ [32^] 33-34 (missing text) 50^ 72^ 86^ 104^ 118^ 132^ 144^ 164^ 178^
plates 68a 80a; 94a 122a 134a 174a --first two missing [Internet Archive e-copy shows last one missing!]
p[180] "Printed by // Cassell and Company, Limited, La Belle Sauvage, // London, E.C.4 // 25.621"
[vi] "By the kind ... the latest revised text has been used in this edition."

The Hunting of the Snark -- Centennial Edition

half-title [i] "A Centennial Edition"

title page [iii] (undated)

The Annotated Snark by MG
The Designs for the Snark by CM --probably not Charles P. Mitchell at age 32? definitely not

Charles Davis(=D.?) Mitchell, American illustrator 1887 1940
Charles D.221937 Mitchell (3)
  probably Neighborly Yours (1991) and Billy Hassell (2007) belong to Charles Dee
  WorldCat "illustrated by [CDM]" [14](11)
  WorldCat "by [CDM]" [15](21)

Probably this is the American illustrator Charles Davis Mitchell (1887 1940) (Wilmington DE) ulan=500010647, and in turn illustrator Charles D. Mitchell lccn=no2006098031

Charles Dee206970 Mitchell (1)[many]
The Listing of the Snark by SHG --131363 217749 --three ISBN 091323236X ; 091323298X (collector's ed.) ; 0865760233 (pbk.) "Subscriber's ed." "Cloth trade ed., reprinted with emendations."
Edited by James Tanis --nidb
and John Dooley --nidb John P.
Los Altos California
William Kaufmann, Inc. --nidb
In Cooperation with Bryn Mawr College Library [archives]

copyright page (no LCCN)

(c)1981 Kaufmannn; 95 First Street, Los Altos, California 94022
(c)1981 Mitchell, Goodacre, Bryn Mawr College (pl 5-13, 21-39 [28 of first 39])

vii, A Prefatory Note, James Tanis, Bryn Mawr College Library [ix], Contents [1] "The Hunting of the Snark" [3]-11 Introduction, Martin Gardner [13]-63 "The Annotated Snark" // Martin Gardner 15-16 dedication (ann.) 17 Preface by Lewis Carroll [18] frontispiece 19 The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony, in Eight Fits (ann.) 21 Fit the First: The Landing (ann.)

other illus., not full-page but alone on pages 25 27 [30, Ocean-Chart] 37 41 49 55 59 62

65-69 The Annotated Snark: Bibliography ... mid-69 Snark Clubs 70-79 Appendix (Note by M.G., mid70 A Commentary by Schiller, 78 Note, mid78 Fit by Lindon) [81 h.t.] 83-115 The Designs [117 h.t.] (44 unnumbered) Plates I-XLIV (43-44 being An Easter Greeting) [119 h.t.] 121-29 The Listing [131] Design credits; report of Collector's Edition 1995 copies

The Illustrators of Alice

The Illustrators of Alice, Ovenden and Davis, (c)1972 Academy & St. Martin's T2361146

1972 1st ed. --US price PV
1979 tp --US price --in queue
as 1972 no ISBN
as 1972 ISBN --records #1-15
o[16] "cop. 1972"
as 1979 London/NY 0312408463 o[962862694] --records #16-24
as 1980 NY 0312408463 o[966147068] --#25

no ISBN in the book

perhaps 1972 UK, 1973 US?

title page displays "edited by Graham Ovenden // with an introduction by John Davis"   Academy Editions   London   St. Martin's Press   New York (no year)

t.p. verso shows no ISBN

(top: untitled Acknowledgments)
(space; stamped four lines "H U L Jul 22 1974")
"First published in 1972 in [GB] by Academy ...
Published in the [USA] by St. Martin's ...
(c)1972 Academy Editions. All rights reserved.
Designed by Prangtong Jitasiri.
Library of Congress Catalog No. 72-76911.
Printed and bound in Great Britain by The Pitman Press, Bath.

NEED British Library number

p14 concludes

Have any artists succeeded in meeting the challenge of Tenniel? Pride of place amongst other illustrators must go to Lewis Carroll himself, Rackham, Pogany, Peake, Steadman, Dali, Ernst, Blake and Ovenden[!] but another lover of the Alice books could and probably would create a totally different list.

p[15] Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Millicent Sowerby. Title page from the Chatto & Windus edition, London, 1907.

p16-68, portfolio organized by chapter (no front material p[69] Through the Looking-glass[!] and What Alice Found There p[70]-98 portfolio organized by chapter (but front material including one title page, p[70-73]) p[73] Through The Looking-Glass[!] and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll

Title page, Robert Murray. Illustrations by Peter Newell, Harper, New York, 1902 --Robert Murray t.p. artist? or a later ed. from Murray of the Newell 1902?

p74-78 Looking-Glass portfolio organized by chapter

el  .Graham Ovenden, ed. 271216 (31)
And Alice looked around o[17] 1970 screenprint
1976 Nymphets & Fairies o[18]
1976 Lolita o[19]
Fo[20] o[21] Lewis Carroll, 1984
Afterword, 2001/1946 ed. of Looking Glass o[22], illus. Franciszka Themerson --nidb
2009 exhibition The Truth About Fairies o[23]

1971/72 ('graham ovenden' alice)

Detroit Free Press, 1971-12-05/12/19 and 1972-01-02 "An exhibition of screenprints by Peter Blake and Graham Ovenden based on the theme of Lewis Carroll's Alice", at Arwin Galleries to Jan 03

1971 to 1980 newspapers ('illustrators of alice') (1971-72 none, 1973 4, 1974 3, 1980)

1973-06 [24] Edmund Fuller, WSJ 1973-06-25 p10
[25] Herbert Kenny, Bos Globe 1973-06-27 p36 "Alice's Army of Artists: Book of the Day" 100 artists, more than 140 illustrations
[26] 100 years, 100 illustrations, 8 in color
St. Martin's $8.95 [27]
1974 [28] 1974-01-06 pF2 Corinne Robins review of Steadman's Alice (2 now in paper) and The Illustrators
1980 [29] "Paperbacks: New and Noteworthy" NY Times 1980-03-30 pBR9 "by Graham Ovenden and John Davis. (St. Martin's Press, $4.95)." ... "the work of 37 artists from all parts of the world [barely?]"

EN: Illustrators of Alice [...]

[1865 Tenniel]
1899 McManus
1901 Peter Newell
w 1901 Wonderland, 1902 Looking-Glass, 1903 Snark ;
1904 Kirk
1907 Gutmann, Rackham, CRobinson, Sowerby, Walker --and another Sowerby 1908 (a third set of illustrations?)
c1907 Brinsley Le Fanu (0)
c1907 R. E. McEune,%20r%20e/ ok Alice only
c1907 Alice Ross
c1907/08 Thomas Maybank --done 2018-05-04
1908 Evelyn Stuart Hardy=E. Stuart Hardy[2 vers]
1908 Hawes, Pears & THRobinson, Roberts, Rountree
1900s? J. R. Sinclair
1910 Mabel Lucie Attwell (6 no Alice)
1911 Soper
1912 Adams
1913 Sowerby[new], Woodward
1915 Jackson
1916 Gordon Robinson
1916 Tarrant, Winter
1920? Agnes Richardson,%20agnes/ ok (identity?)
1921 Bowley
1921 Folkard
1921? Edgar B. Thurstan,%20edgar%20b/ ok Alice only
1922 Hudson
c1924 Winifred M. Ackroyd ok
c1924 +Jessie M. King (7 no Alice), Pears
c1924 Dudley Jarrett,%20dudley/ ok (identity?)
1928 Rountree[new]
c1928 Hume Henderson,%20hume/ ok

Pook Press illustrators not listed at Wikipedia: Goodhue 1898, Kay 1923, Pogany 1929

Wikipedia illustrators not included in Pooks Press: (green) (underscore --nidb; none have Wiki biogs)

2017-12-16, very few found at LC (Alice Ross and Gordon Robinson?)
some VIAF Getty, GND, or NTA only

Alice illustrators at "K M R" Roberts

The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland T2294531 (Read Books Pook Press, 2015)

tp format at Amazon with "Look"

at Amazon UK/US

as 2015 Kindle Ed. at Amazon US (9781473378100 hits this record) 5.79 5.99 ?
as 2016 hardcover at Amazon US £29.99 $41.99, 978-1473335134, 2016-11-24

Formats and Editions at WorldCat #301. 1914

Illustrations (25, of which 21 with Biographies)

