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FFM = Fairy-tales, Folk-lore, Mythology --mainly retellings, adaptations, etc

Cinderella (for Siona) [1]


/Andrew Lang
/KDW and NAS Kate Douglas Wiggins, Nora Archibald Smith
/Montalba, Fairy Tales from All Nations --2018-09-27 BY ACCIDENT? (30k)
/Ewing and Aunt Judy
/Wilhelm Hauff
/Laurence Housman

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Housman = Housman, Arabian Nights + Laurence Housman [11]

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Publishers and their series (entirely out of place?) [13 screens]


British Library search

Ralph Adams Cram, Black Spirits and White T1029101

  • 1895 1st ed. P297920 --PV Rtrace from Google Books
HDL provides full view of one copy [2]
First leaf signed by Cram, probably, "Sept. 1898."
9 printed leaves follow the one-page Postscript, p[151]: printer statement; catalogue title page or cover, "Concerning the Books of Stone & Kimball 1895-1896"; and p1-[14] of the latter.
LCCN notes: Carnation series OCLC 06030871

$1.00 Carnation Series II

Volume number and price from "Stone & Kimball's New Publications", The Book Buyer 1895-12-01 p750: as The Carnation Series, list of five as "Vol. I." to "Vol. V."; "(other volumes to follow)".

  • 2014 The Midnight Press --q
--another from The Midnight Press o[3]

newspapers ("black spirits and white" cram) 1895/96 (69: 22 47)



"Stone & Kimball's Publications", The Chap-Book: Semi-Monthly [...] 1895-11-01 p472, "Now Ready // The Carnation Series // A collection of small 16mo books, bound in cloth, with a conventionalized carnation design. Price, $1.00 each."
-09-15 p326 and -10-15 p377; "Nearly Ready"; this Vol. III of 5
[4] The Book Buyer 1895-12-01 p750, again Vol. III of 5 --with Grahame The Golden Age T987877 2nd printing? $1.25

received Chi Trib -12-14 p11, NYT -12-25 p14 (as 24mo), some January 1896

The Carnation Series --NEEDs series info and Fiona MacLeod price and publ date

HANDY NOVELS (new series 1895)

-07-09 Ath --St. Aubyn, The Old Maid's Sweetheart: A Prose Idyll" no series, as "[Shortly." -08-20 The Athenaeum #3382 1892-08-20 p243, St. Aubyn as "[Shortly."

"This Novel forms the first volume of a new series of stories of the highest class, carefully printed and handsomely bound in cloth, to be issued under the general title of HANDY NOVELS at 1s. 6d. each." --earliest hit ("handy novels")
brief review in "Novels of the Week" p253

-08-27 Ath --listed alone without annotation -09--- several news/mag notices -09-10,17 Ath --"Also, nearly ready, uniform in size and price, A LOST SOUL. By W. L. Alden." (no series) -09-24 The Spectator [Ath not found] --4 listed: St. Aubyn; Alden as shortly; Newbolt October; St. Aubyn November [5]

#2 The Lost Soul

-10-08 The Spectator p479 [Ath not found] as -10-22 below without quotation of Star The Athenaeum #3390 1892-10-15 p528, "Chatto & Windus's New Books." "HANDY NOVELS--Uniform in style, fcap. 8vo, cloth extra, 1s. 6d. each." (2nd listing of two below St. Aubyn) -10-22 Ath --"A New Series of Stories, uniform in style [... as above]." --2nd of two, now quoting notice in Star -10-29 Ath --now 2nd of 3 with Newbolt "[Shortly." -11-05 Ath --listed alone (no series) among New Novels at Every Library -11-12 Ath --now 2nd of 3 with Newbolt simply -11-26 Ath --now 2nd of 4 with Newbolt, and St. Aubyn as "[December 1."

[6] Novel Review I.8 (November 1892) p754 --short synopsis without critical comment, "The teller of this very strange story finds a beautiful lady embedded in a glacier. He restores her to life after a frozen sleep of three centuries. ..."

-12-24 The Spectator --now 5th Coleridge "[Shortly."


-01-14,-02-11 Ath -- " " -02-18 Ath --M. E. Coleridge as '(New Volume of "Handy Novels")' -04-29,-05-20 Ath --Grant Allen, Dr. Palliser's Patient "[Shortly." -05-27 Ath --as June 1 ; -06-03 apparently ready

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, M. E. Coleridge Mary Coleridge

1893 Handy Novels o[7] o[8] o[9]
1898 new edition o[10]

implied issue dates

  1. August 0827 \0820 as Shortly
  2. Oct/Sep 1008 \0924 as Shortly P288464
  3. Nov/Oct 1112 \1029 as Shortly ; 0924 as October
  4. December 1224 \1126 as December 1 ; 0924 as November
  5. February 0218 \0211 as Shortly
  6. June 0603 \0527 as June 1

The Scotsman 1893-02-20 p2, Books of the Week, "A story by Mr M. E. Coleridge, entitled [TSSoE] was published by Messrs Chatto & Windus, London."

  • Manchester Guardian 1893-03-14 p9, "Books of the Week", Ephesus briefly reviewed as too much compressed, a "decidedly sketchy novelette"
  • The Bookman April p26, similar but qualified positive for its "lively effervescence"
  • The Academy 1893-04-08 p302, positive, unrelated to the ancient legend

Kenneth Grahame, The Golden Age T987877

1895-05 Stone & Kimball (May 1895 per 3rd printing; probably June in fact)
2008 Project Gutenberg Ebook #291 --q


1895-05 1st ed./printing [11]; printer statement p242 ; U California, color (missing cover) --half title p[i], Some apology [vi], printer statement p242
1895-08 2nd ed./printing [12]; p[243] (another from U Michigan lacks cover and back page)
1896-01 3rd, two copies with original cover 3rd printing p3-241, no back material but printer statement p[243]


1895 BL 001484315, 014811985, 196p
(earliest HDL) 1897, John Lane, 9th ed. November 1897 [13], p[243] "Printed at the University Press at Cambridge for John Lane [1897]"
1898[c1897], John Lane --several
1899 illus. Maxfield Parrish BL 001484318, 252p[14]
1899 10th "London ; New York : John Lane the Bodley Head" BL 001484317
1921 illus. Lois Lenski BL 001484324, 199p

as John Lane; Stone & Kimball o[57624062] as 1895 16pp adverts o[13338026] o[231833468] as 1895 196, 16 o[300034632] as 1896 3rd o[893701210] as 1895 6th

("the golden age" grahame) 1895--97 (149

[15] Ath #3526 1895-05-25 p686 "JOHN LANE begs to announce the publication this day ... [this last of three] Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. net."

untitled "Some apology ..." p[v] signed K. G. // Kensington, February, 1895.


create by export 2019-08-26 User:Pwendt/People/H. Rider Haggard

Victorian Fairy Tales T1817983 --2015 anthology

Contents from WorldCat (list), BL 017008873 (list), Google Books (, and "Look inside" tp format 2019-07-01

"Note on the Texts", p.xxix, "An appendix brings together four classic critical explorations of the fairy tale, by [REM and H]."

 lws Harry Collingwood 131438 (10)[many] 

The Log of the "Flying Fish" T1022298 Fo[16](25)

[1886] one WorldCat record
1887 Blackie, (alone indb, of 10 at LC) o[6923513]
1894 Blackie, New ed.
1889(?) Scribner & Welford
1887 o[17] 384, 32pp (HDL catalogue concludes Scribner & Welford, / 743 Broadway, New York.
[1899?] o[260320985] HDL
19--? o[2229431]

"Scribner & Welford" is routine in newspapers advertisements, and in title and footer of 32-page catalogue (1889?)

[188-?] Burt 427pp, 5 illus, catalogue o[23928099]
2007 Project Gutenberg 21057 o[747735203]

[Hans] Andersen's Fairy Tales[: A New Translation] T1516056
1867 Warne o[18] o[19] o[20]
1867 Warne ; Scribner
 lw  .A. W. Bayes 205232 (1)[many] 

Andersen [1888], vi+948 (first 1866?)

--also 1894(?) Includes a chronological list of all 168 stories, with access to 128 of these in full-text. 127 of the stories are in a hypertext rendition of Mrs. Paull's nineteenth century (1872) translation into English. Includes links to biographical and bibliographical information about Anderson and his work, an index of translations, etc
Slw  .R. Andre 182391 (4)[20] == Richard André, William Roger Snow, Clifford Merton

Grimm's Household Fairy Tales (c)1890,

McLoughlin, 276p, 3 stories?! o[21] t.p. with cover

Grimm's HFT by The Brothers Grimm, A. L. Burt [n.d.], iv+374 t.p. (no cover) (61? stories) p[1]-374, 24 page illustrations not included in the pagination (uncredited) first, facing p2

"Burt's Home Library", "365 titles of standard works", cloth, $1.00 each --includes two Grimms
el f .George Cruikshank 116830 (632)

"The dwarfs inspired Mr. Cruikshank[15] to one of his best water-colour sketches: who is the happy possessor thereof I do not know, but the woodcut illustration very inadequately represents the beauty and delicacy of the picture." --H.K.F. Eden, p43

* * *
 l   Daniel O'Connor (I) 216260 (2)

The Story of Peter Pan T1863650 Fo[22]

ISFDB: O'Connor, Peter Pan

el   The Countess of Jersey 295962 (5) == Child Villiers, Margaret Elizabeth Leigh
BLOHBm£ --HDL and BLHCL with front cover image: all-gilt design, similar to the Cranford Gulliver --later compare with INTERIORART
1895 o[24]

newspapers 1893/95 (79, all 1894-02 to 11; two index entries and Sep/Oct/Nov: 4 11 18 22 3jan 10000 8jul 00760) Publication date (inferred) and price from listing in "Publications of the Week", The Spectator 1894-10-20 p534, and in earliest publisher advertisement "Macmillan & Co.'s New Books", -10-27 in multiple weeklies

--others announced by MMCo this month in [25] The Bookman: The End of Elfintown, Jane Barlow, illus Laurence Housman (fairy poetry --nidb); Gulliver's Travels (The Cranford Series)

US hits from -11-24

[26] The Critic p.xiii --with entire 11-volume Molesworth series
Outlook -11-24 p867 "Books Received" $1.50
  • 1895 Eric, Prince of Lorlonia T2586550
BLOBm£-c 1895 Macmillan and Co. UK/US, illus "Alice R." -- entered as "1st ed., perhaps a single UK/US printing"
UK date and price (US 1895-11, $1.50) -- Baldwin copy (presumably sold in US) London and new york 1895; printed in UK --NEED SPLIT AS TWO RECORDS
-d$i 2010 Kessinger --"Alice R."
-d$ic 2013 Kindle --"Alice R."

Alice B. Woodward 124743

BL (64) --Shakespeare n.d. plus 51 from 1895

  • 1895 Eric, Prince of Lorlonia (earliest work?) o[27]

Baldwin Library Lorlonia (front cover)

[28] The Spectator 1895-11-23 p733 --review (positive, text only) --another is Carved Lions, p734

[29] NY Times 1895-11-09 p3 "Macmillan & Co.'s New Books for the week ending Nov. 8, 1895." "Alice R. Woodward" $1.25

UK publication October is evident from adverts; some as "Alice R. Woodward"
  • 1907 Peter Pan Picture Book Fo[30](38); Story of PP Fo[31](60)
1907 Bell, PPPB, 28 plates by Woodward,
1910s Musson o[32] 17 leaves plates; 1911? Musson o[33] 28 leaves; 1920s Musson o[34] 16 illus
1911 4th and cheaper o[35] x 62 28, o[77861012] x 62 26; o[725187843] 62 28; o[870113291] 62 25; (c)1907 1911 printing o[36] Internet Archive
1912 o[37] "New ed., with additional colour-plates" ; BL 002691698, schools, 77 16 illus.
1914 BL 002691699, ix 62
1916\1914 o[38] o[39] "New ed., with additional colour-plates", ix 63 20
1918 BL 002691700, ix 63
1922 o[40]
1923 PPPB, BL 002691696 xii 77 "New ed., with new illustrations"
1926 Story PP, BL 002691701 ix 83
1923 MacMillan US, PPPB
1980 Derrydale, PPPB
1992 Dover, The Story of Peter Pan, Daniel O'Connor, illus. Woodward adapted by Kliros
2015 Dover, PPPB

[41] The Bookman Dec 1914 p103, "Messrs. Bell's Xmas List" lists 3 versions of Woodward's Peter Pan

  • 1913 Alice in Wonderland
1914 BL 000617393 viii 161 6
1985, illus Woodward and Sue Shields o[42]; Amazon UK as 1985-09-23, spine shows B&H

(alice wonderland woodward) 1913/14 (34: 10, 24) --meagre

[43] Scotsman 1914-11-26 --brief review of both Woodwards
1985, 1 hit only [full view not available]

Tucker, Nicholas. The Times Educational Supplement; London Iss. 3620, (Nov 15, 1985): 49.

"Re-illustrating Lewis Carroll is a tricky business: even for readers unenthusiastic about Tenniel's original drawings modern interpretations can come as a shock, given all our other existing images of Alice and company gleaned from film, advertisement, pantomime ..."

The King of Schnorrers
Israel Zangwill 16245 (135)

The King of Schnorrers The Idler Volumes contain 6 monthly issues from February and August. Thus 1893 spans issues vol. 2 no. 6, and 3:1-6, and 4:1-5.

II. Shewing how the King reigned.
III. Shewing how His Majesty went to the theatre and was wooed.
IV. Shewing how the Royal Wedding was arranged. (Geo. Hutchinson)
V. Shewing how the King Dissolved the Mahamad.
VI. Shewing how the King enriched the Synagogue.

The King of Schnorrers T[44] --coll

tKotS: Grotesques and/& Fantasies Fo[45](46)
The King of the Schnorrers Fo[46](78)
1894 Mm coll -HDL(1919)
o[47] o[48]
1894 1st [49] (no cover)
1899-08 6th with cover
1909 2 copies one with original cover uc1 cover
1894 Heinemann BL(no ID) King of Schnorrers: grotesques & fantasies ... With ninety-eight illustrations, etc

Israel Zangwill W. Heinemann 1894

o[50] o[51] o[52]
1894 t.p. (no cover)
1909 t.p. (no cover)
1919 Mm t.p. as New York: ... // London: ...

"Perhaps the most intriguing" Proto SF in which "a professor devises a way of recording and transferring memories". --SFE3, "Idler, The" (entry on the magazine) by Mike Ashley and John Eggeling

The Critic 1894-01-06 pII as Just Ready (no price)
Outlook -01-13 p83 as In the Press $1.50
Toronto [53] A notice of the book "soon to be published by Macmillan & Co." closes with mention of "always sympathetic illustrations of such artists as George Hutchinson, Phil. May, S. H. Townnsend, and Mark Zangwill." --The Globe (Toronto) 1894-01-27 p3
Ath #3458 -02-03 p149 forthcoming from Heinemann early February, as short stories
Ath 3460 -02-17 p96 as "[Ready Feb. 23."; In 1 vol. crown 8vo, price 6s."; 98 illustrations "by Phil May, Geo. Hutchinson, F. H. Townsend, and Others"

Gulliver's Travels

, intro Henry Craik, C.B., 100 illus. C. E. Brock T2149907

Henry Craik, ed. 296220 (12)[many]


1908 Macmillan Pocket o[54]
1931 Macmillan Cranford o[55]
1980 Macmillan o[56] ISBN-0333290631


[57] Ath 1894-11-10 p645 --describes the Cranford Gulliver, describes essay by "Mr. Henry Craik" and names "Mr. Charles E. Brock"
[58] The Independent (NY) -11-22 panel advert mainly The Cranford Series --includes Jacobs' Aesop
The Critic NY -11-24 p.vii "Crown, 8vo, gilt, or edges uncut, $2.00.--In the Press." *** "also an Edition de Luxe" (no price)
(cranford gulliver) (33 hits December!)
UK adverts imply the book is out 1894-12 [59] Cornhill Magazine p4 (Cranford Series alone) 103 illustrations ; [60] Ath -12-08 p779 (Macmillan)

Some hits are book articles with a specimen illustration from 'Gulliver's Travels' signed "CEB 1894", no formal data

US NY Times -12-10 p3 "out this week", 100 illus. by "Charles E. Brock" (wonderfully good) "The traveler in the town of the little people makes his first appearance in the gilt design on the dark green cover."
[61] NY Times -12-24 p3 "Books of a Week" --as Lemuel Gulliver's "Travels ..."

ABEbooks: Gulliver's Travels 1894 voila title page 1894 -- t.p. Travels ... by Lemuel Gulliver ; Henry Craik ; Charles E. Brock -- spine Gulliver's Travels ; C. E. Brock bi=22793217027 ; another bi=904455543

D. C. Heath & Co., ed. Thomas M. Balliet

1900 2 vols o[27723660] --paper covers, 15 cents each, from newspaper notices
Home and School Classics [9-10], 5x7-1/2, paper, "Books of the Week" Outlook 00-12-08 p895
I and II. pp. 128. 15 cents each. "Books Received", The Advance 00-11-15 p642
1901 102 112 o[63]
The Home Library 5x8 212 pages. --"Books of the Week" Outlook 01-11-09 p655 "A new edition [Balliet] ... containing 38 illustrations and maps"


1904\1900 x 102 112 o[844215295]
1928 x 102 112 o[898259115] "with thirty-eight illustrations and a map" --38 in vol I alone?

Gulliver's Travels, illus. C. E. Brock

BO.c 1894 Macmillan, ed. Craik, illus. Charles E.
1908 Mm Illustrated Pocket Classics, as Charles F.[sic] Brock o[64]
1908 Mm The Children's Classics, as Charles E. Brock o[65] o[66]
1967 facsimile as Charles E. Brock o[67]
[1910] Cassell & Co. o[68]
LO.. 1974 Franklin
[1979?] Castle, Lilliput only, color HDL(search only)
LOM$i 1999 Signet
LOd$i 2008 Signet


1894 Mm London and New York HDL three copies without original cover (and Harvard copy lacks back pages)

-- title page -- Introduction, [vii]-xiv, closes "H.C." -- The Publisher to the Reader [1726], [xv]-xvi, closes "Richard Sympson" -- Contents, [xvii]-xxv -- List of Illustrations, [xxvii]-xxx --lists 103 inclg headpieces + 5 maps -- Part I title and map, [xxxi-ii] -- narrative p[1]-381; printer statement [382] -- The Cranford Series, [383-84] --this one as "Henry Craik, C.B., and 103 Illustrations by C. E. Brock" Some illustrations signed and dated by month, eg "CEB" over "Feb 1894" p23; "Apr 1894" frontis. Cover illustration (missing from this copy) is "I walked with the utmost circumspection." p39

1910 Mm London t.p.
1922 Mm London
1923 Mm NY
1997 Gutenberg #829 --q
--from 1892 Bell, unillus.
2005 Gutenberg #17157, illus. uncredited
from D.C. Heath & Co. 1900, ed. Balliet, Parts I and II only for schoolchildren
--(back pages) "Fully illustrated. In two parts. Paper, each part, 15 cents; cloth, two parts bound in one, 30 cents."
--Illustrations uncredited (and miscounted)

Classic Tales, Bohn's Standard Library (Bell, 1892) o[69], 666

Gulliver's Travels, ed. Robert MacKenzie (Nelson, 1892) o[70], x 316

Gutenberg #17157, about 60 uncredited illustrations List of Full-Page Illustrations   [11 linked titles including one map] and Twenty-Three Smaller Ones in the Text

List of Full-Page Illustrations   [17 linked titles including one map] and Twelve Smaller Ones in the Text

Jonathan Swift, D.D. --barely indb
publisher D. C. Heath & Co.

need Gutenberg #829

unknown illus.

London, Ward, Lock & co., limited [1910?] HDL
Philadelphia, D. McKay [191-] HDL

1894 Macmillan BL 003557451 xxx 381 as illus C. E. Brock. L.P.

1980 facsimile of Macmillan 1894

BL 009920054 as ISBN-0333290631 xxx 381
ISBN-0333290631 at Amazon Amazon UK as The Magic City

Facsimile classics series at Amazon

1980 Clarkson N. Potter, Annotated Amazon US as ISBN-0333290623 illus. Charles E. Brock

Publishers and their series

Indiana University

Among others The Annotated She --nidb

Norman Etherington; Indiana UP c1991; x.iii,241; ISBN-0253320720
o[71] Bloomington : Indiana University Press, (c)1991
series at WorldCat bloomington or (bloomington, indiana)(20)
Amazon UK as John Wiley & Sons; Annotated edition (1 Aug. 1991) ; Hardcover
 Emanuel J. Mickel, Jr. --nidb (10) Artifical Paradises; Ganelon
  lw  Norman Etherington 28153 (10) 
  lw  Harry M. Geduld 10697 (23) 
1971 Sir James Barrie --nidb ; Twayne's #105, no ISBN ; Amazon B002FKHBOG and as Textbook Binding ISBN 0805710248 (no cover)
1976 Kong --q
1978 Robots vii 246 ill 26cm --PV as 246, no ill
1983 Jekyll --nidb Amazon (no cover)
1987 Time Machine 1987 tp Amazon w cover
1993 War of the Worlds hc Amazon w cover

Authors and Newspapers Association

Publisher Authors and Newspapers Association from May 1906?

The Church School Journal 39 p104 Google Books - lists the first four

"The House of Defence is of especial interest in that it is written in defense of Christian Science and is the first popular novel openly advocating the doctrines of Mrs. Eddy."

  • Publishers Weekly #1789 1906-05-12 p1353 [78] - new publishing-selling plan
ann. Twelve International Novels, one each month from May 1906
six American women novelists: Gertrude Atherton, Anna Katharine Green, Mrs. Craigie--or John Oliver Hobbes--Amelia E. Barr (2? 1906 The Man Between *), Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman (3? 1906 *), Mrs. Burton Harrison
six English novelists: Robert Barr (#1 May 1906 A Rock in the Baltic *), Ian Maclaren (1907 Graham of Claverhouse), Max Pemberton (#5 1906 The Lady Evelyn *), Eden Phillpotts (1906 Daniel Sweetland), E. F. Benson (4? 1906 *), Cutcliffe Hyne

9 of 12 original authors are in the database August 2019; but E. F. Benson alone with a 1906/1907 novel in his bibliography.

