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Kipling, Townsend

el  .F. H. Townsend 197279 (13)

Kipling, Traffics and Discoveries, 1st ed. 1904 (unillus., 'They') --Internet Archive w cover (color);

LCCN reports 4 copies, two with red and one with blue dustjacket; links HDL record 008665952 whose two copies are BOTH CORRUPT
HDL 008665952 (2) BOTH CORRUPT --NYPL lacking title leaf --U California w cover, duplicate images 8 and 11, or 10 and 11; missing title page and one other that should be images 8-9 or 9-10; OCLC 544007 reports Macmillan's Colonial Library #489 as ISBN 0333327780
back pages IA [395] Uniform Edition of The Works of Rudyard Kipling, 6/- each; [396] Works by Kipling (fewer) Editions de Luxe; [397] Sixteen Illustrations of subjects from [RK]'s Jungle Book, portfolio 105/-; [398-416], [6]+16 back pages from Macmillan
HDL 100295449 (1995 micro w ISBN, no page count) Toronto, Morang 1904 --specifies Short stories. Includes a poem before each short story. [true except some stories published as Part I and Part II]
HDL 000591788 Tauchnitz 1904; 352
HDL 000591784 Doubleday, Page 1904-10; vi 363 --4 copies including 2nd of 2 from Harvard U with original front cover; ends p363 simply --NEED ADD THIS EDITION t.p. verso, Contents
1904 Macmillan
2006 Project Gutenberg Ebook #9790 --q

Scribner's Magazine, 36.2, unillustrated, as the opening story, pp. 129-39 (frontispiece not included in pagination)

[1] NY Observer 1904-07-28 p116 "Book Chat" ;

August Scribner's Magazine, the 15th annual Fiction Number.

[2] SF Chronicle 1904-10-23 p8, "Some Strong New Novels" by George Fitch, review Traffics and Discoveries --simultaneously Doubleday, Page and Vol. XXII in Scribner's Outward Bound subscription edition

"They" 'describes the beautiful country residence of a blind woman who yearns so greatly for children that it is given to her to furnish a home for the spirits of little ones who have died. ... Into this mystical abode Kipling penetrates one day in his automobile."

The Outlook "Books of the Week" (details reserved for later coverage) -10-29 p536 vXXII, illus F. C. Yohn, 51/2x81/2 438p $2, net per vol.; -11-05 Doubleday, Page 5x81/4 363p $1.50
The Critic Nov 1904 p472 "The Same Old Kipling" --review by J.B.G. ... The Army of a Dream, a fable "Mr. Kipling rides his hobby of a citizen soldiery embracing potentially the entire male population of the British Islands."

They 1904 novelette T21309

1905 Macm --nidb 80 22cm "Printed ..." HDL 006678362 (2)
1906 Doub --nidb 80 22cm "Printed on one side of leaf only." HDL(2)
1909 --nidb 80 [15] 22cm "Printed ..." HDL 000591808 (2)

Brushwood 1895 novelette T21308 --also HDL 1899 101711969 1905 100115745

LOH. 1907 Macm 91 [12] 22cm; HDL 007708004
H.c 1907 Doub 73 [12] 22cm - HDL(2)


LO. 1925 Macm 160 [27] 21cm
nidb 1926 Doub vi 60 73 [27] 22cm

They 1905

HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of two copies with original cover. Only one, linked here, contains sharp images of the text; a superior copy except some colour images of the plates.

Printed on one side only, except half-title leaf. The verso is blank, after the half-title (Macmillan logo) and frontispiece leaves. -- Cover title: no quotation marks -- leaf [i] only is printed on both sides, half-title (single q-marks) and logo -- [iii], <a href="">title page</a>, single q-marks -- iv-v, "Illustrations", lists 15 (frontispiece and 14 plates included in the pagination) -- vi, "The Return of the Children" (poem) -- narrative, p7-80, spans 74 leaves (14 plates, 60 text); p80 closes "Printed by Bemrose & Sons Ltd., Derby and London."

-- [iv]-verso: Kipling copyrights and publication date paste-down cover illustration matches that of page 13

[v-vi], "List of Illustrations", lists 15 (frontispiece and 14 plates included in the pagination)

"Printed on one side of leaf only." (except half-title leaf, with publisher logo) "Printed on one side of leaf only." (except title leaf, with copyrights and publication date)

leaves 7-79 are identical to the 1905 UK edition, apparently The first six leaves differ. Indeed, the boxed list "Books By Rudyard Kipling" as second leaf replaces the poem that precedes the story in the UK ed., "The Return of the Children". HDL copies of the US ed. show guard sheets for all of the plates

The book title is fashioned with single quotation marks throughout: front cover, half-title and title pages, running header.

The UK and US evidently differ only in the front cover, first six leaves, and last leaf (printer statement). HDL digital copies of the US ed. alone contain images of guard sheets for all the plates.

0 --many
01 994924
02 994956 754573
012 78266 97925 1000846
1 1880372
10 1880345
210 21309 1000842


"They" (August 1904 Scribner's Magazine; 1905 chap) is a ghost story.
"Thy Servant a Dog": Told by Boots (coll of linked stories 1930 chap; exp vt "Thy Servant a Dog" and Other Dog Stories 1933) contains three animal fantasies of almost perverse – but quite astonishingly eloquent – intensity.
The Pleasure Cruise (11 November 1933 Morning Post; 1933 chap), a short fantasy play based on Lucian's Conversations in the Underworld, predicts the advent of World War Two if Germany is not resisted.
Later tales include [list of 6]
"Wireless" (August 1902 Scribner's Magazine; in Traffics and Discoveries, coll 1904), in which amateur-radio experiments make Communication across Time possible, linking a chemist's-shop assistant and John Keats via a kind of Telepathy;
"The Army of a Dream" (15-18 June 1904 Morning Post; in Traffics and Discoveries, coll 1904), a Utopian vision of Near-Future militarized England in which – prefiguring the society of Robert A Heinlein's Starship Troopers (October-November 1959 F&SF as "Starship Soldier"; 1959) – voting rights and other social privileges must be earned by volunteer service; --q
"The House Surgeon" (September-October 1909 Harper's Monthly), in Actions and Reactions (coll 1909), which explains a ghost in terms of Psi Powers;
"In the Same Boat" (December 1911 Harper's Monthly), in A Diversity of Creatures (coll 1917), suggests a prenatal cause for bouts of irrational dread, not unlike the "engrams" of Scientology;
"The Eye of Allah" (September 1926 Strand), in Debits and Credits, implies the Alternate History that is almost generated when a microscope falls into the hands of medieval English churchmen, revealing a world of "demon" animalculae and bacteria;
and "Unprofessional" (October 1930 Saturday Review of Literature), assembled in Limits and Renewals (coll 1932), suggests that planetary "tides" may affect human tissue.