[1886?] Lewis Carroll
-lw 1912 Frank Adams (1) T2291871 1912 --1 of 6 as "Adams, Frank"
1 no Alice
el 1926 Charles Folkard (10) Alice excerpt only (Songs)
[30] The Observer 1921-12-04 p5 Songs from Alice in Wonderland (music by Lucy Blackwood, Blackie, 12/6)
10 w 2 Alice (omni Songs) [1921] ; 1979/78
NA 1898 Bertram Goodhue --nidb EN / (8) (drama)
8 no Alice
el 1908 Bessie Pease Gutmann = Bessie Pease (13) Alice excerpt only
NA 1922 Gwynedd M. Hudson --nidb --niEN
VIAF 35884080 / (3)
3 all Alice [1922] -LOC ; 1985, c1994
-lw P 1915 A. E. Jackson (3) Alice excerpt only
VIAF 162658064; VIAF 96495125
3 w 2 Alice [1914] -LOC ; [1931]
-lw P 1923 Gertrude A. Kay = Gertrude Alice Kay (15) Alice excerpt only
Alice [1928?] o[31], [2016] o[32]
15 w omni [1929]
Fairy Who Believed 1918 -HDL
-lw P 1904 Maria L. Kirk (18) = M. L. Kirk (so credit in Illustrations list) Alice excerpt only 1905 --first 1904 evidently
18 no Alice
el 1900 Blanche McManus (45) T2032126 1899, and Looking-Glass T2032128 --first 1899
el 1910j Chas Pears = Charles Pears (4) Alice excerpt only
4 no Alice
elF 1929 Willy Pogany (69) Alice excerpt and T1824287 as 2009 reissue
69 w 2 Alice [c1929] ; 2009
elF 1907 Arthur Rackham () T842703 2007
144 w 4 Alice
elF 1907 Charles Robinson (many) Alice excerpt only
? no Alice
el 1910j Thomas Heath Robinson = T. H. Robinson (9) (so credit in Illustrations list Pook Press) no Alice publication
9 no Alice
elF 1908 Harry Rountree (8) Alice excerpt only
8 no Alice
-lw 1911 George Soper (1) Alice excerpt only
1 no Alice
elw 1913 Millicent Sowerby (3) T1967972 1907 ; new illustrations 1913
3 no Alice
el P 1916 Margaret W. Tarrant (12) Alice excerpt and recent coverart only
[1916] o[33], [1916] Alice o[34], [192?] o[35], [2017] o[36]
12 no Alice
el F 1865 John Tenniel (172) T563437 1865, and Looking-Glass T1289443
many Alice
el 1916 Milo Winter (40) T1339009 1916 omni
40 no Alice
el 1913 Alice B. Woodward (10) T2031549
10 no Alice --w Peter Pan

no Biography in the book? (4)

NA 1921 [p6 120 184] Ada Bowley --nidb --niEN = A. L. Bowley (0)[3] (not the famous statistician economist)
VIAF 290226297; VIAF 244059563 /
3 WorldCat inclg Alice [1927?] o[37]
el 1907 [front 16 80 126 132 139 155 170 179 197 220 245] W. H. (Romaine-)Walker = 225785 (?) Alice excerpt only =?= Romaine-Walker or (at LC) W. H. Romaine Walker () --confused identity
Alice [1923] o[38] o[39], 1928 o[40]
NA 1908 [p29 136 156] Walter Hawes --nidb --niEN --niVIAF\LC,%20walter/
1909? Alice o[41]
NA 1908 [p188 ] K. M. Roberts, or KMR --nidb --niEN --niVIAF\LC ok

[brackets] : from Illustrations list, Amazon "Look inside!" Pook Press anthology 2017-12

missing images cover pp 101-118 and 221-239
tp format at Amazon with "Look"

Illustrators at Pook Press

30 inclg Jackson, Kay, Kirk, Rackham, CRobinson, Rountree, Tarrant q, Tenniel, Winter (only 9 of more than 20 from The Illustrated Alice)
link Pook Press biography ('P' above): Jackson, Kay, Kirk, Tarrant
Pook Press lists 24 editions 1898 to 1929, with 25 illustrators (not Carroll) (as YYYY above) Pook Press illustrators of Alice (at Google Books)

Frank Adams

multiple identities covered here
Frank Adams

Wikipedia disambiguation [42]

VIAF search [43]

22. Frank R. 1883-1963 VIAF 32203375 (English Wikipedia)
33. 1871-1944‏ VIAF 71092537
credited for one 1995 Alice illustration-anthology (multiple early 20c. illustrators) [44]; several of his original recently sold [45]
ASIN: B00DUFD4A0 [46] 1925 Hansel and Gretel
at Amazon
44. 1914-1987 VIAF 288144212 (Netherlands national library, and WorldCat, believe his middle name is Miller); the last of four bundled records, as listed at VIAF, is Wikidata, which routinely means a biography page in some-language Wikipedia at English Wikipedia
LC Adams, Frank, 1914-1987
WorldCat "Adams, Frank Miller 1914-1987" (5 works but "Father Tuck's annual" is illustrated by the other; it fits other work)
53. 1885-1964 "Fantasia [for organ], 1933"
74. "active 1918-1919" = 22?
82. Frank R. "Weisse Nächte" = 22?
94. Frank H. "Christmas" no date

(problem, "Frank Miller" and "Art Adams" are collaborators in creating comics --story by Frank Miller and art by Art Adams?)

Comics, eg modern Batman
elsf  Frank Miller 5208 (65)
--q Art Adams 122602 (6)

Frank Miller Adams, probable Frank Adams (I)
Frank Adams (I), cartoonist 263053 ()

"Frank Miller Adams" canonical name

Google Books [Google Books]
Amazon [47] [48] Miller Adams (using US SSDI) shows Frank, 1914-03-21 1987-07-08 Oklahoma

Frank Adams (1914), cartoonist EN (AfD?) (0) (Frank Miller Adams per NTL) American cartoonist, Frank Miller Adams per WorldCat

[49] Alice frontispiece, illegible box at lower right
[50] Three Jolly Huntsmen legible box at lower left, broadly similar to the illegible box

Anyway, British Library (as well as WorldCat) attributes both Alice and the dozens of nursery picture books to the same Frank Adams. It's disconcerting that BL with 60-odd catalog records does not report any of the three books for adults that WorldCat attributes to this Frank Adams: The Wolf-Leader, But images show signatures that match Three Jolly Huntsmen

The Wolf Leader frontispiece at Gutenberg 51054, small caps "Frank Adams 04", horizontal orientation
Barham of Beltrana frontispiece at HathiTrust, small caps "Frank" over "Adams 05"
Three Jolly Huntsmen at HathiTrust, interior illustrations show the name in the same small caps, undated; front endpapers show boxed small caps "Frank Adams '12", vertical orientation
: lw  .Frank Adams (1871), illustrator 95797 (1) 
Rhymes of flood & field is one of 6 LC records as by "Adams, Frank" undifferentiated; works by Adams otherwise not found 2017-12-05
(15) 14. Compleat (London : Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1930) [51]
(49) 49. Alice (London: Blackie & Son, [1912]) [52] --q
one at ABEbooks as 1926 or 1927 [53] (no other Alice at ABEbooks as Stories Old And New)

Stories Old And New -- evidently no volumes in the database as of 2017-12-08

[1910] Stories from Andersen, 2 vols., o[54] (at WorldCat, no illus. credit; list of Contents only 1996/95)
[1912] Alice --q
[1965] Gulliver o[55], illus. Will Nickless
 lw  .Will Nickless 161980 (9) --non-fiction mainly

WorldCat se:"Stories old and new." (137)

all? as Blackie to #122 [1966]; #123-137 from 1994


o[56] o[57] 1912 Frank Adams
o[58] o[59] 1954 With illustrations by David Walsh.
o[60] 1965 With illustrations after Tenniel by J.S. Goodall.

LC credits no book to "Adams, Frank, 1871-1944" and does not name the illustrator of The Wolf Leader 1904, 1950

nor Barham of Beltana 1905/c1904

and Barbara of Brittany is not in LC

at HDL (of 81 "Frank Adams" full view)

20. 1905 Barham
(evidently non-genre) 4 illus. (front. clearly signed "Frank // Adams 05") (plates facing 73 137 224, signed logo?)
50. 1912? Three Jolly Huntsmen, Jesse[sic] Pope
51. 1913 Three Jolly Anglers, Jessie Pope

longer works at WorldCat

1904 The Wolf-Leader Fo[61] (added 2008 reprint to database)
WorldCat records with early dates do not generally credit Adams; only 1904 online o[62], 1907? o[63], 1921 online [64])
2016 ebook ISBN 9783736415010
Gutenberg #51054, 3 clearly signed (small caps) "Frank Adams 04"
at Internet Archive (verification copy)
--front cover nonpictorial, crimson cloth, gold stamp lettering
--Illustrations, 3 (front and 2 plates not included in the pagination)
--p9, Introduction closes "R. S. G." [65] (series editor?)
--text spans p1-115

The Scotsman 1904-03-24 p2 "Publisher's Column", subheading Methuen's Popular Novels: ... "complete and unabridged edition of the Works of [Dumas] in Sixpenny Volumes"; new numbers The Wolf Leader; The Adventures of Captain Pamphile. A superior edition ... 3/6 to 1/6, in which The Three Musketeers 2/6, Snowball 2/-, The Corsican Brothers 1/6 "are now Ready"

The Times of India 1904-05-16 p13; Just Opened, cheap books, subheading "Interesting Paper Yarns Now Sold Off at Six Annas Each" ... Wolf-Leader. by Alex Dumas.

1905 Barham of Beltana
[1912] Alice
Pook Press 2013 hc, 2014 ebook, 2015-05-27 ppb at Amazon (UK £13.99)
1915 Barbara in Brittany (2007 Gutenberg #22774)
1930 The Compleat Angler, Limited Ed. o[66]

Opie Collection records in WorldCat [67] google: "frank adams" illustrator (whose results note related searches ... artist and ... cartoonist)

Alice [1912] o[68] [1912] o[69], [1912?] o[70], [1912?] o[71], [between 1912 and 1916]o[72]

2017 Pook o[73]

Edwin John Prittie

:els   Edward S. Ellis (Sylvester) 126903 (297)
 lw  .Edwin John Prittie 176365 (27) 
American illustrator, "the primary contributor of covers, interior plates, and ink drawings for Winston's 'Classics Series' throughout the 1920s and '30s."
1922 Grimm's c1922 o[74], c1924 o[75]
1923 Alice omni T1458751 ; 1923 [76], c1923 o[77] [78], 1925 o[79], 1930-40? o[80], 1946 o[81] --1st ed. PV MLB
27 no Alice

User:MLB#1923 Alice omnibus 2017-12-06 "to be continued"

You identify "Edwin John Prittie" (bold) in the Notes but list three Contents by "Ewin John Prittie". Winston credits him under the correct full name for another of the Children's Classics (see Robin Hood title page [82]), so

WorldCat records for the 1923 omnibus,

(to be continued) --Pwendt|talk 19:01, 6 December 2017 (EST)

  1. Does it show "Alice's Adventures in W" (long title of the first novel) on a main title page and "Alice in W" (short title), page 1, while vice versa for the second novel on title page (short) and page 148 (long with comma)?

