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The Book of Beasts, from The Strand Amazon "The Book of Beasts is a Dragon Fairy Tale Story by Edith Nesbit"


Book of Beasts 1988-09-30 hc ISBN 0803704739 30pp
The Book of Beasts 2017-12-15 pb ISBN 198174021X 36pp
Book of Beasts: Also Known As The Seven Dragons 2011-05-11 Kindle ASIN B0050G0MYS (7 stories)
el f E. Nesbit 5098 (145)

Wikipedia list of works NEEDs work!


date "unknown" P88869; P88910

latter gives no source, ?implies PV vacant editor?
latter also needs rearrangement of contents

unusual coll title The Last of the Dragons and Some Others (1975, same as 1972) T197041

also various 1901 collection, smaller scope

Bastable spec fic?

from The Phoenix and the Carpet (excerpt)

Five Children Universe - when expand to Universe (Five Children) rather than sequel (Cavor)

page-count from Locus1, Reginald1, and so other secondary verifiers

1973-01 [1] John Rowe Townsend, "Arthur Rackham rides again", covering "a minor spate of reissues in the last few weeks" --dozens

[2] panel advert NY Times 1973-05-06 p494 as $3.95

Shulevitz NEEDs author I. L. Peretz
el .Shulevitz 143762 (50)
 I. L. Peretz 130483 (194) 

The Magician (1973) as by Shulevitz PV MLB T1773388 ; as picture book LCCN: 85-42955 The Conjuror (1976) PV PeteYoung P480792

[3] NYT contents, Wide World 1910-12 shows Anstey "The Changeling" and Nesbit "The Magic City"
[4] advert alongside 2 Goble as Macmillan's list
[5] advert alongside Goble ed. deluxe
[6] advert alongside Pogany tanglewood

Goble P607517 needs work, maybe also P385432 ; Green Willow US not found until 1987 o[7] xxii+280+[16] ISBN 0517632101

Kipling's Puck NEEDs newspapers T39140

1948 [8] Manchester Guardian 1948-12-04 several reprints
el   Grace James 212094 (12)
els .Warwick Goble 26164 (12)
el   Lal Behari Day, Dey De 206260 (10)


1883 o[9] and HDL
1908 [10]
1912 o[11]; deluxe o[12]; and HDL (2)
1918 HDL
1971 o[13]

User talk:Cary#Extraordinary Tales -03-02

1911 (dnf US) [14] Canada
no legitimate US hit 1910 to 1949

Chavey 1947 PV ignores illustrations P460839 and probably misattributes the cover illus

Orcutt --nidb, The Spell (1909), ill GDH --probably time fiction HDL illus FeedBooks capsule, not listed at Wikipedia

Molesworth, Fairy Stories, 1957/1958 ed. RLGreen o[15], o[16]uk with contents ; o[17] 1892 same title

Fairies--of Sorts --check newspapers
Fairies Afield

Author:Mary Louisa Molesworth

el  .Gertrude Demain Hammond 247758 (7)
EIl  Basile 168809 (31)

[18] Man Gua 1911-11-28 p4

Pentamerone advert 1911-12, ill Warwick Goble
also The Centaur

The Centaur Blackwood, not the Colonial ed. 1911 ; 1976 reprint

does Tuck state 6/- for the colonial ed.?
HDL shows 1911 and 1912 reprint both London: Macmillan, not colonial HDL 1911, no cover

Syrett, The Magic City, 1903 HDL with original cover --niLC o[19]

The magic city and other fairy tales / by Netta Syrett

-- Illustrations, lists 10, one each short story or novelette-section -- text spans p1-258

illustrated by Mary Corbett --nidb --niWorldCat

VIAF 95781873

newspapers 1903, 1904 (12 hits: 9 us/uk, 3 uk)

[20] 1904 The Dream-Garden (anth?) (John Baillie, 5/-)
Six Fairy Plays "New Books" Scotsman 1903-10-08 p2 London: John Lane; same "John Lane" N-Y Tribune -10-17 pA8 Square 16mo, $1 net
[21] The Magic City brief review "Christmas Books III" Man Gua -12-05 p6 3/6

check same for Wolf-Leader illus. Frank Adams

Rachel 1923 [16744791]

Netta Syrett wrote, Nellie and Mabel eventually illustrated, for Yellow Book magazine 1894-97 [22], The Yellow Nineties Online

Gulliver Travels Signet Brock?

Formats[23] ostensibly 1001-1010 of 5791 but 1100 yields error

Puck people (Kipling)

WDlw.Frank Craig 132866 (5)
e   .Frederic[k] Dorr Steele 142674 (160)
.F(rank) H Wellington VIAF Getty only
el  .Leonard Weisgard (129)

1949 Alice

LCCN as Alice
OCLC as "Wonderland ; and, Throu"
OCLC as "Wonderland and Throu"

[24] 1949-12-11 pBR20 Buell $8.50; illustrations reviewed

el f John Ruskin 19491 (602)

King of the Golden River 1921 to 1936 only

1921 303020 (and Dame Wiggins)
1926 Seaman 1697659
1927 col ill
1930 Greene 2185474 (and Dame Wiggins)
1930 Horvath o[25] (as William Edwin Rudge)
1932 Rackham and o[26]
1936 illus
Fl  .Ferdinand Huszti Horvath 116754 (6),%20Ferdinand%20Huszti/ NB!
other Horvath include Poe, Snow White, Three Dragons

[27] ACM 1930 Children's Books of 1930


Locus1 bibliography 1984-1998


related people

el  Gillian Avery 119909
el  May Lamberton Becker 246467 (38)
Hugh Chesson --nidb WorldCat only these 5 co-Nesbit
--  Ann A. Flowers 188358 --dnf VIAF
 lw Peter Glassman 8157 (self? Bio:Peter Glassman) (6) 
e   Laurel Snyder 130067
Earle Warbridge --nidb

[28] NYHT 1935-03-10 F8 MLBecker features Earle Warbridge, "E. Nesbit Recommends"

 l  .J. S. Goodall 201678 (56) picture books chiefly nf/non-genre
el  .H. Granville Fell 168215 (12 inclg 1 as Granville)
el  .Brian Robb 37672 (8)
 l  .Shirley Tourret 142341 (11) mainly nonfiction;
 lw .Claude A. Shepperson 37678 ( ) --Strand only?
el f.H. R. Millar 37676 (18) --Strand only?
el  .Spencer Pryse, Gerald 37677 (4)
WD  .Tom Browne (artist) 221571 --niLC; undifferentiated,%20tom/

works 1901 02 08(db) 13

signed cover 1902 --SHD NOTIFY Rtrace
  elsf Barry Pain 18225 (27) --two Tom Browne writers in database 2017-02
  el   A. St. John Adcock 221570 (27)
el f.H.R. Millar 37676 (18) of which Nesbit #8-18 ; some Kipling ; his own 56-page Dreamland Express and OCLC 18893807

My School Days

Nesbit My School Days T2276430

as Long Ago When I Was Young --newspapers done; check magazine for Streatfeild

1966 uk
1966 us --in doubt about cover illus. and introduction
1987 Beehive
both WorldCat records state "Originally published: London : Whiting & Wheaton, 1966." --maybe the text including Intro, and the Ardizzone, but not the Buchanan
1987/88 --retains date 1987-10 but that seems unlikely
Capsule review under heading "Additional titles of interest" in NY Times 1988-09-25 "Bookshelf" (as Dial, $14.95)
No other hit found 2017-11-09 in automated search ('when i was young' nesbit) of 1987/1988 newspapers.

at Amazon ASIN: B0000CN3PP as Hardcover, 1st ed., with image that shows Whiting & Wheaton, Ardizzone, Streatfeild (maybe a later Whiting & Wheaton ?)

 lw .George Buchanan 142338 (11) 

other eds. at Amazon

2006 ReadHowYouWant pbk 1425019196
2008 Dodo pbk 1406598003
2009 ? 143879116X --WorldCat
2014 ? 1782582258 --WorldCat

ABEbooks --one bookseller lists ISBN 0356132749 paperback ; looks like the Beehive

ABEbooks as TBS The Book Service 1987-05-21 [29]
Another as TBS The Book Service 1974 [30]
as Macdonald Beehive 1987 [31], with Streatfeild intro ; and another with front/spine/back image [32]
numerous 1966 show cover design identical to the 1974; one states "Long Ago When I was Young. With illustrations by Edward Ardizzone and a lengthy introduction by Noel Streatfeild. (INSCRIBED BY THE PUBLISHER)" w 5 images; some others [33], [34]
title page illustrated, no date

at least a dozen booksellers report 1st ed. as 1966 and with introduction by Streatfeild T157125 --NEED import

no image found as Franklin Watts --unless Kirkus shows that, but it gives 1974 ISBN

HOLLIS reviews

Library Journal 1966-12-15, p6210 (not found online); Widener BP 184.4
SLJ, 1988-05 35.8 p107
Publishers Weekly, 1988-04-29 233.17 p76
Social Education, 1989-04 53.4 p238

at FictionMags (Oct 2017)

FictionMags > Nesbit

Psammead (28) - with duplication
Seven Dragons (8) - ERROR


Bastable, Oswald (4)
Wouldbegoods, The (19) - apparently all bastable?

1 of 3 from a heavy contributor to Wikipedia and ISFDB.

Among fiction by E. Nesbit ( the index now shows two series that are named "The Wouldbegoods" and "Oswald Bastable". Those must be combined.

I suggest series name "(The) Bastable(s)" or "Bastable Children". Your use of "Psammead" for the other famous series by Nesbit suggests simply "Bastable(s)".

The Wouldbegoods is merely the title of the second Bastables book, as is The Amulet for the Psammead series.

"(about)" series Oswald Bastable, the index now links Wikipedia: "Oswald Bastable" but that article is about a series by Michael Moorcock. At Wikipedia see "The Story of the Treasure Seekers" (, where "The Bastables" redirects, which is named for the first Bastables book.

ISFDB now has the Bastable Children series by Nesbit and the Oswald Bastable series by Moorcock.