  • Publishers Weekly #1879 1908-02-01 p730 [79] - now with Cupples & Leon Company (Cupples & Leon)
others (6 of 17; Mrs. Craigie not listed): C. N. & A. M. Williamson, W. B. Maxwell, S. R. Crockett, Albert Payson Terhune (1907 Caleb Conover, Railroader), F. Frankfort Moore, Baron Rosenkrantz

=> 13 of 18 authors in the database

E. F. Benson, 1906 --ABEbooks The House of Defence [80] --copy with over-printed slug on title page: "L.F. Issing / Special Edition / For sale exclusively by us in Danbury, Conn." [81] - back cover identifies this among the 5 now ready
Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman, 1906, "Doc." Gordon --ABEbooks t.p.
Internet Archive t.p.
C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne, 1906 Kate Meredith, Financier --Internet Archive t.p. - Pillington Press, Norwood, Mass.
Robert Barr, 1906 A Rock in the Baltic HDL(3)
Eden Philpotts, 1906 Daniel Sweetland t.p. at HDL
ABEbooks [82]
Max Pemberton, 1907 [not among first 17/18?] The Lodestar
AKG, 1906 The Chief Legatee --Bibliomania


ISFDB:Community Portal#Tauchnitz Edition format

HDL --try these URL fresh

1883 The Ghost of Charlotte Cray T915676

#2179 Tauchnitz, no better WorldCat record is available
[1884?] Munro's Sons, Victor #84 o[83] 93p 18cm, only 4 stories
[c1887] Munro Seaside Pocket #208 1884-04-15 o[84], 93p + 32-p adverts
[1884] Munro's Sons, Seaside Pocket #208 o[85] microfilm 93p 19cm
[c1900] Munro's Sons, Savoy #180 o[86] 93p 19cm

1874 A Night on the Borders T1576514

#1403 Tauchnitz, PV Rtrace from Google Books --another Cornell/Theodore Stanton volume
Two other WorldCat records o[87] o[88] both list Contents (7 stories) and report size 17cm, which is more adequate; but one reports the wrong series (Collection of British and American authors) and the other reports none.
Anyway, format should be pb, not tp.

HDL copy shows -- <a href="">title page</a> 1874 -- p[303] printer statement -- back (outside) cover "January 1893. Tauchnitz Edition." ------ Latest Volumes: #2852--2880 (29 volumes, 21 titles; plus one two-volume German Authors) "A complete Catalogue of the Tauchnitz Edition is attached to this work." (no price)

(price or F2)

new publication note #2179 P270870

• HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of one copy from the Tauchnitz Collection at Cornell University.
[should say something about its images of hard covers and original paper covers]
• <a href="">Title page dated 1883</a> states "by Florence Marryat (Mrs. Francis Lean), author of [...]" (viewed at HathiTrust).
• "July 1891. Tauchnitz Edition." (image 280) lists Latest Volumes #2704 to 2739, 27 titles in 36 volumes. It concludes, "A complete Catalogue of the Tauchnitz Edition is attached to this work."
• That Catalogue is not in the digital copy.

modified for use #1403 P412856 --PV Rtrace

• HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of one copy from the Tauchnitz Collection at Cornell University.
[should say something about its images of hard covers and original paper covers]
• <a href="">Title page dated 1874</a>
• Back cover, probably (paper original):
• "January 1893. Tauchnitz Edition." (image 314) lists Latest Volumes: #2852 to 2880 (29 volumes, 21 titles), plus one two-volume title in the German Authors series. It concludes, "A complete Catalogue of the Tauchnitz Edition is attached to this work." (no price)
• That Catalogue is not in the digital copy.

1890 Stokes o[89], 320p 17cm HDL ; OL7238862M Internet Archive without original cover

HDL two copies without original cover, that from UCLA evidently with original front/back leaves (Princeton lacks page 302(303) no printer statement) -- title page as Gutenberg represents

2011 Gutenberg --q (as transcript of 1890 Stokes)
[Cornell, image 3] "The Tauchnitz Collection" is allowed to circulate among the University officers, professors, and students, only on condition that the Librarian shall permanently withdraw from circulation any volume which is out of print, and that all volumes lost or unfit for use shall be promptly replaced by the Librarian at the University's expense.
[seal] The Tauchnitz Edition of British & American Authors // Presented to Cornell University by Theodore Stanton of the Class of 1876.
[publisher, front cover, image 6] This Collection is published with copyright for Continental circulation, but all purchasers are earnestly requested not to introduce the volumes into England or into any British Colony.
"August 1900. Tauchnitz Edition." list of Latest Volumes --18 titles in 25 volumes #3415 to 3439
[back cover, image 289] quoted P567383


PSeries: Morley's Universal Library Routledge, Morley Fo[90](36)

Morley's Universal Library (first two years) --but forthcoming #24 later listed as #25/26

Complete in 63 Volumes [ HDL front pages from #19 Candide/Rasselas, 3rd ed.

"Ready on the 25th of each month." => maybe 63 issues 1883-04-25 as May ... 1888-06-25 as July

newspapers ("morley's universal library") 1883=56 ... 1885 31 ... 1888 45, 1889 8, 1890 8


Ath #2894 -04-14 p478 "Literary Gossip" "Each book will contain 320 pages, crown octavo size, bound in cloth, and will sell for one shilling. The series will be in monthly issues. [names first 4 vols accurately]"
[91] Ath -05-05 --advert MUL v1 "Ready in May" [suggests vol 63 ready in July 1888]

1885 (looking for Quixote)

Sat Rev -02-21 "New Books and Reprints"
Sat Rev -03-21 " " --
Sat Rev -04-18 " " --the new vol Ideal Commonwealths is unusually attractive #23 [listed officially as March]
Sat Rev -05-16 p669 " " --the latest Cavendish's Cardinal Woolsey #24
Sat Rev -11-14 p658 "New Books and Reprints" (next found) --two recent vols Elia and Sanskrit #31 #30
[implies #25/26 Don Quixote at once] AND implies 1887-12-15 notice of #56 ... 1888-07 notice of #63 (ready -06-25 as JUNE?)
Spectator 2980 1885-08-08 p1048 --review Don Quixote tr John Ormsby (vols 1-2 of 4, Smith and Elder) recommends "the reprint of Charles Jarvis's translation (why not give him his right name of Jervas?) which has appeared in MUL (Routledge and Sons). To get the whole of Don Quixote for two shillings (publishing price) is a really notable thing."
Ath 3014 -08-01 p145 --librarian's letter of complaint that new MUL Dante transl. Longfellow "bears the date 1886 on the title-page"


Spectator -01-07 p28 --full review Praed's Essays #55
Spectator -01-07 p28 --received MUL Alcestis #54; also CNL Autobiog. of B.F.
Spectator -01-14 --latest is Traditional Tales #56
Sat Rev -01-14 --received Hooker's Ecclesiastical #57 [expected -12-25 as January?]
Sat Rev -02-25 --new vol of MUL The Bacchanals #58 [-01-25 as February?]
Ath #3150 -03-10 p306 "Our Library Table" --we have Izaak Walton #59
Sat Rev -03-17 --"Among our new editions" MUL Izaak Walton #59 [-02-25 as March?]; also Routledge's Pocket Library Frankenstein
Christian Union (NY) -03-29 --Routledge have added essays by Praed [known #55 UK]
Sat Rev -04-14 p456 notes Aristotle, known #60 [expected -03-25 as April?]
[92] The Book Buyer (NY) 1888-May-1 p155 --40c and 60c, "Now Ready" lists #1-60 (#60 UK expected as April 1888, ie probably -03-25)
Sat Rev -06-16 741 --#62 is Rabelais; 3-in-1 projected re-issue is announced (title pages in #63) and "under the title the Carisbrooke Library, the series is to be carried on in the autumn in larger volumes of improved type." That is two reissues.
Ath -06-16 same as next week
[93] Ath 1888-06-23 "Morley's Universal Library will be completed on June 25th with A Miscellany." "This Volume [#63] will contain a Series of Title-Pages [21] for the use of Subscribers who may wish to bind their Sets in the form in which they are to be reissued." ... in Historical Order ... first volume is ready
one-month overlap 1888-06-25 as July implies 63 volumes from May 1883 [expected] and 21 volumes to 1890-02-25 as March [?]
The Critic (NY) 237 1888-07-14 p23/24 --Routledge announces known volumes #61-62 UK
[94] Sat Rev -07-28 p125 --mini-review of MUL #63 supposedly ready -06-25 THAT IS FIVE MONTHS AGO

1889 all 8

The Book Buyer (NY) 1888-July-1 p243 --the latest MUL are [#61-62 UK]
The Golden Rule 14.36 1889-05-02 p503 --retailer Wanamaker's (Phi) listing [MUL]. 61 vols., 12mo. 30c each."
Ath #3222 1889-07-27 p142 --reissue monthly "in a neat Wrapper, price 6d. // Volume I. Now Ready." (old sequence)
Sat Rev -08-03 "New Books and Editions" p145-46 --concludes also received ... "Sheridan's Plays, the first volume of the new sixpenny re-issue of "Morley's Universal Library" (Routledge)."
63 months from 1=1889-08 => 63=1894-10
[95] Ath 1889-09-28 --list #1-63 (1/ and 1/6); list #1-16 (from mid-1888 evidently) of reissue in 21 monthly 3-vols-in-1 (new sequence) 3/6
21 months and 16=1889-10 => 1888-07 to 1890-03

1890 all 8

1890-02-22 on 63-vol ed.
-03-06 p5 and p6 (India) Society for the Diffusion --notes London prices CNL -/3 and MUL -/9 each "the outcome of Lord Brougham's Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in England"
Ath 3281 -09-13 p90 --among other Routledge sets, MUL "in 21 vols., in Oak Bookcase, 4l. 10s. (90/-), or 3.5x21=73.5 +16.5/- for the case (also Routledge's Pocket Library, 60 vols cloth in Oak Bookcase, 3l 13s 6d = 73.5/-)
[96] Spectator 3260 1890-12-20 p926, "Messrs. George Routledge and Sons' List of New Christmas Books" --New Library Edition of MUL, 2/6 each; Vol. I named (old sequence) "To be followed by the other Volumes of the Universal Library."

Cassell's (Red)

PSeries Cassell's Red Library Fo[97](101) 1884/87 (48 hits, earliest May 1885)

[98] Ath #3002 1885-05-09 p616

"On May 26th will be published, price 1s.; or in cloth, 2s. // the first monthly volume of // CASSELL'S RED LIBRARY, ... works by leading E, S, I, and A writers." I. Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop

[99] #3006 -06-06 p744 --lists 8, Dickens first, last as Ready June 25
#3011 -07-11 p61 --8 "Volumes now ready", unnum. in new sequence
Ragged School Union 10.40 1885-10 p186 --before us 2 vols, Irving and Scott
  • Observer 1885-11-29 p8 --"Comprising [13, in new sequence]
  • Observer 1886-12-05 p8 --[25 as 26 vols, evidently #26 to #1 (thru Nov 86?)]
National Library -/3 or -/6 (#1 to #52 = one year)
[100] Ath #3115 1887-07-09 --31 as 33 vols, evidently #33 to #1 (thru Jun 87?)
  • [101] Observer 1887-11-27 p8 --"36 volumes now ready. A list will be sent ..."
National Library "List of the Second Year's Volumes" #53 to #104 (year 1 in bookcase 31/6)
  • Academy 1890-08-02 --59 volumes

implied #18 Hawthorne, The Scarlett Letter

EN: John Cassell (1817–1865), first periodical publication 1848 Cassell, Petter & Galpin from 1858 (or 1855? Cassell bankrupt, acquired by printers) Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Company from 1878 "Petter resigned in 1883 as a result of disagreement over publishing fiction, and in 1888 the company name was changed to Cassell & Co, Ltd, following Galpin's retirement and Petter's death."

PSeries: Cassell's National Library Cassell, Morley Fo[102](683)

[uk] UK number confirmed 10[uk]\9 Walpole 11[uk]\10 Maundeville (excluded Shakespeare, Hakluyt, Marco Polo) 19[uk]\20 Swift, Battle 28[48]\47 La Motte F', Undine and The Two Captains 32[52]\51 Dickens, A Christmas Carol and The Chimes 71[uk]=71 Lucian, Trips to the Moon --#71 UK, BL 001308089 (canonical Thomas FRANCKLIN, D.D., Rector of Brasted.) BL 002277834 77/78[uk] Irving, Knickerbocker's HoNY

UK number : US number

1 : (not among US #1-82) Warren Hastings by Lord Macaulay
2 4-5 8-12 28-32 36-40 42 44-53 : (subtract 1, 29 issues)
3 : 6
6 : 2
7 : 5
13-25 : 14-26 (add 1, 13 issues)
26-27 : 12-13
33-34 = 33-34
35 : 32
41 : 42
43 : 40
54-58 : 53-57 (58\57 Plutarch Pericles,Fabius...\Demosthenes,Cicero...)
...67 : ...66
68 : 67 (subtract 1, 15 more issues, or 44)
69 : 70
70 : 68
(not) : 69 Murder as a Fine Art by Thomas De Quincey
71-82 = 71-82

(new source) compare UK and US lists #53-104

83-89 = 83-89
(1) : 90 Warren Hastings by Lord Macaulay
90-91 : 91-92
92 : 94 Sintram
93 = 93
94-103 : 95-104 --#96/97 Vathek
104 Dickens, Cricket on the Hearth

Known advertisements in the Athenaeum list

UK year 3 : #105-134 (30 thru July)
UK year 4 : #157-175 (19/22 thru April)

[103] #157-61 (without 157b 158b)

MATCHING UK and US ISSUE NUMBERS: 33-34, 71-89, 93

British Library

Otranto -- BL 003842418 as 1886 CNL #10
Vathek/Rasselas -- BL 000246508 as 1883[1882] Nimmo 405pp; BL 000246509 as 1887 CNL #96
Rasselas -- BL 001887332 as 1904 CNL #10 n.s.

WorldCat (687 records)

181-190 1889/90
301-310 1894/96
324-382 = 1899/1901 (includes 19--) [104]
391 = 1903 [105]
  1. Silas Marner, ed. Reid o[106]
  2. A Sentimental Journey, ed. Austin o[857092372] 695871129
  3. [Shakespeare]
  4. Browning's Poems, ed. Innes o[558229727]
  5. On Heroes, (Morley) o[107] o[559084590]
  6. A Christmas Carol; The Chimes (Morley), illus. Leech o[108] o[109]
  7. 1904 Vicar of Wakefield, ed. Irving o[110]

n.s. #1-6 as 1893 November/December

400 1904
467 1905
584 1906
589 1907
617 1908
631 1909
637 1910
646 1911
652 1912
664 1913
668-72 1914
673-87 misc o[111] as 1900 n.s., Rasselas, ed. Morley

Cassell's National Library 1889 (ostens. #157-208)

#193 due Monday 1889-09-02 F. T. Palgrave --The Critic 1889-08-31 p904
Ath 3228 -09-07 p319 welcome recent issues include "Lyttelton's Dialogues of the Dead, Cowper's Table Talk, [191] Rasselas, a dozen and a half tales from the 'Decameron', and [193] Palgrave's Visions of England" (the latter known to be #193, a copyright work, due Mon 1889-09-02)
Man Gua -10-08 p9 latest Cicero's Old Age and Friendship and [196] Shakspere's Richard III
Observer 1889-12-01 p8 "Paper covers, price 3d. each ; or in cloth 6d. each." (200 volumes now ready)

WorldCat se:

CNL (692) (includes many n.s.)
1889 from record #153
CNL new series (7)

[ Rasselas] (896)

1887 CNL Vathek ... Rasselas o[112] #96, 192pp "Henry Morley"
1889 CNL o[113] 192p "Henry Morley"; o[114] #191
1900 CNL n.s. o[115] 192pp "Henry Morley"
1901 CNL n.s. Vathek o[116] 192pp "Samuel Henley"
implied publ dates

Mon 1889-09-02 #193 => -09-30 197, -10-28 201, -11-25 205, -12-23/30 209/210

1886 CNL #10 Otranto o[117]
1901 CNL n.s. Otranto

Cassell's 1889-07/08 advertisements in The Athenaeum do not list CNL series

numbers of ProQuest hits ("Cassell's National Library")

  • 1889, Jan--Mar 17; Apr--Jun 8; Jul--Sep 8; Oct--Dec ??
  • 1890, 17
-01-04 reproductions [118]
-03-15 revolving case [119]
Academy -08-02 Cassell's Japanese Library (now 12 vols), Railway (15), Red (59), National (209)
Am Bk -02-01 p39 --lists by number 154 to 208 including 157a/b 158a/b unrelated pairs
[120] Am Bk 28.2 -07-15 p21 --lists by author 1 to 209
"Order by Numbers. Price, 10 Cents per Volume. Volumes 1 to 158a included, can also be supplied bound in cloth, ink dies, &c., at 25 cents per volume." (that is all but the latest 52 volumes 158b to 209)
  • 1890s (138: 17 47 13 3 10 4 3 0 6 35)

1899 (all US except the earliest which is not substantial)

-06-01 Dial --Received first vols Shakespeare (3) "Per vol., paper, 10 cts.; cloth, 20 cts."
-07-01 Dial --Received Shakespeare, Sheridan (2)
-08-01 Dial p81 --Received Scott, Macaulay, Addison, Goldsmith, Carlyle, Franklin (6)
-10-14 Lit World p350 --Received new series Marco Polo; Essay on Man "Paper, each, 10c"
-11-01 Dial p325 --Received Carlyle, Macaulay, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Luther (5)
-11-11 NYT p761 --Received Bunyan Grace Abounding
  • 1900s (144 hits: 56 10 8 24 22 12 3 8 0 1)
substantial refs to new editions are US-only until
The Globe 1901-01-19 (names 2 probably received)
UK adverts [121] Review of Reviews 1903-11 p551, Vols I-III now ready; [122] The Athenaeum #3967 -11-07 p628, same --Vols I-III as ready 1903-11-11, 11-25, 12-02; -/6 net
latest 1907-06-07 Man Gua p3 --Received Ruskin The Two Paths -/6, Mrs. George Curnock 1/6

* * *
co-published/distributed/imported by Pott, Young ; later E&JB Young

("pott young & co") 1880/82 (49 hits: 36 10 3) ("e & j b young & co") 1880/83 (117 hits: 0 30 35 52) ("e & j b young & co" NOT "christian knowledge") (95 hits)

E. & J. B. Young & Co.

(earliest advertisement found) "The [New York] Times Catalogue of New Books and New Editions *** Restricted to books of the last three months" [title not routinely found]

"The London Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge List" (5 nonfiction) (footer) "E. & J. B. Young & Co., Cooper Union, 4th-av., New-York."

The Independent (New York) 33.1686 1881-03-24 p13 "A GREAT REDUCTION [3-word heading] in price of the publications of the London [SPCK]. General Theological and Juvenile Books are now sold at low net prices; no discount. The new scale of prices gives the public Best Books at Lowest Prices." (footer) "[E&JBY&C] Cooper Union, New York."
Am Bk 1882-11-01 p656 (assembled) "Announcements for Immediate Issue" E&JBY&C Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales "Small 4o, cloth, 75c. net." AND p658 (assembled) "Latest Publications" E&JBY&C Brothers of Pity" "12o, cloth, 199 pp., 75c. net." --NEED COMPARE WITH HDL COPY
--also J. S. Ogilvie & Co. Vice-Versa. 12o, cloth, 220 pp., 75c.; paper, 25c.

Macmillan and
Molesworth 124751
1877 Cuckoo Clock T2392160 Fo[123](119)
1877 Tapestry Room T2392161 Fo[124](47)
1890 The Children of the Castle Fo[125](24)
1892 coll Enchanted Garden Fo[126](15)
1895 Carved Lions T2392159 Fo[127](26)
1898 Magic Nuts T1677276 --Gutenberg 39662 is US ed. evidently

WorldCat search (1891; au:"L. Leslie Brooke") and so on; several hits from 1892, only one as 1891

  • 1916\1891, illus Leslie Brooke --illustrations may be later o[128]
  • 1895 The Carved Lions T2392099 --for title note: huge wooden lions at Cranston's furniture shop page 8

HDL copy inscribed Xmas 1895; London 1895; printed in US

p195 "The End"; two catalogues back pages (1)-8 Mrs. Molesworth uniform 11 vols (as "Leslie Brooke") and back pages (1)-14 for Children


BL 002520178 reports London 1895 and viii 194
o[129]-HDL as viii 194, publisher's advertisements, R&R Clarke
o[130]-Baldwin " ", " ", " "
o[173285903] British Library, 2-page list of works; o[1105586939] " " R&R Clark
o[83797417] ... 8 back pages?
1896 Bodleian o[62500856]
1896 Stories for children o[131]
1899 New York o[132] 195p


("macmillan and company") 1896 (69: 10 12 7 9 1 10 ; 4 2 4 3 4 4)
("macmillan and co") 1896 (429: 76 39 33 33 30 33 ; 45 19 17 61 32 28)
("Macmillan and Co" "new york") (193: 110 thru May
("the macmillan company" 1896 (477: 1 0 0 0 1 13 ;

Publisher advertisements in US newspapers

The Critic -05-23 p.lxxx "Macmillan & Co.'s New Publications"
N-Y Tribune -05-25 p9 "Macmillan & Co. Publish This Day"
Outlook 1896-05-30 p1015 "Macmillan & Co.'s New Publications"
Chi Tribune -06-05 p8 "The Macmillan Company // publishers."
The Critic -06-06 p.lxxxvii "The Macmillan Company // New Publications."
Outlook -06-13 p1093 "The Macmillan Company. New Publications"
The Dial -06-16 p346 "The Macmillan Co's New Publications"

ProQuest ("the macmillan company") 3896/99 (3577 hits), before 1896 (7 hits)

newspapers, magazines ("the macmillan company") 1896/99 (3398 hits), before 1896 (1, mention in prose 1892)

earliest The Independent #2478 1896-05-28 p19 "Literary Notes"

"The Macmillan Company, to conduct the business of publishers and booksellers, now carried on by Macmillan & Co., in New York City, has just been incorporated, with a capital of $275,000. Directors-- [7: 5 NY and CT, 2 London Craik and Frederick O. Macmillan]

The Advance (Chicago) #1596 -06-11 p856 "Literary Small-Talk"

"Macmillan & Co., of New York, following the example of the London firm of the same name in becoming an incorporated company, have reorganized and transferred their business to a stock-company and will be known hereafter as The Macmillan Company. ..."

advertisements as The Macmillan Company (66 Fifth Avenue, New York) -0605 -0606 -0613

ISFDB publication records as The Macmillan Company (3 before 1896)

1894 The King of the Schnorrers (coll) T1662334
1894 Mad Sir Uchtred P557554 by Chris J from libraries and Reginald
1875 P585494 by Chris J

HDL Mad Sir Utrecht

1894 Unwin, Autonym Library #2
1895 Unwin, 3rd
1894 Macmillan 4 copies all with original cover: uc1 w cover; uc2 w cover; hvd; nypl
back pages adverts p(197-98) Macmillan & Co., 66 Fifth Avenue, New York [only]; this one not listed

newspapers ("mad sir uchtred") 1894 (80) --RETURN TO THIS

announced June 1894 for summer: Putnam's Autonym Library --The Critic -06-09 p401, Literary World -06-16 p188
discount price 1/3 in Ireland [133] Irish Times 1894-08-04

* * *
The Queen's Treasures Series

Bell & Sons, from 1908-09

[The] Queen's Treasure[s] Series

OFFT o[134] o[135], illus. Graham Robertson ; (no hyphen) BL 0011832120, ix+125
Alice 1914 o[136] o[137], BL 000617393 viii+161+[6]
1920 o[138]

("queen's treasures series") 1905/1920 (180 hits from 1908-09: 56, 49, 32, 13, 7, 5, 8 [1914:1915] 4, 2, 0, 0, 0, 4)