Probably before you read this I will edit the "Edwin" author records, but leave "Ewin" to you, expecting it will disappear from the database. --Pwendt|talk 19:01, 6 December 2017 (EST)

User:MLB#1923 Alice omnibus

unify the illustrator name as "Edwin John Prittie", correct fullname that verifier highlights in the Notes and that Winston uses on the title pages of some other Children's Classics, and both WorldCat records use
(this eliminates Ewin John Prittie from the database) (not found in automated search (alice prittie) of newspapers 1920 to 1925)

Edwin John Prittie at HDL (2)

1912 ESEllis, High twelve : a sequel to Low twelve
1921 Jane Eayre Fryer --niEN The Mary Frances story book, : or, Adventures among the story people --UK ed. 1923 apparently, only Prittie hit in newspapers 1920 1925

Edwin J. Prittie at HDL (2)

also at HDL 1912 The Mary Frances cook book : or, Adventures among the kitchen people / ; The Mary Frances sewing book; or, Adventures among the thimble people, 1913 ; 1914 Easy steps in housekeeping; or, Mary Frances' adventures among the doll people,
Mary Frances books from John C. Winston (7)
The Mary Frances Story Book, or Adventures Among the Story People
Jane Eayre Fryer
Edwin John Prittie
John C. Winston
(c) 1921 the publisher, Entered at Stationers' Hall, London
Acknowledgments, "kind permission to use copyrighted or other material", 12 stories
some stories non-genre but the frame story is fantasy
PREFACE (1921) "The Mary Frances Story Book is different from the other Mary Frances Books. They are part lessons and part story; they teach something about cooking and sewing, knitting and crocheting, housekeeping and gardening, and first-aid--and tell a story, too; but [this] is all story." ... J. E. F. // Merchantville, N. J. [NJ, USA]
--Contents, The Trip to Story Island, Stories Told the First Day, [2] [3] [4], The Last Day on Story Island, The Return Home ; some straight anthology, some adapted or retold, some uncredited
--List of Illustrations, 33 (manual count) (frontispiece plus 32 full-page one-col/tinted b/w drawings included in the pagination
--stories span p15-328

1906 Ellis, A Hunt on Snow Shoes
1913 Frank R. Stockton


origin by import from /work 2018-04-04 export to User:Pwendt/People/Lewis Carroll ()[]

NEED major reorganization and better tracking of work in progress

Carroll big omnibus
Alice omnibus
some containing AA Under Ground, itself sometimes (always) with facsimile ms./illustrations
Hunting of the Snark (Annotated Snark; THotS and Other)
Wasp in a Wig 1977/1978 chapbooks

[83] Alice omnibus, ed. Lovett

later export Contents to the print format, add page numbers from "Look inside"; probably merge/variant the two Prefaces by Carroll

Oxford World's Classics 2008 --NEEDs probably contents to two 2009 issues

R L Green, ed. 10828 (94)


o[85] Everyman 836 mixed omnibus, 1978? --spurious
o[86] Everyman 836 as Alice omnibus, 1965
o[87] Everyman 836 with ISBN, 1971
o[88] #32 another
o[89] #33 another as mixed
o[90] Aspects of Alice, ed. Robert Phillips, ill. Tenniel and Carroll, ISBN-0814907008 (RLGreen one chapter) --nidb
Oxford 1971 #7-22 except Aspects B71-24736 Oxford English novels --need that British Library numeric identifier
Oxford 1975 #26, 1976 #27-30
#35 Bantam 1981
Oxford 1982 #36-44
Oxford 1985 #45
Oxford 1986 #46-47 (one as (c)1971)
Oxford 1987 #48
Oxford 1989 #49
Oxford 1990 #50-52
Oxford 1991 #53
Oxford 1992 #55 (#56 as 1971 World's Classics)
Oxford 1998 #57-61 019283374X
[Oxford omnibus evidely as] 2006 audiobook #63
Oxford 2008 #64

(2008 copyright page, four lines in full)

-- Introduction, Notes, Bibliography and Chronology (c)[OUP] 1971 -- -- evidly as Oxford English Novels
-- First published as a World's Classics paperback 1982
-- Reissued as an Oxford World's Classics paperback 1998
-- Reissued 2008

The Works of Lewis Carroll, ed. RLG (Hamlyn, 1965) [361241] B66-8058

Under Ground Fo[91]

1953 Panda Prints --nidb
1986 HRW ISBN-003006113X at Amazon --in queue

el  .Henry Holiday 80545 (18)
e    J. A. Lindon/Lyndon [92] --niLC --niWorldCat
el   F. C. S. Schiller 131364 (30)
 lw .Coralie Bickford-Smith 205441 (2) [15] --children's picture books 2015, 2017
 lw .Edward A. Wilson 33759 (1) [18] 
 w  .Frances Broomfield 270376 --niLC [2]
 lw  Charlie Lovett, ed. 220716 (44) 
el   Hugh Haughton, ed. 116402 (7) 
  w .Ken Leeder 72331 --niLC [1]
el  .Ralph Steadman 2399 (78)
el   Edward Guiliano, ed. 269942 (8)
 lw  Lori M. Campbell, ed. 134833 (3)
 lw .Renée Flower 86025 (3)

2018-04-17 User talk:Herzbube#The Hunting of the Snark "Sometimes I am gone from ISFDB for months" --with links to 2 Amazon and 3 OCLC records of the 1990s Penguin ed. (no Look inside or detail Contents)

  • Is there any indication which Contents have been revised since 1967 or 1962 (WorldCat records of some Penguin as date>1967 note Revised)

The Annotated Snark Foat WorldCat

as 1962 Bramhall House o[93] #4 6 13-14 #6o[94] o[95] --all as 111p, no ISBN, two (c)1962 --(no Contents)
as 1962 Simon and Schuster [] #1-3 9-12 15-17 --o[96] o[97] best; none with Contents
as 1962 Penguin Books [] #5 7-8 18 --none with Contents
1967 Penguin [] #19-27 --all 126p, none with Contents o[98] most informative; o[99] as (c)1962; o[100] as 7/6
1973 Penguin [] #28-36 (some as "Reprint/ed with revision/s") --all 126p, ISBN-0140027637 o[101] as , o[102] as Bibl 97-102; o[103] "Contains a commentary on the snark by Snarkophilus Snobbs [F.C.S. Schiller]."; o[104] as #37
three o[105] o[106] o[107] as "Repr with Revisions"
1974 Penguin [] #37-40 --126p, same ISBN, o[108] o[109]
1975 Penguin [] #41-47 (some as Repr) --126p, same ISBN, o[110] dates Revisions 1974, reprint 1975
1977 Penguin [] #48-49 (one as "Rev. ed.") [222936428] 0140027637 126
1979 Penguin [] #50-55 --126p, same ISBN, o[111] as (c)1962
1984 Penguin [] #56 ; 0140027637 126
1987 Penguin [] #57 ; 0140027637 126

1960 Annotated Alice PV Nihonjoe P520266 states "This edition published by Bramhall House, a division of Clarkson N. Potter, Inc."

Page-count 126pp from 1967 suggests that all Penguins share contents

1962 ("the annotated snark") (9 hits, all Sep-Dec)

[112] Chi. Tribune 1962-09-23 pF4 review by Vincent Starret "to be published this week" $3.95
NYHT 09-26 p27 "Books Out Today" ; Newsday -09-29 p29
... ... [113] LCJ 10-28 p7, review by William A. Grant
[114] NYT -11-18 pBR14, review by William Jay Smith
all coverage as Simon &/and Schuster, 111 p (or unstated)

1960 ("the annotated alice") (18 hits, all May-Dec)

[115] NYT -05-15 pBR15 advert Clarkson N. Potter, Inc.
-05-17 NYHT p25 "Books Out Today", NYT p34 "Books Today" --both Potter, $10

Perhaps revised for 1967 Penguin by inclusion of Schiller and Lindon contents?; or 1974


as 1973-10-01 The Snark Puzzle Book [116]
as 1974-06-17 The Philosopher's [117]
as 1999-11-15 Definitive [118] "A welcome, greatly expanded third edition ..."
as 2018-04-01 The Hunting of the Snark, Riddell [119]
Alice for the Ipad ?
2011-03-07 Alice in New York
2013-04-18 AliceWinks 150th Animated

HOLLIS - Alice in the Stacks?