Paul Wendt

FictionMags now shows Bastable stories in two series

Bastable, Oswald] (4)
 1.6,  Noel’s Princess (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Jun 1898
 1.3,  Being Detectives: A Passage in the Life of Oswald Bastable (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine May 1899
 1.11,  Castilian Amoroso (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Aug 1899
 1.13,  The Robber and the Burglar (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Sep 1899 
Wouldbegoods, The (19)
 1.9,  The G.B. (ss) The Windsor Magazine Sep 1898
 1.12,  The Nobleness of Oswald (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Sep 23 1899
Gutenberg 770 shows no source/cover/title nor illustrations; 16 chapters
at HDL (Stokes, (c)1899) --2 copies from U Michigan, without original cover, frontispieces differ; one credits the illustrations (acq.1905 public library), two states "All Rights Reserved" (gift 1927?)
 --  The Blackheath Jungle (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jul 21 1900
 --  The Moat (ss) Harper’s Bazar Aug 18 1900
 2.5,  The Water Works (ss) Harper’s Bazar Sep 22 1900
 2.6,  The Circus (ss) Harper’s Bazar Oct 20 1900
 2.4,  The Tower of Mystery (ss) Harper’s Bazar Nov 17 1900
 2.7,  Being Beavers (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jan 12 1901
 2.9,  Hunting the Fox (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jan 26 1901
 2.8,  The High-Born Babe (ss) Harper’s Bazar Feb 23 1901
 2.10,  The Sale of Antiquities (ss) Harper’s Bazar Mar 23 1901
 2.11,  The Benevolent Bar (ss) Harper’s Bazar Apr 20 1901
 2.12,  The Canterbury Pilgrims (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jun 1901
 2.13,  The Dragon’s Teeth (ss) Harper’s Bazar Aug 1901
Gutenberg 794 shows no source/cover/title nor illustrations; 14 chapters
at HDL (Unwin, 3rd printing ~1904) --1 from Harvard without original cover,

FictionMags lacks 1-3, 14

 3.3,  Archibald the Unpleasant (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Dec 5 1903
 --  The Honor of the Bastables (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 9 1904
 3.5,  The Young Antiquarians (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 30 1904
 3.6,  The Intrepid Explorer and His Lieutenant (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Feb 27 1904
 3.12,  The Lady and the License (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Feb 18 1905 
Gutenberg 25496 (Stokes, 1904) shows 13 chapters; the 2nd, 12th, and 13th stories unillustrated
no view at HDL


at Kirkus [* starred review] ;
at LC (via Millar; via Nesbit indexing Millar --other titles not yet examined for unlinked illus credit) ;

Series Five Children
1930 omnibus xi
Contents (chaps XI, XII, XIV),
page/image, begin ch1 to end: 5/23--212/228 (two missing), 5/233--290/518 (ok), 5/523--306/824 (ok)

By page-count vols. 1 and 3 are much shorter (with illustrations missing) and vol. 2 much longer than the 1st ed.

The Five
Five Children and It
The Phœnix and the Carpet
The Story of the Amulet

The ligature is used in headings throughout -- t.p., v, vii, II [1], running heads (recto, Book II), and in-line (first II 22, "You are the Phœnix")

2020-02-04 NEED tables for children's books and children's stories

Illustrations (1+75 only: 1+7, 43, 25) (* = coloured frontispiece) --full-page drawings located erratically, e.g. pp. I 74-75 "See page 95."[!]

HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of one copy with evidently original, undecorated cover: -- inscribed, Christmas 1930 -- <a href="">frontispiece, title page</a>

SFE-F cites The Strand 1902 "The Psammead or The Gifts", 1903-04 Phoenix, 1905 Amulet
WorldCat Formats: I Fo[35] ; II Fo[36] ; III Fo[37]

few WorldCat records of US eds.; earliest records as Coward-McCann:


1905 Dodd-Mead o[26464240] 311, ill
Coward-McCann {n.d.} o[271430669] 275, ill Goodall ; [194-?] o[172788] 275, ill Goodall
--cf. 1948 Benn New large Crown ed o[38] 275, ill Goodall


1908 Macmillan o[39]
Coward-McCann [194-?] o[2004149] 328, ill Goodall ; also 19-- o[1077915637] 328
--f. 1948 Benn 14th New Large Crown ed. o[40]
C-M 1956 o[18490154] 325


1907 Dutton
Coward-McCann 1949? o[7584563] 367pp, ill Goodall
--cf 1949 Benn 10th new large crown ed. o[41]

cOy£ M (LOHy M) ; 1902/1905? Five Children and It T16009both lengthy note on "parts" publ as 9-part serial
O£ LO$ ; 1948/1949 both
; 1966 [42]1966
iL$ M ; 2005-01 --Intro Gillian Avery
iL$ M ; 2010 (3 of 3) --Intro Laurel Snyder --NEED Look Inside shows Intro unnumbered no back cover or coverart credit
(c)1948 RH Looking Glass Library #1 o[43] 255p
[1959](c)1948 RH ... o[44]

[45] 1905 US ed. (only hit 1905/1906!) Dodd Mead Juveniles

Colonial ed.

[46] probable publisher blurb North-China Herald ... 1902-12-03 p1189; this and others in the Colonial Library of Mr. Fisher Unwin
advertised among many at "RE. 1-10 EACH." The Times of India 1903-01-20 p9 (perhaps Rupees 1/10?)
reviewed -02-07 p8

"Christmas Books II" [47] Man Gua 1902-11-24 p5

iO£ M (LOy$ M) ; 1904/1904 The Phoenix and the Carpet T16008both
unknown source for coverart credit
O Oy$ kirk ; 1948/1949 illus. Goodall (Benn 14th) both

The Globe (Toronto) Morang & Co. 1904-12-03 pA4 "Books Received" (no price)

Received at the public library -10-28 p12 (no publisher or price)
iOy£ M (LO$ M) ; 1906/1907 The Story of the Amulet T16007both
O (O$ kirk) ; 1949/1949 illus. Goodall (Benn 10th) both

Goodall illustrations (1948/1949) — US reviewers call them "most satisfactory" CSM -08-30 p15 Frances Darling [bks 1-2]; "charming" Chi Trib -11-13 pL6 Polly Goodwin ; "very Victorian feeling" NYT -12-11 BR20 Ellen Lewis Buell [bk 3]

Enchanted Castle
iOy£ M (LOy$ M) ; 1907/1908 Enchanted Castle T16010both
LO pref ; 1933 --Pref May Lamberton Becker
1992-09-21* kirkus[48] --PV Pathogenicfrog (one-shot perhaps Peter Glassman)

8 illustrations

front (p14) 30 68"06" 116"07" 144 178 234 274 (2 statuary, 2 clowns, 2 confrontations)

Numbers of Millar illustrations if known --see also User:Pwendt/Covers#Nesbit

  1. Book of Dragons, 16 viewed 2001 plus 9 by H. Granville Fell (PV) ; do "24 plates" include title decorations by HGF?
  2. Five Children and It ; HRM cover at Wikipedia
  3. 8, 1st US (LCCN/OCLC) ; unlikely image (Wiki also "A special edition published by the "Phoenix Assurance Company" of London in 1956") ; 1959 cover here
  4. 48, 1st US (publisher advert) ; HRM cover at Wikipedia ; 1959 cover here
  5. 8, 1st US (viewed at HDL) ; HRM cover image here/PG and Wikipedia
  6. 32, 1st (publisher advert) ; HRM cover at Wikipedia ;
  7. 16, both (LCCN/OCLC + pinterest with roomful of chests must be HRM) ; no Wiki article ; 1997 cover here
  8. Magic City [1910]; HRM cover at Wikipedia ; 1947 cover here MISATTRIBUTED here by Chavey?
  9. 26, 1st ; no Wiki article
  10. Magic World [1912 coll], 24 inclg 3 by Spencer Pryse (1st ed. viewed at HDL) ; no Wiki article ; 1959 cover id at HDL ; 1980 cover MISATTRIBUTED here
  11. Wet Magic [1913]; no Wiki article (pinterest shows seahorses must be HRM)

Wikipedia also shows cover images for (non-genre):

1899 Treasure Seekers (1st, Browne & Baumer)
1906 Railway (1st, Brock)
1907 Shakespeare (1st US, uncredited)

Book of Dragons "Very nice black and white illustrations by Millar and three [others missing] colour full page decorations by Granville Fell. Bound in burgundy cloth with decorative gilt titling on front cover and spine and a delightful large gilt vignetter of a snoozing dragon more or less covered in children."
pinterest shows same illus on yellow Looking Glass Library 1964
Magic World

ABEbooks, Wikipedia, Pinterest

Phoenix LGL stated 1948 Phoenix phoenix at fireplace mustbe HRM

Book of Dragons (1st, HRM

Five Children, Puffin (1 of at least 2 mustbe HRM

Enchanted Castle, also later

Covers we do not credit as HRM

Harding's 1st, Wonderful 1st, Magic World 1st, Wet 1st
Bastables (3), Shakespeare, Five of Us,

Unknown source for cover art credit. Probably the illustration is one by Millar or by Shepperson, who separately provided b/w drawings for 1st publications of many Nesbit stories in The Strand.

Whereyouwantogoto (UK, 1993) at Amazon[49] --with back cover image --NEED story sequence

One WorldCat shows also ISBN 1898000352 which Amazon calls Hardcover 1993-10-23 [50]

The 1st ed. cover as identified by ... credits ... Probably the cover illustration is by one of them separately

House of Arden
iOy£ M (O $ M) ; 1908/1909 House of Arden T196581 — Formats[51] both
(iLO M) 1958

reviews [52]

Harding's Luck
Oy£ M (LOy$ M) ; 1909/1910 Harding's Luck T197002 both

review mentions dreams, does not mention Arden Chi. Tribune 1910-10-19 p9 Elia W. Peattie

search 09/10 'hardings' (1 hit) [53] The Scotsman 1909-10-07 p2 --with Dulac's Khayyam 6/-

Magic City
Oy£ M (--) ; 1910 Magic City T197006 — Formats[54] o[55] (4 records all 1910 illus Millar!) --dnf US ed until 1958 WorldCat nor newspapers
LO M ; 1958
L M int ; 1981 --Intro Ann A. Flowers
cLy$ M Aft ; 2000 --After Peter Glassman both

Wonderful Garden
iOy£ M (--) ; 1911/ Wonderful Garden T197105 — dnf US until 1935 Formats[56]
iOy M int kirk ; 1935-09-26 --Intro Earle Walbridge ; "1st US ed.?"
LO M ; 1959
LOHy$ (LO y$) 1911uk Dormant /1912us Rose Royal --FOR ADULTS both 1st

Wet Magic
O M (--) ; 1913/ Wet Magic T197095 — dnf US until 1937 Formats[57]
(Oy M kirk) 1937, 1st US?
LO M ; 1958
L$ M aft ; 2001 (1 of 2) --After Peter Glassman

Railway Children
Railway Children T[58] Fo[59]
uk o[60] --in queue
(cLOy$ Brock) --NEED coverart, known from Wikipedia and elsewhere

newspapers Railway Children 1905 (0) 1906 (28 from 10-06)

Publ date (inferred) and price 6/- from "Books Received" Manchester Guardian 1906-10-06 p5 "from Wells Gardner, Darton & Co." Publisher (Same day in US newspapers --earliest found UK or US-- advertised today N-Y Tribune, noted out today NY Times.)