[139] 1920-12 advert 5/- ; now 23 volumes Carrots, Molesworth\Wheelhouse
[140] 1916-12 advert 3/- ; "TQTS. A collection of Victorian Masterpieces in new and dainty format ..."
--also Story of Peter Pan for Children, illus. Woodward, Special Edition 28 plates 3/6
Ath 1915-11-27 p404 ; Bookman (Dec 1915) p134 rvw Mary's Meadow &c, Ewing\Wheelhouse, 2/6
Ath 1914-11-14 p506 two new volumes, Mother Molly and Alice
Milo Winter, Robinson Crusoe and Arabian Nights, Duckworth Windermere Series, 5/- each
[141] Ath 1914-10-10 advert lists 2 new; also Woodward's Peter Pan
Ath 1913-12 advert lists 3 new vols: Stories from Aunt Judy, Little Duke, Jackanapes

Number of volumes by year

[1908] 3, 5
3 2 1 3 2 1 0 0 0 0
3 [1920]

HDL (7 hits)

1. 1908-09 Cousin Phillis
2. 1908-10 1910 printing, Six to Sixteen (Ewing\Wheelhouse) --
3. 1908-11 1910 printing, Flat Iron (" ") -- 11 listed
8. 1909-11 Cranford -- 10 listed (2 In the Press)
9. 1910-04 The Brownies -- 10 titles listed (1 In the Press)
12 1911-03 A Great Emergency (" ") -- 12 listed
?? 1913 Stories from Aunt Judy (one of #15 to #17 published in 1913) -- 17 vols, 10 by Ewing
Contents (14)

Beside other Ewing collections that may contain some appropriate stories, volumes plausibly appropriate for ISFDB seem to me:

16 or 17th, 1913, Stories from Aunt Judy
22nd, 1920, Lost Legends of the Nursery Songs, Mary Senior Clark illus. Estella Canziani [serial from Aunt Judy's Magazine]
Mary Senior Clark --nidb (2)[8]

Aunt Judy's "Lost Legends"

Hark, hark! -- one story Nov/Dec 1868

1870 collection, Bell and Daldy o[142], iv 248 [16], w list of Contents (16 nursery song titles) "Prose retellings of nursery rhymes." ; Open OL7045050M ; Internet Archive w original cover

1878 Bell o[143] iv 248 16
1920 Bell, Queen's Treasures o[52260969] vi 278 [8]; o[2170012] vii
1921 Harcourt, Brace, and Howe QT o[144]
KNOWN NEW VOLUMES [1913] *3, 2, *1, (1916/19 none known), *1+2 [1920]
INFERRED 1908 to 1912: 14 vols, namely the first 14 listed in 1920, then listed as 5 other and 9 Ewing(*) --12 illus. Wheelhouse, all but two Ewing by Woodward
[1908] **3, 2 + 3, 1 + 2, 1 + 1, 0 + 1 [1912]
[145] Ath 1908-09-19 "First List of Volumes" (3) 1908-09-23 and 1908-10(2) ---later adverts #2 as forthcoming -10-21 (-1010 p448) -10-29 (-1024 p498) and Ready (-1031); #3 as fc -12-02 (-1121 p656) and Ready Next Wednesday (-1128 p692); #4 as Just Published (-0227 p268); #5 as available (-0320 p360) Wednesday next (-0522 p838) --that is, 1908-09 debut ff by four longer works by Mrs. Ewing 1908-10/11 and 1909-02/05, namely Six/Farthing and Jan/Overtheway
#6 (Oct or earlier) Alcott, #7 1909-10 Lob-Lie illus Woodward, #8 1909-11 Gaskell(2)
#9 1910-04 Brownies illus Woodward (rvw The Bookman Apr 1910 p25)
#10? 1910-09 Silas Marner now ready
#11 fc 1910-10-05 (-1001 p400) --that is, in fact Silas Marner precedes We and the World
#12? Great Emergency &c, Ready Immediately (1911-0325 p324)
#13? Alcott(2) as available 1911-12-09 p746
[146] 1912-11-30 p668 --#14? Melchior's Dream &c, as New Volume --also Woodward's Peter Pan Picture Book, new and cheaper edition, 35th thousand
Ath 1908-12-05 p730 "Small crown 8vo, with 8 ... End-Papers, by M. V. Wheelhouse" (3 volumes)
Ath 1909-01-02 p17 Jan and the Windmill, early February --that is, a third long work by Ewing\Wheelhouse


2/6, 1908 to 1915
3/-, 1916
4/6, early 1920 (1)
5/-, end 1920 (2)


year evident in publisher advertisements, sequence nearly complete, and most months

Silver, grey, or beige lettering and outline drawing on dark cloth, blue in this case.

  1. 22 1920 Queen's, Lost Legends of the Nursery Songs

The Brownies 1932 BL 001183160

Stories from Aunt Judy

1913 o[816228938] -HDL, o[314867027] o[810800736] BL 002839402 viii 268
1920 o[147]


Title: Queen's Treasures Series. BL 003015998
("queen's treasures series") 22
("the queen's treasures series") 7
("queen's treasure series") 1 --1914 Alice BL 000617393 (expected b/w drawings by Tenniel)
47 ("queen's treasures") 22
10 ("queen's treasure") 2

WorldCat se: search --and general search

47/48 hits [the] queen's treasures [series] --52/56
10 hits [the] queen's treasure [series] --10/10

ISFDB Advanced Publication Series Search

Publication Series Name
ends with: series (240 records)
starts with: The (286 records)
(both, 39 records)


el   Juliana Horatia (Gatty) Ewing 126876 (85) = J.H.G., J.H.E., Mrs. Ewing  
1885 [JHE] and Her Books
Ebook #17085 List of Works(date?) --this publication 1896; list of Works 1885, updated --Preface and Letters alone new in this ed.
HDL 1885 ed. p84-88 [148] with front/back cover
HDL 1887 ed. p84-88 [149] --no Letters; no list of vols 1-18
HDL 1896 ed. p138-44 [150] --continues with Letters (no hit for ^darner^)

* * *

Story collections probably --at least 5 in her lifetime

G H 1862 #Melchior's Dream : and other tales (5) T2067885 Fo[151]43
G H 1869 #Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances Fo[152]93
G H 1870 #The Brownies and other tales [stories] T2582757 Fo[153]66 + Fo[154]15
G H 1877 A Great Emergency and other tales Fo[155]72

HDL 6 full view as: 86(2) 89 91 95 11

G * 1882 #Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales T2578655 (18/19) (1888?) (1896?) Fo[156]44
– H 1887 Dandelion clocks and other tales Fo[157]19

HDL 1 full view as: 1887

G H 1891 Last words : a final collection of stories (12) Fo[158]15 HDL

HDL 3 full view as: 1891 98 00

H - full view of some edition at HathiTrust (all except Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales!)

others from subsequent publications in list of works (excluding Works volumes)

– "Songs for Music, by Four Friends" (orig. H. King)
– "Papa Poodle, and other Pets" (orig. SPCK)
– H "Lob Lie-by-the-Fire and other Tales" = v7? (orig. Bell & Sons, 1873)

HDL 3 full view as: 1874 86 00 1874 Contents (5) George Bell & Sons, 2nd ed. --ILLUSTRATIONS EVIDENTLY MISSING FROM THIS COPY By the same author

G "Brothers of Pity, and other Tales of Beasts and Men" = v12?
– "Baby, Puppy, and Kitty" (orig. SPCK)
– "Little Boys and Wooden Horses" (orig. SPCK)
G "Mary's Meadow, and other Tales of Fields and Flowers" = v16?
G "The Peace Egg and Other Tales" (5) = v10

HDL 1 full view as: 1896

Verses = v9
Miscellanea = v17
17. MISCELLANEA, including The Mystery of the Bloody Hand—Wonder Stones—Tales of the Khoja, and other translations.
18. JULIANA HORATIA EWING AND HER BOOKS, with a selection from Mrs. Ewing's Letters.

Roberts Bros.

1881 Overtheway -LOC
1889 Overtheway -LOC
1886 Great Emergency -HDL
1891 Last Words

other LC collections

1885 Lob Lie-by-the-Fire -HDL 72p, illus Caldecott (Edmund Evans), no Contents (1 story)
1893 -HDL 245p (3) Lob Lie-by-the-fire.--Snap-dragons.--Old Father Christmas. o[3657113]
1920 Stories; Duffield -HDL 426p (11) --all non-genre?
1932 Timothy's Shoes and two, adapted (3)

HDL 1 full view as: 1932

1900? Mary's Meadow, Snap-Dragons, Dandelion Clocks [Works, v11] (20) at HDL with original cover Contents --(c)Roberts 1891; Little, Brown 1900; 371p (no back pages)

[5] p173-79 The Blind Man and the Talking Dog --old fashioned fairy tale 1876-02 (coll. Dandelion Clocks)

The Kyrkegrim Turned Preacher --ah

[16] 287 Cousin Peregrine's Wonder Tales --non-genre AJM 1875-03/05 Miscellanea
[17] 317 Cousin Peregrine's Traveller's Tales --AJM 1875-07/08 Miscellanea
[18] 337 The Snarling Princess (Freely adapted from the German) --offt 1875-12
[19] 346-64 The Little Parsnip Man (Freely adapted from the German) --offt 1876-01
see also [16-17] at least

H.F.K. lists one more adaptation, Adventures of an Elf , coll. Verses for Children --"The Adventures of an Elf" is a poem to some clever silhouette pictures of Fedor Flinzer's, which she freely adapted from the German.

1887 Dandelion Clocks (6) Contents

"four German woodcuts have been reproduced on pages 9, 17, 26 and 50, as Mrs. Ewing wrote the tales [#1 2 3 6] ... to fit these pictures"

Melchior's Dream

Melchior's Dream and Other Tales T2067885

HDL 7 full view as: 1862 86(3) 88 95 99

1886 t.p. "By Juliana Horatia Ewing (J. H. G.)"

Melchior's Dream
The Blackbird's Nest
Friedrich's Ballad
A Bit of Green
Monsieur the Viscount's Friend
The Yew-Lane Ghosts
A Bad Habit
A Happy Family

Illustrations, 8 (front plus 7) Editor's Preface (2) ... 1862 contained "the first five stories in the present volume"

Melchior's dream
and other tales
  • 1929
  • 1919 (unique LC record this title)
  • 1912
  • 1911 Bell, New ed. 112p o[159] o[868684416]
  • 1904 Bell, New ed. 112p, 7 illus. o[160]
  • 1898 Bell 112p o[161] 8 stories ; o[162]; o[163] as with Jan of the Windmill
  • [1896] SPCK Works 1, 278p, Baldwin o[164] 8 stories

Works published 1896-11, or publ 1894 to 1896?

  • 1895 SPCK o[165]
  • 1895 SPCK/E&JBY, Works I, viii+278 o[166] HDL
  • 1891 Bell, Parlour library, Shilling series, 112p o[167]
  • 1889 7th, 1888 New, 1887 New, 1886 New, 1886 7th, 1886 5th, 1882 4th, 1875 3rd (xii+192, 8 stories, 5 plates), 1869 Bell and Daldy (xi+192, 5 stories), 1862 Bell and Daldy

"Melchior's Dream, Brothers of Pity, and other Tales" (Boston: Roberts) at HDL

1888 Roberts [168] (no cover) -p356; p[357] Uniform Library Editions of Mrs. Ewing's Stories in Nine Volumes [does not contain OFFT]
1886 Roberts (2 records) --expanded as 13 stories Contents with cover, 13 stories

"Melchior's Dream, and other Tales" (Bell & Sons, 1885; expanded) = v1? as expanded?

1886 Bell, New ed, Double columns (1 record, 2 copies),

[169] with cover, no date, 8 stories, 8 illus (front + 7); Editor's Preface [1862, 1886], three new stories with all stories now illus by Gordon Browne -- Melchior's Dream: An Allegory, p[11]-25 -- stories span p[11]-112

1895 SPCK (1) - 8 stories

Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances

HDL 6 full view as: 1800 86(2) 90 99 15

+ Ida --frame story
+ Mrs. Moss --primarily Mrs. O's first story (non-genre)
The Snoring Ghost --non-genre (young barn owls in the spout)
Reka Dom
Kerguelen's Land --The Captain's (father's) survival and rescue

The Brownies

The Brownies and Other Tales T2582757

HDL 4 full view as: 1886 93 00 10

("the brownies and other tales") 1870/71 (52 hits: index, 35 Oct/Dec, 12 Jan/Apr, 5 Oct/Dec)

Ath 1870-10-29 "[Ready this day."
[170] Illustrated Review 1.3 (1870-11) p128
--advert lists also both monthly 6/- and annual 7/6 Aunt Judy's ; also Melchior's Second Edition 3/6; Mrs Overtheway 4/-
[171] same issue p112 --review as "fairy-tale"
"LLT takes us along with the good aunt Penelope through a mysterious region, where little folk can be brought to judgment for hard-hearted treatment of the treasures of the nursery toy-cupboard, and shows what such cruel tyrants may expect."
Christmas-tree and Christmas crackers as "visions"
1871-10-22 "published last Christmas, is already in a second edition"
[172] -11-18 "Imperial 16mo, 5s." --also Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume for 1871 "Imperial 16mo, 7s 6d."

  • The Brownies and Other Tales Fo[173](66)
1870 Bell & Daldy, 1st ed. (dedication?) o[174] 229p, 6 stories
1871 2nd
1871 Roberts; Bell & Daldy; 1871 (under B&D logo) ;; dedication JHE 1870
pages 1 68 113 130 150 186
illus front -- "" -- "" "" (the expected four) (signed GCk) --but two are not original to the magazine publs
back pages "Published by Bell and Daldy" s/d
1875 Bell & Sons, 3rd; (1871 dedication) o[175] 229p, 6 stories (one as "Christmas Crackers: A Fantasia")
[1882] SPCK, Authorized, Works V (1882 implausible) o[176], 238
1886 Bell & Sons, New ed., 8 stories -HDL
1891 London (no publisher), 8 stories, "6 cuts by Harral after G. Cruikshank" o[905680925] -HDL
1910 Bell & Sons, HDL: The Queen's Treasures Series, 2/6; 6 stories, illus. Alice B. Woodward o[177] -HDL o[5818595]
1920 Internet Archive(no cover) Queen's Treasures Series, 4/6 [erroneous Contents The Brownies] o[] --q
illus. front, 22, 72, 92, facing p104 (fantastic), 118, 158, 166 --two each for Brownies and Amelia (full-page not included in the pagination) fp, title,

1927 o[29082202] o[941431201], 1932 o[559054053], 1938 o[78779128]
1939 Dent, Kings Treasuries, 6 stories, illus. Cruikshank, ed. Pocock o[178], 221p
Project Gutenberg #16052 [179]
source text undated SPCK/E&JBY

The Brownies

n.d. SPCK BL 010224253 --meagre
1893 Tauchnitz BL 011284387
1939 Dent, King's Treasuries BL 001183161
  • The Brownies and Other Stories Fo[180](15)
[1906?] Burt, illus. J. Watson Davis o[181]
1954 Dent/Dutton, illus. Shepard (7) o[182] o[183] Mrs. J. H. Ewing
  • The Brownies; The Land of Lost Toys o[184] (Caldwell, 189-?)
  • The Brownies and [T/t]he Land of Lost Toys o[185]
Worterbuch o[186] (Tauchnitz 1892)

The Brownies and Other Tales, New ed. (Bell, 1886) (orig. 1870/71?), illus. Cruikshank

front cover = frontispiece/title page
frontispiece "The Brownies"
t.p. 1886
dedication 1871
Contents (8 stories, 6 as illustrated)
stories, [9]-122 (no back pages)
  1. + ill 9, The Brownies -- The Monthly Packet (HDL) #180 1865-12 p658-701 * "The Brownies: A Fairy Story" by Juliana Horatia Gatty (novelette) --on reasonable interp, contains an elaborate dream
  2. + --- 32, The Land of Lost Toys --indb * --on reasonable interp, contains an elaborate dream
  3. + ill 48, Three Christmas Trees -- AJM 1867-12 * --non-genre on straightforward dream interpretation ; Christmas-t/Tree hyphenated in text, running headers and magazine title
  4. + --- 55, An Idyll of the Wood -- AJM 1867-09 * --non-genre with thrush dreams of the wood
  5. + ill 62, Christmas Crackers --indb * --: A Fantasia --plausible dreams
  6. + ill 76, Amelia and the Dwarfs --indb * --plausible dream or delirium
  7. + ill 92, Timothy's Shoes -- (first coll. in Lob Lie-by-the-Fire) --fantasy
  8. + ill 108-22, Benjy in Beastland -- (first coll. in Lob Lie-by-the-Fire)

ill = Illustrated --fantasy

(full-page included in pagination) fp, --, 51, --, 67, 83, 99, 118
page counts (whole and part) 22 16 6 7 13 15 15 14 ==excludes full-page illus.

WorldCat search (au:ewing; ti:"brownies and other tales")

ESTIMATE 640 words/double column page; ONE-SIDE illustrations included in the pagination => six of novelette length ~8000-14,000

First two and last three of 8 stories feature bad children converted to good by fantastic experiences or dreams.

The Brownies and Other Tales --HDL

188? SPCK, Works vol V --6 expected, from the Bibliog o[21662805] Authorized ed
1886 Bell, New ed., illus. Cruikshank 8 stories (above) --MAYBE ADD INDIVIDUAL STORIES

NOTE TO SELF as 1886, 6 stories, with wrapper o[21662805] as 1886, 4th ed., 6 stories o[71368271] as 1887 o[317863556] (engr Horace Harral) as 1889 o[34754861] (Baldwin, adverts)

1893 Leipzig, B. Tauchnitz, 1893 --8 stories
190-? New York, : Hurst & Co., [190-?], frontis. Cruikshank 6 stories(no cover)
1910 Bell, The Queen's Treasures Series (list of 10 inclg 7 by Mrs. Ewing) 6 stories with cover (same as 1870/71? --dedication 1871, Illustrations --illus. endpapers, col. paintings (uncredited)
Lob Lie, The Brownies, and Other Tales (Little, Brown, 1900), frontis. Cruikshank 11 stories with cover

The Brownies and Other Tales --nidb

1870 London BL 001183158
[1871] SPCK BL 010224253 mrs. Juliana Horatia Ewing born Gatty
1886 Bell BL 001183159 122p
1893 Tauchnitz BL 011284387 288p
1932 Bell BL 001183160 176p
1939 Dent BL 001183161 221p
1946 Scribner 50p

cf. her letters 1869-Septuagesima and 1869-04-19 on her intentions for old-fashioned fairy tales unlike Fairy Godmothers

Internet Archive SPCK/E&JB, no date (with cover; no back pages)

Illustrations (larger, exclg sometimes-elaborate initial caps): front*, v^, 15=HILL, 25=NECK, 35=NIX, 63=OGRE, 68=MAGI, 89=WIDOW, 95=KIND, 113=MURD, 133=FIDD, 159=FIRST, 169^, 183=KNAVE (13 full-page illus.; half-page v)
Gordon Browne and (?): front ("Good Luck")
H Harrel/al - engraver? apparently second signature frontispiece and p133
S. V. Morch X. - p169 ("The Magician")
p25 "The Neck"

Full-page illus. are not reproduced here. Half-page atop preface and initial capitals, etc.

("brownies and other tales") 1882/85 (0) 1886 (15) UK (11)

(earliest) [187] Ath 3060 1886-06-19 p827 "George Bell & Sons' Books
one of "Recent Books" The Spectator -07-03
one of "The Shilling Series" 10/11 of which 7/8 by Ewing, The Spectator -0731/-0828 (inclg 4 collections Melchior, Overtheway, Great Emergency, Brownies)

US (4, all concerning this uniform ed. of Ewing)

[188] The Critic 1886-09-25 Roberts Bros uniform ed. complete in 9 vols $1.00, separately or as boxed set
two are: Melchior, Brothers; Lob-Lie, Brownies
[189] Am Bk Vol. 20, Iss. 10, (Nov 15, 1886): 501. --list of 9

The Land of Lost Toys (Little, Brown, (c)1900) T1187102, 2-story COLLECTION

The Land of Lost Toys (1869-03/04)
The Brownie (1865-??)

both collected in The Brownies, and Other Tales (Bell & Sons)

  • The Land of Lost Toys
1900 o[15344188] 2 plates ; NEED Open Library
Gutenberg o[190]

Plates (per WorldCat) face pages 4 and 34; captions are quotations from and citing page 5 and 34. Little, Brown list, p[83-84]

1, The Land of Lost Toys

1, An Earthquake in the Nursery
5, Aunt Penelope [... And Aunt Penelope began.]
8, The Land of Lost Toys [quotation thruout]
30, Sam Sets Up Shop
33, horizontal line [end]

34, The Brownies --3rd illustration not by JWKennedy, engraved by Harral

40, The Story of a Grave-Stone
41, The Doctor's Tea Party [... The boys shood down in a few minutes more, and the Doctor began the story of
"The Brownies." (p42)
52, horizontal line [a dream?]
75, horizontal line [... the Doctor had paused here. end but continued to p78]
81, A Borrowed Brownie
82, horizontal line [end]

list of Little, Brown children's books, inclg 2 by Mrs. Ewing, and (boxed set of 7; advert elsewhere: four of which)

Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales

Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales T2578655 (18 to 20) --unhyphenated sometimes?