"Alice on the Stage" [120]

ntbcw Alice On Stage, Charles C. Lovett (Westport : Meckler 1990) ISBN-0887363903

Illustrating Alice in Wonderland


long omnibus title dates from the 1971 Oxford English Novels edition (as does the editorial material by Roger Lancelyn Green) --if not earlier

Everyman's Library, sometimes/always? #836

(c)1929 o[122] long list of Contents, xv 335
1946 o[123] xv 335
1949 o[124] xv 3345[sic]
1952, intro Rhys o[125] "... Comic Pieces", xv 335
1956 o[126]
1965, intro Green o[127], xvi 335
1976, intro Green o[128] "... Other Poems and Tales", xv 335
1978, intro Green o[129], long title and list of Contents, xv 335 --as ISBN-0460008366


1910 Dutton, first 500 (no cover) 64pp
1911 Dent(?) (Simmons College/ Newark PL), first 505 with cover? (different at p.ii-iii) [130] (different at p[ii])
first Carroll, 1932 "A Book of Nonsense" Carroll and Lear

Preface to the 1897 Edition T1968807, 2015 and unknown (both PV Rtrace)

Preface to 1896 T1887390, 1951 and 2010 (PV Ldb001 and Mhhutchins)

1872/71 poem as Preface "Child of the pure unclouded brow ..." [Wikisource]

Wikipedia gives publ date 1871-12-27 per Oxford Companion, but title page displays 1872

HDL: 1897 omnibus New York: The Macmillan Company

Wonderland title page [131] New Edition ; New York: The Macmillan Company
Looking-Glass title page as 197, 50th thousand ; London & New York: The Macmillan Company

HDL 1899 Looking-Glass ; New York ; printed March 1898, reprinted June, October --one copy each of 2nd, 3rd printings Preface signed "Christmas, 1896" p[vii]-viii, chess problem not included; "Christmas-Greetings" precedes chapter I

[iii], Chess problem
[iv], frontispiece
[v], Title page
[vii]-viii, Preface
[ix-xi], poem
[xiii], Contents
[xv], Christmas-Greetings
1 = xvii, Chapter I ; p1-224

Nursery Alice

Cotton, James Sutherland (ed.). The Academy, 1869-1902, 0269-333X; London Iss. 921, (Dec 28, 1889): 420-421.

The Athenaeum; London Iss. 3245, (Jan 4, 1890): [n. pag.]-8.


Walpole Title: Maddalena, or The Fate Of The Florentines T1355945

What should be the scope of the database nonfiction? For instance, [1] biographical works about database persons [a] autobiography and memoir --and neighboring instructional material, on how to write a subgenre by one of its writers; [b] written by others; [2] critical or historical works about in-genre database persons, works, series and magazines, publishers. What are the criteria?

When included, what navigation possibilities do we have, if any? From Edgar Allan Poe, how to find nonfiction about him or his works?

for discussion T563513 --omnibus illustrations by Tenniel

ASK User:Stonecreek ?

Ghiuselev illustrated a 2000 German-language children's picture book Alice im Wunderland o[132] o[133] with "Poster"

"Description: 23 S. zahlr. Ill. 22 x 30 cm 1 Poster"

Unknown source for cover artist.

No source for cover artist, except ISFDB publication record 419973 [probably should be linked] and Amazon provision of images that show the same illustration.

"translated 1890 by Madame Eau de Beau; same 16 stories as the 1890 ed."

[in the integrity fields of any appropriate publication records (likely dated 1890 and later or unknown) and the container title record (likely dated 1890)]

"tr 1890 Beau; same 6 stories as 1922"

[in the integrity fields of appropriate publication records if any (likely dated 1922 and later or unknown), and the container Title record (likely dated 1922)]

I don't suggest any display of this field in title view or publication view, only representation in the title view Publications table of which listed publications do and which do not have matching content in their integrity fields. Perhaps under label "Integ" at far right (simplest case, enough to be very useful indeed)

if title and publication records have matching non-Null values
null/blank otherwise

(also very useful)

if title and publication records have matching values, including Null and Null
null/blank if values differ

(but this is preferable}}

if title and publication records have matching non-Null values
Template:Dagger if publication record has non-Null value and title record does not have matching non-Null value
null/blank if publication record has Null value

Note, this field should not be included in the scope of clone operation by default --and perhaps not included at all, whence it is a second editorial step to record in the database that the cloned publication matching content by the main author[*], or translation/etc thereof.

Project Gutenberg

cover art

Alice omnibus, illus Weisgard 1949



[135] NYHT -09-25 pE17 Bechtel "From 'Dr. Dolittle' to Superman: ..."
The new ed. "will be issued in one volume by Harper on Nov. 9." 24 full-page col, 24 b/w chapter headings NYT -10-01 p11 "Books--Authors"
-11-13, 4 items today!
review [136] NYHT pE18 (w Secret Garden, Nora S. Unwin)
review [137] NYT pBR42 Alice B. Louchheim
adverts NYT pBR31 NYHT pE23 "Harper Books for Boys and Girls" (as 1 of 8 for younger, with 4 for older)
[138] CSM -11-15 p13 "Jolly Stories ..."
[139] LAT -12-04 pE7 "Children's Books ..."
[140] NYHT -12-04 pE19 Bechtel "About 100 Good Books ..."

Tenniel vignettes on both covers P490531

LC --indb as of 2018-04-07 no Alice publications with LCCN prior to 1899 McManus

Alice UK 1866, US 1866 --check newspapers
1869 Abenteuer, 1869 Aventures P511393 --in queue; make Tenniel variant and import to 2012 Dover
long review of both The Spectator 1869-08-07 "Alice Translated" p933b-934c (three half-page columns)
Alice 2 UK 1872
Under Ground 1886 at HDL --to be continued w/r HathiTrust
[141] [142] The Observer 1886-12-19/26 p8 "Christmas Gift Books" (classified ads inclg 2 cols Macmillan, 1 col Blackwood, 1 col Unwin (-12-19) Ward and Downey (-12-26)
The Little Lame Prince T849282, New ed. o[143] o[144] --replace that 1886 Macmillan in the database
Alice omnibus 1889 "and Co.", 1894, 1900 & Wessels, 1903 Collier,

1921, 1923 --check newspapers

The Nursery "Alice", color 1890 --in queue, to be continued
Songs 1921
Poems 1986 P26368 --check newspapers
Alice and more 2013

HDL title search: "Alice's Adventures" [sic] --includes Davy and the Goblin

Kirkus (selection from many)

Oxenbury 2005-11 *starred*, AliceWinks ibook 2013-04-18 *starred* [145], Alice for the iPad 2010 *starred*
Mad Gardener 1967 ^dreck^ [146]

"Preface to 1896 Edition" --NEED add somewhere

"Preface to ... Thousand"


Macmillan 1889, Macmillan 1894 (as 192+224), Altemus 1895 (at, Wessels c1900, Collier 1903, Rand c1916
Altemus contains front/t.p.[iv-v]; Contents vii-viii; Wonderland, t.p.[11] poem[13] 15-170; Looking-Glass front[172] t.p.[173] poem[175] 177-[352 or 354 "Which Dreamed It? missing]

LC some others

1979 ; 1978 ; 1971\1992 ;
1883 The Macmillan Company
1884 Macmillan and Co. o[147] as "Juvenile audience"

"Inscribed to a dear Child: in memory of golden summer hours and whispers of a summer sea. Girt with a boyish garb for boyish task, ..."

HDL provides full view of several copies including one from U California with original cover: red cloth with gold stamped lettering and decoration, nonpictorial title page at HDL and 9-page publisher advertisements (US)

ASK User talk:Rtrace#Alice illustrations

The Annotated Alice: 150th P558606

Some of the uncredited artwork is dated "unknown".

p 27 : blank [2015] by W. H. Walker
1907 [148] Obs 1907-12-08 p10 The New "Alices" Rackham and Robinson (no price), Walker 1/6
"Of the how of new 'Alices' which have appeared ..." ... "Walker's illustrations to the cheap edition (1s. 6d.) ..."
1907 [149] Man Gua -12-14 p5 Charles Robinson and Thomas Maybank eds.; also McSpadden Stories from Chaucer
see 1923 Baldwin o[150] --not found in 1923 newspapers
1986 Michael O'Mara facsim of 1907? o[151] Amazon UK (no cover), blurbs another; 1990 Tiger Books facsim o[152] at Amazon credits/shows Tenniel illus.!
pp 53, 263 : blank [2015] by uncredited
p 185 : blank [2015] by Leonard Weisgard

1949 omnibus only? "2 volumes in 1"

Alice (no punct., nor page/size)
o[153] as 159 pp, 27 cm; o[154] as 160, 29; o[155] (three "and"); o[156] HDL as 159 --Tenniel/Fadiman lists "Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [and] Through the Looking Glass, Harper, 1949."

-- [157] notice 1949-10-01 p11 notes 24 col, 24 b/w illustrations
"and" [158] review 1949-11-13 (publisher panel adverts NYHT and NYT, same day)

later give date 1949-11 from coincidence of publications 1949-11-13

at Amazon
mainly images The Atlantic Blog citing Rudolph J. Gutmann here too [159] --text adapted by Gutmann? ; illus copyright by Gutmann?
"and" at ABEbooks 159pp
with omni title page ?(and 1921 Tenniel omnibus, and Tove Jansson ed.) with 2nd title page ?
Rudolph J. Gutmann,%20rudolph%20j/

writer of picture book adaptations? eg Pinocchio o[160]

omni 2008\1982 ? Oxford at Amazon US w Look

omni 2016\2009\2001 ? Macmillan at Amazon US w Look o[161] o[162] o[163]

NEED long title with "and What Alice Found There"

Anna South, ed. (0)

Fo[164] (c)2004 inclg 2011 colorized edition o[165]
Qlw  .Thomas Maybank 271012 (4) 

Baldwin copy of WHWalker 1923 reissue (or 1st US?) (Dodd, Mead) o[166]

Rhyme? and Reason?, 1st ed. 1883 659129

for now only Contents known to be spec-fic (by another ISFDB contributor of records on another collection), page numbers from view at HathiTrust, eg

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded, 1st ed. 1893 388912

User talk:Marc Kupper#The Hunting of the Snark and other Nonsense Verse 2018-04-12 [assembly in progress]

Marc Kupper PV date unknown P273218

WorldCat --done


as 1930 pbk (incredible) US/UK
as 1939, US only [167]
as 1952 pbk US/UK
as 1952 hardcover, "Publisher: Peter Pauper Press; reprint edition (1952)", with cover image and full description US/UK


Publication:THHNTNGFTH0000#Other --do you mean that this panel is printed on the page following that where the text ends, perhaps p[92]?