Short stories

(not #Bastable Children)

Gore Vidal, The Writing of E. Nesbit NYRB 1964-12-03


2017-04-26 User:Pwendt/People/Shakespeare#Nesbit's Shakespeare

Kiddie stuff inclg Rosamund

Rosamund E. Nesbit Bland (2) VIAF=71071494

1904? Cat Tales -- o[61] [1904?] o[62] [19--?] 64p Isabel Watkin

"The pen and ink illustrations are by Isabel Walton, but there are a number of beautiful colored plates unsigned." --"Among the New Books" Chi. Tribune 1904-10-15 p9 "Books of the Week" Outlook Sep-Dec 1904 4.5x6.5in 64p $0.25 UK: The Spectator 1904 review -12-17 (93:3990) 1011 ; 1905 listing "Publications of the Week" -11-18 (95.4038) 822

1905 Bill, R.N. [a duck?] -- o[63] [1905] Harry Rountree 129171
1905 Moo Cow Tales -- o[64] [1905] 64p E.(velyn) Stuart Hardy

Moo Cow Tales by Rosamund Nesbit Bland at HDL 64p (as 189?; WorldCat as 190?) --check newspapers

[65] Chi. Trib 1904-10-15 p9 "Among the New Books" notice of Cat Tales (bottom right "Isabel Walton" no price) --only hit rosamund nesbit bland 1895 to 1909; no hit, 'moo cow tales' ; --check nesbit 'cat tales'
1906? Bunny Tales -- o[66] [1906], o[67] [1906?], list of 5 contents, 64p Edith Cubitt (Edith Alice Andrews)
1934 Stone House o[68]

evidently non-genre melodrama 1934-07 7/6

EN: E. Nesbit list of works Stories and story collections for children

2017-04-26 Formats and Editions checked
  • 1891 story Miss Mischief]] Fo[69] 12p [188-?] and [c1910]
  • 1895 Pussy Tales ; o[70] [1895]
  • 1895 Doggy Tales ; o[71] [1895], o[72] [18--?], 50 unnumbered
  • 1896? 95 ANTHOLOGY Tales of the Clock o[73]
  • 1898 The Book of Dogs ; o[74] o[75] long title, 60p ; 55p Austen, Winifred Marie Louise, 1876-1964, illus. "Dogs--Folklore"
  • 1899 Pussy and Doggy Tales Fo[76] ; o[77] 1899 x+132 Gutenberg 27190 ; o[78] 1904 -HDL x+132 --genre?

Lucy Kemp-Welch ; (8, mainly Black Beauty) EN

I say animal stories for very young children
2010 ebook 1849894787 1849894779 ; o[79] 2011 ebook 1849894787, with contents

Pussy and Doggy Tales HDL t.p. Nesbit, x+132 13 stories 7 Pussy Tales, 6 Doggy Tales, p[3]-132 with original cover

  • 1902 Revolt of the Toys ; o[80] Nister printed Bavaria (no illus credit), o[81] Nister Dutton 32p
  • 1903 Playtime ; o[82] [1903?], o[83] [1904]
  • 1903? Rainbow Queen ; o[84] [1903] one of 3, illus unmentioned; o[85] [1905?]
  • 1904? Five Rebellious Dolls ; o[86]
  • 1904 Cat Tales --see Rosamund
  • 1905 King of Mouseland o[87] [1905], o[88] [1906?]
  • 1908 Old Nursery ; o[89] 1908, list of 9 contents, 165p ; also illus. 1975/81 Faith Jacques Fo[90]
  • novels for adults at EN: 1902 Red House -HDL; 1909 Daphne, 1909 House aka Salome

SFE-F and SFE3 do not list any of these short works, nor several other story books for children that Wikipedia lists (of which only 1907 Shakespeare #17 among her top 20 at WorldCat)

EN's richest and most complex work, drawing again upon her own childhood, is The Enchanted Castle (1906-1907 The Strand; 1907), while her personal favourites were the two interlinked time fantasies (complete with Fabian socialist lessons) The House of Arden (1908) and Harding's Luck (1909). The Magic City (1910) developed out of EN's hobby of constructing miniature cities from household objects.


collections in database

chapbooks in database (collections of one shortstory)

"The Fiery Dragon" and "The Last of the Dragons" are different stories recently collected together (o[91], o[92]), the former published September 1899 in The Strand as "The Seven Dragons. VII. The Fiery Dragon, or, The Heart of Stone and the Heart of Gold" --or so I represent the original illustrated header [93].

Five of Us--and Madeline T197020

niMMLN; niHollis (but review The Spectator, Vol.135(5084), p.1040)
1925 [94] Man Gua 1925-12 review "Five of Us and Madeline" 8/- or 6/-
[95] The Scotsman 1925-11-26 p3 with other Nesbit eds.
automated search ('five of us' nesbit) of multiple newspapers surprisingly hits Irish Times 1925-09-25 p3 [with Treasure Seekers, etc, as 3/6] and Times of India -10-28 pI3 [no access today], without supporting information
cLO. (Om) 1925/26 1st both
1926 2nd o[96], 1928 3rd o[97], 1931 4th o[98] with page numbers Title Note
1926? Toronto o[99]
Lm 1932
icLO. 1958
1970 Bath o[100]

Detail contents view at Google Books

"original frontispiece" plainly signed J Abbey, not Unwin -- [but ABEbooks seller image shows something different, perhaps N.S.S.
Contents: 10 chapters --viewed at Delphi complete novels of EN
  1. The Doll's House ;;
  2. The Young Detective ;;
  3. Tammy Lee's Jack ;;
  4. Running Away ;;
  5. The Sleuth Worm --not a Clifford story, someone says ;; (see Nov 12 The Sleuth-Worm. ASFC. --nidb issue 44:5 p593-98, with 5 illustrations by H. R. Millar) FM The Sleuth-Worm, (ss) The Strand Magazine Nov 1912
  6. The Coming of Madeline ;; (Pall Mall as The Deed in the Wood"? or next chapter)
  7. The Madness of Madeline
  8. The Mysterious House in the Wood ;; (Pall Mall as "The House in the Wood")
  9. The Dwellers ;; (Pall Mall as "The Dene Hole"?) FM The Dwellers, (ss) McClure's Apr 1909
  10. The Criminals; or, The Stolen Elephant ;; (Pall Mall as "The Stolen Elephant"?) FM The Stolen Elephant, (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Dec 26 1908

mobileread (DropCaps and UpCaps .epub versions)

identifies ch 6 and 8-10 as publ Pall Mall Magazine 1907~1909, etc

FictionMags shows only two Pall Mall stories, none of ch 6, 8-10

Delphi Complete Novels of E. Nesbit [101] (via google books [below]) Front Cover E. Nesbit Delphi Classics, Oct 20, 2013 - Fiction - 5777 pages 1909496871

"illustrated by Nora Spicer Unwin and edited by Nesbit's daughter Mrs. Rosamond Sharp"

SFE-F "Five of Us, and Madeleine (coll 1925) with linking material by EN's daughter, Rosamund Sharp." --list of other works, appended to biog. entry [LT] --Rosamond?

Rosamund Edith Nesbit Bland, born 1886, adopted User:Pwendt/later#latest

.Peter Freeman, not found (WorldCat shows two 1980 and 1993, Australia, illustrated by Peter Freeman)

The Pall Mall Magazine 1893-1914 [102] [103] [104]

SFE-F "Although it emerged in the wake of The Strand Magazine, the Pall Mall was not an imitation and not really a popular fiction magazine. Astor was a connoisseur of art and literature and wanted a literary magazine that considered the whole range of artistic and human endeavour."
HDL 1 multiple, apparently complete coverage; 1907/1909 vols 39/44
HDL 2 U California missing 7 9 14 16 20 26 29
OnlineBooks: In 1914 it merged with Nash's Magazine to become Nash's and Pall Mall Magazine.
? contrast Nash's Pall Mall Magazine => Good Housekeeping HDL

The Pall Mall Magazine "List of Contributors to Vol. XXXIX" (early 1907), p.ii, precedes "Index", p.iii-viii

Project Gutenberg shows all of the famous children's "novels" (4 non-genre, 9 genre) except

  • The House of Arden

four collections (Shakespeare, Dragons, Magic, Unlikely. Oswald) --that is, among the 13?

  • Five of Us--and Madeline

O.B.=Bastable; none from New Treasure Seekers or Oswald Bastable and Others
t=Treasure Seekers (8 of 16 chapter titles) lacking 1 2 5 7 8 9 12 16
w=Would-Be-Goods (2 of 14 chapter titles) only 1 5

Wikipedia cites some original illustrations by H.R. Millar, altho formal credit Gordon Browne and Lewis Baumer (no mention of Gilbert James)


11-13 none
14 t04 "Good Hunting" [O.B.], p536-44, signed -- -- Princeton U copy
15 t10 "Lord Tottenham" [O.B.], p51-56, signed ?? and Gilbert James
15 t06 "Noel's Princess" O.B. #2, uncredited, p178-84, signed ?? and Gilbert James
15 t14 "The Divining Rod" [O.B.], 357-62
15 "Out of the Fulness of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh" (poem), 433-38, signed Buckland?
15 t15 "Lo, the Poor Indian!" [O.B.], 483-91, signed
16 "The New Christmas" (poem), p433-36 signed
16 "G.H. and I", 534-42, signed Lewis Baumer [Charlotte and Rosamund]
17 none
18 t03 "Being Detectives" O.B., p104-11, signed Lewis Baumer
18 t11 "Castilian Amoroso" [O.B.], 521-30, signed Lewis Baumer; and Gilbert James?
19 t13 "The Robber and the Burglar" [O.B.], p107-16 signed Lewis Baumer -- -- Princeton U copy