els  Gertrude Atherton 6438 (103) 

What Dreams May Come: A Romance T2458130

LOH..i 1888us --AUGMENT
BH.. 1889uk London: Routledge (no cover) front, t.p. photo portrait, as by Gertrude Franklin Atherton; p[7]-192; p192 footer "Bradbury, Agnew, & Co., Printers, Whitefriars." closes with printer statement (no back pages) --AUGMENT
---- 2004 Gutenberg Ebook #12833 --no subtitle, as by Frank Lin

The White Morning T2458129

H.. 1918ca "Toronto : McClelland, Goodchild & Stewart, c1918" (from 1999 microfiche copy) -- list "By Mrs. Atherton", t.p. undated, c1918, Made in USA, p1-195 (no back pages, nor cover, in the HDL copy of CIHM microfiche) --q

printed pages identical to Frederick A. Stokes except title leaf, which shares layout and pictorial emblem (Stokes?)

LOH..i 1918us Stokes --HDL: 4 copies of the same ed./printing evidently (all with original cover, one lacks frontispiece guardsheet) --AUGMENT
U California with cover, "By Gertrude Atherton", frontispiece, t.p. udated c1918, p1-195, no back pages [due dates from 1921-07-16]
Harvard U with guardsheet, otherwise identical? [acq. 1919-08-01 "Substitued for a copy lost"]
NYPL with guardsheet [acquisition stamp 1918; due dates from 1918-03-11]
U Wisconsin with guardsheet inscribed "May 2nd 1917"
---- 2004 Gutenberg Ebook #13496 --with frontispiece image

Black Oxen T20379 Fo[3](40) --NEED SFE3 "In Black Oxen (1923), a novel whose sexual implications caused a scandal, women (only) are rejuvenated by X-rays directed to the gonads (see Rejuvenation)." --SFE3, biographical entry by John Clute

[4] Chi. Tribune 1924-05-31 p9 Fanny Butcher, "... Tells How She Conceived Plot"
1923 Boni & Liveright : HDL(2) front covers 4th all black; 6th all black except lower right publisher logo
1st? 1st ed., ?? printing o[1068340]
User talk:Don Erikson‎#Black Oxen inconsistent 1st-6th printing dates
c1923 A. L. Burt : HDL(2) copies nearly identical (title leaf, text p1-346, no back pages) UW lacks list of Atherton works (half-title verso) and frontispiece; UW front cover shows little or no trace of gold
Phi. Inq. 1923-01-19 p9 --advert at 75c by retailer Gimbel Brothers
Toronto Star -02-24 p15 --advert at 75c by retailer Simpson's

DFP 1923-08-12 p68 casting news re "Frank Lloyd's first production for First National" DFP 1923-09-16 p58 Frank Lloyd Starts His First Independent Film "Six weeks of preparation completed, Frank Lloyd's own independent producing company has begun work on its first photoplay, Gertrude Atherton's best seller "Black Oxen". LCJ -11-04 p25 "Frank Lloyd has completed his "Black Oxen" for First National."

SLPD -12-29 p5 "Starting Today"; "The Big New Year's Picture ... The 1st of the 4 Great First National Hits for January"

..i 1923 Burt 2nd, PV Don Erikson
BOm£ 1923uk John Murray --DESCRIBE ABEbooks
UK reviews: Manchester Guardian -03-16 p7, by A. N. M.
The Scotsman -03-22 p2
Irish Times -03-29 p3
---- 2008 PG Ebook #25542 --from the Photoplay Edition, with 4 photos from the 1923 film
BOdC$i 2012ca Broadview Press
Melanie V. Dawson --nidb --faculty advisor, 2017 William and Mary thesis o[5]

Boni at ABEbooks

Limited #198 in slipcase multi images
1st printing w jacket
unstated printing w jacket
as Reprint [6]
7th printing multi images --April 1923; 1st to 6th printings same as stated in 6th
3rd ed. printed Feb 1923 [7] --month as stated in 4/6/7th printings

Murray at ABEbooks

1923 red "Boots library rebind" [8]
1924 blue [9]


Amazon US Reprint edition, red cover
L. W. Currey, [1924] blue cover

at ABEbooks

unstated printing, red cover [10] [11] [12] [13]
unstated printing, blue cover [14]

Dido T1934965

LO.$i 1929us
BLOd£ 1929uk
dnf Gutenberg

The jealous gods; a processional novel of the fifth century, B. C. (concerning one Alcibiades) ; New York, H. Liveright, 1928 HDL, no view

dnf Gutenberg

Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol 77 no 1 (June) frontispiece portrait Craik


Dozens of ISFDB publication records report US$ prices, as published by Longmans, Green and Co. rather than (only 6 publications) Longmans, Green and Co. (US). Only two are primary verified thus: 1903 P668970 PV Zapp and 1934 P284355 PV Rtrace.

cf. Macmillan, prior to "The Macmillan Company"