1882 SPCK
1920 Bell, Queen's
2005 Gutenberg 15592


[1920] SPCK (hyphen) BL 001183219, xi+125
[1920] Bell (no hyphen) BL 001183220, ix+125, illus. Graham Robertson
o[191], o[192]
1953 Bell (no hyphen) BL 001183221, vii+120, illus. Gertrude Mittelmann--nidb and Robertson

OFFT as 1909? Works v3, 145+132 [193]

Works ... New Library Edition (Little, Brown) (list) I to XI
Vol. III -- OFFT; Brothers of Pity and Other Tales of Beasts and Men ; illus. A. W. Bayes and Gordon Browne ; pp. [v]-viii + 1-145, 5-132
OFFT does not contain any of the full-page illus. (maybe purpose to credit initial caps)
Brothers (half-title, ded, Contents) contains full-page illus. 2nd series facing pages 22, 24 50, --, 100, --, 122

t.p. -- cover title Old Fashioned Fairy Tales and Brothers of Pity -- half-title "Juliana Horatia Ewing's Works // Volume Three // ... -- title page, [iii] (no date) -- Preface, [v]-viii -- Contents, [ix] -- stories, [1]-145 (half-title) -- Preface, [1] -- Contents, [3] -- stories, 5-132 (5 stories)


1882 SPCK 001183218 vii+184
[1920] SPCK
[1920] Bell
1953 Bell

WorldCat Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales

[1894] SPCK o[194] 169p, Authorized ed.
[1900?] SPCK x+169 o[195]
19-- vii+125 o[196]
1912? vii+120 o[] --see 1953
[1919?] Bell ix+125 o[197] --as Queen's Treasures; Juliana, Graham (hyphen)
1920 Bell vii+125+8 o[198]
1920? SPCK ix+125
1953 Bell vii+120+5 o[199] o[200] --both as no-hyphen, Mrs. Ewing, 1953/1912; 5 plates
1955 vii+120 o[201]
2005 Gutenberg #15592 o[202] --19! stories Ebook #15592
  • London: SPCK; New York: E. & J.B. Young
  • Dedicated to my dear sister, Undine Marcia Gatty. J.H.E.
  • Preface [18 stories] ends with a 19th story "Under the Sun"

oOCLC: 938913260 as SPCK and New York: Pott, Young, & Co. [1882?] ; vii+184 ; with twelve original designs by A.W. Bayes and Gordon Browne, and other illustrations

a no hyphen b plural, plural

SPCK and E&JB n.d. 188-? Internet Archive with cover -- stories [1]-184 -- (no back pages)

("old fashioned fairy tales") 1882/83, 32 hits

UK (earliest announcement found -09-23)

The Academy #544 1882-10-07 p251 "[SfPCK New and Recent Publications" "Fcap. 4to, with numerous Woodcuts, paper boards, with Coloured Pictorial Illustration, 3s. 6d."
The Academy #550 -11-18 p361 review

1883 Nov/Dec (3) advert as Christmas Books, no mention of New ed., as quoted above

US (earliest announcement found -09-09 p243 by Roberts Bros., OFFT title-only)

[203] Am Bk 1882-09-15 p548 "[E&JBY] New Books" "By Mrs. Ewing. With numerous illustrations. Small 4to, cloth, 75 cents net." ... footer "[E&JBY] are the Sole Agents in America for this Society's Publications."
rvw "Juvenile Books for the Holidays" Am Bk 13.23 -12-01 "numerous illustrations, and the colored covers bear fantastic designs by R. Andre. (Pott, Young & Co.)"
[204] Lit World -12-02 p442E&JBY advert "[London SPCK]" (footer) E&JBYoung / Cooper Union, Fourth Avenue, New York; this one under "Home Library new volumes": "12 full-page illustrations small 4to, with a finely designed and colored cover paper boards, $1 05 net; by mail, $1.15." ..."

Does the magazine use "Pott, Young & Co." canonically, by habit, by mistake? Or is there earlier cloth edition with that imprint, later paper-board ed with the familiar imprint?

* * *
Short stories (24 indb 2019-07-11)

= 19 from OFFT (below) + 5 others

M   Melchior's Dream (1861) [only as by J. H. G.]
B   The Brownies (1865) 
B 67-09  An Idyll of the Wood (1867), illus. J. A. Pasquier (? from sig.)
B 67-12  Three Christmas Trees (1867)
B 69-03+  The Land of Lost Toys (1869), unillus.
B 69-12+  Christmas Crackers (1869)
B 70-02+  Amelia and the Dwarfs (1870)
B 70-05+  Benjy in Beastland (1870)
B 70-11+  Timothy's Shoes (1870)

Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales

[1882] SPCK\E&JBY, undated Internet Archive copy, t.p. "with twelve original designs by A. W. Bayes and Gordon Browne, and other illlustrators." (no Illustrations list)
  1. 75-08 r-I 01 01 Good Luck is Better Than Gold --(1882 coll. frontis. by Gordon Browne)
  2. 70-05 *A= 09 11 The Hillman and the Housewife
  3. 70-06 *A= 12 16 The Neck: A Legend of a Lake
  4. 70-04 *A= 21 28 The Nix in Mischief
  5. 70-02 *AO 27 36 The Cobbler and the Ghosts
  6. 71-04 -AO 35 45 The Laird and the Man of Peace
  7. 71-06 oA= 45 57 The Ogre Courting
  8. 72-03 oA= 53 68 The Magicians' Gifts --(Magician's per Bibliog)
  9. 71-02 oA= 64 82 The Widows and the Strangers --(Widow per Bibliog)
  10. 69-11 *A= 73 93 Kind William and the Water Sprite
  11. 72-02 oA= 81 103 Murdoch's Rath
  12. 71-08 -AO 91 115 The Little Darner -- AJM, August 1871, as "The Six Little Girls ..."
  13. 73-01 oA= 99 125 The Fiddler in the Fairy Ring
  14. 76-04 r-O 108 137 "I Won't" [unpunctuated?]
  15. 70-09 *AO 116 146 The Magic Jar
  16. 70-08 *A= 123 155 The First Wife's Wedding Ring --(Gutenberg hyphen)
  17. 76-11 r-I 131 166 The Magician Turned Mischief-Maker --(1882 coll. illus. by S.V. Mo"rch)
  18. 72-06 oA= 136 172 Knave and Fool
  19. 70-07 *AO --- --- Under the Sun --(Gutenberg only, and with SPCK/E&JBY title page)

perhaps strictly non-genre: The Cobbler, "I Won't"

A first published with illus. by A. W. Bayes (16 from vols 8-11; 3 later unknown)
= illus. Bayes in 1882 coll. (11 of 16 known Bayes illus.)
O unillus. in 1882 coll.
I other illustration in 1882 coll. (2)
* published as Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales, I to VIII
o published later as OFFT, unnumbered (observed in the magazine)
r (reported by H.K.F. Eden)

perhaps published as OFFT (per Bibliog)

1875 Good Luck
1876 The Blind Man, "I Won't" --"under the same heading"
1877 The Magician

Cruikshank water-colour illustrations

OFFT online dealers

Roberts n.d. [205]
illus. W.G.Robertson (front cover viewed, silver? on blue)
Walmart from Google/Internet Archive [1882] [206]
Bell 1953 book Amazon
Bell 1955 dj ABEbooks
2018 Audio from [1882]? [207]
19 stories; shortest 3:52 Hillman ; longest 18:14 Magicians'

Amazon shows several 19-story editions.

Amazon 18 stories I to XVIII inclg Under the Sun (exclg "I Won't")

newspapers ([SPCK] ewing) 1880-1899 (204; about 120 to 1885) --RETURN TO 1886

ann 1882 OFFT, Brothers of Pity
[208] advert 1882-10-07 New and Recent Publications (those 2)
[209] Ath -11-11 review OFFT
[210] Ath -11-25 review Brothers
[211] advert 1883-09-29 New Books
[212] Spec -11-03 rvw Jackanapes
ann 1884 Daddy Darwin
[213] Spec -10-25 New Publications


[214] Ath 1885-05-23 p654 Publications of the Late Mrs. Ewing --just published The Story of a Short Life (on her death day-05-13, per Literary Gossip p663)
ann. 1885-09-19 H.F.K. (paper boards, 1s, per advert -12-12); new ed. Lob Lie
ann. 1886-09-11 Mary's Meadow (paper boards, 2s, per advert -12-11)
[215] Ath -11-06 rvw, and welcome for Melchior
advert Ath 1887-10-15 New Publications: Dandelion Clocks; The Peace Egg (both paper boards, 1s)
Scotsman 1896-03-23 p4 new in the uniform ed. We and the World
Sat Rvw 1896-10-10 this week Miscellanea
advert Sat Rvw 1898-04-30: Complete in 18 volumes, half-cloth, 2/6 each

One more story, not so collected, 'was inserted in the Magazine as an "Old-Fashioned Fairy Tale" ' in 1876. "The Blind Man and the Talking Dog", which was "written to fit some old German woodcuts". The author's younger sister Horatia, who edited the magazine at the time (sole editor 1876-85), considered it one of her two best stories. --p71-74

"The Snarling Princess" is a fairy tale also adapted from the German

.Col. Seccombe, sig "Seccombe", Thomas Strong Seccombe Q
.Horace Harral, active at London 1860--1876 per BNF cb 14963043 h


.Qw  J. A. Pasquier 158610 (0)[teens]

Aunt Judy, Mrs. Gatty

el   Mrs. Alfred Gatty 288107 (27) 
(1851 Fairy Godmother) 2004 Ebook #11319
(1859 A J Tales) 2004[2002] Ebook #5074

Children's story(?) collections --LC holds Parables only!

1851 The Fairy Godmothers and Other Tales (4) o[216]-HDL lists 4 HDL
(2nd, 1859 probably)
5th ed., 1869 HDL
1858 Legendary Tales (3) Fo[217](10) o[645134877] HDL
1859 Aunt Judy's tales (6) Fo[218](39) Fo[219](3)

-- dnf HDL

1862 Aunt Judy's letters (6) --sequel Fo[220](16) o[221] HDL
t.p.(no cover); 6 stories, p[1]-183

Parables from Nature (5 series, 1855 to 1871)

1976\1880 Garland o[222] "Fourteen Victorian moral fables." x+492 ISBN-0824022920

Most famous for Parables of Nature. 40% of LCCat records are editions/printings of Parables and another 20% are --by inference from titles and credits only-- picture book eds. of single stories from the Parables (Jeremy Cricket, Firefly the Foal, Geronimo Grub, Tuppence and Tiffany, Twinette the Spider).

WorldCat (gatty; ti:"aunt judy's")(53) Aunt Judy's [Annual] [Volume/Magazine] [for Young People]

Aunt Judy's Magazine --nidb -HDL (4 vols only)


1866 to 1885 (19.5 yrs)
HDL holdings 1866 to 1873; 1882 84 85 --ie, first half-year plus 10 of 19 full years Nov--Oct
+ 1913 Stories from Aunt Judy [the magazine] HDL, 8 colour illus.

"Christmas Volume" contains (6 or) 12 monthly issues to October, with Contents list

Aunt Judy credited:

J. H. G.
v3) Juliana Horatia Ewing
Mrs. A. Ewing, Author of "Melchior's Dream"
v5) J. H. Ewing
v6) the Author of "Mrs. [O R]"
Juliana Horatia Ewing
J. H. Ewing
Mrs. Ewing

HDL Aunt Judy's annual volume
  • v1-11, 1866--1873 == semiannual v1 2-3 4-5 6-7 (1869); (1870) 8 9 10 11 == 7.5 yrs under Margaret Gatty
v1 (May/Oct 1866) v1 Contents
contains by J. H. G., Mrs. Overtheway's 15-28, (Mrs. Moss) 82-90, 167-78 (illus. 21 169, signature unknown)
v2 (Nov66/Apr67) v2 Contents
by J. H. G., Mrs. Overtheway's (The Snoring Ghost) 65-78 134-43 193-202; illus. facing p72, 142, 198
v3 (May/Oct 1867) v3 Contents
by Juliana Horatia Ewing, Idyll of the Wood 257-63; illus. facing 257 --FRONTIS. missing from this copy
by the Editor (Mrs. Gatty) A Story of Ghosts, p1-5 (non-genre) --FRONTIS?

This bound volume does not contain frontispiece illustrations presumably facing p1, p257. It does contain interior plates, however --as facing p72 (above).

v4 (Nov67/Apr68) v4 Contents
This bound volume lacks the frontispiece (facing p65) illustration of "Bruno's Revenge" (irregular, not included in the pagination as usual)
contains by Mrs. A. Ewing, Three Christmas-Trees 80-88, unillus.
v5 (May/Oct 1868) v5 Contents
contains by J. H. Ewing, Mrs. Overtheway's 67-74 162-67 195-206 259-75; 323-47; illus. J. A. Pasquier (4, inscrutable elsewhere) and J. Wolf (1) 66 194 258 322 339
-- Reka Dom p71; Kerguelen's Land p333

(quote) 'By Mrs. A. Ewing, Author of "Melchior's Dream" '. The story closes "J. H. E. (Fredericton.)".

Palace in Cloudland: A Fairy Tale. By L. M. G. 20 89 163 199 (illus. 167)

Florian and the Fairies. By Viscountess Enfield 289 338 (illus. 341)

v6 (Nov68/Apr69) v6 Contents Aunt Judy's May-Day Volume for Young People; p1-380
closes, p378-80, "Contributions ... 1869-03-20]"
contains Land of Lost Toys 259, 323 by the Author of "Mrs. [O R]", illus. A. W. Cooper p259, 323 (two frontispiece, facing first printed page)
v7 (May/Oct 1869) v77 Contents Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume for Young People;

credited as "the Author of"

v8 (Nov69-Oct70) Contents Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume for Young People; 1870
closes p760, "Contributions ... received to [1870-09-15]"
contains by Juliana Horatia Ewing, Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales, I to VIII
(Nov) OFFT: I.--Kind William and the Water Sprite, 33-37 --- AWB p34+ --NEED November (not Feb)
(Feb) II. Cobbler, 246-51 --- AWB p249+
(Apr) III. Nix, 363-66 --- AWB p366
(May) IV. Hillman, 432-34 "J. H. E." AWB p433+
(Jun) V. Neck, 466-72 --- AWB p470+
(Jul) VI.--Under the Sun, 570-73 --- AWB p573+
(Aug) VII. First Wife's, ^579-83 --- AWB p578+(frontis.)
(Sep) VIII.--The Magic Jar, 697-701 --- AWB p700+
(D,J) Christmas Crackers: A Fantasia 80-90, 157-64 "J. H. E.", F. Gilbert p158+ (not in the collection)
(F,M) Amelia and the Dwarfs 205-10, ^259-75 "J. H. E.", Cruikshank p258+(frontis.)
(M,J) Benjy in Beastland 410-19, ^451-61 ---, Cruikshank p450+(frontis.)

credited in volume Contents by full name, all

The original heading (large caps and small caps):

I.—Kind William and the Water Sprite. (33)
VIII.—The Magic Jar. (697)
v9 (Nov70-Oct71) Contents
closes p760, "Contributions ... received to [1871-09-15]" --ie, end of October issue
contains by J. H. Ewing, A Flat Iron for a Farthing, 12 instalments,
(Aug) contains by J. H. Ewing, ---- The Six Little Girls 631-36 "J. H. E." AWB p635+
contains by Juliana Horatia Ewing:
(NDJ) Timothy's Shoes, p[3]-12, 81-87, 153-60 --- Cruikshank p2+(frontis.)
(Feb) OFFT The Widows 240-45 --- AWB p243
(Apr) ---- The Laird 375-80 --- AWB p379
(Jun) OFFT The Ogre 463-68 --- AWB p465;

credited in volume Contents by full name, 4. but Flat Iron and "Six" as by J. H. Ewing

The original heading (large caps and small caps):

The Widows and the Strangers. (240)
THE LAIRD AND THE MAN OF PEACE. (375, one heading only)
The Ogre Courting. (463)
THE SIX LITTLE GIRLS AND THE FIVE LITTLE PIGS. (631, one heading only, in the middle of the page)

Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales numbered I to VIII (8) had been published in the 1870 volume of the magazine (vol 8, from November 1869).

"The Ogre Courting" illustrates the first publication of the short story with that title, from one of a series of Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales.

v10 (Nov71-Oct72) Contents
contains by J. H. Ewing, Six to Sixteen, 10 instalments; from Chapter I to Chapter XXIX (The End); illus. H. Paterson
contains by J. H. Ewing
(Dec) The Peace-Egg: A Christmas Tale 98-117 --- AWCooper p104
(Feb) OFFT Murdoch's Rath 210-16 --- AWB p216
(Mar) OFFT Magicians' Gifts 259-65 --- AWB p258+(frontis.)
(Jun) OFFT Knave and Fool 465-71 --- AWB p470+

credited in volume Contents as J. H. Ewing, all 5

The original heading (large caps and small caps):

Murdoch's Rath.* (210) --with footnote on "Rath--a kind of moat ..."
The Magicians' Gifts. (259)
Knave and Fool. (465)
v11 (Nov72-Oct73) Contents
contains The Miller's Thumb [= Jan of the Windmill], 12 instalments, first p11-22
contains by Mrs. Ewing
(Nov) Among the Merrows[merpeople]: ... Aquarium, 44-57 "J. H. E." AWB p46+ --natural history?
(Jan) OFFT The Fiddler 167-72 --- AWB p170+

credited in volume Contents as Mrs. Ewing, all 3

The original heading (large caps and small caps):

The Fiddler in the Fairy Ring. (167)

The first eight Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales were published under that main heading with the second line numbered, as "I.--Kind William ..." (November 1869).

Number of OFFT published in AJM annually, vols 8-11: 8 4 3 1 = 16 The first eight are numbered I to VIII. Those 16 are illustrated once each by A.W.B., two without main heading "OFFT". H.K.F. mentions four later OFFT and suggests or states use of the OFFT heading. Three of those are in the 1882 collection, two illustrated by other artists and one not illustrated. The other does not appear in any known OFFT collection.

closes p762, "Contributions ... received to [1882-09-08]
contains Mrs. Molesworth The Blue Dwarfs: An Adventure in Thu"ringen
contains Mrs. Ewing
Laetus Sorte Mea: The Story of a Short Life, heading "by J. H. Ewing" (6, May--Oct) w 3 illus. uncredited 403 410 451(frontis.) (signature "Seccombe" 410, 451 --"Col. Seccombe" on title page); tailpiece 461
Daddy Darwin's, heading "by J. H. Ewing", p1 Caldecott frontis.

credited in volume Contents as Mrs. Ewing, both

Illustrations list now uncredited. A. W. Bayes not credited on title page.

Aunt Judy's Magazine

(second copies of v3, v4)

  • v3 May67-Oct67
contains Idyll of the Wood p257-66, illus. J. A. Pasquier} (? from sig.) frontis. and p257
closes p380 with notices of next volume, eg Mrs. Overtheway will return, etc.
contains Bruno's Revenge 65-78, signed Lewis Carroll [Dec67?] --frontispiece by F. Gilbert p64-65(!)(shdbe 66-67)
contains Three Christmas-Trees by Mrs. A. Ewing, Author of "Melchior's Dream" p80-88 (v4 n20), signed "J. H. E. (Fredericton)"
  • v3 n.s. annual 1884 [= v22 old series]
contains Mrs. Molesworth, Grandmother Dear's Old Watch, 466
contains by Juliana H. Ewing
The Peace Egg. A Christmas Mumming Play. Adapted by Juliana H. Ewing. 155 (from her own story)
Mary's Meadow (5, Nov--Mar), illus. Gordon Browne
Gordon Browne, "Seeking the Fairies" 450(frontis.)

  • v4 n.s. annual 1885 [= v23 old series] t.p.
contains "Juliana Horatia Ewing" by Horatia K. F. Gatty (4 parts, with facs. JHE sketches p682ff)

--much R. Andre'

closes p763-64 "Farewell"

--editors mother May66-Oct73 (7.5 yrs), co-sisters two years (2), HFK alone from 1876 (10) HDL Aunt Judy's Annual Volume --"... the title of the Magazine, which had been taken from her nickname as a girl, ceased to have any meaning after she was dead." --publishers [Bell & Daldy ?] Bell & Sons (15.5 yrs), Allen (1), Bemrose & Sons (2), Hatchard (1) = 19.5 years


User:Pwendt/People#Outhwaite (Australia illustrator)

el  .Anthony Browne 7557 (61)
el  .Helen Oxenbury 69691 (113)
el  .Andrew Davidson (Artist) 93201 (2)

 l   James Playsted Wood 252647 (51)
elsf Ted Hughes 1742 (164)
Series 24719 The Iron ...

Iron Man/Giant T909075 Fo[223] ; Iron Giant Fo[224] ; Iron Giant: subtitle Fo[225]

cL 1968 1st : el .George Adamson 113930 (109) --dnf UK newspapers 1968
iLKd$ 1968 us : l .Robert Nadler 252648 (3)
--nidb ic.£ 1989pv : Andrew Davidson (above) --NEED 1st ed. --in queue
icLOd$ us 1999
icLm$ 1988 : el .Dirk Zimmer 8599 (39)
icOd- 2005 Tom Gauld --Notes two prices of unknown printings
icOd£ (icLOd$) 2010 : lw Laura Carlin 254142 (2) inclg limited ed.

Davidson ed.

ISBN 057113677X o[226] 20cm, --check newspapers 1985 for size, ISBN
ISBN 0571136753 057113677X o[227] 24cm, at Amazon hc
ISBN 057113677X 0571136753 o[228] 24cm, at Amazon pbk
ISBN 0571141498 o[229] o[230] 20cm, 62pp
ISBN 0571141498 1989 3rd o[231] o[232] 20cm ; at Amazon as 19.6 cm (others both 2.5cm/1in)
1999 US eds. 2

Iron Woman T2879

icOm£ icLOm£ uk 1993 1994 : Andrew Davidson -- notify Chris J
icOm$ 1995 pv 1995 : el .Barry Moser 8389 (147)
icOOd- 2005 Douglas Carrel --Notes two prices of unknown printings
i d£ 2011 e Douglas Carrel with new cover illus., artist unknown --as illus. Andrew Davidson
o[233] 2011 e, o[234] 2014 18cm, 135pp --both records credit Andrew Davidson, same as Amazon UK/US 2017-06-04 (but "Look Inside!" shows Douglas Carrel)
el  .Tom Gauld 36809 (3)
els .John Harris 21349 (2)
 lw .Douglas Carrel(l) 25866 26174 (1 each spelling) 
 lw .Paul Sagsoorian 8768 (10) 
.Robin Hall 169487 --dnfVIAF/LC/WorldCat robin/
el  .Nancy Grossman 25290  (21)
 l  .Suzanne Kesteloo Larsen 254467 (1) (only the 1)
 l  .William Wiesner 254417  (32)
 l   Jane Little 233024  (5) --other titles spurious? 
el   Edith Thacher Hurd --picture books
el  .Clement Hurd --picture books
el  .Mark Burgess 160992 (17)

Spook paperback at Amazon as 1967

[Danger at] Sneaker Hill ; pbk Pocket Books, ©1967 o[235] ISBN 0671297341 = Simon Pulse 1977-06 at Amazon UK

EIl  Frances G. Wickes 134950 (18) EN cites Ghosts and Goblins: Halloween Stories for 1965

el   Frances Jenkins Olcott, ed. 168333 (as Frances J.) (48)
E .Rie Cramer --nidb (10) "Her early work was influenced by illustrators like Edmund Dulac, Aubrey Beardsley and Arthur Rackham and had a distinct Art Nouveau style. From the 1920s on, her illustrations became more simplified and less lyrical."

