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elsf George Bernard Shaw 17781 (867) --"Bernard Shaw" at LC 

Wikipedia "known at his insistence simply as Bernard Shaw"

Author:George Bernard Shaw --in progress, 1946 focus

Six of the 10 Penguin publications (reprints or new editions, or a mix) titles name a full-length play and three imply a collection of plays. The last contains a collection with title novella "The Black Girl" and that alone is in the database.

  1. * Pygmalion
  2. * Major Barbara
  3. Plays Pleasant
  4. Plays Unpleasant
  5. Three Plays for Puritans
  6. * Man and Superman
  7. * The Doctor's Dilemma
  8. * Saint Joan
  9. * Androcles and the Lion
  10. The Black Girl in Search of God --indb with all 14 Contents P602014
* "full-length plays" at Wikipedia

By Bernard Shaw. (10 Vols. 1s each. Penguin Books.)

  • Penguin (10)
  • Back to Methuselah (Oxford)
  • G.B.S. 90. Edited by S. Winsten. (21s. Hutchinson.)
Hutchinson o[1087170449] o[977867934]
Dodd, Mead o[1087159817] o[1014763196]
  • Portrait of G.B.S., By Felix Topolski. (42s. Eyre & Spottiswoode.) Fo[1](14)

[2] "Books of the Day", joint review, The Scotsman 1946-07-25 p7

(but Man Gua says it has been published this month)

>8 Let Us Give Thanks drawn by Walter Appleton Clark
>9 Editorial unsigned, pp. 9-11
9    The Pumpkin Fragment · John Greenleaf Whittier · ex The Boston Chronotype 1846
11   A Thanksgiving Poem · Bliss Carman · pm (r)
12   Aerial Football: The New Game · Bernard Shaw · ss The Neolith Nov 1907; illustrated by John Boyd ["With decorations by John Boyd"]
>14 The Poulterer Photograph
15   In Life and Books Story · Roy Rolfe Gilson · ar; illustrated by Thomas Fogarty
16   "Our House" · Joseph C. Lincoln · ss; illustrated by Clara Elsene Peck
18   The Story of Where the Sun Goes · Frederic Remington · il
20   Midseason Football · Walter Camp · ar
21 · The First Undying Passion of Ensign Russell Story · David Gray · ss; illustrated by Henry Raleigh 
>24 Grooming the Warships for the Long Cruise Photographs
>26 What the World is Doing: A Record of Current Events edited by Samuel E. Moffett [notes column by runs on even-number pages among advertisements that span pp. 25-32)

(v40 #9 1907-11-23 front cover data) Thanksgiving Number ; 10 cents the copy or $5.20 the year


... " Shaw's first genuine sf play, an important example of the Scientific Romance, is Back to Methuselah: A Metabiological Pentateuch (1921; rev 1921 UK; performed 1922: further rev several times; much rev 1945), a five-part depiction of mankind's Evolution – it was his culminating presentation of Creative Evolution – from the time of Genesis (see Adam and Eve) into the Far Future, during the course of which people have become long-lived (see Immortality) and, by the year 31,920 CE, are on the verge of suffering corporeal Transcendence into disembodied thought-entities; incidental sf devices include cellphone equivalents, a kind of Force Field and the revelation that by 3000 CE nothing whatever remains of London. The play's reputation has suffered not only from the variable quality of its successive sequences, but from an implied conflation of Eugenics and the reticently argued but unmistakably anti-Darwinian Lamarckian principles that underlie his vision of humanity's rapid progress upwards.
" None of Shaw's nineteenth-century novels are of genre interest, but The Adventures of the Black Girl in her Search for God (1932 chap) is a fantasy Satire on evolving views of Religion, and some of the items assembled in Short Stories: Scraps and Shavings (coll 1932) are sf, including "Aerial Football: The New Game" (November 1907 The Neolith). Both books were assembled with revisions as Short Stories, Scraps and Shavings (omni 1934; vt The Black Girl in Search of God, and Some Lesser Tales 1946). Shaw early developed a strategy for his dramatic works, where his plays as published are accompanied by extensive prefaces in which various theses, some of broad sf interest, are eloquently expounded; he developed no similar strategy for his fiction, which he seemed (correctly) to think of as peripheral. ... [JC]