Charles H. Kerr (publisher) => & Company
Legal Revolution (Library of Progress) Amazon AE Amazon AE
Google Books year 2000 as pseud.
The Legal Revolution of 1902 Fo[15](13 as Wellman, Child) ; o[16] 1971 Child
  • Publication: The Journal of Education, v48 n16 (1200) (18981027): 274 --review reported at WorldCat
HDL U California = Liberty #26; with specimen pages only of #27, p3-34 (after pp [171]-72, [173]-74 --MISCATALOGUE --see also WorldCat o[17] #26-HDL

-- Copyright 1897 William Stanley Child -- 5-334

HDL Harvard paper cover (image 7) 50c MAY 1898 ; back cover image 344 --rebound by Harvard
HDL NYPL, same, no cover
1971 [c1897], as by William Stanley Child

search "Bert J. Wellman"

Library of Progress --needs redo DATE, PRICE, FORMAT

#36 LOC; HDL-U Chicago

 lw .Frances B. Comstock 297267 (0)[13]
 o[19] Puss in Boots, Frank H. Sweet, ilus Frances
 o[20] Girls Big Wonder Book, illus Frances & others
 lw .Enos B. Comstock 188384 (8)[many]
illus. by Comstocks separately: 
 1937? Alice + Fairy Tales o[21]; 
 1910? Tanglewood Tales o[22]
o[52237729] o[23] 1913, 1915 Fairy Frolics, poems by Enos, illus Frances
 lw .Edmund Frederick 143407 (18) --VH (She and Allan, US serial)
   The Tracer of Lost Persons (1906), Chambers PG #13180 -HDL Appleton, June, 293 [6] o[577209]
   The Green Mouse (1910), Chambers PG #10441
   The Haunted Pajamas (1911), Elliott PG #33780
   The Gay Rebellion (1913), Chambers PG #28244
   Quick Action (1914), Chambers PG #37528
 PG #43702 is one more Chambers novel, The Adventures of a Modest Man

elsf H. Rider Haggard 138 (294)

Series novels this page, below the double line

  • Maiwa's Revenge (1888, AQ #5)
  • She and Allan (1921, AQ #10)
  • King Solomon's Mines (1885, AQ #15)

Other Haggard works covered below the double line

  • Black Heart
  • The Wizard
  • Elissa

She (1886) [24] Fo[25](336)

The Annotated She --nidb

Norman Etherington; Indiana UP c1991; x.iii,241; ISBN-0253320720
o[26] Bloomington : Indiana University Press, (c)1991

She c1976 Hart, 32 illus Greiffenhagen and Kerr xiii 332

Cowles illus. 1933?
WorldCat reports no English-language as year 1930 to 1933; almost none 1930s/40s

Benita (1906) T889944 --One secondary work uses the purported 1st US ed.:

The Spirit of Bambatse: A Romance (The Works of H. Rider Haggard; New York: McKinlay, 1906)

The Ghost Kings (1908) T1114810 Fo[27](47) sometimes published in the US as The Lady of the Heavens --NEED title Notes

The Lady of the Heavens Fo[28](5)
1908(?) ANA --check newspapers
1908 Frank F. Lovell o[29] viii 342 20cm HDL as :: o[30] 1992 Microfilm copy as (c)1908
[1908?] Serial in advance of book publication o[31] [8] unnumbered pages : portrait ; 28 cm

("lady of the heavens") 1908/09 (10, earliest 1909-04-26) hits for LOVELL ed only

Cin -04-26 p7 "List of Publications" $1.50 Frank F. Lovell
Hart -04-28 p8 "New Books Published" " "
Cin -05-03 p7 "Among the New Books" --review
SLPD -05-08 p5 "Reviews of New Books" --review
Nash -05-16 p26 "Latest News [...] Books" --review

Visual Haggard

The African Review

and Haggard

The Bookman Feb 1896 p144 "Mr. W. C. Scully [... of Kaffir Stories] has written a new series of stories of Kaffir life. These have been purchased by Mr. Rider Haggard for serial use in the African Review."
Magazine of Music Mar 1896 p179, "Authors and their Works: Guy Boothby" --Boothby, sometimes "The Australian Kipling" ... "has written recently a serial for Mr. Rider Haggard's African Review, under the euphemistic title of The Beautiful White Devil."
NYT 1896-02-11 p4 "Personals" --Haggard may visit Africa (again). "As one of the proprietors of The African Review ..."

The Wizard

The Speaker 1896-06-13 p625 Literature, etc. "Messrs. Arrowsmith announce that their Christmas Annual will be Mr. Rider Haggard's The Wizard, a story now running in the African Review, and of which the keynote is that the Christian faith still works literal physical miracles."
[32] The Academy 1258 1896-06-13 p487 "Notes and News" --"after running serially in the African Review", UK/Arrowsmith and US/Longmans books

HDL African Review [33]

New Title: African world and Cape Cairo express
Previous Title: South African star
41 v. illus. 34 cm. (~

1901 = v26-29 implies at 4 annual volumes 1894:4 to 1904:4

LC The African Review 1893-1897

Vol. 1, no. 33 (July 8, 1893)-v. 11, no. 236 (May 29, 1897).
Continues : African review of mining, finance and commerce (DLC)sn 98032414 (OCoLC)39120743 : monthly Nov 1892, then weekly
Continued by : African review, with which is incorporated, The South African star (DLC)sn 98032416 (OCoLC)39128960 : vols 11-41, weekly to 1904-12-31

Black Heart and Other Stories

1896 Sundays

1895 Dec 1 8 15 22 29 = weeks 48-52
January 5 12 19 26 = weeks 1-4
July 5 12 19 26 = weeks 27-30
August 2 9 16 23 30
September 6 13 20 27
October 4 11 18 25
November 1 8 15 22 29
December 6 13 20 27 = weeks 49-52
1897 Jan 3 10 17 24 31
1897 Feb 7 14 21 28 = weeks 6-9

Sat 0725-1024 (14) Sun 0802-1018 (12) Sat 0815-1024 (11)

BH and WH "In January 1896 The African Review serialized BHWH with illustrations by Charles Kerr for the New Year edition."
Wizard EN, The African Review 1896-07-04 to -11-07 (19 Saturdays #27-#45)
Elissa, The Long Bow 1898-02-02[? 1st issue] to -06-08, illus. F. H. Townsend


