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elsf George Macdonald 139 (364)

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The Supernatural Index at Google Books

see also ~/later gift books organized by illustrator (Kirk, Unwin, Willcox Smith)

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Robin McKinley, Katie Thayer Treherne

"Treherne's flamboyantly lavish pen-and-watercolors will surely attract readers, so there is probably a place for this edition in our impatient, visually-oriented world." --Kirkus
"dense enough to help a young reader stay with the long pages of text" --Veeder
"sumptuous in visual appeal ... But, my goodness, the drawings are at once spectacular and enchanting. Splurge! Buy both the visuals and the real George MacDonald. After all, the children's book market has always epitomized hedonistic consumerism and moral uplift." --Mitzi Myers, this one closing the entire column

Macdonald/MacLeod T1120339 (3 ess, 6 + 9 stories) ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard#The Gold Key and The Green Life

 lw  Elizabeth Sutherland, nonfic 251207 VIAF=64562753 (11)
realname Marshall, Elizabeth Margaret (1926- VIAF=78267320 nb90186930 (0) states "The Black Isle, 1973"
eLL  Fiona MacLeod 110109 Sharp (61) MacLeod (42)
 lw  Walter H. Lorraine, ill ed pub 109573  --identity uncertain
el  .Craig Yoe 116753 (34)
el  .Maud Humphrey 251137 (19)  
el   Greville Macdonald, ed. 125199 (14) 
A. C. Fifield, Arthur Charles, publisher --nidb ; 1901 co-translator of Tolstoy (0) reported 1901, The relation between the sexes o[4] (many)

Greville Macdonald

Online Books by Grev Macd

Fiction apparently (from listings LCCat, WorldCat, HDL, Wikipedia)

1911 The Magic Crook --niLC-- Fo[5] --niHDL o[6] 273p
1911 12? Trystie's Quest --niLC-- Fo[7] --niHDL o[8] 269p
1913 Jack & Jill --niLC-- Fo[9] --niHDL o[10] 246p
1916 How Jonas Found His Enemy --niLC-- Fo[11] HDL 1916 o[12] vii+374 --non-genre?
1920 The North Door -HDL Fo[13] HDL 1920 o[14]-us o[15]-uk 351p --non-genre?
1922/23/25 O.- (LOm$)(cOHm$) Billy Barnicoat(: ...) ; Fo[16]
1928 Count Billy and o[17] us us ; Fo[18] --niHDL viii+246 o[19]-uk with summary

non-genre sequel?

no hits 1927
[20] personal review by Marion H. Fiery "From Cornwall to Spain" 1928-05-27 pE11 --reading what ed.?
Chi Trib "Books Received" 1928-08-18 p8 (no price)
long review by Harriet Sabra Wright NYHT -09-02 pJ6 $2.50 --non-genre adventure story as Billy has grown out of that?
Books Received Man Gua -11-21 p7 6/- (earliest UK hit!)
publisher advert Chirstmas Books The Observer -12-02 p7 6/-
1944 The Wonderful Goatskin(:A Tale of St. George) The wonderful goatskin : being a tale of Saint George in the fourth century A.D. Fo[21] --niHDL o[22] 136 as Grev Macd, M.D.

as editor (LCCat)

1924 Lilith o[23] "Centenary edition edited and enlarged, 1924."
2006 LP and OFT
2011 Phantastes o[24]


HDL shows (275 author hits)

p2 At the Back (12 records among #21-40) 90hughes 90graves 1900kay 09kirk 19smith 26kay 56shepard 66hughes 78mozley 81wane 84 93 2007kirk
Fairy --anthology only
p6 Gold(en) --Sendak 1967, Macdonald/MacLeod anthology 1986, nonfiction 1990 --in queue
p7 Light (2) 1926 1961
p9 Princess Curdie (5) Goblin (4) including two early eds. each
Goblin (Hughes) 19-- Kirk, Hughes 1907
Curdie Kirk 1914/08 12 color + uncred headpieces "Holiday Editions of Juvenile Classics" Allen 1883 1st US 11 b/w
p14 The Wise Woman: A Parable (2) 1875 1977 1875 p(1)-222 ~150 >30,000 words