1903 Peter Newell illus THotS and Other Poems and Verses o[168]

Marc Kupper

capital "Other"
spaced ellipses
two poems must be these, at least in part at Poet's Corner at Poet's Corner

"Other Nonsense Poems" collected Peter Pauper 1952

Haddocks' Eyes (A-sitting on a Gate) [169]
'Tis the Voice of the Lobster [170]
55 • Father William • [Alice] • (1865) • poem by Lewis Carroll
58 • How Doth... • [Alice] • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
58 • Speak Roughly... • [Alice] • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
59 • The Lobster Quadrille • [Alice] • (1865) • poem by Lewis Carroll (variant of The Lobster-Quadrille)
60 • The Voice of the Lobster • [Alice] • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
61 • Jabberwocky • [Alice] • (1871) • poem by Lewis Carroll
63 • A Secret • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
64 • Soup of the Evening • [Alice] • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
65 • The Walrus and the Carpenter • [Alice] • (1871) • poem by Lewis Carroll
71 • In Winter... • [Alice] • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
73 • Sitting on a Gate • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
78 • He Thought He Saw... • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
80 • Little Birds • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll
83 • Peter and Paul • (unknown) • poem by Lewis Carroll

Peter Pauper 1950 with valuable link to British Library P615904

Oscar Wilde, Fairy Tales, in Peter Pauper Press panel adverts (1950s, the only 4 hits (snark "peter pauper")

1952-10) Books for Children ; 60 [...] $2.00
1953-09) Books for Children, $2.50 Each ; 73 [...] $2.50
1954-10) Unusual Children's Books ; 73 [...] $2.50
1954-11) " "

[Wilde: Fairy Tales. Fanciful stories, illustrated by Vera Bock.]

Peter Pauper Press, since 1928

Peter Pauper Press in 1920-1949 newspapers (first 1928) 1 0 2 3 0 4 3; 8 15 (36 to 1936)

"Peter Pauper Press" carroll (21) "lewis carroll" (10)

1933 The Hunting of the Snark, ill Edward A. Wilson - NYHT 1933-01-29 pI14 "Books of the Week" (New Rochelle.); [171] "Old Wine ..." 275 copies, $5
1934 " " [172] 275
1935 [173] history sketch
1936 [174] review, second series of six $2.00 books; Mount Vernon; Edward Lear, Franklin, Blake, Browning, Hearn Japanese Fairy Tales, Lincoln; [175] "its series of limited editions at $2"
1942 [176] history, Esther and Peter Beilenson; now Looking-Glass is one at $2.00 ; another is Aldren Watson ill "Aesop's Fables"

WorldCat "Peter Pauper Press" "Lewis Carroll" (10)

Snark, ill Cobbledick o1932? o1939 ; Snark and Other, ill Watson; Alice, all Tenniel 1940/194- ; Through 1953

o[177] 1932 ill Edward A Wilson


formerly? commingled with Haughton omnibus in the database

WorldCat [178] (34!)

(1 as 1865); #2-4 Hunting as 1995/96 --"This ed. originally published: as The annotated snark" ; This book also contains F C S Schiller's "Commentary on the Snark" and J A Lyndon's "Fit the Seven-and-a-Halfth".
#14 Looking-Glass as 2003 o[179] ISBN-0140367098 161pp
#5-12 omnibus as 1998; o[180] best with 3 ISBN-10 0140433171 -0141439769 -0014143763, o[181] as #9
later thumbnail) o[182] later printing? w detail Contents, o[183] same as 32nd printing, o[184] as ebook w detail Contents ISBN-0141956739 -1101487224 (ISBN-13 first) o[185] same one ISBN only Alice omnibus 1998
(alice penguin "hugh haughton") (4 hits) [186] brief review by Brian Fallon Irish Times 1998-02-14 pB10 £3.99
brief review by Michelas Lezard The Guardian 1998-01-08 pA18
[187] review of this and another Alice work The Alice Companion; "I think it's fitting that in this centenary year, Carroll's publishers, Macmillan, should have released an Alice Companion to challenge it" [The Annotated Alice].; and the Penguin centenary edition of Alice The Observer -04-12 p80 "McCrum on Lewis Carroll" £23 and £3.99
[188] NYT 1998-08-20 pE1 by Alan Riding "Lewis Carroll Revisited: In a Looking Glass, Darkly"; "I did show of his photographs in 1974, and at the time no one asked me about pedophilia" --curator in Wales then and London now; ... "once-shocking [early 19c erotic] images have become safe, while Carroll's always innocent nude children have become dangerous and threatening."
#13-17 omnibus as 2003, all as ISBN-0141439769 orig publ 1998 o[189] best at Amazon w Look 13th per numberline "except in the US" (The Centenary Edition may be subtitle)
vi-vi Contents
vii Ack
ix Introduction
7 Contents (Wonderland)
9 ch 1

Hugh Haughton, ed. Penguin Classics

"Introduction ( ... " T919501
"Notes (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass)" T1300295

assembly continued given 2009 issue "Look inside"

[c. 1/3/5] Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
[c. 113/115/117] Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
356, Appendix I: ... 86th
357, Appendix II: ... 61st

2009 PubUpdate

later replace interior contents from the 2003 issue of this ed. --also reconsider layout

(second half of p.v-vi Contents only)
243/249 Under Ground
293 on the Stage
299 Notes 1
324 Notes 2
356 Preface 86th
357 Preface 61st
#18 computer file; #19-21, 23 omnibus as 2009, 2010; those all ISBN-978-0141192468[1] Dutch? o[190] best ; 2010 same ISBN new Summary o[191] hc, case at Amazon
#27-28 omnibus as 2011 (one as (c)2003) as ISBN-9780141439761 0141439769 ebook o[192] better
#29-31 Wonderland 2012; ill Yayoi Kusama ISBN-9780141197302 o[193] 181 pp
#32 Jabberwocky and Other Nonsense 2013 (c)2012 o[194] --ISBN-9780141192789 --buy it?
#33 Deluxe as 2015

Alice omnibus, Penguin Classics [Deluxe Edition]

2003 P271836, 2010 P325659, 2015 P518145 --cover images (2015 not provided by Amazon now) shows hyphen

o[195] as "London ; New York : Penguin Books, 1998"; "Centenary ed" gives three ISBN and lists ALICE's ADVENTURES UNDER GROUND, lxxx+356 short Contents

0140433171 0141439769 0014143763[unique WorldCat]

At Amazon the first (US, as ASIN not ISBN) search hits 1998

(US) 0721455506[dnf WorldCat] as 400pp, Sep at Amazon US w "Look" inside Wordsworth pbk
The Centenary Edition includes the two celebrated Alice stories together with Carroll's manuscript version, Alice's Adventures under Ground - the 'germ' of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - for the first time; reprints Carroll's essay '"Alice" on the Stage' written for The Theatre in 1887; and is the most comprehensive annotated edition available. Carroll's delightful nonsense books provide readers of all ages with a double window on the wonderlands of childhood and adulthood. Undisputed children's classics, they are also, as Hugh Haughton writes in his introduction, 'two of the most original, experimental works of literary fiction in the nineteenth century'. This Penguin Classics edition also includes all of Tenniel's illustrations along with a selection from Carroll's own pencil illustrations for Alice's Adventures under Ground.
Wordsworth pbk--nidb Paperback edition (1998) from Wordsworth Editions Ltd, ISBN-1853260029 => 1993, Intro and Notes added 2001 (c)2001 Michael Irwin --nidb [Intro p[7-27/28], p[29] Wonderland half-title, [145] Looking-Glass, [283] Notes]
(UK) 0140433171 as 456pp, Jan at Amazon UK w "Look" Paperback edition (2015) from Amazon Classics, ISBN-0996584803 [few data, running title "& Through the Looking-Glass"]

indb --NEED ADD 1998; NEED unmerge 2015 !

0-14-143976-9[1] indb as 2003 --o[196] short Contents same page-count
978-0-14-119246-8 indb as 2010 --2009/2010 at WorldCat ; 2009 ISBN-0141192461 o[197] w detail Contents
978-0-698-40643-8 indb as 2015 (bad cover image, shdbe Deluxe Edition); ISBN-0698406435 Charlie Lovett (not Haughton); ISBN-0698406435 -1849343411 o[198]

At Amazon the latter is ASIN B00OQS4C8S

US print $7.98 kindle $9.99 !
UK print £7.99 kindle £8.35 !
both as: "Print Length: 242 pages // Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1499124155"
ISBN-1499124155 (Mushroom, 2014) is shorter at Amazon w "Look"/ 2 novels only
24. Lewis Carroll among his books : a descriptive catalogue of the private library of Charles L. Dodgson / Charlie Lovett. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, 2005.
25. Lewis Carroll and the press : an annotated bibliography of Charles Dodgson's contributions to periodicals / Charles Lovett. New Castle, DE : Oak Knoll Press ; London : British Library, 1999.
26. Lewis Carroll's Alice : an annotated checklist of the Lovett collection / Charles C. Lovett, Stephanie B. Lovett. Westport : Meckler, c1990.