  • The Wizard (Bristol, England: J W Arrowsmith, 1896) [first appeared 27 July-24 October 1896 African Review: in the publisher's Arrowsmith's Bristol Library series: hb/]
  • Elissa, the Doom of Zimbabwe; Black Heart & White Heart, a Zulu Idyll (New York: Longmans, Green, and Co, 1900) [coll: hb/]
    • Black Heart and White Heart; And, Elissa (Leipzig, Germany: Bernard Tauchnitz, 1900) [coll: vt of the above: hb/]
    • Black Heart and White Heart and Other Stories (London: Longmans, Green, and Co, 1900) [coll: rev vt of the above: hb/Charles H M Kerr]
    • Elissa; Or The Doom of Zimbabwe (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1917) [cut vt of the above: original title story only: hb/]


Black Heart and White Heart[: A Zulu Idyll] (1896) T93707 --illus Kerr

1896 serial --NEEDs
BOH.£ic 1900 BHWH..., UK --"cover" spurious?
.£ 1903
O.$i 1900 E and B, US --CHECK newspapers
BOH.ℳ 1900 B and E, Tauchnitz --unillus
. 1907 W and B, Newnes --ill?
.£ 1924 B and W, Hodder & S --ill?
2006 PG #2842

Elissa: or, The Doom of Zimbabwe (1898) T889740 --illus Townsend

1898 serial
^^ 1900 BHWH..., UK
^^ 1903
^^ 1900 E and B, US
^^ 1900 B and E, Tauchnitz
---- 1916 Tauchnitz Pocket #52
BO.£ 1917 Hodder & Stoughton, Sevenpenny, unillus
2006 PG #2855

The Wizard (1896) T889739 --illus Kerr

1896 serial --NEEDs
--nidb 1896 Arrowsmith annual --NEED add
O.i 1896 Longmans --5 plates
^^ 1900 *BHWH..., UK
^^ 1903
^^ 1907 *W and B, Newnes
^^ 1924 *B and W, Hodder & S
2006 PG #2893

WorldCat - Black Heart

B and Other Stories Fo[34](15)
1900 Longmans 1st ed. o[35], o[36] xii 414 33, o[37]
1900 Copp Clark o[38] --"illustrations", so later clone as Longmans' Colonial Library
19xx Newnes -HDL o[39]
B and The Wizard o[40](3) --meagre as 1923 o[41], 1924 o[42]
B and Elissa Fo[43](8)
Elissa and Black Heart Fo[44](10)
B alone
Tauchnitz Pocket Library #52 o[45]

Black Heart

  • African Review, January 1896
The Academy #1233 1895-12-21 p544, "The Forthcoming Magazines", "Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Tru"bner & Co. will publish in a few days the New Year's number" of the AR, containing BH and WH illus Kerr
  • US newspapers 1896-01-05, 12, 19, 26 (Sunday issues, at least Atl, Nashville, SF 5c)
Atl Constitution, Nashville Tennesseean (subtitle, H., illus illegible "1895 Dan Beard")
SF Chronicle (no subtitle, by Rider Haggard, illus. "Newberry")
Phi Inq (Idyl, H., illus "1895 Dan Beard")
Phi Inq 1896-01-11 p2 (Saturday morning) "Limited to Sunday Inquirer Readers ... only those who read the next Sunday Inquirer" ... BH and WH
[46] Phi Inquirer 1896-04-19 p37 (Sunday morning) "Philadelphia's Greatest literary production is The Sunday Inquirer Magazine" A serial story by the great English Novelist, A. Conan Doyle, is now running ..." "The following are some of the Romances, Sketches, and Stories by Distinguished Authors during the year 1895: ... by H. Rider Haggard--Black Heart and White Heart: A Zulu Idyl."

Australia newspaper search (wizard)

The African Review (?) --CHECK
The Argus, begins Sat 1896-07-11 p11 TROVE Ch 1,II "... Of all Owen's trials this was the sharpest. Of all his sacrifices this was the most complete."
to 09-26 p11 (12) ~57000 words
Northern Star, Sat -10-10 to 1897-03-06 (22 weeks; Saturday except #12 Wednesday -12-23, #13 not found)

US newspapers

Phi Inq 1896-07-30 p4 Thu, in the Sunday Inquirer, 12 weeks from -08-02, "finely illustrated by Alfred Brennan"
-07-31 p11, "a new African story ... follows the oft-times weird and ever adventuresome exploits of one Rev. Thomas Owen, a minister of the Church of England, among the Children of Fire, a savage African tribe living under the magic spell of the Wizard Hokosa. To break the forces of this ill-omened spell and convert the savage Children of Fire, who had slain all previous "White Messengers" bent on the same mission, the Rev. Thomas Owen stakes his faith against the wizardry of Hokosa, and by the performance of untold miracles baffles the prophets of the savage wizard and brings into subjugation the entire tribe."
-09-06 p14 ch X, XI (with synopsis) --illustrations match Atl Const, not SF Chron
-10-04 p29 ch XVII,XVIII (with synopsis)
Atl Const -08-02 p24 The Wizard By H. Rider Haggard, Author of ...; illus. illegible
-10-18 p ch XXI,XXII
SF Chronicle 1896-07-25, The Sunday Chronicle, tomorrow concludes A. Conan Doyle "Rodney Stone"; next week opens Rider Haggard "The Wizard"
-08-02 p14 The Wizard. A Story of the Heart of the Dark Continent. By H. Rider Haggard.; illus. distinct from Atl Const
[47] The Book Buyer 1896-10-01 p563 --$1.25 NY: Longmans, Green [October 15 ; 19 full-page illus by Charles Kerr

The Gazette [daily] Montreal -08-08 p12 Sat, "Next Week, a great new story, entitled The Wizard! by Rider Haggard, Will Commence in The Weekly Gazette" [that is ?Thu 1896-08-13]
-09-12 p12 Sat! ch VIII,IX,X unillustrated
-10-10 p12 Sat ch XVII,XVIII,XIX unillus
-10-24 p12 Sat ch XXII
[48] The Academy 1276 1896-10-17 p272 "The Wizard: being Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual, will be ready October 26th." 1/- ; footer) Bristol: J. W. Arrowmith. // London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., Ltd., // And Railway Bookstalls.