20 none
21 -?- "The Soldier's Mother" (A Bastable Story), p383-92, signed
21 w01 "The Jungle" O.B., 473-81
22 "When You Loved Me First" [poem], H. Granville Fell, 32-33
22 w05 "The Waterworks" O.B., 215-26, signed Arthur H. Buckland?
22 "The Circus", ill uncredited, p324-34
23-25 & 26-28 none 1901 & 1902
29 The Literary Sense: I-IV; I. "The Unfaithful Lover", 17-20, one full-page signed; or two signatures including SWAIN...?
30 The Literary Sense: V. "The Lie Absolute", 63-67, one f-p signed
30 VI. "A Holiday", 178-82, one f-p signed
30 VII. "The Obvious", 303-08, one f-p signed
31 "Dick, Tom, and Harry", 74-79, one full-page signed (John Foster?)
32 "Sunrise": Poem, Herbert Cole, 129-31
33 "A Romance of the Heart": Story, unillus, 545-50
34 none == end 1904. Semiannual volumes from 35-36 1905 ==


35 none
36 "Septimus Septimusson" AFS, W. Heath Robinson, p711-19 (Cornell with cover) ;
"Septimus Septimusson: A Fairy Story", Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson (5 illus., one full-page in different medium/style)
37 none (index at U Minnesota)
38 "Justnowland", Carton Moore[]Park [Moorepark at p681] p681-88 (U Minnesota poor quality)
"Justnowland", Pictures by Carton Moorepark (5 illus.)
December, 192pp 657-848
: l   .Carton Moorepark = Moore-Park 219453 (3) --in queue
:el f  John Masefield 5274 (352)
39 none
40 "The Hammer and the Writing Desk" ASTBAC, A.C. Michael, p193-201
40 "Madeline ; or, the Deed in the Wood", C.E. Brock, p756-64
41 none
42 "The Stolen Elephant", A.E. Jackson, p690-98
43 "The Dene Hole" ASFC, A.E. Jackson, p501-10
44 "The House in the Wood", A.E. Jackson, p1021-30, under heading "Stories and Pictures for Children"


45 "The Daisies" (poem), 572
46-50 none
51-52 none (title index only, difficult)
53, Jan-Aug 1914 ?? (no index)

The Magic World 1924 all contents -- 12 stories per Wikipedia

f = listed at FictionMags
s = The Strand
1 = chapbook ed. states first published here

fs   "The Cat-hood of Maurice" — a boy abuses the family cat, and learns to see things from the feline point of view.
   "The Mixed Mine" — two boys find a magic spyglass, and use it to make their fortunes. [illus HRM 1905]
fs   "Accidental Magic" — Quentin falls asleep on the altarstone at Stonehenge, and wakes in Atlantis.
   "The Princess and the Hedge-pig" — King Ozymandias and Queen Eliza plan a secret christening for their Princess Ozyliza, to avoid a wicked fairy's curse. Things go awry.
f*   "Septimus Septimusson" — he is the seventh son of a seventh son, who can see fairies and hear the beasts speak; and he must seek his fortune.
f   "The White Cat" — a boy finds a china ornament in the attic; it proves to be a magic talisman. [Short Stories Dec 1907]
   "Belinda and Bellamant" — they are a princess and prince suffering curses; a talking bat helps resolve their problems.
f*   "Justnowland" — Elsie visits a magic land of giant crows, and a dragon.
   "The Related Muff" — a sensitive boy, dismissed as a "muff" by his cousins, proves himself a hero in a crisis. [illus. HRM 1908]
   "The Aunt and Amabel" — a girl enters a magic world through a wardrobe.
fs   "Kenneth and the Carp" — unjustly accused, a boy transforms into a fish and redeems his honor.
1   "The Magician's Heart" — an evil magician distributes curses at royal christenings. Complications ensue.

2017-04-10 The Pall Mall Magazine

* Septimus Septimusson, 1905-12
* Justnowland, 1906-12

The Strand short stories

Nov 99 Published November 1899 as "WhereYouWantToGoTo, or the Bouncible Ball" in The Strand Magazine issue 18:5 p585-92, with 6 illustrations by H. R. Millar --there fashioned   WhereYouWantT- // -oGoTo. // or // the Bouncible // Ball.

Dec 99 Edmund T197133

Mar 00 Published March 1900 as "The Cockatoucan, or Great-Aunt Willoughby" in The Strand Magazine issue 19:3 p345-55, with 7 illustrations by Claude A. Shepperson --there fashioned   The Cockatoucan ; or, Great-Aunt Willoughby. // A Story for Children.


May 00 The Blue Mountain --nidb issue 19:5 p587-95, with 7 illustrations by Claude A. Shepperson


Jul 00 Melisande --incomplete issue 20:1 p108-15, with 5 illustrations by Claude A. Shepperson


Bigger Than the Baker's Boy (Psammead pt VI; ch VII) --NEED comparison issue 24:3 p348]-55, with 6 illustrations by H. R. Millar "The Psammead. // or the // Gifts. // VI.--Bigger Than the Baker's Boy"

Jul 04 Billy the King 197011

Oct 04 The Ring and the Lamp 2230060 -q

Mar 05 Muscadel 2230066 -q

Apr 05 The Power of Darkness issue 29:4 p441-49, with 6 illustrations by Arthur Watts -q

Dec 07 Cat-Hood --incomplete issue 34:6 p785-93, with 6 illustrations by H. R. Millar


Dec 08 The Spy-Glass --nidb issue 36:6 p788-95, with 5 illustrations by H. R. Millar


Dec 09 Kenneth --incomplete issue 38:6 p829-37, with 4 illustrations by H. R. Millar (2 black and colour)


Jun 10 "Number 17" by E. Bland issue 39:6 p673-78, with 4 illustrations by F. Carter

Dec 10 Accidental Magic, or Don't Tell All You Know 1166440 -q issue 40:6 p825-33, with 5 illustrations by H. R. Millar


Nov 12 The Sleuth-Worm --nidb issue 44:5 p593-98, with 5 illustrations by H. R. Millar


Collections, chapbooks

c (--) ; 1901 Nine Unlikely Tales for Children (with Shepperson uncredited?), coll T197069 — NEED illustrator work
1960 o[105]
Nine unlikely tales for children Fo[106] 1901 o[107]1910-Contents 1922 1929
Nine unlikely tales Fo[108] 1960 uk/us 2016
o[109] with list of Contents
8a The cockatoucan -- (long title; as ', or Great-Aunt') ; orig 7 by Shep
6b Whereyouwantogoto -- (long title; as ', or The') ; orig 6 by HRM
7  The blue mountain -- ; orig 7 by Shep [new to the database]
2c The prince, two mice, and some kitchen-maids -- 
3d Melisande, or, Long and short division -- (as ', or Long') ; orig 5 by Shep
0  Fortunatus Rex and Co. -- (as '& Co.')
0  The sums that came right -- 
0e The town in the library, in the town in the library -- (as no comma)
2  The plush usurper -- 

Melisande illustrations are the 2nd, 4th, 5th of 5 (omitting the 1st!) with new captions

[iii] title, [vii] contents

  1. 1900-03 3-47 =45 -14=31 7; 5 11 17 21 31 37 43 (CS, one Shepperson)
  2. 1899-11 51-84 =34 -10=24 6; [51] 59 63 69 73 79 (H R Millar 1899)
  3. 1900-05 87-127 =41 -14=27 7; 89 99 103 107 115 121 125 (CS)
  4. (1896) 131-57 =27 -4=23 2; 135 155 (CS)
  5. 1900-07 161-91 =31 -6=25 3; 173 181 189 (two CS)
  6. 195-22 =28
  7. 225-41 =17
  8. 245-66 =22
  9. (1899-12) 269-97 =29 -4=25 2; 273 279 (279 H R Millar 00 woodcut or scratchboard?)


ht, half-title sheet
il, illustration sheets (26 for 27 illustrations of wh 1 headpiece) ... thus not 297 but 226 pages

1960 Benn/McCann edition submitted with Contents in my style

Benn/McCann 1960 as 1901 at [110] --and now at wiki-source collection 8+30 (actualy 8+9+12)

[111] The Economy of the Short Story in British Periodicals of the 1890s By Winnie Chan Routledge, 2007 ISBN 1135868581

Appendix A, p149- , the Strand ('N' missing)
Appendix B, p177- , the Yellow Book, 1894-1897 ('N' missing)
Appendix C, p183- , Short Stories in Black and White, 1891-1900

The Rolling Stone, or The Plush Usurper (Christmas 1899): 27-28 30-31 NEED return and search 'Nesbit'

Strand paid her best. "As she confided to her brother in 1911: "It was a great blow to me when, owing to the muddle-headedness of an agent, the Strand did without me last year. It made me very hard up, and added considerably to the worry of life." p45

cLO$ (as Harper UK/US); 1901 1973-03-05 (Complete 1972) Book of Dragons, coll T156670 kirkus[112] — LCCN [113]2001 [114]2010 +[115]2004 --in queue 2010 NEEDS introduction : done 0218 hc state only (others 303537)
Oy£ MS (--) ; 1912 Magic World, coll T196578
cO MS/M ; 1959 — cover Millar "The Related Muff" (viewed as eBay, described here) COVERART
iO MS/M (iLO MS/M) ; 1980 — cover Millar "Kenneth and the Carp" (have both images) COVERART

add "Facsimile Classics (series)" to the Mayflower

[116] : 1912 The Magic World alongside Goble deluxe

cM 1993 Whereyouwantogoto, coll T197099 — NEEDs Shambhala/Barefoot clarity and coverart identification

2006-11-01 Lionel 48p kirkus[117] --nidb

Single stories published as latterday chapbooks

1901^ 1989-10-01** Melisande 45p kirkus[118] — [^ 1901 Melisande or Long and Short Division]T197014
1904^ 1970-10-21 Conscience short kirkus[119] T2131792 — [^ 1904 New Treasure Seekers episode] --nidb chapbook

Collections at LCCat (no #Bastable Children)

Children's Shakespeare a href=" HDL Phi
LO us/uk p$ Book of Dragons a href=" Lon NY

chapbooks in database, not LCCat?