" Some of GBS's short fiction is more sustained fantasy. The Adventures of the Black Girl in her Search for God (1932 chap) details the young woman's search for meaning, via interviews conducted with successive versions of God as presented in the Bible, and with sages from various periods of history; Short Stories (coll 1932) includes "Aerial Football: The New Game" (1907), a Posthumous Fantasy; and Short Stories, Scraps and Shavings (omni 1934), which includes revisions of both Black Girl and the earlier Short Stories, includes in "Don Giovanni Explains" a harkening back to the opera protagonist from Man and Superman. The Black Girl in Search of God, and Some Lesser Tales (coll 1946) assembles similar material, revised.
" GBS, financially independent for the final half-century of his career, could make constant revisions (often unsignalled) to reprints and resortings of his work. The bibliography of any GBS item, therefore, is likely to be complex; no attempt has been made here to trace the textual history of individual titles. [JC]
el   .John Farleigh 125352 (16)
EN: "noted for his illustrations of George Bernard Shaw's work The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God, which caused controversy when released due to the religious, sexual and racial themes within the writing and John Farleigh's complementary (and risqué) wood engravings commissioned by Shaw for the book."

The Black Girl

The black girl in search of God : and some lesser tales Fo[3](81)

1932 chap o[4] o[5]
1933 US o[6] 73pp
1933 Putnam Capricorn Cap 12 o[7] 96pp

Black Girl variant/revised? novella T2122081

Black Girl titles (Short Stories and ... Shavings nidb)

1932-12 chapbook T2122055 --1st 73/74 pp
1932-12 novella as "The Adventures" T2122050
1946-07 collection as "The Black Girl" T2122073 --1st, 285 pp
1946-07 novella as "Indhold" T2122971


"The Adventures of the Black Girl in her Search for God (1932 chap) is a fantasy Satire on evolving views of Religion, and
some of the items assembled in Short Stories: Scraps and Shavings (coll 1932) are sf, including "Aerial Football: The New Game" (November 1907 The Neolith).
Both books were assembled with revisions as Short Stories, Scraps and Shavings (omni 1934; vt The Black Girl in Search of God, and Some Lesser Tales 1946)"

The Black Girl short story/chapbook

c1932 Constable --pp
[1933] Dodd, Mead --pp
[1959, c1933] Capricorn 96pp o[8]

13-story collection T2549238 --no Contents listed

O. 1932 Constable; Works, vol 6
OI. 1932 Wise
1932 Constable; Works, vol 6 o[9] vii+228pp
1932 Wm. H. Wise o[10] (states 13 stories); Ayot St. Lawrence edition o[11] vii+228pp (list of 14 titles)
Internet Archive title page; Contents, vii (no story text) (only 13)
[12] Christian Science Monitor 1932-06-04 p6 "Bookman's Holiday"

only hit ("scraps and shavings") 1931/33

Volume 6 in the Constable (UK) series Works of Bernard Shaw

Volume VI in the Wise (US) series "Ayot St. Lawrence Edition" over "The Collected Works of Bernard Shaw"

this series reported complete with Vols. VI and XXX, 1932

14-story collection T2549423

BO. 1934 Constable
LO. 1934 Dodd, Mead
1946 Penguin --Contents list here only (Bluesman)

Encyclopedia of Fantasy (biographical entry by John Clute) notes this 14-story This collection is an omnibus in that its 14 stories are those of the 13-story 1932 collection Short Stories: Scraps & Shavings (Works, vol 6) and the 1932 chapbook Adventures of the Black Girl, as the 13 in identical sequence and the last.

SFE3: "Both books were assembled with revisions as Short Stories, Scraps and Shavings (omni 1934; vt The Black Girl in Search of God, and Some Lesser Tales 1946)."

"Short Stories, Scraps and Shavings (omni 1934), which includes revisions of both Black Girl and the earlier Short Stories

implies that we should presume the Works revised by Shaw for the Standard Edition; in this case between 1932 and 1934

In 1932 William H. Wise & Co. completed "the Ayot St. Lawrence Edition of the Collected Works of Shaw" with Vols. VI Short Stories: Scraps & Shavings and XXX Essays in Fabian Socialism. --L. A. Sloper, "Bookman's Holiday", Christian Science Monitor 1932-06-04 p6 Ayot St. Lawrence Vol. VI from Wise (<a href="">title page</a> at Internet Archive) evidently matches Vol. 6 in the Works of Bernard Shaw published by Template:Publisher in London. WorldCat records OCLC Fiction Finder and OCLC Fiction Finder report identical title, year, and page count.