BL The Wizard

[1896] BL 001561787 "In : Arrowsmith (J. W.) Arrowsmith's Bristol Library. vol. 72. 1884, etc. 8º. ; 208
1897[1914?] BL 011908899 Tauchnitz "With a publisher's list for Feb. 1914 and a catalogue of May 1, 1914 ; 264
[1908] BL 001561531 Newnes, The Wizard, and Black Heart & White Heart ; 158 --dnf newspapers
1940 BL 001561788 Dent "Illustrated by Newton Whittaker ; 248

BL Black Heart

1900 BL 001561572 London: Longmans ; xii,414
1900 BL 011909052 Tauchnitz #3440 --omni Elissa ; 277
[1908] Newnes --omni The Wizard, above

BL Elissa

1900 Tauchnitz #3440 --omni Black Heart, above
1917 BL 001561598 ; viii,244 --q
[1908] Maiwa's Revenge and E BL 001561530 ; Newnes sixpenny ; 140
[1921] Newnes Copyright #152 BL 001561532 ; 140
[1928] Newnes BL 001561533 ; 128

LC (2 only)

1900 E and B o[2561849]
1896 Wizard o[1748658]

Black Heart and White Heart and Other Stories

1900 Longmans [49] xii,414,[33] (3) -- crucial images frontispiece, fp34, fp51
[ca.1900] Newnes [50] 160

Black Heart and White Heart and Elissa "Advertisements: p. 1, 4, 8, 10, 159-160 and paper wrappers."

--MISCATALOGUE, really Longmans 1900 with probably original cover, Aberdeen University Press", no back pages
1900 Tauchnitz [51] 277

Elissa : the doom of Zimbabwe ; Black Heart and White Heart : a Zulu idyll.

1900 NY: Longmans [52] x,246,105 (1) -- (original cover, no frontispiece) crucial images fp55 fp82; p[109-28] 20pp adverts inclg advert The Wizardp[122] (images 407-09 Haggard)
1900 NY: Longmans [53](1) 13 plates --preservation facsimile, not recommended
c1900 NY: McKinlay ... [54] viii,246,105 --frontispiece by Townsend (Elissa), no other illus

The Wizard

1896 Bristol: Arrowsmith [55] 248 (2) --2 copies of one book w cover, no illus
1896 Longmans [56] -- original cover, 19 illus signed C.K.; p[295-310] 16pp adverts inclg (images 356-60 Haggard)

Maiwa's Revenge

el  .Thure de Thulstrup 298159 (40) 
els  George Croly 178433 (46) 

The Wandering Jew T1963857

1833 Appleton --Internet Archive
LO. 1901 Funk & Wagnalls, illus Thulstrup --Gutenberg source, HDL --NEED HDL

HDL provides full view of two copies with original cover (with one copy of the 2-volume format): -- title page; t.p. verso May 1901 --Publisher's Note, p.iii-iv, states "first published in 1827"; names illustrator "Mr. de Thulstrup" (no date) -- v-viii Introductory Letter // From General Lewis Wallace ; 1900-09-01 -- ix- Introduction ; I. K. F. // New York, April 15, 1901. -- xxxi-ii Author's Preface (no date) -- xxxiii-iv Table of Contents -- xxxv List of Illustrations, lists 17 (frontispiece plus 16 plates not included in the pagination) -- p[1], "Book I" title, illustrated ; p3-534 inclg [171], "Book II" title captions and page references are printed on guard sheets 20 illustrations evidently includes title pages (publication, Book I, Book II) -- [535], Appendix (five, unnumbered) -- 537, Annotations ; 551 570 574 582 -- -88 (no back pages)

---- 2018 Project Gutenberg Ebook #56750 illus Thulstrup --NEED ADD

Maiwa's Revenge T90 Fo[57](41) --NEED interiorart note

1888 serial
LOd$ 1888 Harper's tp, illus Thulstrup, 157
---- 1888 Mudie [nidb], Lovell, Seacoast Pocket --multiple pirate eds.?
Bd£i 1888(subt) Longmans UK hc (two, 2/- and 2/6) --NEED HDL (one copy of the Longmans UK ed., unknown format, viewed at HathiTrust)
---- 1888 Longmans US hc, tp (US 75c, 25c)
---- 1891, illus Kerr --NEED ADD --HDL
.$ 1920 hc, as illus Greiffenhagen
.£ 1923 hc, as unillus
d. 2006(subt) Project Gutenberg Ebook #2713 --NEED PRICE, further research on source (Preface: "plagiarized.") --1888 Longmans hc contains (quote) 'plagiarized.'

("maiwa's revenge") 1888 (143, from June)


Nashville -06-15 p2 "Literary"; "While abounding in strong situations, it has no recourse to the supernatural to pull the heroes through."
[58] Hartford Courant -07-31 p2 "Literary Notices" --Harper and Longmans each publish in paper cover, $0.25; "It is as full of life as of death; Quatermain lives while savages, elephants and everything else that crosses his path doesn't. It is capitally told."
Am Bk -08-01
p104 "List of Late Books Published by John W. Lovell Company", 1200. 20c (Lovell's Library, expected to be unillustrated and the one advertised for 10c by a Hartford retailer)
p84 Additions, Seaside Pocket 1105 10
p83 "Latest Publications", two listings (one Harper's, ill 25c; two Longman's, 75c 25c) [59]
[60] Was. Post 1888-08-02[everal to -14] p7, "Brentano's" illus, 25c --Brentano's takes over the Washington business ...


