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2018-01-27 import from /later and /work

WorldCat se:"Heritage illustrated bookshelf" (40)

o[1] 1946 World publ, Walker translation

 lw  J. Walker McSpadden, ed. 115881 (113) 

HDL several including

two 1901 translations from French, other early works concern French writers
The Book of Baseball (1911)

---- Thomas J. Morrisey 266679 --niLC, WorldCat --identified by Plattsburgh State U webpage only
 lw  Richard Wunderlich 154989 (2) 
Pinocchio Goes Postmodern T2326211 2002 at Amazon Fo[2]
scholarly reviews
2002 hc
2008 pbk at Google Books ; also at Amazon -q

Google Books search Louise Beaujon (3 hits, p81, 216n, 234 not available)

The Pinocchio Catalogue 1988
at Amazon

The Pinocchio Catalogue Full title: The Pinocchio Catalogue: Being a Descriptive Bibliography and Printing History of English Language Translations and Other Renditions Appearing in the United States, 1892–1987 1988-11-17 Greenwood Press xiii+228 0313263345 $64.00 4125TFVXTDL.jpg Bibliographies and Indexes in World Literature 16

  • Library binding, alkaline paper, 25 cm
  • The linked WorldCat library record, among others, provides a list of Contents in one long unpunctuated line, "How and Why This Came to Be Synoptic ... Index".

88024650 246748830

EIlf Carlo Collodi 9486 (294) ; C. Collodi
Le avventure di Pinocchio: Storia di un burattino (Pinocchio) T1608931
Il  .Enrico Mazzanti 115729 (1) ; E. Mazzanti ; C. Mazzanti
Ilw .Attilio Mussino 265762 (3) ; Pinocchio (R. Bemporad e figlio, 1911) IT: Bemporad
 lw .Harold Lentz 171426 (9) 
 lw .Carmelo Lettere 109312 (1) 
El   Carl Van Doren, ed. (109)
 lw .Richard Floethe 110826 (38) Flöthe-illus. 
Tyl Eulenspiegel 1934 Limited Editions Club o[3]
Pinocchio 1937 "[32] leaves of plates : color illustrations ; 27 cm"
1946 (different transl, long title) o[4]

Pinocchio EN

4 hits 1904 (pinocchio)
Detroit Free Press 1904-11-19 p9 --notice, capsule review
[5] NY Tribune 1904-12-17 pA5
NY Trib 1904-11-12 p10 "Books of the Week" (no price)
also Was Post -11-19 p15 "New Books Received" as Pinnochio (no price)

1883 Le avventure di Pinocchio : storia di un burattino o[6] (some records as E. Mazzanti)

Baldwin Project [7] Murray transl. with multiple illustrators

 lw  .Claudia Venturini 265932 (3) 

Venturini illustrated a 46-page Pinocchio adapted or abridged by Ronne Randall, published by QEB or QED, 2012 o[8] o[9] o[10] ()

el   Elizabeth Engstrom, ed. 2777 (10) --NEEDs foreword, etc
 lw  Nancy L. Canepa, ed. 223447 (5)
Hezekiah Butterworth, ed. --nidb EN (84)
Carol della Chiesa, ed. --nidb WD (1)
writer of one 1932 book, Puppet Parade o[11] 249pp
Blw .Iassen Ghiuselev 237791 (4)
 lw .Sara Fanelli 60291 (10)
El  .Scott McKowen 26915 (39)
 lw .Gris Grimly 77605 (20)
 lw .Elisa Vavouri 265870 (1) 
El  .Frederick Richardson 37813 (25)
EIl .Carlo Chiostri 224222 (4) 
.Alice Carsey --nidb (4)
.Rene Quentin --nidb (0) "illustrator active in the 1890s"--BNF

Chiostri 1902 Bemporad found at WorldCat o[]

Mussino 1911 Bemporad found at WorldCat o[]

English-language translations

known to be in the database, perhaps with multiple versions of title or author, perhaps "revised" or "edited"