(later)   Peeps into Fairyland (1896) --uk/us NEEDs much

Illustrators in same sequence as titles

 l  .Faith Jaques, occ. Jacques 9850 (37) --2 
el  .John Lawrence 27261 (52)
el  .Peter Firmin 37675 (26) 
Nl  .Harald Nordberg, 1949- 142337 (5)
el  .Lisbeth Zwerger 77937 (49)
 lw .Carole Gray 142291 (4)
 l  .Elroy Hughes 142243 (1)
 l  .Shirley Tourret 142341
 lw .Annabel Spenceley 142287 (60)
el  .P. J. Lynch 32833 (28)
iOy -- The Island of the Nine Whirlpools (1970) --87p UK 
cOy -- The Magician's Heart (1971) --88p UK "First published by Ernest Benn ltd in "The magic world, 1912." per OCLC (inclg also OCLC o[120] 1979)
cOy cLy  The Last of the Dragons (1980) -- 
cOy£ -- The Last of the Dragons (1986/nordberg uk
-- iLO  The Deliverers of Their Country (1985) --#14  (US only, Natick MA)
iOy iOy$  The Ice Dragon (1987) -- 
iOy iOy$  The Cockatoucan (1987) -- 
iOy iOy$  The Town in the Library (1987) --  
iOy iOy$  The Book of Beasts (1987) --#8  --with CHAPBOOK Notes on the Moore/2001 and Hague/2006 abridged versions
i yp$  Melisande (1989) --#6 Formats[121]
UK 1982 28p ed. Brady o[122]

UK 1989-04 0744511054 OCLC: <a href="">18414400</a> Amazon[123] full cover and copyright page (c)1989

later HBJ states (c)1988

several European languages
1991 New ed o[124] 37p Intro Lewis
1999 US paper o[125] 45p no Intro?
i yp$  Man-Size in Marble (1997) -- o[126]
c p$  Jack and the Beanstalk (2006) --#7 Formats[127]

Nesbit, Nine Unlikely Tales (for Children) T197069, originally illus. H.R. Millar or Claude A. Shepperson Formats[128][129]

The Book of Dragons T156670 Formats[130]

The Seven Dragons and Other Stories T937541 o[131]

joint Formats[132] --ISFDB variants of above as of 2017-02-20

The Complete Book of Dragons 197005 --we list 9 stories + illus. Blegvad
The Last of the Dragons and Some Others (1975, same as 1972) 197041 --1975 in queue; NEEDs Contents (new sequence, mainly under long titles)
1972 London; WorldCat shows one list of Contents, 5 of 8 with shorter titles

The stories first appeared in Strand Magazine, 1899; originally published in book form in 1901 under title, The book of dragons, with the exception of the story The last of the dragons, which has been taken from Five of us--and Madeline, 1925.

Contents: The book of beasts. -- Uncle James. -- The deliverers of their country. -- The ice dragon. -- The dragon tamers. -- The fiery dragon. -- Kind little Edmund. -- The Isle of the Nine Whirlpools. -- The last of the dragons.

Fairy Stories, original with list of Contents (9)


these story titles match linked library records later check newspapers later remove short title "The Town in the Library" (from 1987 picture book reissue)

1979 ed. o[134] , o[135]

2015 Fairy Tales, retold (9)

"A newly reset, unabridged republication of the work originally published as The Old Nursery Stories by Henry Froude and Hodder and Stoughton, London, in 1908. The original illustrations have been omitted from this edition"

oclc 881094743 921663413

2014? Kindle Ed. as 2014 o[969032745] 2015 o[896122391]

File Size: 1536 KB
Print Length: 112 pages
Publisher: Dover Publications (November 12, 2014)

The Power of Darkness: Tales of Terror (new COLLECTION 2006)

Contents probably incomplete
The Detective [225 --only a few pages in 1920 ed., where we list 21 contents including No. 17

The Caves and the Cockatrice: Stories of Heroic Geeks, ed Bancroft "Look Inside!" at Amazon US [136]; cover art by H. Granville Fell ; Kindle 2013-12-20 $2.99

The Caves and the Cockatrice (Kind Little Edmund), 1 drawing
My Cousin, the Wimp (The Related Muff)
A Geek at Stonehenge (Accidental Magic)
novella The Firedrake and the Remora by Andrew Lang (Prince Prigio)

Bastable story titles

as published in books, from Project Gutenberg 16+14+13+4 = 47 chapter titles

Nesbit at Gutenberg
1 (16)






PM 6. NOEL'S PRINCESS (PM, Short Stories, unrecognized at FictionMags)



wm 9. THE G. B.








2 (14)

PM 1. THE JUNGLE (hb "The Blackheath Jungle" as Wouldbegoods)




PM 5. THE WATERWORKS (hb as Wouldbegoods)

hb 6. THE CIRCUS (PM as Charlotte and Rosamund?)









3 (13)














4 (four)





FictionMags lists 19 as Wouldbegoods --all but the following located above by title (17)

  • The Moat (ss) Harper’s Bazar Aug 18 1900
  • The Honor of the Bastables (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 9 1904

others look familiar

  • Noel's Princess, (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine [one of only 2 PM stories at FictionMags]
Short Stories Jul 1898
  • An Object of Value and Virtue, (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jun 14 1902
  • The Generous Benefactor, (ss) The Windsor Magazine
The Saturday Evening Post Nov 12 1898

Nesbit at HDL

The Strand

at ISFDB The Strand 1891-1923 lacks only

1907 v33/34 34:6 Cat-Hood
1909 v37/38 38:6 Kenneth

The Magic World, coll. ? ill Millar, "Spencer Pryse" Formats[137]

not published in The Strand under that name

HDL -- dedication signed "Well Hall, Kent, // 1912." -- Contents, p.vii, lists 12 -- Illustrations, ix-x, lists 24 (frontispiece plus 23 not included in the pagination)

page numbers
7 14 17 21 [24 front]; 28? 35 39 42?; 58? 67 79 85 91; [none] 208 213 215 ; 235? 241 248 256 ; -
Pryse?: 98 109 123

-- collection spans p1-280; p280 ends "Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh." -- p[281-84] promote other books

17 clearly signed H. R. Millar, some dated

  1. 5 HRM '07
  2. 2 HRM '08 mustbe 4 --Title in queue
  3. 4 HRM nd mustbe 5
  4. 3 GSP "The Princess and the Hedge-Pig"
  5. none
  6. none
  7. none
  8. none
  9. 3 HRM 1905 (genre?) --Title in queue
  10. none
  11. 3 HRM nd mustbe 4
  12. none

1980 cover image (as of 2017-03-03, per Amazon and linked here) shows black version of that for "Kenneth and the Carp", in the 1912 ed. (viewed as e-copy at HathiTrust) facing p256, which is from the original publication in The Strand <a href="">issue 38:6 p836</a>, tinted, credited in the volume Index

Amazon, Annotated & Illustrated, Kindle Edition [138]

Apparently 21 illus by HRM for 5 stories,

The Cat-Hood of Maurice - clearly signed, '07 (6) --all but headpiece
The Mixed Mine - clearly signed, '08
Accidental Magic -- known from the serial (5)
The Related Muff - clearly signed, 1905
Kenneth and the Carp -- known from the serial (4, two tinted, inclg cover [139])

Review as 1 story illus. by Pryse

Nesbit/Bland only

else see User:Pwendt/Magazines#The Strand Mag.

m=Millar illustrated per index

  1. 1891a p659-62 bound at back
  2. 1891b p667-70 front
6 1893b p721-24 back

12 [1896] same as 13-14

13-14 [1897] index p801-04 bound at front

--dnf Nesbit/Bland

15-16 [1898] index p801-04 bound at back

--dnf Nesbit/Bland

17 1899 [index, 817-

m TThe Book of Dragons (8) The Seven Dragons, ill Millar Ip346 II III IV
--earliest? Nesbit stories in The Strand apparently, and Millar's monthly contribution
  1. 346-54 TSD: I.—The Book of Beasts --1+5 illus.
  2. 482-90 TSD: II.—The Purple Stranger --1+5 illus.
  3. 602-10 TSD: III.—The Deliverers of Their Country --1+5 illus.
  4. 799-08 TSD: IV.—The Ice Dragon or Do As You Are Told --1+6 illus.
  5. 106-15 TSD: V.—The Island of the Nine Whirlpools --1+5+1 illus.
  6. 224-32 TSD: VI.—The Dragon Tamers --1+5+1 illus
  7. 347-55 TSD: VII.—The Fiery Dragon, or, The Heart of Stone and the Heart of Gold (missing from U Michigan copy) --1+6 illus. --in all 7+39 illus.


The Seven Dragons, V VI VII
Published as a 7-part serial March to September 1899 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 17:3 p346, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.
m T197101 585 WhereYouWantT[-]oGoTo or the Bouncible Ball, ill Millar
m T197133 784 Kind Little Edmund, or the Caves and the Cockatrice .ASFC, ill Millar

19 1900

shepp T197100 345 The Cockatoucan; or, Great-Aunt Willoughby .ASFC, ill Shepperson
shepp Tnidb 587 The Blue Mountain .ASFC, ill Shepperson -- ?


shepp T1631738 108 Melisande; or, the Long-Haired Princess .ASFC , ill Shepperson p108-15 -- ?

21 1901


23 1902 [1902a; nos. 133-38]

m T16009 The Psammead or The Gifts [three lines, two dots but (; or,) in volume contents], ill Millar I p464, II, III


The Psammead, IV to IX
Published as a 9-part serial April to December 1902 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 23:4 p464, with illustrations by H. R. Millar, as "The Psammead; or, The Gifts" (so fashioned in volume index).

Main title fashioned p464

The Psammead.
The Gifts.