Ath #3169 -07-21 p88 "Now Ready" 1/- Harper's August "Containing Part II. of a Novelette in Two Parts, by H. Rider Haggard"
Ath 3170 -07-28 p117 Longman's List "Crown 8vo. 2s. boards ; 2s. 6d. cloth. [Next week."
Ath 3172 -08-11 p179 "Maiwa's Revenge ; or, the war of the little hand. "New Book"

sometimes advertised as (one line): Maiwa's Revenge: A Novelette in Two Parts.

[61] Time (London) Aug 1888 p13-16; "Mudie's Select Library. Recent Popular Novels, complete in One Volume." --this is one of scores in a 4-page list, by title (no price/s)
footer "Mudie's Select Library // (Limited) // 30 to 34, New Oxford Street, W.C., // 241, Brompton Road, S.W., and 2, King Street, E.C."

("maiwa's revenge") 1920--1923 (6: 0 2 0 4)

1921 Bookman 59.354, March, "News Notes" capsule notice p211 of new book She and Allan (no price)
The Field #3663 1923-03-08 "Books Received", New ed. London: Longmans 5/ and 3/6
Ath #4846 1923-03-17 --now one part of The Nation and The Athenaeum, this date-- p927 "Messrs. Longmans' List": Longmans' Pocket Library. "photogravure portrait of the author by Greiffenhagen"; "Fcap. 8vo. Cloth 3s. 6d. net. Leather 5s. net."


1888 London: Longmans 216 one copy without original cover

-- By the same Author. (lists 7) --1st printed leaf -- t.p. t.p. verso same as 1891 -- -216 -- p[1]-16 June 1888 General Lists of Work published by Messrs. Longmans, Green & Co. london and new york. (UK prices) (Fiction p10-11)

1891 London: Longmans 115 --HDL one copy without original cover

-- t.p. -- t.p. verso "Richard Clay & Sons, Limited, London & Bungay." (same as p[116] -- Preface 'plagiarized.' -- Contents -- List of Illustrations, lists 8 (frontispiece plus 7 plates not included in the pagination) That is the 6th leaf (exclg endpaper, guardsheet) -- p[1]-115 (no back pages)

LC (4)

1888 Harper, illus [Thulstrup]
[1888] J. W. Lovell, 130 30
1923 Longman, vii 152 unillus [indb as 216]
[1965] MacDonald, illus Cowles 123 o[1914054] GB65-9484


1888 Longmans London --q
1891 Longmans London BL 014812472 216p (no illus?)

She and Allan

WorldCat #31-40 reports no English-language 1930s/40s/50s [62]

She and Allan 1921 T87 Fo[63](87) --no Synopsis --NOTE ALSO NASHVILLE SERIAL

1919/1920 serials, illus Greiffenhagen  ; illus Frederick
O.£i 1921 Hutchinson + o[64]
LO.$ic 1921 Longmans
O..i 1921 McClelland & Stewart
O.£c 1960 Macdonald, illus Cowles --unlikely 1933 cover/interior art
O.£ Arrow Books
m$ic 2001 Wildside, cover Comstock
d$ 2006 Gutenberg Ebook #5745 --PV DES --no title page data, no images, no back pages

draft material for consultation with Rtrace

Illustrators J. Matthew and G. Whittam, and editor M. Erwin are now in the database only as contributors to 4 Macdonald editions of H. Rider Haggard novels (Macdonald Illustrated Edition, new publication series when the queue is cleared). Their 4 publication records identify no source except Tuck--each as your Secondary Verification, with many other sources tagged N/A.

I infer that Tuck sometimes, if not routinely, identifies contributors by first initial where the book uses a full name. Indeed, Library of Congress identifies illustrator Jack Matthew by full name (ie, assigns him LCCN: no2014103502), citing the title page of this book, although it doesn't catalogue the book.

From library records and (Illustrators [65], [66]) I think I know the illustrators to be Jack Matthew and Geoffrey Whittam, credited by full name in those books.

We do have publication records for this series, no source stated except your SV from Tuck, with full name illustrators, e.g. Eric Brighteyes P323042. Does Tuck use full names there? Or have you expanded the names without comment?

In general I would like to know about Tuck as a source whether credits by first initial, and page counts without a roman numeral component, should be reported in a publication note. --or should be corrected without comment when another seconddary source is found, as for page counts from Amazon.

British Library records for these three volumes, Macdonald Illustrated Edition, credit the illustrator by full name--and does so in the "Title" field, which implies the title page as its source.

1949 Eric Brighteyes --BL 001561605 ; VH novel 20 (w cover 1963 4th)
1951 The People of the Mist --BL 001561729 ; VH novel 26 (w cover 1951 1st)
1953 Queen Sheba's Ring --BL 001561738 ; VH novel 10 (w cover 1958 2nd)
1953 The World's Desire --BL 001561796 ; VH novel 11 (w cover 1953 1st)

"M. Erwin" must be Malcolm Elwin, general editor of Macdonald Illustrated Classics, a publication series from 1948 (BL 001063931) --same year as the Macdonald Illustrated Edition of H. Rider Haggard novels, and same year as the She volume in that series.

Introduction and Notes

recommend as Contents entry from secondary source, perhaps upon someday examination of the book (or images thereof, or secondary report of its layout) to be replaced by multiple essays with page numbers, or by Introduction and Annotations


recommend as Contents entry without page number, comparable to the typical single INTERIORART entry, to represent notes that are not segregated in a separate span of pages (and may not be a Table of Contents entry)

Eric Brighteyes

VH: "EB’s publication corresponds with the US International Copyright Act of 1891. This act extended American copyright protection in a limited capacity to foreign authors of select nations including Great Britain. For this reason, EB is the last Haggard novel with rampant pirated American copies."