2015 Alice omnibus o[199] print xxii+247 ISBN-9780143107620 0143107623 at Amazon

2018-04-11 at Amazon

(UK) [200] as 2015-09-03 £10.99 272
(US) [201] as 2015-07-07 $16.00 272 (deckle)


P516365 UK data 2015-05-21) [202] ; as 2015-07-02 £10.99 272
P529935 US data 2015-08-03) [203] ; as 2015-07-07 $16.00 245
P518145 ebook US data 2015-06-02 [very wrong data] ; as 2015-07-07 $7.99


(US) as 2015-07-07 ebook at Amazon
Print List Price: 	$7.98
Kindle Price: 	$9.99
Sold by: 	Penguin Group (USA) LLC 
(UK) as 2015-07-07
Print List Price: 	£7.99
Kindle Price: 	£8.35 includes VAT*
Sold by: 	Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.


see also The Wasp, just below

Annotated 2000 pv Rtrace P558606, The Wasp as p325-45 ; with 4 Ralph Steadman illustrations pp 110 261 292 340 ; find image of The Wasp online and ask for its identification, also wh it is "after Tenniel"

Steadman eds.

1967 Alice
2001 Firefly (from t.p. verso); 2003 Firefly at Amazon UK (with multiple images and "Look") (Amazon CA multiple images alone, Amazon US "Look" alone) --printed in Canada, published with Canada financial support, but back cover price US only $29.95 ; --in queue, same ISBN as Willowdale ON, 2003 o[936510676]

o[204] Complete Alice as 1987 " ; & " ISBN-0881622281

(quote) Notes: Reprints several of Ralph Steadman's illustrated editions of tales by Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland, Dobson, 1967; Alice through the looking-glass, MacGibbon & Kee, 1972; The hunting of the Snark, M. Dempsey, 1975.

o[205] - same with "Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there"

o[206] Wonderland as Willowdale ON, 2006

"Edgy illustrations recast the classic fantasy tale of a little girl who follows a well-dressed white rabbit underground to a strange land."

as Alice in Wonderland


as Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

o[208] o[209] o[210]

as Through the Looking Glass (no hyphen)


as Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass [... long, punctuation varies]


1967 LC's Alice, 1973 LC's Alice, 2003 Alice
1972 LC's Through, 1973 LC's Through
1975 Hunting

We now have no titles in the database as "Lewis Carroll's ..."

for Rtrace

maybe this book 1986 Complete Alice

1890 The Nursery Alice T1967978 1890 Pictures in The Nursery Alice T1967801 --should be a 2015 variant of the 1890

the 1890 title page credits "
User talk:Rtrace#The Wasp in a Wig 2018-04-12
User talk:Nihonjoe#The Wasp in a Wig 2018-04-12

The Wasp in a Wig

and probably some collections that contain it

search newspapers 1974 to 1978

("wasp in a wig" steadman) 0 hits
("wasp in a wig" carroll) 20 hits ; by year 0 0 1 9 10 --19 from 1977-05-29 to 1978-04-28 (2nd printing?) ; by country 19 us, 1 ca
[212] 1976 review of Lewis Carroll: Fragments of a Looking-Glass Tenniel and Furniss!

The Wasp in a Wig (1977)

Macmillan both hc and pbk

HC at ebay with images (6) ; Auction ended. OLD LISTING. (at bottom) -- "MG ... has provided a Preface and Introduction and has annotated Carroll's text." -- With three facsimiles and a 'reconstruction' after Tenniel by Ken Leeder. (Two facsimiles are one illustrated letter from Tenniel to Dodgson and the purported original page proofs.)

-- Jacket design by Ken Leeder 
-- ISBN 0 333 23727 7 L1.95 (hc)
-- plain red with gold stamped lettering on the spine
front. "Figure I. The Wasp in a Wig. // "Reconstruction after Tenniel by Ken Leeder."
t.p. "Notes" by MG; undated
t.p. verso "The Wasp in a Wig" copyright (c) 1977 by Philip Jacques and Elisabeth Christie, Trustees of the Estate of the late C. L. Dodgson."
-- "P I and N copyright (c)1977 by Martin Gardner"
-- "First published in the [USA] in 1977 by the [LCSoNA,I], in an edition of 500 chapbooks for  its members and a limited de luxe edition of 750 copies."
-- "First published in [GB] in 1977 by Macmillan London Limited [London address; other cities]"
-- "Printed in Great Britain by // The Pitman Press // Bath"
Contents: List of Illustrations 7 ; Acknowledgements 9 ; Preface 10 ; Introduction 17 ; The Wasp in a Wig 29

0333237277 (many records specify no ISBN or no binding; of which

# 87392 states "40pp., with a monochrome frontispiece illustration and 6pp. reproduced in facsimile."
# Alicewasp1 [213] provides 3 images inclg front/title
as pbk ABE # SKU0231311, # GOR003809073, # 089611
as hc (ebay with multiple images) ABE # 001931, # 2122366, # 58109, # 02994 --one report "two-tone boards", one "red mottled boards"; two "original brick-red boards"

0517532662 Potter, 1st US trade

one ABE as Crown Publishing Group (not Potter)
one ABE specifies "Second printing. April, 1978" stated on copyright page."
(no ISBN) [214] (no ISBN) "Interestingly, this edition is supposed to have illustrations by Steadman, but does not. An anomaly or just dumped by the publisher or editor? Steadman believes the latter (ask me for details). Bookseller Inventory # 000458"
(no ISBN) "Second Edition Second Printing" "Frontispiece after John Tenniel with two additional black-and-white illustrations by Ralph Steadman. 0-517-532662. Seller Inventory # C17686"
[215] "Frontispiece After Tenniel with Two Additional B/W Illustrations By Ralph Steadman , DJ Design By Hermann Strohbach"
1 other of 3 who *credits* Steadman states "Second Printing" as 1977

LCSNA limited (no image)

The Lewis Carroll Society, 1977. Hardcover. Condition: Near Fine. No Jacket. Limited/Numbered Edition. former owner bookplate inside front cover, otherwise this book is nearly as new, this copy is #671 of 750 copies printed, republication of a suppressed episode of Through the Looking Glass, preface introduction and notes by Martin Gardner. Book. Seller Inventory # 16606

"With 4 illustrations"

per one ABE dealer; this suggests "three facsimile" illustrations (perhaps all within facsimile of unknown number) and the Leeder

LCSNA no ISBN --lacks the facsimile letter from Tenniel?

[216] "Fine copy in original textured card wrappers. Some pages unopened. **Edition limited to five hundred copies**. Seller Inventory # E-096"
[217] evidently the limited
another is "No Jacket. First Edition. First Edition thus. 1977. A Fine copy 185/750) Deluxe edition, Mint. Seller Inventory # 106323"
[218] shows maroon spine, gold stamped title, decoration, "LCSNA"

0930326016 --only hit for this ISBN at ABEbooks

one as LCSNA (Irish Booksellers, Portland ME) US as $41.96!

ABE - other interesting Alice pages

Steadman Looking Glass 1972 [219]
Parrish Looking-Glass 1950 [220]
ABE listing informative about Alice editions
Songs [221] [222]

May 1977 "permission to print 750 cloth-bound copies and a paperback version"

[223] NYT -05-29 p1 Jennifer Dunning "Alice and the Wasp: A Long Suppressed Episode: 'Alice and the Wasp' Being Printed"

"The book, which is second in a series of Lewis Carroll studies available free to members of the society, has been printed in a deluxe limited edition [750 clothbound?] by the Angelica Press in New York City. It will be available at $10 in August, through the LCSoNA in Silver Spring, Md.

[224] (AP) The Sun -05-30 pA3, Was Post -05-30 pD3 "[Armour] gave the LCSoNA, hq'd in SS, Md.,] permission to have the Angelica Press of New York printed 750 copies at $10 each and a paperback version."

[225] NYT 1977-10-09 pBRA Morton N. Cohen "Alice Under Ground" --concerning the manuscript, recently discovered portrait drawing of Alice

hyp- [226] Newsday -10-30 pB20 Nina King, Alice Meets The Wasp In a Wig

pbk $10, limited-ed hc, trade hc January by Clarkson N. Potter

hyp- [227] The Sun 1978-02-12 pD5 "is to be released", 1978-02-26 pD5 Jeffrey M. Landaw "The Wasp: Allowed to Sting at Last"

hyp- [228] Was Post review -03-16 pD19 Joseph McClellan

hyphen -- clear in UK/US trade ed. cover images and UK title-page image

"Alice" at Kirkus

The Complete Alice, 2015-09, 150th anniversary ed. [229]


US B00224V7Y0 as LCSociety limited 1977 --as xiv+11 pages followed by facsimile
US/UK 0930326016 as LCSociety paperback 1977 (no image)
US/UK B01HC0N1GK as Macmillan pbk 1977, w front/title image
US B002PZCX4Y as Potter 1977
UK 0517532662 as Potter 1977 --and US with wrong image
US/UK 0333237277 as Macmillan 1977 --in queue LCSNA 1977 New York : C. N. Potter : distributed by Crown Publishers, c1977, 1978 printing ; 1st American trade ed. ; xiv+21

Nihonjoe/Rtrace (1999 Annotated Definitive) --see 3rd printing for more complete list of contents 518214 558869

Ralph Steadman - the single illustration shown in this Amazon interior image [230]

At the moment we have several Annotated Alice editions records with Contents that include some Preface and Introduction essays by Martin Gardner. We also have a Notes title T1280641 that appears in no publication record but carries a review in Locus 2000-04.