25 1903


m T16008 The Phoenix and the Carpet Ip103 to VI

27 1904

The Phoenix and the Carpet, VII to XII
Published as a 12-part serial July 1903 to June 1904 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 26:1 p103, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.


m T197011 103 Billy the King .ASFC, ill Millar --1+6 illus. --in OSWALD BASTABLE AND OTHERS

Published July 1904 in The Strand Magazine issue 28:1 p103-12, with 7 illustrations by H. R. Millar   The illustrations are all signed "H. R. Millar 1904". They are credited in the volume Index, p801, where the story is (all caps) "Billy the King. A Story for Children." (the last small caps).

m Tnidb 463 The Ring and the Lamp .ASFC, ill Millar --in OSWALD BASTABLE AND OTHERS

29 1905

m Tnidb 342 Muscadel .ASFC, ill Millar --in OSWALD BASTABLE AND OTHERS
watts T1463503 441 The Power of Darkness, ill Watts --coll as TITLE STORY
m T16007 The Amulet .ASFC, ill Millar Ip584, II


The Amulet, III to VIII

31 1906 [Index now bound at front of volume]

The Amulet, IX to XII
Published as a 12-part serial May 1905 to April 1906 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 29:5 p584, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.


m T16010 The Enchanted Castle .ASFC, ill Millar Ip785

33 1907

The Enchanted Castle, II to VII


The Enchanted Castle, VIII to XII
Published as a 12-part serial December 1906 to November 1907 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 32:6 p785, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.
m T1393587 785 The Cat-Hood of Maurice .ASFC, ill Millar

35 1908

m T196581 The House of Arden .ASFC, ill Millar Ip102 to VI


The House of Arden, VII to XI
Published as an 11-part serial January to November 1908 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 35:1 p102, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.
m Tnidb 788 The Spy-Glass .ASFC, ill Millar

37 1909

m T197002 Harding's Luck .ASFC, ill Millar Ip105 to VI


(nidb) p799 E. Bland, The New Samson
Harding's Luck, VII to XI
Published as an 11-part serial January to November 1909 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 37:1 p105, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.
m T1166448 829 Kenneth and the Carp, ill Millar

39 1910

T574889 p673 E. Bland, Number 17 -- No. 17, (ss) The Strand Magazine Jun 1910; also as “The Mystery of No. 17”, by Mrs. E. Bland.
pryse T197006 The Magic City .ASFC, ill Pryse Ip108 to VI


(nidb) p675 E. Bland, The Unfought Duel
The Magic City, VII to XI
Published as an 11-part serial January to November 1910 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 39:1 p108, with illustrations by Spencer Pryse.

Pryse is credited in the volume Index (vol 39 or 40, titles only) where the story title is (all caps) "Magic City, The. A Story for Children." (the last small caps).

m T1166440 825 Accidental Magic, ill Millar (only Millar this year?)

41 1911

(nidb) p686 E. Bland, The Cheesewring
m T197105 The Wonderful Garden, ill Millar Ip105 to VI


The Wonderful Garden, VII to XI
Published as an 11-part serial January to November 1911 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 41:1 p105, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.

43 1912

--dnf Nesbit/Bland


m Tnidb 593 The Sleuth-Worm ill Millar
m T197095 Wet Magic ill Millar Chapters I-IIp788

45 1913

Wet Magic (6)


T973428 p627 E. Bland, The Haunted House
Wet Magic (2)
Published as a 9-part serial December 1912 to August 1913 in The Strand Magazine, from issue 44:6 p788, with illustrations by H. R. Millar.


Author: "Nesbit, E."

Children's fiction books

(omit some) (no #Bastable Children)

Frances Brundage (11) --LC all non-genre except Robinson Crusoe

2017-12-02 Pussy and Doggy Tales --in queue; to be continued

1890 Shakespeare, 5 vols by Nesbit and Hugh Clesson, illus. Frances Brundage et al. --WHAT IS CLESSON's ROLE?
(omit some)
  1. (Treasure Seekers)
  2. 1900 Children's Shakespeare, coll 76p (11?) [140] Phi.
  3. (Wouldegoods)
  4. (Five Children)
  5. 1907 Twenty Shakespeare, coll 317p [141] Chi. --in queue
  6. 1908 Enchanted Castle [142] 1st US --in queue
  7. 1912 Magic World, coll [143] 1st ; illus Pryse, Millar --in queue
  8. -- -- no view -- --
  9. 1933 Wonderful Garden
  10. 1957 Amulet
  11. 1959 Five Children
  12. 1967 House of Arden
  13. 1978 Railway Children
  14. 1986 Book of Dragons, coll
  15. 1988 Phoenix
  16. 1993 Whereyouwantogoto, coll
  17. 1998 Harding's Luck

--dnf Nine Unlikely Tales; Magic City

1905 Oswald Bastable (4) and Others (11) Contents, 4 plus 11

  1. Molly ... --nidb -- Molly, the Measles, and the Missing Will, (ss) The Windsor Magazine Nov 1905
  2. Billy and William --T
  3. The Twopenny Spell -- ? T823189 ?
  4. Showing Off ... --nidb
  5. The Ring ... --nidb Strand 28:4
  6. The Charmed Life ... --T
  7. Billy the King --T Strand 28:1
  8. The Princess ... --nidb ?
  9. The White Horse ... --T
  10. Sir Christopher ... --nidb
  11. Muscadel ... --nidb Strand 29:3


Children's non-fiction

1900 Royal children of English history
1900 Children's stories from English history, Nesbit & Doris Ashley
Shakespeare: a home study course ... new color plates (1926, no view)

Adult --many

1902 The Red House
1906 The Incomplete Amorist
1906 Man and Maid
1909 Daphne in Fitzroy Street
1909 The House with no Address
1911 Dormant HDL

HDL Moo Cow Tales by Rosamund --nidb (E. Nister, "[189-]")

 lw  .E. Stuart Hardy 210703 (4) [more] WorldCat search; at HDL (5)

Rosamund's illustrator who collaborated with translator/writer L. L. Weedon --nidb (1) [4750785] Crusoe 128pp Dickens 320pp

Ernest Nister, publisher printer (60) []

Nesbit, Hardy, Nister, 1904 "The Story of the Five Rebellious Dolls" o[144] 36pp

Dutt, Hardy, Dent, 1900 "The Great Epics of Ancient India" o[145] xvi+384

Dutt --nidb EN (66)

Alice, Hardy, [1918?] o[146], 159pp

one Grimm's Fairy Tales, transl. Weedon, illus. Ada Dennis and Hardy

: Ada Dennis --nidb (0) [8] 
2017 reissue o[147] ISBN 9781447458302

Peeps into Fairyland

Price $2.50 ann "The Autumn Book Lists" NY Times 1896-10-31 pA7
[148] NYT 1896-12-05 p5 "New Publications" under EPD&Co
1987 reproduction, as by Ernest Nister (Putnam's, 1987) [149]

Bastable Children

Series 12461

The Wouldbegoods at FictionMags includes other Bastable stories ; copy-paste from FictionMags:

Treasure Seekers IX and XII of book chapters I-XVI (Contents at HDL, US, illus. Gordon Browne and Lewis Baumer)

The G.B. (ss) The Windsor Magazine Sep 1898
The Nobleness of Oswald (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Sep 23 1899 

in Harper's Bazar 1900/1901 as II. to XIII.

 ? The Blackheath Jungle (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jul 21 1900
 ? The Moat (ss) Harper’s Bazar Aug 18 1900
V ; The Water Works (ss) Harper’s Bazar Sep 22 1900
VI; The Circus (ss) Harper’s Bazar Oct 20 1900
IV; The Tower of Mystery (ss) Harper’s Bazar Nov 17 1900
VII; Being Beavers (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jan 12 1901
IX; Hunting the Fox (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jan 26 1901
VIII; The High-Born Babe (ss) Harper’s Bazar Feb 23 1901
X ; The Sale of Antiquities (ss) Harper’s Bazar Mar 23 1901
XI; The Benevolent Bar (ss) Harper’s Bazar Apr 20 1901
XII; The Canterbury Pilgrims (ss) Harper’s Bazar Jun 1901
XIII; The Dragon’s Teeth (ss) Harper’s Bazar Aug 1901 

Wouldbegoods book chapters I-III The Jungle; The Wouldbegoods; Bill's Tombstone (Contents at HDL, UK 3rd)

Archibald the Unpleasant (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Dec 5 1903
The Honor of the Bastables (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 9 1904
The Young Antiquarians (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 30 1904
The Intrepid Explorer and His Lieutenant (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Feb 27 1904
The Lady and the License (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Feb 18 1905 

New Treasure Seekers (13 in db all 1904)

Oswald Bastable and Others (4 in db all 1905)

(1 book chapter title found at FictionMags)
An Object of Value and Virtue, (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jun 14 1902

at LCCat

Bastable 1 a href=" HDL NY
(LOH yp$) Bastable 3 a href=" NY

at HDL

  1. 1899 Treasure Seakers non-genre[150] NY
  2. 1900 Wouldbegoods non-genre[151] London 3rd ~1904 -- Harper's Bazar, II to XIII during Jul 1900 to Aug 1901
  3. 1905 Oswald Bastable, coll x+369 non-genre[152] London, illus. Brock, Millar TBastable contents only!
  4. 1931 New Treasure Seekers -- -- no view -- -- Tall contents


It was not until the publication of a series of stories about the Bastable children, based in part on her own childhood experiences, that EN found her niche. Collected in volume form as The Story of the Treasure Seekers, Being the Adventures of the Bastable Children in Search of a Fortune (coll 1899), these established her as a major writer for children. But, although two more Bastable serial novels followed, she now turned to fantasy ...
EN was self-admittedly influenced by the work of her contemporary F Anstey, while others before her – including William Makepeace Thackeray and Andrew Lang – had made humorous use of fairytale materials, but EN was the first to write fantasy in such a knowing, modern, non-pious way for children.

Looking Glass Library

2017-03-22 create User:Pwendt/Publishers#Looking Glass Library by export of appropriate content approximately

Nesbit bits

LGL Book of Dragons , 3 formats --1960, #24 undated; somewhere the 1964/60? cover by Millar is described (sleeping dragon covered with children)

1959, 10-12 vols --inclg #1 Five Children, perhaps #11 Phoenix
1960, to #25 --inclg #18 Amulet, #24 Dragon
1961, #26-28 --inclg #27 Molesworth, The Tapestry Room, illus. Crane

LGL Phoenix and Carpet needs extension to other formats P478826 --in queue

Dutton "announces for early publication" Nine Unlikely Tales NY Times 1901-10-12 pBR16

Received Chi. Trib -11-13 p10
E. P. Dutton's Important Books for Presents NY Times -12-07 pBR39 $1.50
MAYBE return for two reviews -12-07


[154] 1958 Nesbit Centenary ; Ernest Benn advert 13 books in print 9/6 to 12/6

Coward-McCann 16 books in print as of 1961 --probably those 13 (4 in the database as of 2017-12-04) plus two 1959 and one 1960 (all in the database), namely:

  1. 99 Treasure Seekers
  2. 01 Wouldbegoods
  3. 04 (? not listed) New Treasure Seekers
  4. 02 Five Children
  5. 04 (? not listed) Phoenix
  6. 06 Amulet
  7. 06 Railway Children --nidb as of 2017-12-04 !
  8. 07 (? not listed) Enchanted Castle (these presumptions would make 13 children's novels)
  9. 08 House of Arden
  10. 09 Harding's Luck
  11. 25 Five of Us--and Madeline (omni.)
  12. 13 Wet Magic
  13. 10 Magic City
  14. 1959 11 Wonderful Garden P88912 (14th children's novel)
  15. 1959 12 Magic World (coll.) P2155767 --dual illustrations credit needs research and title Note T2155767
  16. 1960 01 Nine Unlikely Tales (coll.) P608433 --dual illustrations credit needs research and title Note T2161124

(3 of 13 not identified in [155] publisher advert "E. NESBIT Centenary" Man Gua 1958-12-05 p8) (The Book of Dragons ?) (Oswald Bastable and Others ?)