1892 Murray -- [How It Came to Pass ...] "There was once upon a time ... // "A king!" my little readers will instantly exclaim."
1904 Cramp -- [Chapter I untitled] "Once upon a time there was -- // "A king?" ..."
1914 ?? -- [I] "One fine day a piece of wood was lying in the shop ..."; re-chaptered
c1916 ?? -- (Whitman\Carsey) [The Piece of Wood ...] "There was once upon a time a piece of wood in the shop ..."
1925 della Chiesa -- [How It Happened ...] "Centuries ago there lived--"
1983 Rosenthal --
1996 Lucas -- [How maestro Cherry ...] "Once upon a time there was ... // 'A king!' my little readers will say straight away." ; Geppetto is "Old Joe" Look inside
"with original illustrations" but only 2 b/w drawings in Chapters I-II
P270219 "1997" and Title need update as 1996 (UK 1996-12, US 1996-12-19) (18.6cm, 7.3in) ; 2009 as 19.6, 17.7 [18.4 not 19]
2002 Canepa -- [How It Happened ...] "Once upon a time there was ... // "A king?" ..." --NEEDs longer comparison with 1904 Look inside
2002 "based on" d.C. --
2003 Rose -- [no "Look"]

Unknown text (translator, date) as of 2018-01-28

not in the database?

1909 Walker
1927? Sweet

1983 Rosenthal (title discrepancy); also Amazon US/UK

Adventures of Pinocchio: Tale of a Puppet (English and Italian Edition) Hardcover: 254 pages Publisher: William Morrow & Co; Complete Numbers Starting with 1, 1st Ed edition (August 1, 1988) Language: English, Italian ISBN-10: 0688022677

1997 Ann Lawson Lucas T[12] --some publications by mistake
2001 --some publications by mistake
2002 2nd ed., based on della Chiesa T844767
2002 Nancy Canepa

HathiTrust Pinocchio: The Adventures of a Marionette (Ginn and Company, c1904) [13]

Baldwin The Adventures of Pinocchio (Ginn and Company, c1904) [14]

Front covers differ. --and differ from Chavey's scan
Title leaf differs on both sides. --both as by C. Collodi
Pages 1-2 and v-vi are identical Preface.
Pages 3-6 and 9-212 match 1-4 and 9-212 but Chapter II is quite different (p7-8 and p5-8).


--each with several others linked

as 1939 hc/pbk several, see User:Don Erikson#Pinocchio
(A. L. Burt, no date), long title by "Carlo", transl. Murray, illus. Folkard eBay
(Garden City, Country Life Press, 1932)
cover "Pinocchio", "C. Collodi", Petersham eBay
t.p. "Pinocchio" by "C. Collodi", Illustrations 4 (front. plus 3), p118 may identify the translation eBay
(Grosset & Dunlap, no date) long title "C. Collodi", transl. May M. Sweet eBay, illus. Folkard with new jacket artist?
(Grosset & Dunlap, no date), dedicated 1938, p38-39 and 226-27 may identify the translation
((c)1940, The Platt & Munc Co., Inc.) Pinocchio by C. Collodi, ed. Watty Piper, illus. Tony Sarg eBay

User talk:Don Erikson#Pinocchio

Books for Boys and Girls #19 (of 1-25)

Two dealers both provide several images of BOOKS INC eds. with identical dustjacket front and spine (back differs)

title page spellings ("Pinocchio" "C. Collodi" "Louise Beaujon" "Books, Inc", no date)
t.p. verso "Illustrations copyright 1939 by Books, Inc."
List of Illustrations, p7, lists 17 (frontispiece plus 16 --b/w drawings *probably* included in the pagination)
Contents end p14, p15 Chapter I heading "The Adventures of Pinocchio"


eBay Books, Inc; Books for Boys and Girls #19 (of 1-44 + 45-50); closing text p252 may identify the translation
eBay Registered Guild Library #42 (of 1-45), $0.39; book cover front "The Adventures of Pinocchio", spine "Pinocchio" (jacket gives short title both locations) text/illus spreads 92 144 166 may identify the translation

User:Don Erikson Pinocchio -- lost to edit conflict maybe -- Pwendt version

1939 -- dnf Louise Beaujon Pinocchio

Pinocchio by Walt Disney $1.00 [15] 1939-11-05 pD2

Macmillan of Canada ed., Toronto Daily Star 1939-11-18 p9 (positive, no price)
film near completion, due January [16] The Sun 1939-08-20 pSM7