WorldCat WorldCat Top 20 include: Light Princess Fo[25], Golden Key Fo[26], Lost Princess Fo[27]

anthology Beyond the Looking-Glass Fo[28]

LCCat (364 as ordered by Author/Title) 1988 Little Daylight 40p; adapted and illus Erick Ingraham 119812 (14) o[29]-best 1990 Lost Princess 47p; illus Karen Mezek ; retold and illustrated by KM --nidb (15) 1992 Sir Gibbie 218p; edited and abridged by Kathryn Lindskoog ; illustrated by Patrick Wynne
14-17 Adela Cathcart 1981 Christmas Stories (7) 1988 Day Boy picture book; 1980 variant title
98 1905? Double Story 1936 Fairy Fleet 52p
Gifts 1973, 1973, 1996 revised; 1883 chapbook 1924 Lilith 1987 Little Daylight 26p picture book Fo[30] (earliest 1902) 1986 Papa's Story and Other Tales xi+124 1883, 1911, 1971 354p Stephen Archer and Other Tales 1977 Wise Woman
355-364 Robin McKinley, etc
1973 UK Mowbray --nidb o[31] o[32]
1973 US Erdmans two ISBN o[33] --in queue in progress
1996 P581858 source? --in queue in progress
1909 The Portent (3) --1 with page numbers; others match sequence
2008 The Fantastic Imagination, 3 Vols --all done without source
2015 Six Stories (6) --data from publisher's website (no link)

SFE-Fantasy listings include pre-1920

  • [note dxn] Adela Cathcart (coll with novel frame 1864; without inset stories 1882 USA)
does "coll of linked stories" imply a frame, or no frame, or cover both?

Wikipedia listings include

  • Works of Fancy and Imagination (1871), including Within and Without, "Cross Purposes", "The Light Princess", "The Golden Key", and other works --niLC HDL 10 vols (1 of 2)

Short fiction

FictionMags Index George Macdonald
Locus1 bibliography 1984-1998 Macdonald

Detail contents at ISFDB --in progress -04-17

1867 Dealings (5) -- for only publ from e-copy Internet Archive
1890 Cross Purp (2) --done w sequence from OCLC ; 1 other publs match sequence
1890 LP and OFS (3) --done w sequence from OCLC ; 3 other publs match sequence
1893 LP and OFT (7) -- for 1893 Maud Humphrey from e-copy Baldwin CHCL ;
2006 LP and OFT (8), also 2013 --NEED 1904 edition nidb
purported 2006 republ of Fairy Tales by George MacDonald (Allen & Unwin, 1920) --not The Fairy Tales of-- but WorldCat hits no such title 2017-04-27

1924 o[34] o[35]

[36] 1904 The Fairy Tales ...

later (notes to self)
- look for 1904 Greville Macdonald front material --NEEDs documentation re Amazon Look Inside - look for cover image
- export contents to appropriate later collections
Title record shd note 5-volume ed. inclg its catalogue as The Light Princess: The Fairy Tales of George Macdonald, etc; source of Hughes illustrations

2006 2013

[37] Export to 2006

later add variant variant titles "bc", cleanup; export without page numbers change to 2013 ebook 455840 (page numbers from "Look Inside!" at Amazon US 2017-04-18)

Cover image from Amazon US 2017-04-18, with "Look Inside!" source for Contents --selection varies, sometimes entire "Preface to the Fairy Tales", v-vi (signed bottom "Greville MacDonald.")

evidently original to 1904 from its last paragraph, p.vii

"Mr. Arthur Hughes has asked me to state that his illustrations are the work of forty years ago. Moreover, they were of course intended for the wood-engraver's hand [engraved by DALZIEL] and not for reproduction by any of the new processes. Consequently, though now done from the original pen-and-ink drawings, they necessarily have lost something of their original quality." signed "G. MacD."

selection v-vii [viii] ix [?]

back cover $9.95 USA $14.95 CANADA, no coverart credit (Locus?)