1915 More Tales from the Arabian Nights o[236] inclg "many of the tales that were not included in many of the popular translations of the literary work during that time."
1918 Elves and Fairies o[237]
1922 Grimm's Fairy Tales 50? 51? tales, 22 illus Rie Cramer o[238] 1922, o[239] 1968
1927 Canute o[240]

1917 Tales from the Persian Genii T2210195

[241] advert 1917-12-01, with The Red Indian Fairy Book
(one back page) Harrap, The Romance Series 1919 at HDL
Houghton Mifflin 1917 at Amazon 71FbviVOaJL.jpg
CreateSpace 2016 at Amazon with Look Inside

HDL catalog 3 as 1917 us

HDL catalog 1 as 1919 uk

books 1-2 said to be recast from Tales of the Genii; or, The Delightful Lessons of Horam the Son of Asmar (1765)

1764(?), 3rd ed. 1766, transl. Charles Morell at HDL

FJO at HDL (1919 UK ed., Cornell U

1913 The Arabian nights' entertainments
1915 More tales from the Arabian nights o[242]
1915 The jolly book for boys and girls, eds.
1916 Bible stories
1917 OHm$ (uk LO.£) Tales from the Persian Genii (above) +T
1917 The red Indian fairy book
1918 The book of elves and fairies
1919 The wonder garden; nature myths and tales from all the world over --2 copies w plain covers, that from Penn State U alone states 1919
1922 Grimm's fairy tales

Elves and Fairies (Anthology, 1918-10) HDL provides full view of two copies that differ only(?) in front page list of other books by FJO, first-listed The Wonder Garden (1919) --North Carolina copy (plain cover) is apparent 1st printing as it does not include that evidently later list; Harvard shows paste-down cover -- title page -- Foreword, p[vii]-xi -- Ack, xiii, closing "F. J. O." -- Contents, xv-xix -- Illustrations, xxi (4) -- part one title page with verse, 1-2 -- 3-421 -- Subject Index for Story-Tellers, p[425]-30

Wonder Tales

China Seas o[243], o[244], dnf Contents
Windmill Lands o[245], o[246] 1944 with section headings?
Pirate Isles o[247], dnf Contents
Baltic Wizards o[248], dnf Contents ; o[249], 2015/10 w long title
Fairy Isles o[250], dnf Contents
Goblin Hills o[251], as 1930 with list of Contents

iOOm$ German Literary Fairy Tales T701265

2 editors --both no other works in database
introduction by Gordon Birrell ; foreword by John Gardner --nidb; Birrell nidb; Gardner 3087?
introduction --nidb
16 stories by 12 writers?
writers with no other works in database (4 representing 5 stories): Clemens Brentano 96113, Eduard Mörike 96129 [but see Schwebell anth/coll 1957], Novalis (2) 96101, Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder 96097


0306 Prince Prigio and sequel --check newspapers 1889 or 1893? (and 1889 needs HDL or something)

Prince Prigio 1889 at HDL, all as publisher Arrowsmith

UCal (2), catalogued as "L.P. ed.", different cover, Arrowsmith adverts p145-48
NYPL no cover, adverts p145-48
Harvard with cover, LP 65, no adverts, cat as 17cm]

Omnibus ed. now in database with 3 interiorart contents, none as "My Own Fairy Book"

Queen of Roumania Marie at Amazon --early covers US: Lost Princess, Magic Doll, and Stealers of Light ; UK: Naughty Kildeen, Stealers
Dreamer of Dreams 2012-10-06 ebook, Kindle from Gutenberg [252] and 2014-11-03 tp ; PG #40950 which cites Internet Archive

Queen Marie Marie, Queen

LO. 1924 Lost Princess UK ; US o[253] ; at Amazon Warne 1927 w cover (also Partridge 1924 no cover, 2)
icLO. (US only?) 1929 Magic Doll US
[254] retailer advertisement Books for Children

inclg Magic Doll $3.00 "A charming story of an American girl 'magicked' overseas to the picturesque country of Roumania." inclg Rootabaga Country ill Bacon $2.50

Michèle Roberts 164257 (24)
1984 The Wild Girl 1994? LCSH: Christian fiction ("the wild girl" roberts : 6 hits 1984/85 plus [255] [256] ; k[257] 2007 as 1st US ed.
1987 The Book of Mrs. Noah 1994? ("book of mrs noah" : 8 hits 1987 to 1993)

Roberts "novels all tend to Fabulation ..., but two are of [science fiction] genre interest: The Wild Girl (1984) vigorously displaces the reminiscences of Mary Magdalene into what Christians might deem an unattractive Alternate History in which she and Jesus have sex; and The Book of Mrs Noah (1987) similarly engages its heroine in myth-rich concourse with the female Icons who engender the stories that make the world (see Mythology)." (underscore represents linked cross-reference) --SFE3 biographical entry by John Clute


2016 "E.T.A. Hoffmann ; retold by Renate Raecke ; illustrated by Yana Sedova ; translated by Anthea Bell."

2010 "Translated from the German." ; "E.T.A. Hoffmann ; translated by Anthea Bell."

Boston 090723433X


at Amazon (bilingual?) as North-South Nord-Sud

[258] US 1983 $12.95

Lisbeth Zwerger 77937 (49)

Nutcracker attributed to Bell and Koppe (not Hoffmann)

1983 translated and adapted by AB ; Bell, not Hoffmann
1987 retold by AB
1990 adapted from the orig. transl. by AB
2004 retold by SK, transl by AB
1984 translated and adapted by AB

Marina Warner T102553 1994, reviews

[259] Michael Dirda Was. Post 1995-10-29 pL4
[260] Michael Gorra NY Times -11-05 pBR7
[261] Susan Perren The Globe and Mail (Toronto) 1996-01-13 pC19 (Vintage, $20)

Kindle ebook as 1995 ; o[262] o[263]; 9781409028635 1409028631 as 1995

"Look Inside!" --?NEEDs more transfer to Title record?

UK Kindle
UK paperback, 5th printing undated
US paperback, 3rd printing 1999
UK 1994 hc ;; 1995 tp ; 2000 printing ; undated printing
US 1995 ;; 1996 tp ; 1999 printing

Newspaper coverage

as forthcoming [264] 01-19 (Reith lectures), [265] 04-24 (previous book)
[266] The Observer -10-16 feature "later this month" L20, [267] The Observer -10-23 no price, [268] Jan Moir The Guardian -10-26 feature "this month" no price, [269] Rebecca Abrams The Guardian -11-08

Angela Carter

elsf Angela Carter 1172 (55)

(1977translator of Perrault)

[270] 1997 Kurt Maschler Award

1977 T178697 as translator (10)
1982 T178701 as editor (12) o[271] Fo[272] = 1977 + 2

Contents done (12 + 1)

cO.£ 1982 Gollancz at Amazon UK (corrupt? publ date, cover image not used)
[273] Toronto
icLOd$ 1984 US
icOd 1991 Gollancz children's paperbacks
1991 US Otter o[274] Madame Le Prince de Beaumont at Amazon US
EFlf Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, canonical name 208738 (59)
el f.Michael Foreman 8283 (165)
 ls  Michèle Roberts 164257 (24)
--  .Zita Asbaghi 253756 --1 verse collection only ; homepage not found 2017-05-25

[275] brief review by Selma G. Lanes NY Times 1984-12-05 pBR52 "Christmas Books"

Sweetheart (unknown)

Angela Carter's Fairy Tales

As of 2017-05-26, db lacks US paperback book 1, UK paperback book 2

1 Contents from OCLC o[276] T907246 "Includes bibliographical references (p. 230-242)."

uk icLOd 1-85381-205-6 1990; icOd£ 1991 paper 1853814407
us icLO.$ 0-394-58764-2 ; DATE? paper 0679740376 at Amazon US as 1995-04 at Amazon UK as 1997-03

Carter introduction T2203282 --5 publs

Asbaghi cover US1 T2206790 --1 publ indb

Look Inside?

vii, ix, 1, [Part One] 4 ..., 230

2 Contents from OCLC o[277] T791489 "Includes bibliographical references (p. 211-230)."

uk icOm£ 1-85381-491-1 1992; paper 1853816167 at Amazon 1993-07 no Look
us icLOm$ 0-571-19801-5 1993; icOm$ 1994 paper 0-571-19838-4

o[278] 1992 as vol 2, 233p two ISBN ;; o[279] 1996 as vol 2

o[280] reimpressions

ISBN 1853816167 = 1993 v2 ppb at Amazon

Warner introduction T2202660 --5 publs

Omni Contents from Look T907244

icLOm£ 2005 hc --revisit Notes, both 2 Publ and 1 Title records
2008 spurious?
2011 spurious?
icd £ 2015 Kindle --revisit Notes, here and Title

2005 Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales --later return to "Look Inside!"

2008 (10) = 1977

WorldCat search 2017-05-20

9781844081738 (our 2008) hits 2011
9781844081608 (our 2010) hits 2008

Newspapers 2017-05-24
[281] Virago paper? £6.99 (massive 1991 catalogue)

"virago book of fairy tales"

"old wives" (2 hits)

UK hit this title [282] joint review by Christina Koning The Guardian 1990-12-20 p24 "Feminist fantasies in old wives' tales"

"second virago book" (1 of 2 hits) review by Michèle Roberts 1993-01-31 p58 "How to trick lions and find true love"

"strange things" (1 hit)


The King of the Golden River T1119354 including collections as title story

LC #210-237 (print) as short title or "King of the Golden River; or, The black brothers" or "King of the Golden River; or, The black brothers, a legend of Stiria" or "King of the Golden River, a legend of Stiria"/Styria
illustrators (any title): Julia Green 1929, Arthur Rackham 1932, Fritz Kredel 1946, Charles Stewart 1958, Richard Doyle 1966 [1851?], Krystyna Turska 1978, Juan Wijngaard 2000
WorldCat (487) Fofrom 1850
1860 o[283] much info about engravings/ers
illustrators 21. Doyle 1850; 105. Doyle + "Woodcuts by W.H. Hooper with additional illustrations by Kate Greenaway." 1895; 130s J. Watson Davis 1900s, Roycrofters 1900, Sears Gallagher ed O'Shea (c)1900 [1904?](revised 1930); 150s T.H. Robinson 1900s, Anne Merriman Peck 1900?; 166. John C. Johansen ed Bates 1903; 177. G.A. Davis 1905; 209. Harry Rountree 1910?

214. Willy Pogány 1912?; Hiram P. Barnes (after Doyle) (c)1916; 239. Wilfrid H Wells 1923; 255. Elizabeth M. Fisher 1927; Ferdinand Huszti Horvath 1930; 268. (simplified) G.W. Irwin 1930; 277. Rackham 1932 odeluxe; 300s Mary Lott Seaman 1943/1926, Ben Wolf 1945, Fritz Kredel 1946; R. Beaumont 1953; done to 340

.Mary Lott Seaman --nidb

--Golden River, ill Mary Lott Seaman $1 NYHT -12-05 pF10 "Children's Books 1926" ; o[284] 1961 20th printing

John Ruskin, M.A. --nidb

George Macdonald, M.A. 125237 presumably underutilized as one Vol 1 only

full title (three parts represented with comma, colon) The King of the Golden River, or The Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria

Ox 1851/50 1st ed. --check newspapers
1885 (PG #33673 2010)full title; John Ruskin, M.A. --PGutenberg #33673
icOd£ (icLOd.-) 1978 Turska both --US not found in newspapers
2009 meticulous rule-following P501360
2010/2012 Forgotten Books --niWorldCat

LCCat titles, detail

simple) 51 (3rd ed 85 o[285] 85 00 00 03 18 21 27 30 32 36 45 46 62 66
aLoS) 1900 2000
aStory) 78 as short title
otBBaLoS) 09
otBB) 26 58

anthology/collection #227 228 229 231 234 sound recording #238 239 240

Wikipedia is informative

Ext link PG #701 (another ed., source not identified)

HDL editions

1851 1st --niHDL
[1851] 6th The King otBBaLoS Smith, Elder "Sixth Edition" no printing history, with List of Illustrations and other variant front material
1860- The King otBBaLoS Mayhew & Baker, 68p
1873 The King otBBaLoS Lee and Shepard, 68p
1882 The King otBBaLoS
1885 Ginn --niHDL (source of Gutenberg #33673)
1888 The King otBBaLoS
189- The King
c1895 King
~1895 King
1895/1885 anthlogy/omnibus The King otBBaLoS Maynard & Merrill, 55p, with Dame Wiggins of Lee
1896 The King otBBaLoS (2), another
1898 The King aLoS
1899 The King otBBaLoS
1900 (very long) Roycrofters, 75p
c1900 The King otBBaLoS
1903 (short) (full)
1905 The King otBBaLoS Canada copyright ed.
c1906 The King H.M. Caldwell (short title) 1907 Caldwell, 83p #22 of 46 [evident source for 2010, beautiful ecopy] ; 1910 Caldwell, 83p #22 of 46
c1909 The King otBBaLoS Rand, McNally, 75p, text of 5th London, as corrected, 1863
1913/c1893 The King otBBaLoS L. C. Page, 55p /Joseph Knight with some printing history
1918 collection
19-- Davis no view
1932 Rackham Lippincott no view

check newspapers ('king of the golden river') 1850 1859 (8 hits)

1850 Observer (2), -12-22 p1 advert and -12-30 review, no price
1852 The North-China Herald -03-20 p135; received by the library in the last mail, this #695 of #662-699
1854 The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce (2), -11-01 p4615 [numbering as The Times of India?] ; "The Works of Mr. Ruskin", V of I-VI, 1-12 "with 22 illustrations by Richard Doyle", (Smith, Taylor & Co.'s Bombay library and agency)
1855 DFP, -12-01 p2, review, no price
1859 The Globe (Toronto) (2), -12-30 p3, 75c, "Three New Books", retailer Maclear and Co.
Bombay 1852-02-04 p80 (hit 'black brothers')

"Smith, Elder and Co.'s Bombay Agency" // Mr. James Taylor, Agent at Bombay for [SEC ...] ha received by the Achilles Steamer copies of the following new publications, published in London between the 20th of November and 20th of December--with a selection of Pocket Books and Almanacks for 1852."; square boards 2-0 [not 1st London printing, perhaps not counted as a London printing]

styria ruskin (0 hits) stiria ruskin (0 hits)

title hits 1850 to 1889

1860 (0)
1873 (0)
1882 (0)
1885 (1) [286] NYT 1885-12-19 p3 "Holiday Books" Wiley & Son no price ("The reprint ... is much improved by reproducing the old-fashioned drawings by Richard Doyle."), no price
1888 (1) SLPD -11-11 p22 "Books! Books! Books!" The King aLoS, Doyle, Lee & Shepard as 1889; Little Jacket series (with 2 Huggermuggers by Cranch) (no price)

16 hits 1850-1889, others being 61 75 83(2) 87 89

1861 The Sun 1861-04-19 p2 The Household Journal Monthly Part, no. 1, vol. 2, now ready, 17c (also Weekly 4c, also $2/yr either edition); A. Harthill & Co., No. 20 N. William Street, New York.
1875 DFP -05-16 p7 "New Books" Childhood, Little Classics #10, contains A Dog of Flanders, etc (James R. Osgood & Co.)
1887 [287] NYT -04-12 p11 "Ruskin's Sales and Profits" From a Pall Mall Gazette Interview with George Allen, Mr. Ruskin's Publisher, on commission; The King is largely bought by the London School Board for prizes.
1889 [288] NYT 1889-09-30 p2 ("the first part of the Ruskin Bibliography is ready in London" 32p quarto) Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book shortly from Longmans, Green & Co.
[289] NYT 1883-12-12 p4 Obituary Notes. Richard Doyle yday in London
Observer -12-16 p4 Editorial, column 4 "his naturally airy sentiment found an appropriate theme in the 'KotGR' and those lghtly attired fairies in which he delighted, Doyle attained the high level of genius." + next page col 1, mainly on caricature

hits by decade

(Doyle d. 1889)
1890s 17
1900s 42 (Ruskin d. 1900)
1910s 10
1920s 54 (late 1920s performances)
1930s 148 (performances)
1940s 63


el f Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué 16358 (91 as La Motte-Fouqué, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de)
User talk:Rtrace#Fouqué's Works

Wild Love and Other Tales

Lumley 1844 1844 ; o[290] (3 stories "215, 51, 22 pages illustrations" ; 1844? o[291] 1981 photocopy "215, 51, 22, 20", 1844? o[292] e -HDL catalog record
Lumley 186? o[293] (4 stories + 24-page)
n.d. Routledge o[294]

1845 Ferrett Wild Love, a Romance -HDL (HDL is anth/omnibus of 4)

  1. Wild Love: A Romance, Fouqué, Ferrett 1845 title page 7 p[3]-112 (chap XLIX)
  2. Too Strange Not To Be True: A Tale, Fullerton, 3 vols[Parts?] in 1, Appleton 1965 title page 131 ; Introduction, p[3]; Too Strange ... Chap I, p[5] ... -256, Appendix p[257]-276 as 420
  3. North and South, Gaskell, harper 1855 title page 431 p[5]-154 as 582
  4. My Lady Ludlow: A Novel, Gaskell, Harper 1858 title page 595 ; Chap I, p[5]-77 as 669


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The Haunted Souvenir Warehouse: Eleven Tales of Unusual Hauntings, David C. Knight. A collection of fully-documented ghost stories. 12728-6 $5.95 12729-4* --publisher advert NY Times 1978-04-30 pBR7 "More Spring Treasures: Doubleday Books for Young Readers" (* Library Edition available. Doubleday's ISBN prefix is 0-385.)

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1, 1909 William Heinemann & Doubleday, Page & Company
1, 1900 Freemantle & Co. ; OCLC "Publisher: London : Freemantle & Co. ; Philadelphia : Lippincott, 1901."
7, 1958-1960 London: E. Benn; New York: Coward-McCann


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i U 2005 Indy Publish 1-4142-4264-6 --Amazon hits 2007 Echo ; o[296]
U 2007 Echo Library, ISBN 1406815012 --at Amazon ; dnf WorldCat 05-09
U 2011 Aeterna, ISBN 978-1-4444-6118-3 (Bunnett, some data noted P557789) --as Amazon Look Inside elsewhere ; dnf WorldCat 05-09

? 978-1-4776-0100-6 Amazon search hits ASIN: B01MTCV2IK, Kindle 2017, new cover illustration [297]

1-4776-0100-7 --no hit WorldCat, not visible Amazon

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U P557789 2002 --with notes re Bunnett translation from Aeterna 2011 as by "Friedrich Heinrich Karl Freiherr de La Motte-Fouque" --nidb, reprint of Google?
U P75686 2005 --with data on another target at Amazon, namely Echo Library 2007
U 553897 2009
U 457587 2013

Many title notes done, including some that identify translations

(Ernst) Julius Höppner 
Julius Hoeppner, illus Undine 1864? (2)
F. E. Bunnett, transl Undine and Other 1867? ; 1831? 1875 --niW WD (25) 
A. C. Farquharson, transl Undine 1908? --no LCCN ; WorldCat search [298],%20a%20c/ 
 1901 o[299] St. Nazarius ; "St. Nazarius" 1901-11-30 brief review as 6/-
el   W. L. Courtney, transl Undine 1909? 126911 (20)
el   Anna M. Richards 108193 (4) --1900 transl as A. M. Richards
el   Anna Richards Brewster 138261 (4), Anna M. Richards Jr.
el  .Edmund J. Sullivan 129211 (12)
el  .Gordon Browne 14029 (40) [=all&lookfor[]=gordon%20browne&filter[]=authorStr%3ABrowne%2C%20Gordon%2C%201858-1932&sort=title&page=5&ft=&page=4 HDL Gordon Browne (138)]
el   Charlotte M. Yonge 252244 (211) --mainly historical fiction?

H. C. Selous, Henry Courtney Selous --nidb (17)

Yonge "Introduction" or "Foreword"?

[300] Gutenberg shows "Foreword by Charlotte M. Yonge", title page apparently, and heading "Introduction" above the essay --which is a reprint of the "Introduction" to 1896 collection of two stories, as she says in the first paragraph of the Gutenberg ed.

1513 User talk:Rtrace#Dürer's Knight

Dürer's Knight T1968844 as 2000, why not 1999?

The Knight, Death, and Satan T2194933 --contained in Yonge's introduction at Gutenberg, Sintram only --submitted parent of 3 in 5 publ --queue 0505

el f.Albrecht Dürer 77865 (485)

1815 Katharina Gräffer und Härter

Sintram (1815) Sintram and His Companions (1820)

title confusion see SFE biog entry by Michael Ashley

1842 shortfiction

1842 , one known 1842 T2193690 --currently also as Gutenberg source 1842 , doubtful integrity T1144971 --5 publ 2002 2012



1865 ? 1867 ? Hoeppner and Bunnett?


1896 P616767 (online at Wayne State) = Gutenberg P[301] (online) = Sintram and His Companions, 2017 Kindle ed. --nidb (Look Inside)

--p. 1 original cover evidently (dark blue with gold and black stamped design?) shows "De La Motte Fouque") --p. 7 titlepage as "p. 7" --p. 11 List --p. 17 Durer, xv --p. 23 text begins?

-- Listof Illustrations, ix-xii (Undine from p155)-279

p[282] logo[?] R. Clay & Sons, Ltd., Rangay[?], Suffolk

p[281-97] as 303-19 "Illustrated by Gordon Browne" (8pp) A. G. Walker (4) F. D. Bedford (3) F. C. Pape (1) F. M. Rudland (1)

Durer illustration

Published 1896 P616767 as a black-and-white illustration on a plate facing p.xiv, within the introduction to Sintram and His Companions, and Undine (Garton, Darton & Co., 1896); caption:   The Knight, Death, and Satan.   (Albert Dürer.) (viewed as Wayne State U Libraries digital copy, p. 17)

1900/1901 Richards HDL 1901 --queue 0505

1908 Sullivan

1908 o[302], o[303]-HDL

Translated from the French by A. C. Farquharson, first published 1908. HDL 1 of 4 from UVa perhaps alone with original cover, or a different printing

Amazon 2015 adaptation ppb 2016 ppb


Fo[304] 1815, 1820 ~#20 of 132 records ; Fo[305] 1908 #117-122 of 132 ; o[306] 2001 Gutenberg #2824 ; o[307] 2002 Wildside ;; also o[308] little info on another ISBN

Sintram and Undine , Yonge

1896 o[309] xix+279, also at Wayne State Library ; 19-- o[310] 1909 o[311] Stokes, 1930 o[312]

LC (91 as La Motte-Fouqué)
1846? Aslaugs'a
1848 Sintram -HDL
c1881 Sintram -HDL

Undine, all English? (13)

45. Undine (4) 1841, 1868, 1879, 1899
49. a legend, c1911
50. a miniature romance, 1839 o[313] P344816
51. a romance, 1908
52. a romantic fairy tale, 1902 tr [Bunnett] /Höppner
53. a tale (2) 1897 tr Alger, 1978 tr Gosse
62. Undine (3 more) 1907 told Macgregor, 1930 tr Gosse /Lewis, 1966 tr Turner

Undine ... collections (7)

55. and other stories, 1932
56. and other tales (2) 1889/67, 1901? --Bunnett?
58. and Sintram (3) 1845 52 95
61. and The two captains, c1886

Undine, German

65.-74. 1843 47 51 60 65 69 89 [n.d.] 1903 Undine, eine Erzählung
1884 Undine, eine mährchen-dichtung /Höppner
1923 Undine und andere Erzählungen
Sintram 1881 -HDL 28p[sic], new ed with ill Preface [9]-11, Sintram [13]-229, no list of contents or illus

Undine and The Two Captains c1886 NY:Lovell 94p ; 1885 London: Sampson Low o[314]

1887 Cassell o[315] -HDL 1st ed. 1886-11

Intro p[5]-8, To the Reader p[9]-12, poem 13, Undine [15]-132 ; The Two Captains [135]-92

estimate as ~250wpp or 30k 15k

Fo[316] from 1886

Undine and other ... 1889 c1867 iv+416, 1901? 320, 1932 xvii+348, --none list of Contents
Undine and Sintram ... 1845 xiv+238, 1852 -HDL xiv+238 [5090468]; 1895 vi+384

Undine, Sintram, &c., transl FEBunnett, 1 vol ; The Tauchnitz Series of German Authors ; The Academy 1885-07-18 #689 p.ii -09-26 #699 p.iv



best-known for his Fantasy Undine (1811; trans George Soane as Undine: A Romance 1818 UK), which has become one of the classics of German literature. It tells of a husband and wife whose daughter is lost, believed drowned. They take in a Changeling – in fact, an Elemental – whom they call Undine. She falls in love with a knight, Huldbrand, and thereby acquires a Soul. Huldbrand subsequently loves another and Undine is banished, but she returns on his wedding night to exact her Vengeance. FF adapted his story as the libretto for the Opera Undine (1816) by E T A Hoffmann. (>>> Undine.)
Undine drew upon the Melusine legend (> Lamia) so beloved by the German Romantics (> Romanticism), of whom FF was a leading light.