"This is a review of Martin Gardner's The Annotated Alice, so it has been linked to the essay record, not the novel record."

ISFDB:Community Portal#Notes and Annotations At the moment I have "Annotations (The Wasp in a Wig)" as one content of 1977 chapbook, altho it is credited on the front cover as "Notes", and I haven't seen the interior.

when use "Notes", when "Annotations"?
does the latter imply intermingling with object text, rather than printing in a separate section? editorial content intermingled with the original text
may "Annotations" be inferred from the title of the book? probably so for two title records of The Hobbit annotations T1321374
we have three "(annotations)" as postfix disambiguator; namely title records T1291452 1889325 2210432

I don't know whether the Gardner annotations for Alice's Adventures and Looking-Glass were revised/expanded so that they should be represented by multiple title records.

Big omnibus

contains other works --always at least Sylvie and Bruno? or that may need sorting here

The Illustrated LC Collection 2012 T1604648 at Amazon w Look

The Completed Illustrated (1982) P186625 xxii+868

at Amazon w cover as Random House 1986, 869pp

The Complete Illustrated (1991), xiv+1165, 30/31cm Fo[231]

o[232] NY: Gallery, 1991, 0831715510
Alice's adventures in wonderland --
Through the looking glass --
Sylvie and Bruno --
Sylvie and Bruno concluded --
The hunting of the snark --
 Early verse --
Puzzles from wonderland --
Prologues to play --
Phantasmagoria --
College rhymes adn notes by an Oxford chiel --
Acrostics, inscriptions, and other verse --
Three sunsets and other poems --
 Stories --
o[233] Wordsworth Editions, 1996, 1853268976 ; o[945083266] With illustrations by John Tenniel[,] Arthur B. Frost[,] Henry Holiday & Harry Furniss.]
Alice's adventures in Wonderland --
Through the looking-glass --
Sylvie and Bruno --
Sylvie and Bruno concluded --
The hunting of the snark ; 
  Early verse ; 
Puzzles from Wonderland ; 
Prologues to plays ; 
Phantasmagoria ; 
College rhymes and notes by an Oxford chiel ; 
Acrostics, inscriptions, and other verse ; 
Three sunsets and other poems --
A tangled tale ;
Novelty and romancement ;
A photographer's day out ;
Wilhelm von Schmitz ;
The legend of Scotland --
  A miscellany.

2015 "and Other Tales" at Amazon w Look: Chronological Table 1845--1897, N.D.

I-IV same
V. Verse (8 subparts)
VI. Stories
VII. A Miscellany

2015 "Chronological Table", III, IV, VII, Index of First Lines of Verse 2016 Introduction, I, II, V, VI, Endnotes, The Life and Times of Lewis Carroll, Further Reading

Complete Illustrated Fo[234]

1982 Avenel xxii+868 ISBN 0517371553 051738566X o[235]Contents o[236] o[237]
1988 95
1982 Gramercy ISBN 0517100274 o[238]Contents o[239]Contents
1993 95 New ed
1982 Chancellor 934pp ISBN 0907486215 o[240] o[241] o[242]Contents(8), ISBN 1851525033 o[243]
1983 84 86 87 89 90 91 eg o[244]; 1993 New ed
1986\82 Longmeadow o[245] ISBN 0681400358 xxii+868
1995 Leopard xxii+868 ISBN 0752900277 o[246]


0681400358 Longmeadow 1986 [247] wrong cover image?
051738566X ? [248]
0517371553 (UK) Chancellor

publication to be continued: contents reported identically by WorldCat library records 318225814 8708902 804931499, this ISBN alone or first- or second-listed with 0517371553 [see also 0-907486-21-5 at Amazon UK]; Introduction from one front dustcover image ("Avenel"?) at Amazon US as 1986

Complete Illustrated, as 1984 o[250], 1989 o[251], 934pp, 0907486215

at Amazon as Hardcover: 864 pages; Publisher: Chancellor Press; Reprint edition (1984)
at Amazon 1851525033 as 1996, 976pp "An anthology of Carroll's fiction and poetry features Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-glass, Alice's Adventures Underground, The Hunting of the Snark, and Rhyme? and Reason?"

Complete Illustrated, 1993 o[252] xxii+868, 0517100274

at Amazon as 1994

Wordsworth and others xiv+1165

1951 -- longer collection (pp. 1-274 maybe identical)
1971 -- differs from 1951; contains only the 1986
1986 The Complete Alice & The Hunting of the Snark T186621 ISBN-0-224-02820-0

2010 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories -- differs
2015 -perhaps matches the 2010?
2015 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Other Tales -- 2016 publication differs

T 8150 Alice's Adventures T ---- Sylvie and Bruno Concluded

MLB P390680 This publication record implies that title page shows the long title of the first novel, and short title of the second novel with hyphen --Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Meanwhile interior title pages for the two novels use the short title of the first and the long title of the second without hyphen. Please double-check that when you have a chance. If correct, does the interior title page of the second novel use the comma or not? The record now shows a comma for the second novel only, none for its introduction and illustrations.

short title "Alice in Wonderland" certainly used in 1932 LEC ed. (title page image from online dealer)

  • 1893 (title page displays on two lines Sylvie and Bruno // Concluded)
  • 1982 Complete Ill 186625 (new) --Avenel in queue again --later clone Chancellor
1982 Chancellor --clone later, with cover image from Amazon
  • 1991 Complete S&B 37460 (WorldCat records list "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded")
  • 2009 Sense and N 286896 --dnf WorldCat --no Look
  • 2010 & Other S 528494 --verified by User:Mhhutchins states "Sylvie and Bruno Continued"[sic] in Notes, uses "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded" to disambiguate the preface --Look inside 2013

from Look inside 2013 print ed. w slipcover -- compare contents with those in 2010 & Other Stories PV Mhhutchins 528494

Chronological Table [xv]
Introduction [xix]
   I. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (pp 9 - 120) [ 5 ]
   II. Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there (pp. 121 - 250) [ 99 ]
   III. Sylvie and Bruno (pp. 251 - 456) [ 207 ]
   IV. Sylvie and Bruno Continued (pp. 457 - 674) [ 373 ]
   V. Verse (pp. 675 - 878) [ 549 ]
   VI. Stories (pp. 879 - 1006) [ 769 ]
   VII. A Miscellany (pp. 1007 - 1160) [ 877 - 1029]

write to Mhhutchins about this

  • 2012 Illus LC 995839 (Contents shows Sylvie and Bruno // Concluded, WorldCat list of Contents "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded")
  • 2013 and Other S 428407 (Contents shows Sylvie and Bruno Concluded, WorldCat list of Contents "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded") - in progress ?
1604655 Tangled, Novelty[var], Photog[?], Legend, Wilhelm
Through the Looking Glass Tenniel T1044304
print o[253], at Amazon --CHECK integrity and perhaps CLONE THIS --in queue (1) --write to Mhhutchins P528494


later check newspapers for Avenel/Chancellor eds of this apparently new omnibus [maybe CLONE CHANCELLOR] Chancellor at Amazon, 1984

This title listed at $7.98 in two retailer advertisements Was. Post 1982-11-26 pA7, NY Times -12-01 pA13 (no publ. price stated)

Otherwise not found 2018-04-08 in search of 1982 newspapers.


later import/add some Contents; [AND SEQUENCE; maybe REPLACE long titles of 2nd Alice novel] unmerge omnibus as Contents differ (immensely), or since they share publisher/introduction/copyright note that this one omits some of the 2015 sections; --anyway, in Title note(s) explain the difference --write Mhhutchins

"Wilhelm von Schmitz" at WorldCat

Further nonsense verse and prose, 1926 o[254]
1998 as The complete illustrated works of Lewis Carroll o[255] xiv+1165
1998 as The complete illustrated Lewis Carroll o[256] xiv+1165
2013 Alice's ... Other Stories o[257]
2015 Bruno's revenge and other stories (9) o[258] 93pp 9781515140610

2010 xiv+1165, many contents not entered

2 Alice, 2 Sylvie, and

Verse: The hunting of the snark ; Early verse ; Puzzles from Wonderland ; Prologues to plays ;
Phantasmagoria ; College rhymes and notes by an Oxford chiel ; Acrostics, inscriptions, and other verse ;
Three sunsets and other poems --
Stories: A tangled tale ; Novelty and romancement ; A photographer's day out ; Wilhelm von Schmitz ; The legend of Scotland --
A miscellany.

no Alice

ti: Rhyme and Reason; au: Carroll Fo[259]

HDL as 1884 (6) as 1883 (also 1888 1895 1909)
HDL Three Sunsets and Other Poems as 1898 (3)--only two distinct 1898-02 1st UCalifornia, 1898-02 2nd CornellU, both with cover
Preface: "Nearly the whole of this volume is a reprint of the serious portion of Phantasmagoria and other Poems, which was first published in 1869 and has long been out of print."
Contents (15), List of Illustrations (12 full-page b/w included in the pagination), spans p1-[68]

ti: "Rhyme? and Reason?" Fo[260]

Rhyme?, 1st ed. o[261] HDL

compound title "... or Rhyme? and Reason?" not found at WorldCat

T1217005-as 1869

ti: "Phantasmagoria and Other Poems" Fo[262] (56)

1869; 9. 1911 (some as Repr.); 19. 1919 o[263] as viii+166 16cm; 24. 1922; 25. 1929; 29. 1990s Gutenberg; 34. 1992; 36. 1998; 39-56 [2000s]
1869 at HDL