Unknown source for cover art credit

ISBN 1881084167

o[38] as 1997 facsimile of Maud Humphrey
UK [39] as 1993

with description of U.C. Knoepflmacher "Complete" ed. (1 + 11 stories)

1961 LP and OT (1) --1987 publication only from Locus1
1972 Evenor (2) -- by PV without library record
1977 Complete --288p stated reprint of 1961 Gollancz, no contents
1979 GK and OS (1) -- by PV Don Erikson without library record
1980 boxed set of 4 --done by PV Rtrace (4, 7, 5, 4 with common Publisher's Note)
GK reissue o[40] clone/export P286715
1999 The Complete (1+11) -- for one publ from Amazon Look Inside "Contents"

1899 LPFS o[41] Baldwin collection --maybe 1890? as 1890s
1891 "orig publ 1890" o[42]
192-? Blackie, illus F D Bedford o[43]

recent LPFS

2006 Aegypan o[44] 5-story 127p
2007 Gardner o[45] no contents
2007 Dodo o[46] 3-story 97p
2009 Wilder 92p at ISFDB, Amazon, ISBN not found at WorldCat
[47] NY Times 1899-12-16 pBR872 -- 200 BOOKS FOR GIFTS.: A List Not Restricted to the Publications of 1899. 200 BOOKS FOR GIFTS. (acknowledging Buffalo Public Library)

1893 Maud Humphrey collection [48] The Globe 1893-12-25 p3, review perhaps quoting Macdonald essay

reissue 1972 Folcroft o[49]

As of 2017-04-15 Project Gutenberg does not identify the source publication; title and contents match Blackie & Son, 1890 OCLC: <a href="">746970041</a>

George Macdonald, Light Princess and Lost Princess

A Double Story T764633 with chapbook mess
1992 hc at Amazon with Look Inside! another
The Light Princess [and Other ...] Titles

Kirkus: 1987 biog [50]; Andrew Liptak 2012 [51]; 2016 Golden Key [52]

1886? Golden Key o[53]

1890 shd be "The Golden Key: A Fairy Tale"


The Light Princess [and Other ...] Titles

LCCat shows #168-77 "Light ..." Fo(various title, scope)

Light Princess CHAPBOOK evidently
Lothrop 1926 uncredited 133p o[54] 1926 Little Library ill Dorothy Lothrop " 133 pages, [14] leaves of plates ... 17 cm" --in queue --WorldCat Little library (Macmillan Company)
Pene du Bois 1962 PdB 48p --in queue
Sendak 1969 Sendak 110p --in queue
abridged by Robin McKinley P80364 needs co-author shortfiction, Kirkus
Hughes 1993 Hughes xiii+131 12cm --in queue --WorldCat Little Barefoot Books
LP... fairy tales 1893 Humphrey 305 (list of 7) o[55] at Amazon w cover! --in queue; 2006 Hughes 252 (list of 8) Greville MacDonald -- 8 = 7 in new sequence plus Photogen and Nycteris, Preface by Greville Macd at Amazon with "Look Inside!" 2006 Dover Dover 2006
LP... stories 1980 Yoe 171 (list of 4+LP?) --PV Rtrace
LP... tales being the complete 1961 Hughes 288 Kirkus [56] = 1972 Gollancz B72-28723 Hughes 288 RLGreen
LP... fairy stories --none--

Fairy --niLC-- o[57] 1924 (8)

The Fairy Tales ... v1 Fifield publication series o[58]


Complete 1962/61 Watts (9 not listed) --page-count 288 implies miscount
Complete FT 1999 Penguin
Complete FT of GM 1977 Schocken (8 not listed) --in queue

Cross --niLC--


Gold Key and Green Life but ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard#The Gold Key and The Green Life
Golden Key 2016 Sanderson ; 85p 1976/67 Sendak 2nd ed.; 1967 Sendak ; 1906 uncredited

Lost Princess [see also Double Story; Wise Woman] Fo[59] 1965 DJW-P xiv+142 o[60] GB65-20234 Children's illustrated classics, No. 69 1992 Oberdieck viii+134

Yoe collections - PV Rtrace

Golden Key - Locus (apparent source)
Gray Wolf - Locus
Light Princess - Locus
Wise Woman - month without price


The Light Princess and Other [ FS (Blackie & Son, 1890)]; one of two vols 2/- (three stories, 3 plates) and -/9 (Cross, Shadow) ;
Maud Humphrey [ FT (1893)]
  1. Light P
  2. Giant's H
  3. Shadows
  4. Cross Purposes
  5. Golden Key
  6. Carasoyn
  7. Little Daylight