December 2017

Noel Streatfeild (105)

= Susan Scarlett is (0)
her Nesbit centenary LCCN 1958 E. Benn [c1958] Abelard Schuman

Nine Unlikely Tales --NEEDs URL

later make variants --story titles
consult the community, then continue

  1. story titles
  2. dual publishers, only 1 price this time
  3. import interior only

1901 ed. -- "later add contents, add/fix illustrators"

1910 2nd printing -- "later add Contents to early eds. and resolve illustrators"

WorldCat search ("jack and the beanstalk" Nesbit) --few hits are Nesbit's Jack, usually Jack by another writer

1899? anth Nister; Dutton o[156]
1992 anth ed Olliver o[157] The last of the dragons
2003 Kingfisher edition o[158] The last of the dragons
1994 anth ed Hartman o[159] Lila the Werewolf
1997 anth ed Ashley o[160] Bells of Carillon-Land
1981 coll o[161] Nursery
2006 chap o[162] Jack P88875 from The Old Nursery Stories (1908)
2015 coll o[163] Fairy --in progress

The Book of Dragons Fo[164]

2004 Dover

at Amazon (Look), now as 2004-10-26 (w Look)
at Amazon UK as 2004-12-11 "RRP: £5.99" (w Look)

and both also as 2004-10-01

Back cover: "24 plates and 8 chapter decorations. x+156pp. 51/8 x 81/2. Paperbound."

"Look" shows story titles with ", or, The" in CIP data but ", or The" in Contents; no image of first page of any such story

2007 Gutenberg Ebook #23661 P333125; "from the Dover ed."? namely P67343

Cover design incorporates the dragon from one b/w drawing by H. R. Millar --the first included in the 1st ed. book-- illustrating "The Book of Beasts", original pp. 8-9 ("And then, quite suddenly, a great Red Dragon came out of the book and spread vast scarlet wings and flew away across the garden to the far hills, and Lionel was left with the empty page before him ..."). In turn, from The Seven Dragons, part I, in the March 1899 Strand Magazine <a href="">17:3, p. 349</a>.

Zelinsky and Schaffer cover illustrations depict the same dragon

2013 CreateSpace at Amazon (Look) --what does the first numberline mean ("04 03 02")? --later ADD page numbers

never found at WorldCat

Stories for adults (2018)

The Strand

T1166438 Maurice -q
T1166448 Kenneth  -q
T973428 Haunted House needs ; also note "E. Bland" 
T574889 No. 17 needs ; also note "E. Bland" "Mrs. E. Bland" ] 
T1166440 "Accidental Magic[,] or Don't Tell All You Know" -q

Published December 1910 as "Accidental Magic[,] or Don't Tell All You Know" in The Strand Magazine 40:6 <a href="">pp. 825</a>-33; with 5 illustrations by H. R. Millar, so credited (viewed at HathiTrust) Some of the illustrations are signed such as "H R Millar" (all caps).

The candidate subtitle "A Story for Children" is displayed on page 829, as well as in the index to bound volume 40, where the listing begins "ACCIDENTAL MAGIC ; or, Don't Tell All You Know. A Story for Children"
The Ring and the Lamp (Others #5) -q
Muscadel (Others #11) -q
123 • Molly, the Measles, and the Missing Will --ND
151 • Billy and William --in 1977 Fairy Stories
167 • The Twopenny Spell --ND
181 • Showing Off; or, the Looking-Glass Boy --ND
200 • The Ring and the Lamp -q
224 • The Charmed Life; or, the Princess and the Lift-Man --in 1977 Fairy Stories P88869
247 • Billy the King --in 1977 Fairy Stories 
275 • The Princess and the Cat --ND
301 • The White Horse --in 1977 Fairy Stories
318 • Sir Christopher Cockleshell --ND
343 • Muscadel -q

Oswald Bastable and Others

[165] review Manchester Guardian 1905-12-23 p
1950 o[166]
Gutenberg, from 1960

"E. Nesbit" from The Strand need work

Published July 1900 as "Melisande; or, The Long-Haired Princess: A Story for Children" in The Strand Magazine 20:1 <a href="">pp. 108</a>-15; with 5 illustrations by Claude A. Shepperson

The illustrations are not evidently signed. They are credited in the Index to bound volume 20, p803, where the listing begins (first part all caps) "Melisande ; or, The Long-Haired Princess. A Story for Children." The candidate subtitle is also displayed above Nesbit's name on page 108. (viewed at HathiTrust)

"E. Nesbit" from The Strand, nidb (3)

The Blue Mountain [167]
May 00 The Blue Mountain --nidb issue 19:5 p587-95, with 7 illustrations by Claude A. Shepperson
The Spy-Glass [168]
Dec 08 The Spy-Glass --nidb issue 36:6 p788-95, with 5 illustrations by H. R. Millar
The Sleuth-Worm [169]
Nov 12 The Sleuth-Worm --nidb issue 44:5 p593-98, with 5 illustrations by H. R. Millar

as "E. Bland" from The Strand (2 in database, 3 nidb)

E. Bland, Number 17, 1910-06
E. Bland, The Haunted House, 1913-12
Published December 1909 as "The New Samson" by E. Bland in The Strand Magazine 38:6 <a href="">pp. 799</a>-807, with 4 illustrations by S. E. Scott
One illustration is visibly signed "S. E. Scott", cursive, legible with help of the index. Scott is credited in the index to bound volume 38.
Published December 1910 as "The Unfought Duel" by E. Bland in The Strand Magazine 40:6 <a href="">pp. 675 </a>-82; with 6 illustrations by Dudley Hardy, R.I., so credited
Published June 1911 as "The Cheesewring" by E. Bland in The Strand Magazine 41:6 <a href=">pp. 686</a>-696; with 7 illustrations (3 colour) by A. K. MacDonald, so credited

User talk:Chavey#To the Adventurous notes in progress

2018-02-28: I added 1893 collection Something Wrong T654730 which contains much of her horror or supernatural fiction per reports at SFE (see title Notes). At least 5 of the 8 stories are also listed contents of To the Adventurous

A sixth, reported by WorldCat as "The Judgement", may be "The Judgment: A Broadmoor Biography". These six are the 13th and 15th to 18th contents of To the Adventurous.

SFE says that Fear (1910) includes 5 (of 7) stories in Grim Tales (1893) and 6 others. From contemporary reviews and FictionMags, so far I have identified only 5 contents of Fear including two from the earlier collection.

Nesbit at Wikisource; PG Australia (11 Nesbit inclg 7 short stories)

  (novel) Wet Magic--Text--HTML
gt   John Charrington's Wedding--Text--HTML
gt   Man Size in Marble--Text--HTML
f    In The Dark--Text--HTML
  (collection) The Magic World--Text--ZIP--HTML
gt   The Ebony Frame--Text--HTML
mm   The Power of Darkness--Text--HTML
gt   The Mystery of the Semi-Detached--Text--HTML
7d   The Dragon Tamers--Text--ZIP--HTML
  (memoir) My School Days--Text--ZIP--HTML
  (novel) The Railway Children--HTML
el  .Maurice Greiffenhagen 109610 (7)
el  .Arthur Watts 160784 (4)
 lw  Hugh Lamb, ed. 9027 (18) 
el   Naomi Alderman, ed. 122881 (7) 
Genre unknown generally

To the Adventurous (1922/1923) T2158925 --3 of 19 stories in database, need Title work --1922 or 1923? ; only 2 WorldCat records

To the Adventurous (0000) -- dnf
The Judgment: A Broadmoor Biography (0000) -- dnf
The Pavilion (1915) --FMI

562 · The Pavilion · E. Nesbit · ss; illustrated by James Durden

The Strand Magazine 50:5 #299, p. 562-72 containing 3 illustrations, 4 full pages, by James Durden (viewed at HathiTrust)

The pavilion is inhabited, outside, but an exotic creeper that must be from Henry VIII's time.

To the Adventurous (1922/1923), 19 stories --3 indb (1st and 18-19th)

1. To the adventurous -- niFMI
The unfought duel -- 1912-09-07 -FMI
Recognition -- niFMI
The kiss -- 1907-04 -FMI
The test -- 1910-06 -FMI
The lie come true -- niFMI
The Glastonbury scandal -- 1913-04 -FMI
The girl at the window -- 1909-12 -FMI
The garden of truth -- niFMI
Love and art -- niFMI
Saccharissa and the candlesticks -- 1910-04-30, -05 -FMI
12. A woman's vengeance -- SOMETHING -- niFMI
Romance -- niFMI
14. The blue rose -- SOMETHING 
15. Not exceeding £5 -- SOMETHING -- niFMI
16. Tim -- SOMETHING --niFMI
17. The linguist -- SOMETHING 
18. The judgment, a Broadmoor biography -- niFMI -- (maybe in SOMETHING, as The Judgement) 
19. The pavilion -- 

NEED import five as |12 14-17

Spec fic collections

Horror Stories (2016) T2035740 contains three of To the Adventurous as 12-14th of 14 stories, two indb these two collections only

Hurst of Hurstcote ; 1893-06 w source Temple Bar
The ebony frame ; 1891-10 w source
Man-size in marble ; 1887-12 w source
The violet car ; 1910 collection --? --original per FMI
John Charrington's wedding -- 1891-09 
The shadow ; 1905-12-23 w source/parent
The five senses ; 1909-12 w source
The head ; 1907-05 w source
In the dark ; 1910 collection --? --original per FMI
From the dead ; 1893 collection 
The three drugs ; 1908-02 w source/parent
The pavilion ; 1915-11 w source --NEED fix
The judgment : a Broadmoor biography ; 1922 collection --?
To the adventurous ; 1922 collection --?