14-story collection

1931-63 Standard Edition (19 vols) BL 003359594
q-- 1934 Constable (14 stories)
1934 Short Stories BL 003359613 --304pp o[13]
1934 Short Stories BL 010255037 --pp
1934 Dodd, Mead v+304 --coll illus. Farleigh ; The Adventures 14th-listed of 14 Contents o[14]
1946 The Black Girl (omni) BL 003359880 --285pp

[1933] Brown Girl Adventures of the brown girl (companion to the Black girl of Mr. Bernard Shaw) in her search for God, by Mr. & Mrs. I. I. Kazi.
[1933] Gabriel o[15]
[1933] White Girl (I) o[16]
1934 White Girl (II) o[17]

Back to Methuselah

Back to Methuselah: A Modern Pentateuch T2473175 --CHECK newspapers

Barnabas story T2122068 --or deleted episode?

Bleiler Early Years and British Library BL 003359726 consider it a single long play.

"The Infidel Half Century" may be an integral part of the work

Lm$i 1921 Brentano's (US), 1st printing, May
BLOHd£i 1921 Constable (UK)
O..i 1922-08 Brentano's, 8th printing, August 1922 --LATER restore 1922 as 8th printing(?)
Om. 1934 Dodd, Mead & Co. = 12th printing (Dodd, Mead acquired the complete works of Shaw per Wikipedia)


1921 Constable 003359726 xci+267pp
1922 Tauchnitz 011909919 011909920 --multiple printings 1922 to 1929?
1931 Constable 010254833 --pp --no copyright mention
1939 Harmondsworth 003359727 256pp
1945 Oxford Rev [ie 2nd] 010254835 --pp
1947 Oxford galaxy 010254836
1939 1961 Penguin 014392977 --pp
1971 Penguin 003359730 319pp
1977[1978] Penguin 010538724 319pp

Amazon shows Kindle as New edition, December 1987

paperback as 1987-12-10 at Amazon UK and 1988-05-03 at Amazon US, with "Look inside" 3rd printing per numberline (3rd printing as this ISBN?):
  • first(?) printed leaf "The Bernard Shaw Library" (brief biography); "This text conforms with the definitive text as published in The Bodley Head Bernard Shaw Collectd Plays with their Prefaces, under the editorial supervision of Dan H. Laurence."
  • title page undated; "Definitive Text"
  • copyright page notes
First published 1921
Published in Penguin Books 1939
  • Contents, p[5]-6

Convincing records as 1921 Brentano's o[18]

"One essay and a series of five plays."
Contents (6) with long titles from the Contents list in the book


1921 Constable(1) vii-lxxxvii lxxxix
1922 Tauchnitz(1)

1921 Brentano's(several) ;

  1. Dodd, Mead 1934 (Twelfth Printing, March, 1934) (c)1930 ; Preface: The Infidel Half Century, vii-ci ; Contents, ciii (no back pages)
  2. Brentano's 1921 (Fifth Printing, September, 1921)
  3. Brentano's 1921 (Second Printing, June, 1921)
  4. uc Brentano's 1921 (Fourth Printing, August, 1921)
  5. hu Brentano's 1921 (Fourth Printing, August, 1921)
  6. hu Brentano's 1921 apparent 1st printing, May 1921 = identical to 1934, from a glance at pages vii, ci, 1, 300
  7. Brentano's 1921 (Fifth Printing, September, 1921)
  8. uc Brentano's 1921 (Fourth Printing, August, 1921)
  9. Brentano's 1929 (Eleventh Printing, February, 1929) t.p. verso lists 11 printings

1922 Brentano's(1)

That is, printings 1 2 4 5 8 11 12

LO.. 1939 Limited Editions Club --new Preface maybe (as "Introduction"), old Preface uncertain
BLOm£i 1946-07 Oxford The World's Classics #500 --See also the Publication Series record. See also ISFDB Wiki. --NOT DONE
BLOm$i 1947 Oxford Galaxy Edition #1 --See also the Publication Series record. See also ISFDB Wiki. --NOT DONE
d$ 2004 Gutenberg #13084 --no source stated --REORGANIZE in terms of features that distinguish a source text, inclg no Postscript (a 1921 t.p. date suggests), no Images
0000 Penguin 978-0-14-045014-9 (post-2006) 319 pp --PV Waldstein (inactive)
probably 5th printing of Dec 1987 (itself perhaps 3rd printing)