1893 in queue as Putnam's & Knickerbocker (tbc Baldwin) ; also reviewed as Putnam's Man Gua -12-16 [61] (positive, no price) --in queue

ISFDB collections

title : earliest publ
1920 : 2006 : Other Fairy Tales (Dover, no contents)
1961 : 1987 : Other Tales (8) --subtitle: Being The Complete Fairy Stories of

by George Macdonald Fo[62]

1980 : 1980 : Other Stories (5) --PV Rtrace (boxed set)
2006 : 2006 : Other Fairy Stories (3)

Amazon Look Inside Dover shows "unabridged republication[reprint] of Fairy Tales by George Macdonald [...] 1920. The work first appeared in 1867." LCCN 2005-46660 (both 2006 and 2013 ebook)

A Double Story

SFE3 listings include

  • The Wise Woman: A Parable (London: Strahan and Co, 1875) [hb/]
A Double Story (New York: Dodd, Mead, 1876) [vt of the above: hb/]
The Lost Princess (London: Wells Gardner, Darton, 1895) [vt of the above: hb/]

SFE-Fantasy listings include pre-1920

  • The Wise Woman: A Parable (1875; vt A Double Story 1876 US; vt Princess Rosamund US; vt The Lost Princess, or The Wise Woman 1895 UK)
1st, The Wise Woman: A Parable (1875
1st US, A Double Story 1876 -- Fo[63]
US, Princess Rosamund -- Rosamond o[64] 1879
UK, The Lost Princess, or The Wise Woman 1895

The Lost Princess: A Double Story o[65] Fo[66] (from 1955) including 2012 ebook as A Double Tale

A Double Story T764633 with chapbook mess
1992 hc at Amazon with Look Inside! another

A Double Story; The Lost Princess at Amazon w "Look Inside!" Paperback edition (2017) from Start Publishing LLC ISBN-13 978-1-635396-008-2 at Amazon ; Fo[67] as The Lost Princess[: A Double Story]

o[68] 1992 0802850707 ; o[69] as 2000 w subtitle
o[70] 1992 085244219X

LCCat shows: 98 Double (1905?), 184-85 Lost (1965, 1992), 349-51 Wise (1977, 80, 00)

The Lost Princess: A Double Story

We now show first publication 1972 Ballantine Evenor

Stephen Archer

nidb 1883/2003 Stephen Archer and Other Tales o[71] "Stephen Archer and other tales was originally published in 1883 by Sampson Low, London. This printing has been reproduced from the 1900 edition of Routledge, New York with photolithography"--Title page verso.

[72] review Gifts of the Child Christ

Stephen Archer (0 hits 1882/83) (2 hits 1884 ) The Observer 1884-12-14 p4 "Low's Standard Novels" "small post 8vo., cloth extra, price 6s. each";

[73] Cin. Enquirer 1884-12-13 p5 "Robert Clarke & Co.'s weekly bulletin of new books" $1.50, apparently in a list appended to "Books of the Week", ie not necessarily new; not one listing identifies a publisher

search ("stephen archer" macdonald) 1882/1922 (11 hits: 84 86 88 89.3 94.2 01.2 05)

Stephen Archer adverts in UK newspapers

George Newnes, one of 7 GM novels @2/6 MG 1905-11-14 p5

1882 The Gifts of the Child Christ and Other Tales (1973 w modified title, 21 contents) 1996=1973 revised --check newspapers
WorldCat Fo: subtitle S. Low[...] o[74] 1882, o[75] 1986 microfilm, also HDL (6 stories only!); o[76] Sampson Low & Co. (no contents)
WorldCat Fo, subtitle Tauchnitz and o[77] Beardsley chapbook 72p title story only
1882 Sampson Low ..., 2 vols at HDL
Contents of Vol. I. 1 85 197; text [3]-84, [87]-196, [199]-283 "End of Vol. I." "London: Printed by William Clowes and Sons, Limited, // Stamford Street and Charing Cross."
Contents of Vol. II. 1 41 77; text [3]-39, [43]-75, [79]-268 "The End." "[same]; List of Publications [1]-32
1882 Tauchnitz at HDL (Contents) 304p unillus
  1. The Gifts of the Child Christ. [7]-52
  2. The History of Photogen and Nycteris. A Day and Night Mahrchen. [53]-108
  3. The Butcher's Bills. [109]-54
  4. Stephen Archer. [155]-75
  5. Port in a Storm. [176]-94
  6. If I Had a Father. A Drama. [195]-304