SFE biog entry by Michael Ashley


Soane translation (compared by Rtrace) title page


Undine 1971-03 Schwebell [317]

other Undine are not Fouque's story at all, but inspired by it

ISBN mis-match 8132005007, not found at Amazon where it redirects to the 2007 Echo Library



was the first to adapt the legend of Siegfried in his play Sigurd (1808), to which he later added Sigurd's Rache (1810) and Aslaugas Ritter (1810; trans as "Aslauga's Knights" in German Romance ed Thomas Carlyle anth 1827 UK), the three forming the trilogy Der Held des Nordens ["The Hero of the North"], which hugely influenced Richard Wagner.



Der Zauberring (1813; trans as The Magic Ring 1825 UK), about a knight who acquires a magical Ring and uses it in his many Quests against evil forces, is the archetypal novel of Heroic Fantasy.



Sintram (1815; trans as Sintram and His Companions 1820 UK) – inspired by the engraving "The Knight, Death and the Devil" (1513) by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) – is an Allegory on human life.

FF assembled his collected works as Ausgabe letzter Hand ["Collected Works"] (coll 1841 12 vols). The English-language equivalent was the 6-vol Fouqué's Works (1845 UK) ed James Burn, whose second volume, Romantic Fiction, includes most of FF's shorter fantasies. FF's main works are more readily available as Undine, and Sintram and his Companions (coll 1845 US; vt Sintram and his Companions, and Undine 1896 UK) and Sintram and his Companions; Aslauga's Knight (coll 1887 UK). [MA]

1852 above Undine vii... [1]-107; 111 [113]-238

Sintram alone?

1848 119 To the Reader; Illustrations (10 by H. C. Selous), Sintram [1]-[120]
186-? 229
187-? 229
1881 28[sic]


full title newspapers 1890 1910 (6 hits) 1896 1900 01 01 08 08

[318] NYT 1896-12-19 pA3 "Holiday Books" brief review no price E. & J. B. Young & Co., CMY preface
N-Y Trib 1901-11-16 p11 "Books and Authors" notice new translation by A. M. Richards, Lippincott, illus Anna Richards
Scotsman 1900-12-10 p3 "Christmas and Gift Books" Fremantle & Co., new transl Richards, illus Richards
[319] Observer 1908-11-29 p5 "A New Edition of 'Sintram'" 7/6 sullivan (20) durer (front)
Man Gua 1908-11-23 p4, same ed "Christmas Books" Gardner, Darton, & Co.

also found (1 of 2 hits for sintram undine yonge

[320] Scotsman 1896-11-20 p7 "Christmas Books" (including Fairy Tales from Finland, transl and illus Ella R. Christie, from the Swedish of Topelius (T. Fisher Unwin)

"containing an English version of the two best and best known fairy tales of the Baron de La Motte Fouque, Sintram and His Companions and Undine. The tales are well rendered into a plain and graceful English, and the book is lavishly illustrated with pretty and effective pictures from the fertile pen of Mr Gordon Browne. This versatile artist [38 yrs old] was never better fitted than with these eerie and fantastical themes. The book is all the more valuable for the interesting introduction contributed to it by Miss C. M. Yonge."

Bunnett's undine, etc

1867 Undine and Other Tales (4-collection) o[321] --no publisher or page-count, Smaller Collections
1875 Undine and The Two Captains o[322] -- Sampson, Low 162pp, Smaller Collections

Julius Höppner

1884 Undine, eine mährchen-dichtung von Friedr., baron de La Motte Fouqué ; Seitz [1884] [59]p. 51x39 cm
1885 Undine, illus Julius Höppner o[323] --no publisher or page-count
1902 Undine, illus Julius Höppner o[324] preface Mrs. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward ; Heath c1902 viii+149 The young reader's series

ISFDB Bunnett

2002, Friedrich de La Motte Fouque; with alternate data (2011 paperback ed. from Aeterna, ISBN 978-1-4444-6118-3) --that ISBN not found at WorldCat
2005, Friedrich de la Motte-Fouqué booked as Friedrich De La Motte Fouque

LC Bunnett

 1901 Undine and Other Tales  
 1902 o[325] Undine ; D.C. Heath & Co. o[326] viii+149, preface


[327] Lebahn's German Classics. Undine: A Tale.
[328] ALGPC -12-02 10, 3; p108 ; James Miller, Publisher, // (successor to C. S. Francis & Co.,) // ... . Undine and Sintram. 12mo., $1 20 "net wholesale prices to the trade" P413953-PV Rtrace
also: Arabian Nights Entertainments, 2 vols. crown 8vo., printed on tinted paper, illustrated with 600 woodcuts by Harvey, 5 20
also: Baron Munchausen's
also: Arabian Nights Entertainments, 1 vol. 12mo., cloth, Illustrated, 1 40
also: Undine; or, The Water Spirit. 16mo., cloth, illus... 80
The Athenaeum 1867-09-28 2083, p400 "List of New Books" -no publisher
Am Lit Gaz and Publishers' Circular 1867-10-15 9, 12; p345 "Works Recently Published in Great Britain" ... Fouque's Undine and Other Tales, translated by Bennett, 12mo. 2s. cl.
Tauchnitz Edition of British and German Authors --advert by US agent Leypoldt & Holt The Round Table: A Saturday Review of [PFLSA] 1867-10-19 6, 143; p254

Recent issues include German authors : Undine, Sintram, and Other Tales, 1 vol.

1865 to 1902 (undine 'f. e. bunnett') (8 hits: 1871, six 1875, 1885[Tauchnitz. Undine, Sintram, &c.]

The Athenaeum

1871-03-11 #2263 p294 ; Tauchnitz. Undine, and Other Tales
1875-01-23 #2465 p123 ; Undine , 1/- (no publisher)
[329] -01-30 #2466 p150 ; Now ready, The Rose Library IX. Undine and The Two Captains. Illustrated. 1/- "Sampson, Low, Marston & Co.'s New Books"

The Spectator 1875-01-23 48.2430 p121 ; content not available

newspapers without magazines --very difficult to find, but try Bennett

search "undine and other tales" (3 hits all-time inclg 1869-04-08 advert New Books by steamer)

WorldCat --1000s hit for "E. & J.B. Young & Co." but none with fouque, sintram, undine

1896, 91 hits


Project Gutenberg --no source information; from one collection?

ISFDB search: publ Gutenberg ; auth Motte [330]

none is thus in the database?!

screen count: , text 25 (more whitespace), endcruft 5.5

Aslauga's Knight PG

parent T1566349 (now 3 as 3 publ, all English)

T1144976 (2001) (now unique) Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué

Is it correct that we give "2001-09" for Project Gutenberg "#2827 ?

Do our Project Gutenberg records originate in human data entry? And in turn, from notices of current releases?

2001 92k [331] Aslauga's Knight "By Fredrich de la Motte-Fouque "


  Project Gutenberg's Aslauga's Knight, by Fredrich de la Motte-Fouque
Title: Aslauga's Knight
Author: Fredrich de la Motte-Fouque
Posting Date: January 2, 2009 [EBook #2827]
Release Date: September, 2001
By Fredrich de la Motte-Fouque


Release Date: January 2, 2009 [EBook #2827]
Last Updated: October 14, 2016

The Two Captains PG

parent T1965349 (now 4 as 2 publ, all English)

T1965348 (2001) (now unique) Freiherr de Friedrich Heinrich Karl La Motte-Fouqué

2001 112k [332] The Two Captains "By Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de La Motte-Fouque"


  Project Gutenberg's The Two Captains, by Friedrich de La Motte-Fouque
Title: The Two Captains
Author: Friedrich de La Motte-Fouque
Posting Date: December 3, 2008 [EBook #2826]
Release Date: September, 2001
By Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de La Motte-Fouque


Release Date: December 3, 2008 [EBook #2826]
Last Updated: October 14, 2016

Sintram PG

parent T2193555 (now 7 as 12 publ, 11 English)

T2193690 (1842) (now 2nd of 2, integrity unlikely) Baron de La Motte Fouqué

2001 241k [333] Sintram and His Companions --evidently from 1896 omnibus "by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque"


  The Project Gutenberg EBook of Sintram and His Companions, by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
Title: Sintram and His Companions
Author: Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
Commentator: Charlotte M. Yonge
Illustrator: Gordon Browne
Posting Date: January 2, 2009 [EBook #2824]
Release Date: September, 2001
By Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
with foreword by Charlotte M. Yonge
Introduction [signed C. M. YONGE.]
CHAPTER 1 [etc]


Release Date: January 2, 2009 [EBook #2824]
Last Updated: October 14, 2016

Undine PG

parent T1579580 (now 9 as 13 publ, 12 English)

T[334] --nidb

2001 205k [335] Undine --evidently from 1896 omnibus "by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque"


  The Project Gutenberg EBook of Undine, by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
Title: Undine
Author: Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
Commentator: Charlotte M. Yonge
Posting Date: January 8, 2009 [EBook #2825]
Release Date: September, 2001
By Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
With foreword by Charlotte M Yonge
Introduction [signed C. M. YONGE.]
by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque


Release Date: January 8, 2009 [EBook #2825]
Last Updated: October 14, 2016

T1274280 #3714 as 2003-02-01 (now 1st of 2) Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué

  The Project Gutenberg EBook of Undine, by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
Title: Undine
Author: Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
Translator: F. E. Bunnett
Posting Date: May 13, 2009 [EBook #3714]
Release Date: February, 2003
First Posted: August 1, 2001
Last Updated: June 9, 2006


Posting Date: May 13, 2009 [EBook #3714]
Release Date: February, 2003
First Posted: August 1, 2001
Last Updated: June 9, 2006


EFlb f Charles Perrault, wri. 20007 (370)

Perrault's Fairy Tales

T1772223, tr Welsh 1901, il Dore 1867 P477436 --done except merge different translations

o[336] no list of Contents

  1. Little Red Riding Hood • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
  2. Little Thumb • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
  3. The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
  4. Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
  5. The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
  6. Riquet with the Tuft • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
  7. The Fairy • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
  8. Blue Beard • shortfiction by Charles Perrault
1969 Dover ed. at Amazon, with Look Inside! that shows DOVER Pictorial Archive SERIES (small caps) and credits
  1. 8 tales transl A.E. Johnson 1921
  2. morals transl S.R. Littlewood 1912
  3. 34 full-page illus Dore, Les Contes de Perrault, dessins par Gustave Doré (Hetzel 1867)
EFlb f .Gustave Doré, ill. 26414
 : 2012 Perrault's P477436

#Andrew Lang

88 Perrault -ho LCCN: <a href="">12-37619</a>, which links e-copy at HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL), and OCLC: <a href="">1187464</a> Clarendon; cxv+153

SFE-F "AL's introduction to his edition of Charles Perrault, Perrault's Fairy Tales (coll 1888), gives his thoughts on the origins of the kind of material he adapted."

Preface, p[v]-vi Introduction, p[vii]-

  1. Charles Perrault, [v]
  2. Perrault's Popular Tales, xvii
  3. Fairies and Ogres, xxxv
  4. Notes on the Several Tales by Perrault, and Their Variants // Les Trois Souhaits (The Three Wishes), xlii [not included here, only the following 8] -- T1774777 1693 as Les souhaits ridicules [verse] (inclg talk re 1697/93)
  5. La Belle au Bois Dormant (The Sleeping Beauty), lii -- T1426550 1696 (inclg talk re 1697/96)
  6. Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), lv -- T1426551 1697 EN#Charles_Perrault
  7. La Barbe Bleue" (Blue Beard), lx -- T1426552 1697
  8. Le Maistre Chat, ou le Chat Botte' (Puss in Boots), lxiv -- T1426553 1697 EN
  9. Les Fe"es (Toads and Diamonds), lxxxiii -- T1426554 1697 (but gives no date)
  10. Cendrillon (Cinderella), lxxxvi -- T1426555 1697 EN#Cendrillon.2C_by_Perrault
  11. Riquet a' la Houppe (Riquet of the Tuft), cii -- T1426556 1697
  12. Le Petit Poucet (Hop o' my Thumb), civ -- T1426557 1697
  13. Conclusion, cxi

--English titles are running headers

Peau d'Asne (Donkey-Skin) [evidently not covered in AL's essay] -- T1774776 1694 [verse] EN (inclg note Wikipedia date discrepancy) (inclg talk re 1695/94)
Griselidis 1693 Griselda (folklore) "Griselidis" "Patient Griselda" -- T1774775 (inclg note Wikipedia date discrepancy)

p1 Histoires ou Contes du Temps Passe': Avec des Moralite'z (1697)

p75 Contes en Vers

to p153 3 copies (French language)

FR Les Contes de ma mère l'Oye
EN Histoires ou contes du temps passé

LCCN 78-304170 (10-story Angela Carter ed.) "Translation of the collection generally known as: Contes des fées."

3 verse, "In 1694, Perrault wrote three stories in verse form, "Griselidis", "The Ridiculous Wishes", and "Donkeyskin", that were published in a single volume and republished a year later in a volume with a preface."
8 prose "In 1697, Jean Barbin published a newer volume containing eight more stories, titled Histoires ou contes du temps passé, avec dez Moralitez (Stories of Times Past with Moralities). With two reprints in the same year, the volume soon came to be known by the subtitle only, Les Contes de ma Mère l'Oye (Stories of Mother Goose')"
Publication history "Three were published earlier in the literary magazine Mercure galant: "Griselidis" and "Suhait" in 1693,[9] and "Sleeping Beauty" in 1696."

2017-05-14 trouble concerning Contents of the 1st published collection (1697?) and its title, and dates of some stories

1979 collection The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault T178697


[337] Naomi Lewis 1977-09-25, with image of 1 illustration
[338] Philippa Pearce -09-29
[339] Angela Burdick -09-30, with images of 4 illustrations ; Exhibition of Illustrations at the Oxford Gallery to -10-05
[340] Newsday 1979-04-08 pB20 [and C20] $2.50 (includes Avon "original trade paperback" Gloriana --price $3.95 mismatches our multiply-reviewed apparent 1st printing)

Dec 2016


The Atlantic Monthly, Fields, Osgood (c) 1870 (vols 25-26)

Oldtown Fireside Stories, pp 62-68 The Widow's ; 157-61 Mis' Elderkin's ; 424-29 Colonel Eph's ; 522-27 Captain Kidd's ; 654-59 The Ghost

Oldtown Fireside Stories fireside stories&searchtype=title&ft=&setft=false&sort=yearup at HDL (7) -- 1887 91 93 all Houghton Mifflin 287pp

11. Laughin' in Meetin' [included in some 11-story edition] --1887 15-story edition includes one extra illustration, namely for this story (none for the last four stories)
12. Tom Toothacre's Ghost Story
13. The Parson's Horse-Race --The Atlantic Monthly 42.4 #252 (Oct 1878) 470-74
14. Oldtown Fireside Talks of the Revolution
15. A Student's Sea Story --Atlantic 43.1 #255 (Jan 1879), 100-05

1880 is indicated, given evidence from WorldCat library records

consult Bluesman re what Tuck reports

Atlantic 1877 title page as bound [341]

skim volume contents for Stowe

39 40 41--not found
42 --one only
43: A Student's Sea Story, 100; The Modern Martyrdom of St. Perpetus, 154; Our Florida Plantation, 641;
44 (late 1879) --not found

-- <a href="">original cover evidently</a> -- t.p. short title, 1872 -- t.p. verso (c) 1871 Osgood; "Boston: Stereotyped and Printed by Rand, Avery, & Co." -- Illustrations, "[The Drawings by F. O. C. Darley, Augustus Hoppin, and John J. Harley.]" A188200 , A204716 nidb

front. clearly signed "Darley"
facing p65, p199 may be unsigned

-- Contents, lists 10 stories of which six match The Atlantic 1870 stories (#1 4 5 6 7 8) -- text spans p1-199

p53 "The Minister's" begins, small size, "SCENE. -- The shady side of a blueberry-pasture. -- Sam Lawson with the boys, picking blueberries. -- Sam, loq."

Felix Octavius Carr Darley (179) not inclg Stowe
Augustus Hoppin (29) not inclg Stowe
John J. Harley --nidb 1840-1918 (2 in catalog, both Twain novels)

 lw  Mrs. Rodolph Stawell 227171 (7)
EoFantasy: Fairies I Have Met (1907; exp vt My Days with the Fairies 1913) by Mrs Rodolph Stawell
1910 Fairies I Have Met Fo[342] Toronto:Musson at HDL (8 plates, same as we say of Hodder & Stoughton ed.)
retailer advert (Loeser's) NY Times 1911-12-09 p5 $1.25, likely on discount; listings include Dulac's Andersen $5.00 and Dulac/Housman Arabian Nights $1.50

2011 pbk at Amazon with Look Inside [343]; 2014 at Amazon UK "12 stories, 8 illus"

1912 The Fairy of Old Spain o[344] at HDL

at Amazon (US ed., names Dutton on spine) (UK, no cover)

HDL catalog as Dent, but t.p. shows Dent, Dutton
yet back pages advertise Dent at UK prices

publisher advert earliest "From the Fall List of E.P. Dutton ..." 1912-10-19 N-Y Trib p11, NYT p12 $1.50

listing "For the Young" The Observer -10-06 p4 3/6; listing "Books Received" The Scotsman -10-07 p3

reviews (dnf US) [345] The Scotsman -11-28 p5 (positive) [346] The Observer -12-01 p6 (mixed) in the first story "a fairy is actually killed"; the others "happy enough, if a little inconclusive"

1913 My Days with the Fairies Fo[347]

at Amazon 1913 as 1st, no cover, 1920 as 1st (UK/US)

Housman, Arabian Nights

elsf Laurence Housman 111581 (176)
[1] 1907 ARABIAN HDL NY:Scribner's (6 stories) --LC

-- title page: Scribner's, no date -- t.p. verso: "Printed in 1907"; "Butler and Tanner, The Selwood Printing Works, Frome, and London" [2017 Wikipedia reports that Selwood "is now part of the suburbs of Frome"]

1907 (6)

The fisherman and the genie --
The story of the king of the Ebony Isles --
Ali Baba and the forty thieves --
The story of the magic horse --
The story of the wicked half-brothers --
The story of the princess of Deryabar -- Talk:Stories from the Arabian nights mis-identifies the Boots Pure Drug edition (date?) as the 1907 at Internet Archive (only 20 illus., frontispiece + 19) ; plates included in the pagination, eg text jumps from p126 to p129

No date (9 stories)

7-8 Contents 
9-11 Illustrations
15-40 Ali Baba and the forty thieves -- 15-40 [22] ?= 1907, 31-65 [35] (page 31)
43-54 The story of the wicked half-brothers -- 43-54 [8] ?= 1907, 100-110 [11] 
57-75 The story of the princess of Deryabar -- 57-75 [15] ?= 1907, 111-133 [23]
79-106 The story of the magic horse -- 79-106 [22p text] ?= 1907, 66-99 [34]
109-122 The fisherman and the genie -- 109-22 [10] ?= 1907, 1-16 [16]
125-137 The story of the king of the Ebony Isles -- 125-37 [9] ?= 1907, 17-30 [14] 
  For the six probable 1907 texts I leave comparison to others.
141-200 The History of Badoura, Princess of China, and of Camaralzaman, the Island Prince -- 141-200 [56] ?= 1913, 5-113 (page 5)
  p141, first two paragraphs are identical to 1914, 5-6  [p142, 332 words, implies 20000 words total, or novella]
  p199-200, final paragraph of the story at hand, and two-page Epilogue that brings the 1001 nights to a conclusion, are identical to 1914, 110-113
203-251 Sindbad the Sailor -- 203-251 [45] ?= 1914, 7-60
  p203 begins with the same paragraph as 1914 p7 (except typographically, "Harun-Er-Rashid" for "Harun-er-Rashid")
  p251 ends with the same row of 5 stars and final paragraph as 1914 p60
255-319 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp -- 255-319 [61] ?= 1914, 61-151
  p255, beginning "Once upon a time," lacks the first 4 words of 1914 p61, "Know, O King, that,"
  p319, ending "joy and happinesss. THE END." lacks the last 15 lines, almost two paragraphs, of 1914 p151, in which Aladdin and his Queen reign and finally "rest"

(This suggests Laurence Housman as author of the 1914 Sindbad collection)


Prologue lacks the final sentence, "Following is his narration of the strange and wonderful adventures he experienced in his seven voyages:--"
"The First Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor" lacks the last sentence of the second paragraph, "Then fires were lighted, and, while some cooked ..."; p207 lacks almost all of the paragraph "Staggering forward ..." --which is jarring ; p208 "My condition ..."
estimate cut from 18,000 to 15,000 words
also once "recognised" => "recognized" Talk:Stories from the Arabian nights --update 2017-10-02

The 1914 book in its e-copy at Internet Archive contains no Table of Contents, nor running headers (nor writer credit nor date) (and Sindbad is mis-spelled "Sinbad"). The four stories span p7-60 Sindbad [54pp], p61-151 Aladdin [91pp], p153-201 The Three Calendars, p203-222 The Sleeper Awakened

Page-count estimates

7k, 3k, 5k
7k, 3k, 3k
19k, 15k, 20k

"Wicked" Wikisource concludes, "My dignity of rank is far higher than that to which I recently laid claim; in me you behold a King's", which omits page 54 of the unknown source, "daughter, and if it will interest you to hear the story of my misfortunes, I shall be happy to recount it." Assured of the lively sympathy of her auditors she began as follows:" [The Story of the Princess of Deryabar, which does follow in both publication sequences]

1913 (1)

1, A Tale from the Arabian Nights Retold by Laurence Housman; Preface[?] (Princess Badoura: A Tale from the Arabian Nights) [essay]
5, The History of Badoura, Princess of China, and of Camaralzaman, the Island Prince [novella]
111, Epilogue (Princess Badoura: A Tale from the Arabian Nights) [short story]


Calla hc at Amazon 2016-09-21 pbk at Amazon 2014-11-23

Amazon explicitly credits Dulac alone but blurbs "faithfully retold by English author Laurence Housman" quoting Carpe Libris and "About the Author" covers both

French-born artist Edmund Dulac (1882–1953) achieved prominence during the Golden Age of Illustration. His work encompasses a wide variety of themes and styles, although he preferred to work in watercolors and remains best known for his imaginative illustrations for fairy tales and other children's books.
Illustrator and artist Laurence Housman (1865–1959), brother of A. E. Housman, ranged in his writings from mystic poetry to political satire. A committed socialist and pacifist, he was an active supporter of women's suffrage.