1921/22 (521 title hits)

(constable 17)

Publication date (inferred) and price from UK newspapers and magazines 1921-06-23 (earliest found, a retailer advertisement) to -07-09, one a listing in "Books of the Week", Saturday Review -06-25 p528. 10/-

[20] NY Times 1921-06-23 p8 "Shaw Wants Man to Live 1,000 Years"; "London, June 22.--A new gospel of longevity by [GBS] will be published tomorrow by Messrs. Constable. ..." --review
(brentano's 11)

--review by Heywood Broun same day pD9, "Shaw Turns Preacher for New Creed of Creative Evolution" "... these five new plays form one great, unified story. It is a stupendous dramatic life-story of man, beginning in the days of the Garden of Eden and taking him as far into the future--as far as thought can reach."

Listed in the Boston Globe "Best Sellers of the Week" (Nonfiction), second -07-02 p3, fourth -07-16 p6

1929 brentano's (0)

1931 constable (9)

[21] Complete Plays (no prefaces) review 1931-05-21 p2
[22] The Spectator #5393 (1931-11-07) p606 --Standard Edition of the Worlds of Bernard Shaw, first volumes published 1931-11-05


(notice of Back to Methuselah not found)

Short Stories, Scraps, and Shavings

[23] Manchester Guardian 1934-05-17 p7 "Books of the Day" --Standard Edition, review by Ivor Brown --vii+305 7/6
in the new Barnabas, "... an addition to that play, which introduces Mr. G. K. Chesterton under the title of Immenso Champernoon, as it also included Mr. Lloyd George as Lubin. There are forty pages of dialogue discarded from the play, and, whether they are actable or not, they are typically readable."
[24] "Book Notes" [25] NY Times 1934-05-17 p21 "Books Published Today"
"The book includes a domestic comedy about Conrad and Franklyn Barnabas, the clergyman and the biologist in Back to Methuselah."

1939 none genuine; 1944 none genuine ; 1945/47

("back to methuselah") 131 hits from May
("back to methuselah" shaw), 108
("back to methuselah" shaw oxford), 27 from July 1946
forthcoming 1946-07-26, Shaw's 90th birthday [26]
1946-07-25 [27] Man Gua p4; has published this month
The Scotsman reviews "Books of the Day" [10 +1 +1 +1 new publications, above]
[28] The Spectator 1946-08-30 p224 --review as revised with 81-page preface (1921), 18-page postscript (1944),
C$1.00 each; The Globe and Mail 1946-10-12 p10 Oxford University Press // 480 University Ave.   Toronto 2
(not reliably published in 1946) "The World's Classics now include a Galaxy Edition. No. 1 is Shaw's Back to Methuselah in a neat volume, larger than the regular World's Classics but small enough to be handy (Oxford $1.50).

--"Reprints and New Editions", The Virginia Quarterly Review 22.4 (Fall 1946) p.cviii

NYHT 1947-03-27 p27 (or 27A ?) "This revised edition, with a postscript ... introduces the World's Classics Galaxy Editions." $1.50
also From the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon (Didier, $3) New edition.
NYT 1947-03-16 pBR8 "People Who Read and Write"; This month from Oxford, Shaw's Methuselah, "the first volume on the new American World's Classics Galaxy edition".
[29] NYT -03-30 pBR32 --advert the new series, first volume (next two vols non-genre)

WorldCat 131-140 of 222

Limited Editions Club 1939 o[30]
#131 Penguin 1944 [New postscript ed.] WorldCat library record reports a 1944 Penguin "[New postscript ed.]".
#132-44 as 1945
#145-48 as 1946 (145-47 as The World's Classics 500, one #148 as Galaxy ed., 1 o[31])
#150-59 as 1947, 261pp
some specify (c)1945 o[32] o[33] (but many do not)
LC? as [1946] o[34]
SFE3 "Brentano's, 1921) [play: two parts first performed 27 February 1922; ..."
"several editions between 1921 and 1945 contain unrecorded revisions: not here listed"
EoF "1921 US; rev 1921 UK; rev 1945"