those 6 at ISFDB

  1. 1882, earliest 1973
  2. 1879, earliest 1904
  3. 1882, earliest 1973
  4. 1908, earliest 1996, "First published in Stephen Archer and Other Tales, 1908."
  5. 1866, earliest 1973, "First published in the Argosy, 1866."
  6. nidb

21-story collection The Gifts of the Child Christ & Other Stories and Fairy Tales (1996) contains all 5 stories, not the drama

Stephen Archer and Other Tales --nidb

o[78] 1892 no details; o[79] 18-- 3,354pp;
o[80] 1888 Sampson Low... "New and cheaper edition" = same contents as The Gifts of the Child Christ

and mainly Fo[81] --check newspapers

o[82] Routledge 1881 to 1903, 354p illustrations (uncredited)
o[83] Lothrop [188-?], 354p (Books for Libraries Press, 1971) 354p

Dealings; Light Princess (various)

1867 in queue as Strahan & Co. (tbc Internet Archive) --in queue

Internet Archive: Dealings with the Fairies

Dealings (George Routledge & Sons, 1890) -284 The End ; p[285] BftYbGM[84]
Strahan 1867 pp 1-99 100-40 141-05 206-47 248; p1-308 The End ; p[309] By the same Author (all publishers!) p[310-11] BftYpbAS[85] initialed AH (inscrutable) signed DALZIEL? o[86]

b/w plates not included in the pagination

facing 6 15 39 45 89 ; 107 36 ; 152 89 ; 216 40 ; 276

December 1866; this one "32mo., cloth, gilt, 2s. 6d."

  • Dealings with the Fairies (1867), containing "The Golden Key", "The Light Princess", "The Shadows", and other short stories --niLC niHDL o[87] Baldwin (lists 5) (also Baldwin microfilm), o[88] Opie, o[89]
  • Dealings with the Fairies (coll 1867; cut as The Light Princess, and Other Fairy Stories, 1890) Fo[90]
  • Cross Purposes, and The Shadows: Two Fairy Stories (coll 1890) --cf Fo[91] Fo[92] Fo[93]

1890 Blackie & Son o[94], 1990 microfilm o[95]

2 + 3 stories

Cross Purposes and Other Stories

1874 Dalby, Isbister & Co. o[96] 270p no contents
1902 Chatto & Windus ; Works of fancy and imagination, v. 9 ; 4 of 7 from the 1893o[97] o[98]-HDL 270p

Cross Purposes

1900 Blackie & Son o[99]-HDL (2 only) o[100] 96p evident reprint of 1890
1904 Blackie, New ed, 96p, illustrations o[101]
1907 Blackie, 40p o[102] evidly one story alone illus. H.M. Brock

7 stories

8 stories

  • The Complete Fairy Tales of George MacDonald (New York: Schocken, 1977) [coll: hb/] = 1961 o[103]

As of 2017-04-15 Amazon shows tp 1987 [104] (UK as 1988-10-31, same cover) and reports hc no date ISBN 0805237003 (not found at WorldCat) (UK as 1988-12-31)


1999 "Complete" (1 ess, 11 stories)

The Complete Fairy Tales (1999, 2009 in db) (12 contents) (essay + 11 stories "all eleven of his shorter fairy stories")

Amazon US as 1999-09-01 [105] (UK states 2000-02-24, this ISBN and cover image)
Amazon UK/US as 2000-02-24 [106]
Amazon shows Look Inside! stated 3rd printing with Rackham cover
Penguin Classics w Table of contents : as 3 from Adela Cathcart, 2 from Dealings, 3 from North Wind, 3 later