Laurence Housman Arabian Nights at LC

1907 -HDL ; H&S, xvi, 133, 50, 25cm
1908 french Paris:H. Piazza, 116, 50 [31cm] o[348]
1911 H&S, no data
1913 H&S, 113, mounted col. plates, 26cm
1923 Doran, xxiii, 27-237, 15 col. mounted pl., 24cm o[349]
1932? Garden City, xxii, 27-205, col, 23cm
1936 Three Sirens, no data (Sindbad picture book?)
1955 Junior Deluxe, 192, 22cm "and Sindbad the sailor, translator unknown" o[350] (Contents 6 + Sindbad?)
1981 173, col. ill., 32cm ISBN 0913870919 (Contents 6 + Aladdin)
1985/83 Crown/Weathervane, xvi, 133, 50 plates, 26cm (reissue of 1907?) ISBN 0517491990

o[351] as "New York, T.Y. Crowell & Co. [©1900]" HathiTrust 19-- 317 pages, 17cm o[1942672]

o[352] as "[London], [Hodder and Stoughton for Boots Pure Co.], [1907?]" 319

o[353] as H&S HathiTrust

o[354] as November 1907, 2nd ed. (1st ed. October)

o[355] as Scribner's, with Contents

NL 1908

o[356] as "New York : George H. Doran, [ca 1910]", 237, 16, 24cm

o[ 1911? H&S, 245, 24cm (8 stories) --but known 1911 H&S eds. are shorter, various counts

o[357] as "New York : George H. Doran Company, [1914?]", 209 online

1916 19 20 --H&S various counts

1922 o[358], 319, 9 stories; o[359] same as "[1924?]"

recent ISBN reported at WorldCat

1986 185077143X at Amazon as Hyperion Books, no data, with Look Inside 2017 CreateSpace 6-story
2008 1408696762 at Amazon as Bowen, with same Look
2010 1172409447 at Amazon as Nabu, with same Look
2010 1436605075 at Amazon as Kessinger 2008, with same Look

1911 LC: Ali Baba o[360] with list of Contents (3) 77p

Ali Baba and the forty thieves --
The story of the wicked half-brothers --
The story of the princess of Deryabar.

--perhaps a selection from the 1907 Laurence Housman (3 of 7 listed in 1981 ed. o[361] ISBN 0913870919 at Amazon) (3 of 6 in 1907 Scribner's)

1981 (7)

Ali Baba and the forty thieves --
The fisherman and the genie --
The king of the Ebony Isles --
The magic horse --
The wicked half-brothers --
The princess of Deryabar --
Aladdin and the magic lamp. [from 1914 Sindbad ?]
[7] 1913 PRINCESS HDL --LC
[8] 1914 SIN{D}BAD at Internet Archive; FoSin/d at WorldCat

2014 Kindle at Amazon, 2014 CreateSpace at Amazon, 2016 Dover/Calla at Amazon

  Internet Archive as 1914: plates not included in the pagination
Sindbad the sailor, p7-60 =54pp -- between brief untitled epilogue and prologue, "The First Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor" to "The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor"
Aladdin and the wonderful lamp, p61-151 =91pp -- undifferentiated, no headings but captions
The story of the three calendars, p153-201 =49pp -- prologue and "The Story of the First Calendar" to "The Story of the Third Calendar"
The sleeper awakened. p203-[222] =20pp --undifferentiated

= 1914 contents

"Sindbad" (1 hit, UK) [362] Man Gua 1914-12-08 p4 Sindbad; "The Season's Best Colour Books" 15/- and 42/- ; Cin Enq 1914-12-12 p4

"Sinbad" (3 hits, all US) Doran $5, $25 special edition de luxe; "Sinbad" HC -12-09 p9 retailer advert $5; [363] NYT -10-11 pBR421 "large quarto. boxed." $5 $25

"Arabian Nights" (1 more hit) N-Y Tribune -12-05 p "Sumptuous Tomes": SINDBAD, large 8vo., pp. 222, two publishers

1911 "Arabian Nights"

[364] NYT -12-09 p5 Loeser $5 Anderson (30 plates, Boxed, Quarto), $1.50 Arabian Nights (24 plates, new ed., small quarto), $1.25 Fairies I Have Met (small quarto)
[365] NYT 1911-10-20 p10 Doran, "Publishers in America for Hodder & Stoughton"; Fairies $1.25 --same three books at identical prices (wh implies Loeser's advertises at list price)

Dulac+ (Sep 2017)

EFlf.Edmund Dulac 105321 (63)

Dulac at HDL and at Internet Archive and LC

Arabian as 1900 - search only
Dreamer as 1900 - search only --WRITE HDL and explain this is 1915, Marie not Carmen Silva
Contes as 1900
1905 Nightingale
1905 Bronte
[1] 1907 ARABIAN HDL NY:Scribner's (6 stories) --LC Scribner's 1907 and several others by LHousman 1923 1981 1985/83 and by others c1991
1908 Lyrics --LC 1908-HDL and 2009
[3] 1909 RUBAIYAT (2) Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám --LC 1909 and several others 1909? 1919 1937 1952 1985/83
[4] 1910 LC: Sleeping Beauty [3757645] and others 1923 1930 1978 1980
1910 LC: french language
[5] 1911 SNOW QUEEN HDL as "Snow Queen and Other Stories" with original cover, no date, no Contents, p1-133, skipping many; HDL as "Stories from Hans Andersen" no cover, no date, no Contents, p1-250, skipping 4pp each plate, printed in GB text and illus separately ; --LC "Stories" c1911 as viii+250 and 1923 c1979
4 stories, 12 plates : Snow 7, Real 1, Emperor's 2, Wind's 2
7 stories, 28 plates : Snow 7, Nightingale 5, Real 1, Garden 4, Mermaid 5, Emperor's 2, Wind's 4
1911 Ali Baba --LC 1911
[6] 1912 BELLS HDL(2) 1921 1978 c1995
[7] 1913 PRINCESS HDL --LC 1913
[8] 1914 SIN{D}BAD at Internet Archive; FoSin/d at WorldCat
1914 fr Princess, de Bells
[9] 1915 LC: Dreamer
[10] 1916 Stealers HDL
1916/1915 French Red Cross HDL --LC 1916? --LC 1988 ; begins with "The Story of the Bird Feng"
1916 Allied Nations HDL, cover and front matter missing --LC 1916 --much in queue
as 173 pages: 1916 o[366] listing 16th story "The Story of the Bird Feng", 1916 o[367] no list of Contents, 1919 o[368] first deluxe trade ed., 1922? o[369], 1924 o[370]
Gutenberg 174-page ed. includes The Story of the Bird Feng: A Chinese Fairy Tale (p174 unnumbered probably)
at HDL 170-page, 14-story ed. shows 15 illustrations, none for "The Queen" and two each for two stories
o[371] 1916 Wayne State U digital, 170-page, 14-story
some H&S as 1916, 174-page o[372] o[373],
as H&S [1927] 2nd ed. 170-page, 14-story o[374]
1988 as 174/14? o[375]
1996 as 170/14 o[376]
2008 Gutenberg as 15 o[377]
2010 no data o[378] 1176533835, 2010 no data o[379] 1153790920, 2012 no data o[380] 1407777726
1917 LC: french language
c1993 LC: Fairy Tales of the World selection (8 stories)
EoFantasy: Nathaniel Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales (coll 1918; cut 1938) --LC 19--
1919 Rubaiyat
1920 Pearl HDL (non-fiction)
1921 Poe
1921 Poe and --LC 1921 and 1978 c1995
1924 LC: "Adam & Eve"
EoFantasy: A Fairy Garland, Being Fairy Tales from the Old French (coll 1928) --LC Scribner's 1930? o[381]
1930 LC: Treasure Island and 1979
1950 LC: Golden Cockerel
1951 LC: Marriage of Cupid and Psyche
1976 LC: Dulac's The Snow Queen and Other Stories from [HA]
19-- LC: Nightingale and Other Stories from [HCA]
c1993 LC: Fairy Tales of the World
2012 LC: Snow Queen

1914 La Princesse Badourah at HDL (illustrations all missing?) text spans p5-114; lists 9 chap, 10 illus, dated 1914-03-14 (pp[115]-[117])

1919 Sindbad le Marin --dnf HDL --in queue --NEED publication update

Sometimes catalogued with colon or quotation marks in the title; for instance at the French national library (BNF) (quote): Sindbad le marin et d'autres contes des "Mille et une nuits"

BNF 33486743s also reports 148 pp rather than 145 o[382] (BNF) o[383] [27] o[384] [31cm] o[385] --in queue; NEED insert BNF url 'cb'

French-language editions from L'Edition d'art H. Piazza are available at HathiTrust Digital Library for the two Arabian Nights books alone (1907/??, 1913/1914)

1994, transl Antoine Galland o[386]

Hadji Mazem (Piazza, 1912?) text spans p[7]-112, Contents [113], Illustrations [115]-16, other works [117], list of four; no earlier than 1910 as English eds. were 1907 to 1910

as assembled, frontispiece follows title leaf

WorldCat search (piazza dulac) and BNF

(no date) Shakespeare BNF
[1908] Arabian
(no date) Arabian BNF BNF
1910 Rubaiyat o[387] (no date)BNF
1910 French o[388]
1911 Andersen BNF
1913 Poe o[389] BNF
1914 Badourah BNF
1917 Allies o[390] o[391] BNF
1919 Sindbad BNF
1920 Rosenthal o[392] BNF
1921 Guyot o[393] BNF

Edmond Dulac at BNF (evidly covers Edmond, Edmund)

at Harvard libraries

Houghton holds 1907 and 1914?
fr [1908] Asian & Islamic Collection PJ7721 .H6 1907 Not checked out , 7-day loan 32044104073093
Widener holds 1911, call numbers 27246.6.4 (2) : Floor P3 Row 115

Other titles at Internet Archive

The Nightingale

in newspapers

("the snow queen" dulac) 1911 (2 hits)

"Hodder & Stoughton" The Scotsman 1911-11-30 p3 (copy provided by the publisher, "some thirty drawings" -paintings, plates, illustrations, which exclude b/w line decorations)
"Holiday Books" N-Y Tribune 1911-12-09 p8 (Doran, 4to, pp. viii, 250.)

("hans andersen" dulac) 1911 (10)

The Scotsman 1911-11-30 p2 advert --no view
[394] publisher advert "From Hodder & Stoughton's Christmas List" Man Gua -12-07 p4, first under heading "The Season's Best Colour Books", 28 illus., prices 105/-, 42/-, 15/- (42/- and 15/- are De Luxe and Cloth prices of the next 5 books, none with a special edition presumably signed), Peter and Wendy "Fifth Edition." 6/-
[395] Chi. Tribune 1911-11-11 p11 Herbert Caxton "A Shelf of Volumes Finely Illustrated", this one first as one of "Three beautiful books" from Doran "American distributor of the Hodder & Stoughton books" (no price)
NY Times -12-03 pBR768 "Books as Friendship's Ambassadors" pBR769 advert [396] Boxed $5 ; another is Rackham's Siegfried, Doubleday $5


el f S. Baring-Gould, wri 34421 EN (167)
A. J. Gaskin, ill., Arthur Gaskin EN VIAF=62961516 
David Murray Smith, ill 141733 FR VIAF=54053700 (0)
1894 A Book of Fairy Tales ; Dodd, Mead $2.00 UK US

Formats [397] [398] o1895 Kelmscott design 1894 HathiTrust lists 20 stories, cites publisher advertisements

some Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales (multiple transl, ed, illus)

Stickney [399] Gutenberg/Ginn 20 tales plus Notes (partly from the 1867 ed.?)
Naomi Lewis P318876 "re-issue" Puffin Classics

(Dulac's) Stories from Hans Andersen Gutenberg #17860 (web) (text)

  1. THE SNOW QUEEN: A Tale in Seven Stories -- T93711 p1-76 [48] ~13k novelette
  2. THE NIGHTINGALE T1385778 p77-111 [15] ~4k
  3. THE REAL PRINCESS T1932607 p112-13 [2] ~500 words
  4. THE GARDEN OF PARADISE T1385783 p114-50 [21] ~6k
  5. THE MERMAID T520185 (variant) p151-203 [33] ~9k novelette
  6. THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES T92603 p204-18 [7] ~2k
  7. THE WIND'S TALE: About Waldemar Daa and His Daughters T1746838 (variant) p219-50 [16] ~4k

plates included in the pagination, 4 pages each plate

28 plates, 7 5 [1] 4 5 2 4 = 108 pages without narrative [narrative, 142pp]

el  .Helen Stratton, ill. [400] (12) mainly Shakespeare
at HDL (8)
LCCN lists 7 Shakespeare and
  1. Tales from Hans Andersen (1896)
  2. Princess's story book (1902)
  3. Grimm's and Hans Andersen's fairy tales (1906)
  4. Book of myths (1915)
  5. As the water flows (1920)


[401] brief review Man Gua 1896-11-07 p4 "Christmas Books" (5 tales)
advertisement by the publisher The Scotsman 1896-11-30 p2 as one (with Songs for Little People by Norman Gale) of "Two Volumes Exquisitely Illustrated by a New Artist", 40 ill., Imperial 8vo 2/6; Gilt extra 3/6
[402] The Sun (Baltimore) 1896-12-10 p7 --lists the 5 tales; no price; London: Archibald Constable & Co., b/w illus

Mrs. Rodolph Stawell, wri. 227171 (17 under multiple headings; no fairies) 1907o[403] 1912-Spaino[404] 1913o[405] SUDOC=113609434 NLA=000035530118 NTA=256367914 Google Books: Library of Alexandria (ebook?) Amazon-MMKS Amazon-RS

Fairies I Have Met 1907? --niLCCN o[406] also 1910 ;; Amazon 1907-nil 2011 Pook Press, 2012 with Look Inside 2012-unavail
My Days with the Fairies ;; Amazon 1913-unavail 1920

Fairies, 2011 Gutenberg o[407]

Edmund Dulac

EFlb f .Edmund Dulac, ill. 105321 EN (63)
User:Pwendt/People/Shakespeare --Dulac's Tempest done 2017-04

--with intro by Quiller-Couch

[duplicate from /later 2017-05-02] The Tempest

cO. 1908 Dulac, Shakespeare's Comedy of ... --check newspapers; pages, NOTE Look Inside
icO. , icO.$ 1984 facs , 2012 --need NOTE on Look inside; Title note quiller-couch
icOm£ (O.-) 1926 Rackham deluxe
cOm£ trade
iO. 1951 Grabhorn

Publ date (inferred) and price from review Manchester Guardian 1908-11-23 p4 10/6 "Christmas Books", under "Illustrated Reprints"

The Oxford text of the play, we may add, is given in find, bold type."

el f Arthur Quiller-Couch, wri. 2088 aka Sir Arthur, etc (156)

Dulac 1910 --part submitted 1210 (note, cover does not credit a writer)

1996 ed. by Sir Arthur at Amazon [408] (Collector's Edition, The Easton Press, 1996)

2017-05-02 works include from the Dulac series

1908- ESSAY The Story of the Tempest (1908) [only as by A. T. Quiller-Couch]
1910- COLLECTION The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales from the Old French (1910) [only as by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch]
elsf Laurence Housman 111581

2017-05-02 works include from the Dulac series

1907- NOVEL Stories from the Arabian Nights (1907)
1913-10 NOVEL Princess Badoura: A Tale from the Arabian Nights (1913)

EFlb f .Edmund Dulac, ill. 105321 EN (63)
French Red Cross 1916?
Allied Nations 1916 ; 1988 ; (WorldCat "A reprinting of a 1916 collection of folk and fairy tales from Belgium, France, England, Japan, Italy, and Serbia")
FT World 1993

annual gift books

1907 Housman, Stories
1908 Shakespeare, Tempest
1909 Khayyam, Rubaiyyat
1910 Perrault/Grimm, Sleeping Beauty
1911 Andersen, Snow White
1912 Poe,
1913 Housman, Princess Badoura
1914 Sin(d)bad; check title, try to discredit 1911 publication

As presented by SFE-Fantasy

In that year he began to produce an annual Christmas Book for Hodder & Stoughton, the firm which had published Rackham's first Christmas gift-book. The sequence, for which ED did much of his best fantasy work, comprises
  1. Stories from the Arabian Nights (coll 1907), text by Laurence Housman
  2. Shakespeare's Comedy of the Tempest (1908)
  3. The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (1909) by Edward Fitzgerald (1809-1883)
  4. The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales (coll 1910), adapted from the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault by Arthur Quiller-Couch
  5. The Snow Queen; and Other Stories from Hans Andersen (coll 1911)
  6. The Bells and Other Stories (coll 1912) by Edgar Allan Poe
  7. Princess Badoura (1913), text by Housman (again from The Arabian Nights)
  8. Sinbad the Sailor & Other Stories from the Arabian Nights (coll 1914). WWI broke the sequence, the next title being a compilation for charity, Edmund Dulac's Picture-Book for the French Red Cross (graph 1915; cut vt Edmund Dulac's Picture-Book 1919). The sequence proper then continued with
  9. The Dreamer of Dreams (1915)
  10. The Stealers of Light (1916), both by Queen Marie of Roumania (1875-1938)
  11. Edmund Dulac's Fairy-Book – Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations (coll 1916)
  12. Nathaniel Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales (coll 1918; cut 1938)

Dulac's Allied at HDL

"Books Received" The Scotsman 1916-11-30 p2, 6/-
advertisement by the publisher The Scotsman 1916-11-23 p2, 6/- "Uniform in page and style with "Edmund Dulac's Gift Book" [series] // Illustrated throughout with entirely new Pictures in Colour by Edmund Dulac. Price 6/- net. Edition de Luxe, limited to 350 copies, 21/- net (all sold)
same The Observer 1916-11-26 p4
advertisement by the publisher (George H. Doran Company) SF Chronicle 1916-12-03 p23 "A beautiful volume of fairy tales of the Allied Nations, illustrated by twenty color pictures in Dulac's inimitable fashion." $8.00 maybe
reviewed, one of 6 "More Christmas Books" The Observer 1916-12-17 p3 (another is Rene Bull's Arabian Nights [409], etc) "One of the few blessings brought about by the war is a closer link--pol, mor and intel--between the nations allied to break the power of the enemy. ... collections of fairy tales of the Allied nations are being published and taken up by the public in increasing numbers."

Dulac's French Red Cross at HDL

Rackham's Allies

review The Observer 1916-12-03 p4 The Allies' Fairy Book, illus. A. Rackham (Heinemann, 6/-); "Mr. Edmund Gosse has provided an interesting preface, dealing with the striking similarities and the less obvious differences between the fairy tales of the various nations now united in the fight for civilization."

Marie, Queen

Marie, Queen of Roumania
el   Marie, Queen of Roumania, wri. 115976 (29)

2016-12-08/09 EN talk: Marie EN talk: Elisabeth

1913 (as Crown Princess) inclg HDL except Title record (review, NYT misattrib.)
1915 Formats[410]+[411]-9 Dreamer + HDL --NEED date and price confirmation; what about Gutenberg #40950
1916 Stealers except perhaps Title record
1922 -- Formats[412]-9 Kildeen
1923/24 Formats[413]-3/2 Lost Princess
1924/25 Formats[414]+[415]-6
1929 Formats[416]-2/1 Magic Doll
1916-11 6/- Price stated in, publ date inferred from, advertisement by the publisher The Scotsman 1916-11-23 p2, The Observer 11-26 p4 (no earlier hit in 2016-12-08 newspapers search for title); as by "Her Majesty the Queen of Rumania"
I think I will not trouble whether the most common form of her name should include "," or "the", nor with its spelling of her country, nor "Queen Marie" vs "Marie Queen". The first editor's choice is not badly wrong.
In publication records we do not credit her as "the Queen of Roumania", nor as "The Queen of Roumania", nor "Queen of Roumania", nor any of those with spelling Romania or Rumania, on which we may expect publishers to differ.
For her first book

The Lily of Life: A Fairy Tale (1913) --1 copy

[417] The Manchester Guardian 1913-12-04 p6 "Christmas Books"; section Fairyland"
[418] Hodder & Stoughton's Christmas List -- includes Quiller-Couch's Crinoline; Housman/Dulac's Badoura o[419] signed (both 42/- and 15/-) (cf. Easton Collector's Ed. 1996 o[420] --dnf Amazon)

NYT advance notice credits Princess Elisabeth "Princess Elizabeth of Roumania has written The Lily of Life, which is described as 'a fairy tale for grown ups'." (That would be Elisabeth of Romania (1894–1956), the writer's 19-year-old daughter per Wikipedia.)

all illustrations Blog

US ed. forthcoming "this month" per note NY Times 1913-12-07 pBR

not found 2016-12-10 in newspapers 1913 or 1914 (but i have seen New York: Hodder & Stoughton)

her Children Books as listed at Blogspot

The Lily of Life illustrations by Helen Stratton 1913 exc Title?
The Dreamer of Dreams illustrations by Edmund Dulac 1915 exc Title?
The Stealers of Light illus. Dulac 1916
- Peeping Pansy illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell 1918
- A Christmas Tale illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell 1922
The Lost Princess illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell 226763 1924
The Magic Doll of Roumania illustrations by Maud and Miska Petersham 1929
- Vom Wunder Der Tränen illustrations by Sulamith Wülfing 190194 1938
- Petru's Candle frames from animated version of Marie's A Christmas Tale

Ilderim: A Tale of Light and Shade (1915/21 Rom; 1925/26 Eng) Formats[421] cover Romanian eds. 1915, 1921

Uncommon Medieval set European romance. per one bookseller, 1st ed. 1926 [422]
as 1925 o[423]
as 1922 (no date) at Amazon [424]
[425] review The Scotsman 1925-08-06 p2 Marie, Queen of Roumania. 7/6. Duckworth
The Times of India 1925-08-05 p13 "Books Received" Marie Queen of Roumania. Duckworth 318 (no price)
[426] The Times of India 1925-08-19 p13 "A Queen's Book" 7/6
1926 US ed. [427] (p19 as contd) review NY Times 1926-02-07 pBR8; NY: The Adelphi Company $2.50 "Marie, Queen of Rumania" ; "The book is dedicated to the author's 'big son' Carol, that ex-Crown Prince of Rumania who has of late been so very much in the limelight." (Crusader romance, astray, and allegory)
1926 London: Adelphi o[428] New York: Greenberg o[429]

reviews A Dreamer of Dreams (December 1915)

[430] 1915-12-09

--no hits 1916

ABEbooksellers report [432]

Greenberg (1922) --others say no date
Duckworth, London UK (1925)
Adelphi Company, London (1926)
Adelphi Company Publishers, Printed in Great Britain by Wyman and Sons New York 1926, 1926

One catalog states [433]

New York: Adelphi Company Publishers, Printed in Great Britain by Wyman and Sons, 1926.