BL (adequate records only)

1891 Longmans xiv 319 ; BL 001561599 014812461 --do all Rtrace sources give page count 319, no roman numeral pages?
1893 3rd xiv 319 ; BL 001561600 014812462
1895 [1896] 4th xiv 317 ; BL 001561601
[1891?] Bryce BL 008607382
[1908] Newnes Sixpenny 186 ; BL 001561602
[1913] H&S Sevenpenny 324 ; BL 001561603
1914 Longmans xv 205 (abridged, ed J. Malins, M.A.) ; BL 001561606
1925 Harrap 319 ; BL 001561604
1949 Macdonald 304 ; BL 001561605 --q


1891 Harper -LOC iv 319, unillus
[1891] USBC xiv 321 front, illus --authorized, illus Speed, w Introduction; Lovell's International #163 o[67]
[1891, 1963] Macdonald 304 o[68]
1980 [c1974] Borgo xiv 319 [17] --repr 1974 Newcastle


1891 Longmans xiv 319 t.p.
1895 4th xiv 317
1891 Leipzig, Heinemann and Balestier 2-vol
[1891?] Bryce
[c1891] National Book, Authorized [(c)USBC] t.p.
1915 Longmans xiv 317 [17]
 lw .Jack Matthew 192070 (0)[many] --J. mustbe illustrator
 lw .Geoffrey Whittam [69] (6)[many] --G. mustbe illustrator
.Vincent Aderente VH #63
Malcolm Elwin, ed. [not M. Erwin] (34) 
 == general ed., Macdonald Illustrated Classics
 l  .Hookway Cowles 132477 (0)[many] --newspapers, below
The Glittering Serpent --WorldCat library record OCLC o[70] reports an edition as "News of the World" ..., 230 pp
Famous Fairy Stories picture book 1954 o[71]; [1969] o[72], o[73] ISBN-0854080236

Macdonald Illustrated Editions 1950s/60s
Amazon UK --Haggard novels only, all 2019-09-06
  • -- 1954 She (no cover) = [1948] BL 001561758 VH 1950 3rd
o[74] 1913 H&S Sevenpenny Library
1948? and 1969 --multiple OCLC annotated below

ISFDB Cowles (13) ; Amazon (10, 7 w jacket) ; BL (15) ; VH (16) == among 19, or 1 above, 18 below

  • 48i 1965 Montezuma's Daughter * ----BL---- VH 1965 6th
  • 49i 1951\56 Allan Quatermain * = 1949 BL 001561548 VH 1951 2nd
  • 49i ---- Eric Brighteyes ----BL---- VH 1963 4th
  • 49i 1963 Nada, the Lily * = 1949 BL 001561718 VH 1958 4th
  • 51i 1951 Allan's Wife * ----BL---- ----VH----
BL 001561534 reports no illustrations; as 240p, title: Allan's Wife. With Hunter Quatermain's Story, a Tale of Three Lions and Long Odds.
  • -- 1952\55 The Brethren * = 1952 BL 001561576 VH 1963 3rd
  • 52i 1958 Child of Storm * = 1952 BNB GB5216321; BL 007655632 VH 1958 2nd
  • 54i ---- Allan and the Holy Flower = 1954 BL 001561536 VH jacket
  • 54i ---- Heart of the World = 1954 BL 001561621 VH 1965 2nd
  • 56i ---- Ayesha: The Return of She = 1956 BL below ----VH---- o[75]
  • 56i ---- King Solomon's Mines = 1956 BL below VH 1964 3rd
  • 58i 1958 Cleopatra * = 1958 BL 001561584 VH jacket
  • 58i ---- The Ivory Child = 1958 BL 001561628 VH jacket
  • -- ---- Marie = 1959 BL 001561571 ----VH----
  • 33ic 1960 She and Allan (no cover) ----BL---- VH jacket o[76] o[77] --q --NEED VH
Arrow 1960 o[559529538] o[753097396] #587, 1961 o[30257223] --q
o[78] conflates Macdonald and Newcastle? --as ISBN-0878771050 which is 1975 Newcastle o[79]
16 vols listed above 2019-09-06 ; The Guardian reports 19 volumes now published (some with other illustrators?) ====
  • -- ---- Finished = 1962 BL 001561612 VH jacket
  • -- 1965 Benita (no cover) = 1965 BL 001561571 [VH jacket
  • -- 1965 Maiwa's Revenge * = 1965 BL 001561685 VH jacket
first column, title year in database (-- = dnf)
second column, year at Amazon UK (---- = dnf)

ISFDB: Haggard from Macdonald with other illustrators

  • 1949 Eric Brighteyes, as illus Lancelot Speed and Hookway Cowles P323042
  • 1951 The People of the Mist J. Matthew
WorldCat reports 2nd 1953, 3rd 1958, 4th 1966-03 o[80] Fo[81]
  • 1953 Queen Sheba's Ring
  • 1953 The World's Desire (Haggard and Lang) G. Whittam --does Tuck use first initial only?

BL "macdonald illustrated edition" (5)

1956, 1972 King Solomon's Mines \ Cowles --BL 001561652 001561657
1956, 1972 Ayesha \ Cowles --BL 001561562 001561563
1953 The World's Desire \ Geoffrey Whittam BL 001561796

She, illus Cowles P325014 --AS INTRODUCTIONS Cowles and "M. Erwin"

OCLC as 1969

2002288 series MIE, xxx 320 (7), Elwin Cowles
254899775 ISBN-0356012611, xxx 320, Elwin
632714962 series MIE, 9 impr, xxx 320, Elwin Cowles
487680646 xxviii 320; intro and illus. by Elwin (meagre)

OCLC as 1948

7245309 series MIE, ISBN-0356012611, 320 (7), Elwin Cowles

OCLC as [1948] == BL 01561758

774623810 320, Elwin (meagre)
  • Macdonald Illustrated Edition -- that is, of Haggard; not Macdonald Illustrated Classic(s) -- expected as bottom banner on front jacket
  • WorldCat (OCLC, below) reports "7 unnumbered leaves of plates" (as 1948 and ISBN 0356012611, a later ed./printing?).
  • Tuck may report a second Introduction by Cowles, rather than interior illustrations. Cowles is the expected cover artist.
  • WorldCat record OCLC Fiction Finder, certainly corrupt in other respects, reports "introduction by Malcolm Elwin". See also OCLC Fiction Finder on a 1969 reprint.