From the Dead (Tales of Fear & the Unknown) (Landfall, 1990) --audiobook only ISBN 1873768087 o[170]; 1991 ISBN mismatch ; o[171]; 2012 ISBN mismatch o[172] E. Nesbit's Tales of Terror (Methuen, 1983) at Amazon

Fear (1910) T1166100 --we list only the 2 contents, rely on Reginald ; no other WorldCat record --a 'devil's dozen';

1. The Five Senses --1st, evidently from SFE3 and Man Gua review
a. In the Dark
b. The Violet Car

1910 newspapers

The Observer -07-17 p5, one of "Stanley Paul's Recent 6/- Fiction" ; + listing in "Fiction", received or announced? various publishers
[173] Man Gua -07-21 p2, review

"A 'devil's dozen' of short stories of the hair-raising kind have been brought together ..."

The Observer -08-21 p5, one of "New August Novels 6/- Each"; Stanley Paul and Co., 1, Clifford's Inn, London.
advert [174] The Sphere -03-19 !, [175] Saturday Review -06-25 ready this month,
announce [176] The Academy 03-12 for spring; also The Nation 03-12; [177] The Bookman 1910-05 "new novel" forthcoming this month, [178] The Bookman -06, this month, [179] The Spectator -06-25 this week
[180] [181](better image) The Academy -07-23 (names 4), ; [182] The Bookman, -10 (names only 2)

34 pages of advertisements at back, one online dealer reports red cloth, plain or lettering only, same online dealer shows (Toovey)

Five Senses, Dark, [Violet Car]

from Grim Tales: Ebony Frame, Shadow

Man and Maid (1906), 13 stories --third of four that SFE3 name, the only one nidb and the only at HDL

at HDL, o[183], Colonial ed o[184]
Gutenberg Ebook #33028
I. The Haunted Inheritance T767573 — (1900-02, -12) redd (the narrator and cousin Selwyn inherit the old house and 20,000 quid, if they can decide who takes which) 
II. The Power of Darkness T767641 — (1905-04) "It was an enthusiastic send-off. ..."  j--more or less legible cursive script "Arthur Watts" or "Arthur G. Watts"
III. The Stranger Who Might Have Been Observed — niFMI
IV. Rack and Thumbscrew — niFMI
V. The Millionairess — niFMI
VI. The Hermit of "The Yews" — (1900-05, no q-marks)
VII. The Aunt and the Editor — niFMI --reddit (Kitty lives with her mean Aunt Eliza and her comfort is the columnist Aunt Kate) - non-genre
VIII. Miss Mouse — niFMI
IX. The Old Wife — niFMI
X. The House of Silence T767601 — (1906-03)  ; followed by Prehistoric Tales, I. The Cave of Discord
XI. The Girl at the Tobacconist's — niFMI
XII. While It Is Yet Day — (1904-12)
XIII. Alcibiades — niFMI --reddit (Judy must stay with her Aunt, who will do away with her dog Alcibiades; but boy meets girl and dog effects their courtship) - non-genre

Grim Tales (1893) T1166093, 7 stories --niLC --niHDL (all indb) --Fo[185] incl Gutenberg Ebook #40321

1893 Innes
2012 CreateSpace tp --niWorldCat at Amazon w Look
2013 CreateSpace tp at Amazon --Look shows "The Ebony Frame" begins p3
2012 Ebook #40321 o[186] --NEED add

"My thanks are due to the Editors of Longman's Magazine, Temple Bar, the Argosy, Home Chimes, and the Illustrated London News, in which periodicals these stories first appeared.
Edith Nesbit."

The Ebony Frame --1891 Longman's 
John Charrington's Wedding --1891 Temple Bar (this one in)
Uncle Abraham's Romance --1893 coll. --niFM
The Mystery of the Semi-Detached --1893 coll. --niFM
From the Dead --1893 coll. --niFM
Man-Size in Marble --1887 Home Chimes --nidb
The Mass for the Dead --1896 The Argosy (this one nidb)

needing at least one (perhaps 3) The Illustrated London News

reviews [187] [188]
early adverts [189] as Vol I, [190]
Something reviews [191], [192], [193], [194]
Something adverts [195] as Vol IV, [196]

1893 newspapers

The Observer 1893-04-02 p7 "Books Received", this one, no price
Manchester Guardian -04-11 p10 review (negative except Man-Size; "Harmless and not really shocking ... The other tales [except Man-Size] are very thin."
-07-25 below

Something Wrong (summer 1893), 8 stories --niLC --niHDL (none indb)

1893 o[197] (2005 microfilm, 158pp, 18cm), o[198] Subjects: Ghost stories, English. Horror tales, English.
Hurst of Hurstoot -- --niFM =? Hurstcote ; see 2017 scholarly article o[199]
The blue rose -- = Longman's 1891-07
Not exceeding £5 -- --niFM
Tim -- --niFM
The linguist -- = Longman's 1891-11
A woman's vengeance -- niFM
The judgement -- =? Broadmoor
A grand piece of work -- --niFM

1893 newspapers (0 hits) ("something wrong" nesbit, 0) ("something wrong" innes, 0) (whileaway library, 0)

1 found by accident [200] Manchester Guardian -07-25 p9 ; 158, 1/-

'To the "Whileaway Library" belongs Something Wrong, by E. Nesbit, the author of "Grim Tales" (A. D. Innes and Co., pp. 158, 1s.).

Recent collections

Tales of Terror (1983), 7 stories, ed. Lamb --PV Chavey
In the Dark: Tales of Terror (1988), 14, ed. Lamb --PV Chavey
In the Dark (2000), 21, ed. Lamb --(Chavey?)
The Power of Darkness: Tales of Terror (2006), 20+, concluding contents unknown
The Power of Darkness and Other Chilling Tales (2012), 6 stories only
The Power of Darkness [subtitle?] (2016), Large print --how many stories? "Large print" implies a smaller collection --Contents unknown
Horror Stories (2016), 14, ed. Alderman --listed above

P16 (4) 30 • The Haunted Inheritance • (1900) P17 (6) 60 • The Letter in Brown Ink • (1899) --- (9) 85 • No. 17 • (1910) P18 (11) 106 • The House of Silence • (1906) P19 (18) 177 • The Haunted House • (1913) P20 (20) 197 • The Detective • (1920) P15 (21) 208 • The Power of Darkness • (1905)

If contents of The Power of Darkness: Tales of Terror (Wordsworth, 2006) P606827 --some indicated here at left margin-- match those of In the Dark (Ash-Tree, 2000) P237769 , then "No. 17" must be the 21st and last story in the 2006 collection.

Genre unknown generally

(genre?) These Little Ones (1909) T196574, 10 stories --NEED genre

1909 ill G. Spencer Pryse o[201] as 324pp 20cm, o[202] as 209pp 20cm, o[203] as online (210 pages) w list of 10 stories
2008 Dodo Illustrated Edition at Amazon

WorldCat record not found 2018-02-26: Aegypan 2006, Dodo 2008

The Three Mothers (2004) -- niFMI (but "Three Women" 1910-11)
John of the Island (2004) -- niFMI
The Ashpits (2004) 1908-05 -FMI
How Jake Went Home (2004) 1907-04 -FMI
The Dog-Dream (2004) 1908-10-31 -FMI
The Criminal (2004) 1907-11 -FMI
The Left-Handed Sword (1909) -- niFMI
Thor and the Hammer (2004) -- niFMI (but "Thor and the Desk" 1907-08)
The Little Chap (2004) 1908-12 -FMI
Lucy (2004) 1909-02 -FMI

"My Best Story"

Series "My Best Story and Why I Think So"

The Grand Magazine, from Feb 1905, at least the first 42 issues

unless marked otherwise: writer in database, story nidb)
of #1 or 2 to #42, only 3 writers are not in the database, but only 8 stories (1 non-genre) are in the database.

[? 1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, lead story in v1 #1, incomplete contents ] 2. W. W. Jacobs 3. H. G. Wells, "The Star" T54841

Published April 1905 in The Grand Magazine 1:3, pp. 353-61, as part 3 of the series "My Best Story and Why I Think So" ss The Graphic Christmas 1897

--The FictionMags Index -q 4. Max Pemberton 5. Barry Pain 6. M. E. Braddon, "His Oldest Friends" T964275

Published July 1905 in The Grand Magazine 1:6, pp. 881-98, as part 6 of the series "My Best Story and Why I Think So"  ss The Mistletoe Bough Christmas 1890

--The FictionMags Index -q 7. W. Pett Ridge -- nidb 8. Jerome K. Jerome 9. Robert Hichens, "The Return of the Soul" T851392

Published October 1905 in The Grand Magazine 2:9, pp. 353[-86?], as part 9 of the series "My Best Story and Why I Think So" nv The Pall Mall Magazine Aug 1895, as “A Re-incarnation” 

--The FictionMags Index 10. Arthur Morrison 11. Morley Roberts [December 1905] 12. H. B. Marriott Watson 13. Joseph Conrad, "An Outpost of Progress" (non-genre) 14. Egerton Castle 15. A. E. W. Mason, "Hatteras" T1345346

Published April 1906 in The Grand Magazine 3:15, pp. 353[-69?], as part 15 of the series "My Best Story and Why I Think So" nv Ensign Knightley, Constable 1901 

--The FictionMags Index 16. F. Anstey, "A Matter of Taste" T84456

Published May 1906 in The Grand Magazine 3:16, pp. 529[-53?], as part 16 of the series "My Best Story and Why I Think So"   nv Atalanta Jan 1890 (+2) 

--The FictionMags Index 17. George Manville Fenn 18. Walter Emanuel 19. Jack London 20. John Oxenham 21. Richard Marsh, "The Strange Occurrences in Canterstone Jail" T83693

Published October 1906 as ""The Strange Occurrences in Canterstone Gaol" in The Grand Magazine 4:21, pp. 337[-62?], as part 21 of the series "My Best Story and Why I Think So" nv Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Jun 1890

--The FictionMags Index 22. E. Nesbit, "John Charrington's Wedding" T101007

23. Keble Howard [December 1906] 24. Horace Annesley Vachell 25. W. B. Maxwell 26. E. Œ. Somerville 27. W. L. Alden 28. Arnold Bennett 29. (Alice M.) Mrs. C. N. Williamson -- nidb 30. Tom Gallon 31. Percy White 32. W. E. Norris 33. E. Phillips Oppenheim 34. Lloyd Osbourne 35. Mary Cholmondeley [December 1907] 36. Tighe Hopkins 37. James Barr 38. Tom Masson 39. E. W. Hornung -- nidb 40. Mary E. Mann 41. George R. Sims 42. Jules Claretie [v7, #42, July 1908] [end of Contents Lists]