[264] India received 1s. -10-18
[265] Toronto received C$0.35 -11

Phantasmagoria 1869 [34199626] P440780 NEEDs --check newspapers --in queue

The Athenaeum 1869-01-02 #2149 publisher advert"Immediately", -01-09 #2150 p55 "List of New Books" this one "12mo. 6/ cl."; --in queue

[266] The Athenaeum 1869-12-18 #2199 p805 "macmillan & Co.'s Christmas Books", this one "Fcap. 8vo. 6s."
also The Water Babies, "By Canon Kingsley. With Illustrations by Sir Noel Paton and P. Skelton. New Edition, crown 8vo. with additional Illustrations, 6s."
Hunting 1876
Lawn Tennis 1883
Rhyme? as London 1883 P659129 NEEDs; as US 1884 nidb --only the 2 hits 1883, none 1884 (but this title may be unreliable to search)
Published for the 1883 Christmas season in both London and New York evidently
Briefly reviewed 1883-12-22 in Manchester Guardian p9 "Christmas Books: VII" and N-Y Tribune p6 "Christmas Books"; both as from "Macmillan and Co." (no price)
Sylvie 1889, 1890-93

1889 to 1893 (16 hits: 89 4uk ; 90 6us/in ; 92 3 ; 93 3us) (1894 14 hits mainly US)

The Scotsman 1889-12-11 p7 "Latest News" private correspondence having looked thru the page proofs
The Observer 1889-12-22 p8 and -12-29 p8 Publications: "Macmillan and Co.'s List" with 46 ... "Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 7s. 6d."
review The Obs -12-29 p5 (mixed; imaginative but falling short wr Alice and w blemishes; positive on Furniss) (no price)
Times of India 1890-01-22 p1 "New Books" 5 4 Rs. a. (10 Annas per shilling)
review N-Y Trib 1890-01-05 p14 from The Pall Mall Gazette
review NYT 1890-02-03 p3 w 46... (no price)
N-Y Trib 1890-03-05 p10, NYT 1890-03-05 p5 "Macmillan & Co.'s New Books" SB, 2nd ed., w 50 illus by HF "12mo, cloth, gilt, $1 50"; Chi retailer catalog for March, -03-03 p5
Hart 1893-10-13 p5 forthcoming
NYT 1893-12-15 p5 prose column "Art in the Holiday Books" Macmillan offers SB2 w 46 illus by Furniss
review Man Gua 1894-01-09 p10 w 46, 7/6 "8vo, pp. xxiii, 423, 7s. 6d."
N-Y Trib -01-27 "Macmillan and Co.'s New Books", this one "Just published" 46, "12mo. Cloth extra, gilt, $1.50."
NYT -02-03 p3 previewed in "Books of the Present Week" and listed in "Books Received"
review NYT -02-11 p23, also in DFP -02-12 p3
[267] Tor -03-31 p9 just issued by the Macmillans and Toronto: The Copp-Clark Company; the previous Dec 1889; "while a sequel to the first, is complete in itself"
Three Sunsets 1898 P567501 NEEDs --check US newspapers
[268] Scot 1898-02-18 p11 fairy-like in ethereal grace (no price); Man Gua -02-22 p5 "Books of the Week" "Miss E. Gertrude Thomson's illustrations are pretty in themselves but hardly in harmony with the general spirit of the book." "4to,pp. 68, 4s." "a few days before the death of the writer" melancholy, introspective
Hart 1898-04-04 p8 the Macmillans have printed


Alice's Adventures, US 1869 "Set from the 1865 text" title (no cover) p192 END; US Caldwell, n.d. few illus [269]
Phantasmagoria, 1st 1869 cover
Looking-Glass, 1st 1872 cover
Hunting, 1st 1876 cover; Yellow Springs, Ohio : Kahoe & Spieth [187-] [270]
1903 Peter Newell [271], [272]
Rhyme?, 1st 1883 cover
Tangled, 1st 1885 cover
Under Ground, facs 1886 title (no cover)
Sylvie, 1st 1889 (no cover) Works p[401-03], another copy
Concluded, 1st 1893 cover --mis-catalogued as vol 1, another correctly catalogued

Sylvie and Bruno, chapter I only, in A.L.Burt Looking-Glass, pp. 227-268 [273]

Through the Looking-Glass

one 1896 (NY Burt, no date) with cover
one 1897 (NY omnibus) with cover, no new Introduction
multiple 1897: --three different back adverts
NYPL Altemus, with cover;
U Michigan Altemus, with cover, c 1897; --cover and frontispiece different, back adverts differ
U Michigan Altemus, with cover; front pages missing, back adverts differ


At Edward A. Wilson I noticed that our link to the Children's Literature Research Collection guide --displayed in the Webpages field as ""--


CLRC subset of (9)

Caroline Arnold Louis Darling Samuel Epstein Annabel Johnson Edgar Johnson Joan Kiddell-Monroe Margot Zemach

Ruth Chrisman Gannett at (nice!)

Edward A. Wilson at (blech)

another fixed thus W. T. Mars

Harvard collection

Carroll Studies

  1. 21473.18.125 [LC:] An Annotated Bibliography for 1974, Guiliano, LCSNA 1975; (c)1975, no LCCN, no ISBN ; first in a series of occasional chapbooks
  2. 21473.18.125(2) P659791 The Wasp in a Wig : ..., ed Guiliano, LCSNA 1977, (c)1977 ; 0-930326-01-6
  3. (bound with #2) The Russian Journal--II : ..., ed Cohen, LCSNA 1979, (c)1979; 0-930326-03-2
  4. 21473.18.125(4) [LC] and the Kitchins : Containing Twenty-Five Letters Not Previously Published and Nineteen of His Photographs, ed Cohen, LCSNA; (c)1980 0-390326-04-0, no publ date

The Illustrators of AiW and TtLG

21473.18.110 (--nidb) ed Graham Ovenden, London: Academy, New York: St. Martin's, n.d.; (c)1972 Academy Editions,, no ISBN, printed in GB; intro John Davis

The Philosopher's Alice

21473.21.25 (1985 P45264) ed. Peter Heath, St Martin's, n.d.; (c)1974

The Hunting of the Snark

21473.28.10 (nidb) THotS, The Macmillan Company, 1898; t.p. verso no data; 53p, 9 plates not included in the pagination
21473.28.18 The Annotated Snark : The Full Text ..., ed. Gardner, Penguin Books, n.d.; ... Reprinted with revisions 1973, (c)1962 Gardner
PR4611.H8 1981b THotS Centennial Edition[spine] [LC]'s The Hunting of the Snark, Gardner, Mitchell, Goodacre, eds. Tanis and Dooley, Kaufmann, n.d.; (c)1981, no LCCN, no ISBN (Bryn Mawr College Library)
o[274] as review copy
o[275] one of 395 signed
o[276] one of 1995 limited ed. 091323236X
"Goodacre's bibliography is a rev. and updated (to 1980) version of the booklet he published in 1974."
(listing) "The listing of the Snark ; [bibliography of editions of the Snark] / by Selwyn H. Goodacre."
Published in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark, spine title The Hunting of the Snark Centennial Edition (copyright 1981, no ISBN?), published by William Kaufmann in cooperation with the Bryn Mawr College Library
o[277] cloth trade (quote) "A centennial edition"--Page [i] (1st group).
o[278] o[279] cloth trade, reprinted with emendations
PR4611.H83 A85 2006 (P307421 PV Rtrace) The Annotated HotS : The Definitive Edition, intro Adam Gopnik, Norton, n.d.; (c)2006, 1981, 1974, 1962 Gardner, (c)2006 Gopnik, (c)2006, 1981 Goodacre; 978-0-393-06242-7, HU stamped date 2006-10-29

1973 --nidb; main Contennts with page numbers from Contents p[9] where t.p. is p[3]

front cover matches frontispiece of the poem

11 Preface for the Penguin Edition
15 Introduction by Martin Gardner
15-31 Introduction
33 The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll with notes by Martin Gardner
33 The Hunting of the Snark [section title page]
35 [Dedication]
35-39 [running title] Notes on the Dedication [MG]
41-42 Preface [LC]
43-96 The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony, in Eight Fits --with annotations by MG and illustrations by HH; the latter included in the pagination, sometimes as full-page
97 Bibliography
97-102 [with subsections]
103 Appendix
103 [note by MG]
104-21 A Commentary [footnotes by FCSS unless indicated]
122-26 Fit the Seven-and-a-Halfth: The Clue [123-25 between full-page HH illustrations]

back cover: cover designed by David Pelham, not for sale in USA or Canada, UK 50p AUS $1.70 NZ $1.70 ISBN 0 14 00 2763 7 [sometimes cat as Penguin #2763]

1977 paperback ed., Carroll Studies #1

red paper covers with black design

v, Acknowledgements [EG] [not listed in Contents, p.vii]
ix, Preface
xii, Figure 1. Facsimile of Tenniel's letter to Dodgson
xii-xiv [untitled]
1, Introduction
12, Figure 2. Where Carroll intended the episode to appear
13, The Wasp in a Wig with accompanying notes
23, Figure 3. Facsimile of corrected galley proofs
p[23] The Wasp in a Wig [caption:] Figure 3. ... "(Slips 64-67 and portions of 63 and 68)" --those on four leaves: 63/64 as two-side long card, 65 and 66 as one-side cards; 67/68 as p[31-32]
5 printed leaves [23-32], followed by multiple leaves inclg only the colophon statement