2018-01-25 User talk:Don Erikson‎#Pinocchio: The Adventures of A Marionette
(Chavey not done)
2018-01-27 User talk:Don Erikson#The Adventures of Pinocchio
Don E. confirms "C. Collodi" (The Adventures, translation unknown)
2018-01-27/28 User talk:Don Erikson#Pinocchio
NEED add 1939 Louise Beaujon edition(s)
2018-01-30 User talk:Don Erikson#The Adventures of Pinocchio, A Tale of A Puppet


Unknown book P650851 dnf at Amazon where ISBN hits 2013 Kindle "Centuries ago there lived--" (1925 text)

at Amazon as both 2006 and 2012 --two different front covers, same ISBN, "Centuries ago ..." text downloaded from the internet

Back cover mis-spelling "Pinnochio"

2016 CreateSpace pbk at Amazon della Chiesa, Mussino cover

"Centuries ago there lived--"

2014 Sterling Illustrated ed. hc at Amazon

2012 NYReview ed. at Amazon

Look inside 2013 CreateSpace pbk ; or 2011 Graphic Books/Graphic eBook Press The Illustrated Adventures of Pinocchio at Amazon "Over 35 original illustrations are included in this book." "Centuries ago there lived--"

2008 Classic Starts abridged ed. hc at Amazon

2004 Creative Editions, Innocenti-illus. ed. hc at Amazon

Look inside 2012 CreateSpace pbk ; at Amazon della Chiesa "Centuries ago there lived--"

2002, 1996, 1951, 1892 Penguin Classics collaboration 2002 pbk at Amazon, w cover and Look

Baldwin Library

Pinocchio (8)

1892 --identical interiors?
1892 MURRAY, C. Mazzanti (T. Fisher Unwin, The Children's Library), [1]-232
"There was once upon a time ... // "A king!" ..." (British English) (', burnt, axe)
c1904 Cramp, Copeland (Ginn) b/w only; v-vi, 1-212
"Once upon a time there was -- // "A king?" ...
c1916 ?, Alice Carsey --nidb (Whitman) 8 color, 32 line
Pinocchio: The Tale of a Puppet, C. Collodi
"There was once upon a time a piece of wood in the shop ..."
2011 Borzoi Book 978-0307597069 [693809647]
yyyy MURRAY, Charles Folkard (McKay, The Newbery Classics) 4 color, 11-258
The Adventures of Pinocchio, C. Collodi
(", burnt, ax)
yyyy [MURRAY], Richardson & Folkard (Winston) Intro 11-13, 15-250
Pinocchio, C. Collodi
"There was once upon a time ... // "A king!" ..." (American English) (", burned, ax)
c1923 ?, Frederick Richardson, ed. Firman (Winston Clear-Type Popular Classics) Preface [6], "The present edition was made from one of the first translations printed in England, and contains some incidents that are not found in other versions of the story.", 20 color, 11-167
Pinocchio: The Story of a Marionette, C. Collodi
"Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. // It was not worth much."
c1928 MURRAY, Kurt Wiese as K. Wiese (Nelson) 6 color, many b/w, 1-239
Pinocchio, C. Collodi
(", burnt, axe)

HathiTrust (and newspapers

HDL: Collodi (81), Pinocchio (dozens)

English 1892 98 99 04 04 11 14 16 16(13th)
20? 27/39 Sweet, 27 CdC, 29 CdC, 32 Petersham, 32i ...
Other 1899i 11i 12i 14g 21i 22i


1899 [17] Le avventure di Pinocchio: storia di un burattino (Firenze: 1899) C. Collodi, E. Mazzanti, E. G. Magni
1921 [18]

1898 Pinocchio's Adventures in Wonderland, Mazzanti & Quentin; cover matches one front page illus. by Mazzanti evidently (b/w uncredited)

t.p. undated
copyright page (c)1898 Jordan Marsh --but plates show clearly "1899" 
(no list of Contents or Illustrations) --one is facing p. 42 (signed ... 1899 Boston)
Introduction, p[7-8]
text spans p[9]-212 (MURRAY)

1899 same (no cover, many blank front pages)


1892 transl, UK Unwin, (NY: Cassell, 1892) 232p [19]
1898 transl Butterworth, Pinocchio's Adventures in Wonderland (Jordan, Marsh, 1898) [20]; (International Art, 1899) [21]
1904 transl Cramp (1) with original cover, Once Upon a Time Series
(3) Cornell, no cover; Harvard, no cover (color title page); Michigan, 1966 Lending Library facsimile, w original cover
1911 Murray illus Folkard (Dent) [22]; 1914 as 128pp [23]
5/- [24]; [25] advert, "13 Coloured and ..." ; [26] "Modern Fairy Tales"
Sylvia's Travels also new this year