("hookway cowles" haggard) 1948--1972 (6)

Irish Times 1949-09-03 p4 Nada the Lily 8/6 = MIE #5 after Allan, She, Montez, Eric
"Books--Authors", NY Times 1950-10-28 p15, published today Macdonald Montez $2
The Sphere #2737 1952-07-26 p140, latest The Brethren
[82] The Guardian 1960-04-08 p16 --19 vols , the latest She and Allan; Marie = MIE #18\19 ; 10/6 each
The Sphere #3266 1963-01-05 p28/29, recent fiction Finished 12/6

("hookway cowles")

The Graphic, 1920s
credited illustrator, The Tatler and/or The Bystander, 1921 to 1930
credited illustrator, The Sphere, 1925 to 1940

BL (19 hits)

18 Macdonald, 1948 to 1965
1 children's picture book Haldon Books 1967 BL 009936247

("malcolm elwin") 1940--1969 (317)

"malcolm elwin" haggard) (20) (4 outside scholarly Journals, Theses) --nil

BL (53 hits); ("malcolm elwin" macdonald)(20 from 1947)

1948-- BL 001063931, Macdonald Illustrated Classics, ed. M. Elwin
[1969] Brave New World BL 004060822

("macdonald illustrated classics" OR "macdonald illustrated editions") 1940--1969 (72 ...[1948] 5 11 ; 17 4 2 13 0 ; 2 6 4 1 3 ; 1 0 0 0 0 ; 0 2 1 0 0)

Observer 1948-09-26 p3 --first two MIClassics 8/6 Pickwick; Westward
The Scotsman -09-30(same) -10-28 p7 --next two for November Sentimental J; Emma ; all "wrapped in cellulose-acetate jackets"
Irish Times -12-04 p9 --4 avail Christmas; 4 forthcoming (non-genre)


late 1950s hits: [1] long articles/lists, [2] citations, [3] Classics, not Editions\haggard (Moby Dick 12/6 advert 1956-11-30; [83] two Bronte: June 1955) [US Classics publisher Coward-McCann, $2]
1959 Bible in Spain
one 1960, Junior Libraries citation
two 1966, SLJ citations ; one 1967, thesis.


("she and allan") 1919--1921 (150, inclg 112 as Nashville Tennesseean

("she and allan" NOT nashville) 1919--1921 (38: 1, 1 [both spurious], 36)

[84] NY Times 1921-01-09 p56, as Just Published, "Sir" HRH, col front and wrapper $2.25


[85] Man Gua 1921-02-04 p4, H's "New Spring Fiction 8/6 net", this one as Ready February 17th
The Graphic listing "Some of the New Novels" -03-05 290; "What People are Reading" listing among 6 "new novels which are selling best in London just now" --another is Thuvia
Books Received: Scotsman -02-28 p2, Man Gua -03-01 p5


The Globe -05-31 p3, Toronto retailer The Simpson Bookshop $2.00
mentions Montreal -04-15 (retailer advert "The Newest Fiction"), North-China -06-18, India -06-22 (received)

HDL (3)

[1921] London, Hutchinson [1921]; 1st Eng. ed. in book form; xiii 303 23 8 plates; t.p. Maurice Greiffenhagen, A.R.A. no cover); v-vi Contents, vii Illus (1+7), viii-xii Note, [13]-303, Hutchinson's Spring 1921 list p[1-24]
c1921 New York : McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie, c1921 ; xiii 392 front; TITLE LEAF MISSING (no cover), vii-xiii Note by A.Q., [1]-392 (no back pages)
1921 New York : Longmans, Green, 1921; xiii 392; vii-xiii Note, [1]-392, +3 back pp Quatermain series[86]
Harvard [87] Works list, with Errata list (no cover?) --identical adverts p[393-95]: 9 Quatermain not inclg this one
NYPL [88] Works list, no Errata list (no cover)

frontispiece signed Enos B. Comstock


1920 NY: Longmans xiii 392
1921 NY: Longmans xiii 392
1975 Newcastle F-105 (repr 1924 Hutchinson 3rd ed.) 8 illus Greif; 303 [7] leaves
1980 c1975 Borgo (repr 1977 Newcastle #6) 8 illus Greif; 303 [6] leaves


[1921] Hutchinson BL 001561766 8 illus, 303
[ca 1925] Hutchinson, 5th BL 004057390 302
1960 Macdonald BL 001561768 288 (illus?)
1960 Arrow BL 001561767
1998 Pulp BL 009496229
2013 Hesperus BL 016252659

King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines T94 (Cassell eds., in no library, 5/-)

count month from 1885-01 ... advertisement, date of viewed newspaper
09 1st,2nd thousand (1885-09-30 first printing first issue per Currey)
11 4th thousand 1885-11-29
14 ?? Printer's errors corrected (1886-02 publication at HDL)
16 16th 1886-04-10
24 34th 1886-12-05
27 40th 1887-03-05
29 43rd 1887-05-07
31 48th 1887-07-09
35 53rd thousand (1887-11 publication newly illustrated) --q

The Academy #809 1887-11-05 p302 Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News -12-10 p331 "Reviews" ; KSM "Fifty-third thousand. With Illustrations by Walter Paget. ... a new interest imparted to the work by Mr. Paget's excellent pictures."

43 63rd 1888-07-14 "With Full-Page Original Illustrations by Walter Paget."
53 63rd 1889-05-11 ? (all three "63rd" listings confirmed 2019-07-27)
56 63rd 1889-08-10 ?

after 1889-08-10 Cassell's advertisements no longer appear in The Athenaeum (dnf 2019-07-27 by automated search)


February 1886. Printer's errors corrected. [v]-vi, [7]-320
1886 Tauchnitz, 288
1907 Cassell, People's Library Sep 1907, 2nd Nov 1907
1912 illus. A. C. Michael [89] xvii, 33[!]
1912 NY: Longmans [90] [vii]-ix, 274 p. illus.