U. C. Knoepflmacher --niW VIAF=41962779 (15)


The Gifts of the Child Christ, 1973 and revised 1996 (slightly different collection) Contents 1973 two-volume, ed Sadler, with 1996 page numbers per P581858

volume 1.

xi  Introduction / Glenn Sadler --
xxi The fantastic imagination --
 gk4   1 The gifts of the Child Christ --
.gk2 429 The history of Photogen and Nycteris --
.gk3 157 The shadows --
.ww2 377 Little Daylight --
.gk1 257 The golden key --
.ww3 237 Cross Purposes --
.ww1 285 The wise woman or the lost Princess : a double story --
 ww4 187 The castle : a parable --
 Lp4 513 Port in a storm --
 Lp5 489 Papa's story [A Scot's Christmas story] --

volume 2. --

--- The girl that lost things -- POEM Google Books
.Lp1 113 The Light Princess --
.Lp2 467 The giant's heart --
.Lp3 199 The carasoyn --
 GW1 393 The gray wolf --
 GW2 399 The cruel painter --
 GW3  79 The broken swords --
 GW4  99 The Wow O'Rivven [The Bell] --
 GW5 525 Uncle Cornelius, His story --
 GW6  47 The butcher's bills --
GW7 547 Birth, dreaming, death [Schoolmaster's story] --
--- The holy thing -- POEM

Other 1996 contents

 31 Stephen Archer
gk1-4 Yoe, The Golden Key and Other Stories 
ww1-4 Yoe, The Wise Woman and O S
Lp1-5 Yoe, The Light Princess and O S
GW1-7 Yoe, The Gray Wolf and O S

thus the 1980 Yoe 4-volume collection and 1973 Sadler 2-volume collection contain the same 20 stories (texts may differ)

the 1999 U.C. Knoepflmacher collection contains an introduction by UCK, the same essay by MacDonald, and 11 stories:

the familiar 8
The Wise Woman (9 dotted in the list above)
Nanny's Dream and Diamond's Dream, excerpts from At the Back of the North Wind (1868 to 1871, but excerpts dated 1886 here) T

Craig Yoe box set 1980

"other" stories in the Craig Yoe box set

GK (4) - DonErikson Chariot 1979


GK (4) - Rtrace

The Gifts of the Child Christ

GW (7)

all 7 are othren

LP (5)

Port in a Storm
Papa's Story:

WW (4)

The Castle


[George Macdonald] Fantasy Novels at Amazon, "Look Inside!" with Contents (no title page) --NEED return for title page view

The Light Princess, 4-38?, ch I-XV
Cross Purposes, 84-98?, ch I-IV
Phantastes, 128-302, ch I-XXV
Lilith, 303-c550, ch I-XLVII

George MacDonald's Fantasy Novels for Children [3] T1583062

[George MacDonald's] Fantasy Novels T1583051 [5 stories + 2 novels] at Amazon, "Look Inside!" with Contents (no title page) --NEED return for title page view

The Light Princess, 4-38?, ch I-XV
Cross Purposes, 84-98?, ch I-IV
Phantastes, 128-302, ch I-XXV
Lilith, 303-c550, ch I-XLVII

Princess (old)

Princess series

James Allen (artist), ill 166962 book 2

one OCLC cites Dalziel

1. Goblin T1365 Formats[107] --NEED work Wikipedia 1871

O*p£ 1872/71
Oyp$ 1872us
O p 1874us "Enchanting Fairy Library"(1 of 2 1874)
O*p£ 88/87 Blackie

Search newspapers 1870 1874 'princess and the goblin' (hits 71-04 to 72-03 only)

1st US at HDL --with original cover (inscrutable) --"with numerous illustrations" per title page (clearly signed DALZIEL, ATH?) --novel spans p4-203 --publisher's 12-page "List of

2. Curdie T1366

O p 1883 --dnf news
LOH p 1883us --dnf news
O*p£ 88/87 Blackie

4-page "Publications of J. B. Lippincott & Co." Fairy Story Books (inclg New Arabian Nights); Juvenile Libraries (pub series, no interest?); Popular Juveniles (The Princess $1.25 30 ill; Verne); Juveniles Bound in Illuminated Board Covers (no interest)

Search 1881 1883 'princess and curdie' (1 useless hit DFP !)