1911 Dent/Dutton without original cover

Everyman's Library, i-ii
Title spread, iv-v
Introduction, vii-viii
Contents, ix-xv
List of Illustrations, p. xvii-xix, lists 35 (all small and captioned; evidently does not include head- and tailpieces, nor silhouettes such as this page, p10, nor full-page p26, p42)
text spans p1-268 (MURRAY)

1914 Dent/Dutton with original cover

Tales for Children from Many Lands
color front, 2
Introduction, 5-6
Illustrations, 7, lists 8 (front plus 7 plates not included in the pagination)
text spans p. 9-128
  [I] "One fine day a piece of wood was lying in the shop ..."; re-chaptered
Unknown translator and date
"Somewhat shortened" --maybe the Murray text abridged?
(1914 text differs from 1892 and 1904 translations, all three viewed at HathiTrust.)
[27] NYT 1914-11-22 pBR512 Dutton, $0.50 "somewhat shortened"; [28] NYT -12-12 p15 Dutton's half-dollar series, 16 vols.
c1914 Lippincott o[o[29] --three records all (c)1914, perhaps first publ 1916; 21cm o[30] o[31]
1916 (Lippincott) illus Kirk? [32] Kirk (c)1914, [33] Kirk (c)1916 1916-09 o[34]; o[35]; (c)1916 as 14 plates o[36]
Lippincott Books for Autumn; 8 illus by Kirk $1.25 [37] NYT 1916-10-08 pBR407, [38] Atl Const review-let, [39] Bos Globe

1916 with original cover

"Stories All Children Love", 12 @ $1.25 each
title page t.p. 1916 ; "Maria L. Kirk" (signed "M L Kirk")
c1916, published 1916-09
Illustrations, p[9], lists 8 (front + 7 color plates not included ...)
text spans p11-234 (MURRAY)

1916 13th printing (half-title) with original cover; color endpapers differ

The Stories All Children Love Series, 27 @ $1.50 each
t.p. undated
Contents ... [interior apparently identical to that above]
1920 o[40] o[41] 24cm, 14 illus.
[42] "Christmas Gift Books" The Scotsman 1920-12-09 p2 10/6 "American artistic book production", Heidi and Pinocchio illus Kirk (Lippincott)
[43] Was Post -11-14 retail advert for Chidlren's Book Week, Beautifully Illustrated Editions, $2.50
NYT -11-17 Stern Bros. retail advert Pinocchio $1.35 2.50 6.00; [44] -11-20 Gimbel, Gift book $2.50 (same as MacDonald's Princess)
Princess White Flame, fairy tale novel Gertrude Crownfield [45]
1925 transl. della Chiesa
2006 Gutenberg Ebook #500 --as C. Collodi, unillustrated
2006 Librivox --perhaps as Carlo

much work in 1925 newspapers (Pinocchio) including two hits outside North America

The Scotsman "Christmas Books", this one 4/6 (no publisher, not found in page view)
The China Press 1925-12-, Macmillan's list

1892 Unwin uk at Baldwin o[46] Fo[47] and Cassell us o[48] --5 records as Unwin, 3 as Cassell
1898 Butterworth
c1904 Cramp, Copeland P510822 --NEED consult Chavey and DonErikson
1909 Walker, (Crowell) [17786092] --nidb
1916/14 ?, Kirk --translation unknown
1923 ed. Firman (Winston) [5322526]
1925 della Chiesa, Mussino (Macmillan) as 3rd 403pp 30cm P2316550 o[49] as 309pp
 (1969 reissue o[50]) "foreword by Maria Cimino" 309pp 30cm
1927 Sweet, (Houghton Mifflin)
1927 Murray, unill (Dent/Dutton Everyman's #538) reissue of 1911
1928 Murray, Wiese [7584387] --nidb
1929 Sweet, Bacharach (HM) teaching and study [4854960] --nidb
1932 ?, Petersham P374985 translator/date unknown
1932 Pop-up P382041 
1937 Cramp, Floethe P[51]
2002 Canepa, Lettere P253590