U California, and thus Internet Archive (and HDL for its unavailable copy), is the source of the catalog error re Carmen Sylva

IA [434]
Gutenberg text [435] web [436] o[437]
  1. do we enter Gutenberg works treating the header of the web presentation as title page?
  2. do we use images from Gutenberg? (or from Internet Archive)

Laurence Housman

Housman anthologist Lady Cynthia Asquith

Asquith anthologies

1925 The Flying Carpet --started; more submitted 2016-12-18
1926 Treas Ship no contents o[2083349]
1927 Sails with list of Contents o[3572503
1928 Treas Cave no contents o[1721907
1932 Silver Ship no contents o[3456973
1935 Princess Eliz with list of Contents
1950 Children's Ship no contents o[24881053]

Alastair Kenneth Macdonald, A. K. Macdonald --not easy to find

About Housman illustrators

Evelyn Sharp, wri 151868 
NEED Wymps Formats[438] o[439]-Baldwin, 8 contents ; at OnlineBooks
All the Way
The Other Side NEED subtitle at ArtOfNarrative
Mabel Dearmer, ill, Mrs. Percy 178888 NEED Mabel (6)
Nellie Syrett, ill, 178887 --niLC,%20nellie/
Netta Syrett, wri, --nidb VIAF=93322398 SFE-F[440] 1898 collaboration
Marlowe --niLC,%20mabel/
Teago --niVIAF,%20audrey/,%20a/
Watson, A. H. (8) VIAF=2852905 at ArtOfNarrative at PetrasCupboard

sister Euphemia, "Effie really enjoyed and she did finally become a writer. She went on to write "The Dragon Who Would Be Good", a children's book which was published in 1929 and illustrated by her sister Alice." one at Amazon UK o[441](best, no contents; only hit Dale Mariford)

husband Alastair Kenneth Macdonald, A. K. Macdonald VIAF=96118344 at WorldcatSearch[442] -- Asquith's Sails of Gold

as Dale Mariford --nidb (0) VIAF=41801255


Allen --niVIAF
Hutton --niVIAF
King --niVIAF
Nightingale, C. (Charles), 1878- (Thrupp) (5) VIAF=63886144
Raffé, W. G. (Walter George), 1888- (3) VIAF=24191335
Smith --niVIAF
Leaper --niVIAF

not one evidently should be added here

1905 The Blue Sky Press, Pageant Series, 300 + 15 copies [443]

1973 Green Tiger Housman [444]
1983 Dover Housman [445]

Housman bibliog

not-juvenile The Blue Moon and Other Tales (1904)
also juv A Clean Sweep: A Tale of a Cat and a Broomstick (1931)

Housman bibliog Colby Library Quarterly 1973

OCLC records of archival material --10 at Bryn Mawr College: Typescript, some edited by Housman, all as "Published in Strange ends and discoveries, 1948." --but we have earlier publication dates for two of them Big powers and little powers, 1948 as The Great Adventure Fall of the sparrow : the man of prayer (1935) Maggie's bite (1947)

OCLC records of chapbooks --some "dos" with stories by other writers

1923 [446] (Blackwell, Joy Street #1) Joy Street : a medley of prose & verse for boys and girls. Number One ; xi+220 inclg The Open Door

SFE-F lists 11 including two as not among Turn Again Tales

The Story of Seven Young Goslings (1899 chap) --nidb-12-16 ; Wikipedia as verse "The Story of the Seven Young Goslings (1899) — illustrated by Mabel Dearmer" --niLC o[447]=Formats[448]
Mabel Dearmer [In 1896 she began contributing illustrations to The Yellow Book, The Savoy and The Studio, however soon after turned to children's book illustration. Dearmer created artwork for Wymps, and Other Fairy Tales and All the Way to Fairyland by Evelyn Sharp and The Story of the Seven Young Goslings by Laurence Housman (1899). She also illustrated several self-written titles, Round-about Rhymes (1898), The Book of Penny Toys (1899), and The Noah’s Ark Geography (1900).]
Puss-in-Boots (1926 chap) --ill Alec Buckels ous+Formats[449]

+ nine bold + others in that collection underline

1925 [450] The open door " by Laurence Housman, illustrated by Alec Buckels; & Toffee boy,--nidb by Mabel Marlowe, at illustrated by D. Hutton"--nidb 32
192? [451] (1926) A thing to be explained ; 29 C.T. Nightingale
192? [452] (1927) Wish to goodness! "by Laurence Housman. The dragon at hide & seekT1316950 / by G.K. Chesterton ; pictures by W.G. Raffé and J.R. Monsell" 32
1928 [453] Wish to Goodness! By L. Housman. The Dragon at Hide & Seek. By G.K. Chesterton, etc ; 32 #9
1928 [454] 1928 dos Etheldrinda's Fairy. By L. Housman ... The Tame Dragon. By A.V. Leaper, etc ; 32 #18
1928 [455] Etheldrinda's fairy "by Laurence Housman ; pictures by A.H. Watson. The tame dragon / by A.V. Leaper--nidb ; pictures by A Teago" 32
1930 [456] A gander and his geese ; and the promise of beauty ; 27 Marian Allen #31
1930 [457] Busybody land "pictures by Marian Allen--nidb and the cuckoo whose nest was made for her; pictures by Harold King"--nidb 31 #33
1930 [458] The Boiled Owl, and The Ass's Mouth, etc. ; 31 #30
1930 [459] Little-and-Good and the giant and the pigmy --nidb; 29 May Smith--nidb at Amazon UK/US(dxn #32

Cotton-Wooleena (1930 chap) 36 #24

1967 Cotton-Woolleena, uk ; Tony Hart--nidb(?antony)
1968 and 1967 Kaye & Ward both at Amazon UK
1974 Cotton-Wooleena, us ; Robert Binks--nidb --also at Amazon, no cover image

The Clean Sweep: The Tale of a Cat and a Broomstick 32 #37


Roundabout series (24, corrupt) inclg Puss-in-Boots verse
The Jolly Books (36) inclg The Open Door
Continuous Stories (76) inclg Etheldrinda's Fairy


ill Elfintown verse [460]
none of the chapbooks

Kirkus --only 4 hits

1938 Moonshine / Doorway [461]
1974 Cotton-Wooleena [462]
1974 Rat-Catcher's [463]
1976 ill. Goblin Market [464]

Book Review Digest 1931/1930, as $2.50 holt and 7/6 blackwell "[17] Fairy-stories, each illustrated by a different artist" [465]

"(Ja '31) (1930 Annual)"
3. Little-And-Good
The Promise of Beauty


1899-07 Helping (ss)
1935-04 Pray (ss)

in the queue

1900-01 A Gander and His Geese
1908-01 Right-About-Face (as no hyphens)
1911-03 Man and Dog
1928-05 Aunt Rhoda and the Riddleman

Blind Man's Bull (?)

1904-05-14 Blind Man's Buff ?
Published in Collier's 33.7
--Fiction Magazines Index ~fmi/t/t1635.htm#A33398
1904-07 Blind-Man's Buff ?
Published July 1904 in The Pall Mall Magazine</a> 33, p336-(45?), illus. Cyrus Cuneo
1931-03 Blind-Man's-Buff ?
Published March 1931 in The Argosy (UK) v9 #58, p91-(99?)

OCLC sources for list of Contents

[1925] [466] -- widows, bull
[Printed by Butler & Tanner Ltd.], [1925] [467] as orig 1925 as Odd Pairs; "At head of title: A book of tales by Laurence Housman" -- widows, buff
[1925] [468] as Odd Pairs; "At head of title: A book of tales by Laurence Housman"
1925 /1993 microfiche [469] -- widows, buff
1925 [470] -- windows, buff
1971 reprint [471] -- widows, buff
as 1924, no contents [472]

1899-11 Palace (ss)

Published November 1899 in The Butterfly 1.9, p103-(07?) --Fiction Magazines Index ~fmi/t/t1351.htm#A26276

1900-02 Woodcutter (gp)

Published February 1900 in The Butterfly 2.12, p249-(60?) --Fiction Magazines Index ~fmi/t/t1351.htm#A26276


The Were-Wolf

Wikipedia cover image (date?) Wikimedia[473] (Ayer, 2000, reprint of the Arno 1976 reprint) - shows the 6 original illustrations; EN shows that the last is the cover illustration
Ayer 2000 --nidb o[474] (as Ayre, with hyphen)
o[475] 1896 as Clemence Annie Housman, "L. Housman"

Ayer at Amazon [476]

Ayer or Arno at Amazon 0405081383 [477]

Arno at Goodreads [478]

Echo 9781406880113 --dnf at Amazon, except as page numbers source for Kindle
2008 Dodo 9781409921752 --tp at Amazon
2006 Aegypan 9781598185065 --tp at Amazon

Gods and Their Makers (1897, and Other Stories 1920)

see SFE-F[479]
1897 at HDL[480] (1 of 2 copies not examined)

Other Stories contents not found

FictionMags Index Laurence Housman

The Mountains of the Moon, (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine May 1899; p78-(84?) ss; historical fantasy.; illustrated by S. H. Sime
An Unexpected Miracle, (ss) Nash’s Pall Mall Magazine [no date]
and Fiction Parade and Golden Book Magazine Dec 1935; p217-(19?)

Tales of a Woodcutter, as 1932 novelette T2100538 As collected in 1932, one bookseller implies, seven numbered and titled sections are listed in the table of contents [of the collection]. 1. The Old Yew-Tree 2. The White-Thorn's Story 3. The Wisdom of the Forest 4. The Wood-Fairies 5. The Wood-Find 6. The Happy Forest 7. How the Waggoner Filled His Sack

  1. The Butterfly 2.12; p249-(60?) \ these two as "Tales of a Woodcutter"
  2. The Butterfly 2.12; p249-(60?) /
  3. (Wisdom)
  4. The Wood-Fairies, (pm) Temple Bar Mar 1905; p293
  5. (Wood-Find) / these two as "Tales of a Woodcutter", Lady's Realm: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Volume 22 google books (1907), illus. S. B. de la Bere
  6. (Happy)
  7. How the Waggoner Filled His Sack, Yet Brought Nothing Home, (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Mar 1903; p428-(29?)

[The] Pall Mall Magazine (54 vols. 1895-05 to 1914-09) at Victorian Fiction Research Guides

18.1, HDL p.78-84 The Mountains of the Moon (5 illus. S. H. Sime)
[481] The Cloak of Friendship

not found at Library of Congress (time has run out today)

find/merge stories that we have from later collections
check newspapers 
elsf Laurence Housman, wri ill 111581 EN (177) 
el f Clemence Housman, wri ill 7108 EN (5) 

Clemence at HDL [482]

Wikipedia's Were-Wolf cover illustration (Arno Press, 1976) is that from p119 of the 1896 book at HDL ; the last of six interior illus.

one 2006 ed. --nidb --niWorldCat also shows coverart by LH [483]

1. 1894 Farm UK  ; US submitted
2. 1895 The House of Joy

UK (<a href="">catalog record</a>, <a href="">another</a>) US

3. 1898 Field of Clover ; 1902 US o[484] HDL 2 copies [485]

2007 ed. at Amazon [486] with Look Inside that shows title "The Fire-Eaters", a mismatch

dedicated to Clemence Housman

4. 1904 The Blue Moon --no LCCN
1922/23 Moonshine T2008271 NEEDs date check

both later collections evidently UK 1922, US 1923

1923/22 Doorway T2095464 US

1922 Doorway o[487] -- another selection from the same four 1894-1904 collections; credits Clemence Housman

1974 Rat-Catcher's o[488], 12 stories
[489] Blue Moon,
[490] Moonshine & Clover, US ed.
[491] Doorway, US ed.

later ask whether Clemence Housman should be credited with interiorart title or only in the notes

later learn about illustrator and engraver, should both have INTERIORART Title records?

2016-12-05 merge all except NEED The Traveller's Shoes

Laurence at SFE

John of Jingalo --nidb 2016-12-05

   John of Jingalo: The Story of a Monarch in Difficulties (London: Chapman and Hall, 1912) [John of Jingalo: hb/] HDL
       King John of Jingalo (New York: Henry Holt, 1912) [vt of the above: John of Jingalo: hb/] HDL
   The Royal Runaway and Jingalo in Revolution: (A Sequel to John of Jingalo) (London: Chapman & Hall, 1914) [John of Jingalo: hb/] (1937 HDL

individual titles

# = numbered as listed under Collections in database 2016-12-12
x = other Collections listed at SFE3
oth = other listed at SFE3
icp = image contents pagenumbers (provided/confirmed by Pwendt)
LOH = LCCN, OCLC, HDL completed (loh = not completed and "-" = not found)

2016-12-08 search HDL all 176 hits, link all collections pre-1923 P596830

novel Gods and their Makers (London: John Lane: The Bodley Head, 1897) [hb/]
drama   Possession: A Peep-Show in Paradise (Cape 1921) [play: chap: hb/nonpictorial]
1897 Formats [492]; HDL-213+cat
1920 coll. OCLC: <a href="">560254156</a> (dnf OCLC contents)
2010 1177682362 Amazon[493]-242
2012 1290049238 Amazon[494]


brief review [495] Man Gua 1897-05-25 p4 5/-
full review [496] The Globe 1897-07-17 p2 (London, New York, no price)
Books Received Chi Tribune 1897-05-01 10 (no price)
review [497] Chi Tribune 1897-05-10 p9 (no price)
Books Received NY Times 1897-06-12 RBA7 ($1.25, as New York: JL)
brief review [498] Hartford Courant 1897-07-28 p7 (negative)

Stableford, A to Z of Fantasy Literature, p205 at Google Books

NYHT 1901-03-23 p11 (only hit for Gods, 1898 to 1919, except advert sale prices)

advance notice The Field of Clover forthcoming from John Lane,

LH "has written a quaint and curious book of allegorical fairy stories for grownups", as illustrated and decorated by LH "executed in the now almost forgotten art of wood engraving by his sister, Miss Clemence H."

1920 --only 1 hit 1920/21

[] The Scotsman 1920-10-28 p2 "New Editions"

"Originally published in 1897, [LH]'s remarkable collection of fantastic stories, Gods and Their Makers, has now been issued in a new edition (7s. 6d. net. London: Allen & Unwin.) In the new issue, the original stories are supplemented by three others of a like whimsical cast."


1 icpLOH P5966121st (us, LO) A Farm in Fairyland (KPTT 1894) [coll: hb/Laurence Housman]
2 .cp  h P5966201st The House of Joy (KPTT 1895) HDL HDL
3 .cpLOH£ P5707611st All-Fellows: Seven Legends of Lower Redemption with Insets in Verse (KPTT 1896)
4 .cp OH P5707621st The Field of Clover (KPTT 1898) 1902 HDL
5 .cp-OH P5714091st The Blue Moon (Murray 1904) 
6 .cp-OH P5968301st The Cloak of Friendship (Murray 1905) 
7 ...- - Gods and Their Makers and Other Stories (George Allen and Unwin, 1920)
8 .cp-O-£$ P5977571st (us, LOWayne)596641 A Doorway in Fairyland (Cape 1922, us 1923) 
9 .cp-OH£$ P5976561st (us, .cp-OH)571406 Moonshine & Clover (Cape 1922, us 1923) 
---- below this line too late for HathiTrust full view
10.c.LO-£ P5707601st All-Fellows, and, The Cloak of Friendship (Cape 1923) 
11.c.LO- P5977611st Odd Pairs: A Book of Tales (Cape 1925) 
12.c.LO- P4176921st Ironical Tales (Cape 1926) PV Rtrace ; (us, no contents, OCLC o[499] 18 contents) ; OCLC lists 7+[13]+10 contents including "Philosophical Romances [13 tales]" 
13 1st   Turn Again Tales (Blackwell 1930) [coll: hb/] (us, no contents, OCLC o[500] no contents)
14ic.LO- P5977621st  What O'Clock Tales (Blackwell 1932) (UK, no contents); us 1933 o[501]
15...-O- P5707661st What Next?: Provocative Tales of Faith and Morals (Cape 1938) --niLCCN (OCLC lists 31 contents) submitted; us 1971 dnf newspaper OCLC: <a href="">367553287</a>
16ic.LO-£ P4177341st (7 dnf us) Strange Ends and Discoveries: Tales of This World and the Next (Cape 1948)  
17...LO- (submitted) (9 dnf us) ([502] us 1952-10-23) The Kind and the Foolish: Short Tales of Myth, Magic, and Miracle (Cape 1952) (UK, no contents, OCLC o[503] no contents) 30 stories per one review
18ic.LO- P5967561st(USonly) The Rat-Catcher's Daughter: A Collection of Stories (1974) 

What O'Clock Tales

us [504] Stokes advert 1932-10; [505] NYHT 10-15 "Books of the Week"
Odd Pairs

later check newspapers

Turn Again Tales --both UK and US 1st eds. from OCLC

later update the Title record per Encyclopedia of Fantasy discrepancies

Turn Again Tales us Holt 1930 o[506] "Fairy tales"

SFE3: "Some of his work for children, such as his first book, A Farm in Fairyland (coll 1894) and Turn Again Tales (coll 1931), and some of his plays, such as Possession: A Peep-Show in Paradise (1921), are also of fantasy interest."
What O'Clock

later check newspapers; "Fairytales, ostensibly for children, in the mode of Oscar Wilde.

What Next?

reviews [507] [508] [509]

same two sources for 1932-10 Doctor Dolittle's Return

The Kind and the Foolish

contents not found


brief review joint with Moonshine & Clover: The Observer 1922-12-10 p4


[512] [513] 3 reviews joint with Moonshine & Clover: NY Tribune 1923-02-25 pSM24 by Charlotte Dean, NY Times 03-11 pBR8, Christian Science Monitor 03-21 p18 -- publ month inferred from the three -- price from CSM -- cover cloth "soft blue, with yellow fairy trees" per CSM

Arabian Nights 1907 ; 1923 ; 1932? ; 1955

Stories from the Arabian Nights, ill. Edmund Dulac, Wikisource[514] with text of 1-2 and 29-31 of 31 listed stories

o[515] cites (c) 1900 at HDL; o[516] 1907? for Boots Pure Co. ; (various records 1st and 2nd eds. both 1907) ; o[517] 1907 Scribner's with list of Contents (only 6); (several 1911) (other dates); 1923 Doran ... 1955 Doubleday Formats[518]

1907 at HDL



User:Pwendt/People#Bedard includes notes on adaptation of tales from Pu Song-ling

Padraic Colum

Colum, Padraic 122434

recurring issues re Padraic Colum retellings

novel or collection?
  • 1916. The King of Ireland's Son EN --"originally a folktale"
  • 1918. The Children's Homer [The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy] not in database; "Novel" at Wikipedia
  • 1920. The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter not in db -03-31
listed SFE Children's Fantasy [519]
LCCN: <a href="">20-21991</a> digital copy at HathiTrust Digital Library
Douglas Stuart Walker --ill. full-page at Part? unnumbered but no extra sheets
"Published November, 1920"
prologue The Horses of King Manus and three parts The Story of Eean the Fisherman's Son The Story of Bird-of-Gold Who Was the Bramble Gatherer's Daughter The Two Enchanters
spans p11-168
  • 1920-11. The Children of Odin [The Children's Book of Northern Myths] T1709297 as collection but see above

[520] NY Tribune 1920-11-21 pE9: gives informal subtitle "The Children's Book of Northern Myths"; "All the wonder tales of the gods and the Volsungs, retold in a stirring, connected story. A companion volume to that famous book-- [The Children's Homer. The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy. $2.50]

  • 1921. The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles T1142539 as novel
  • 1924. The Island of the Mighty: Being the Hero Tales of Great Britain T1987800 as novel with advert. support

0501: Colum

OCLC [521] ill. Eric Pape

VIAF 96085429 306063577 290685150

OCLC [522]

OCLC [523] New Children's Classics, re-ill. Lynd Ward?


from /later


The Adventures ...; aka The Children's Homer T2065745

1 publ record 2016-10-12, OCLC and unlinked HDL
[524] The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy (aka Children's Homer)

in progress (tomorrow)

(above) 1920-11-21/12-04 Macmillan NY also advertises two Colum/Pogany titles

one notice, Boston Daily Globe 1919-02-15 p12, as The Adventures ... (no price)

[525] NYTrib 1919-12-07 p4 "What Shall We Give That Blessed Child ...", this one "one of the most delightful children's books published during the past year"! (no price)

HDL copy with original cover (no jacket) Illustrations by Pogany comprise b/w headpieces, each chapter or tale, and endpapers 4 color paintings, plates not included in the pagination

Willy Pogany 163273 (68) The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy HDL catalog (1 of 2) another that from U California is apparent 1st printing

The Children's Homer HDL 1962 explanation of title links HDL ; three records for 1962 to 2004 publications as The Children's Homer, all of with WP illustrations Template:LCCN

2003064609 (2004 reprint of the original?); 62015432 1962 (c)1946, 82012643 1982 1st Collier Books ed., 2004559493 2004

 l   Elaine Pogány, wri (2) VIAF=93040835 VIAF=305857371

Japanese-language edition at Amazon[526]

Elaine Cox, wri (coaching) (5) VIAF=275897501 304939484 147077025

Elaine Cox, ill b. 1962 (underworld) (1) VIAF=91812133

d'Aulaire, Edgar Parin and Ingri



"Edgar d'Aulaire"?
Ed'A A207514
EPd'A A226239
  • Amazon credits the d'Aulaires as "Ingri d'Aulaire" and "Edgar Parin d'Aulaire" in the header for D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths (New York Review Children's Collection, 2005) [527].
  • Amazon identifies him as "Edgar d'Aulaire" in its header for the companion D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls (NYRCC, 2006) [528].
  • Ingri d'A and Edgar Parin d'A also for D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths Delacorte Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition (March 1, 1992) [529].

As of 2016-02-25 noon only D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls (2006) among these three is in the database, as by Edgar d'Aulaire per Amazon P475528.

Work in progress

Ed'A [530]
Note to Moderator [Hauck] "per Wikipedia family name Parin, appended d'Aulaire from mother's maiden name Auler; LATER return to his name"
D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls [531]
Note to Moderator [Hauck] "all four available LCCN and WorldCat records report 62 pp and credit Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire, as back pages of Amazon Look Inside! name and list him EXPECT later to eliminate "Edgar d'Aulaire" from the database"

Amazon Look Inside! [2006] includes half-title page "D'Aulaire's"; title page not available; copyright page (c) 1972 by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire; with CIP data for LCCN <a href="">2006-12762</a> showing (perhaps LC canonical names) "D'Aulaire, Ingri" and 'd'Aulaire, Edgar Parin"; back material Titles in the New York Review Children's Collection listing "Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire" over 2 titles; back matierial "Ingri Mortenson and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire met ..."

Amazon Look Inside! [2005] also gives EPd'A thruout, where it does show anything, inclg CIP data for LCCN <a href="">2004-29214</a>. This one (c) 1967, orig. publ. as Norse Gods and Giants (Doubleday, 1967)

back material "Reader's Companion", 5 unnumbered pages
back material "Titles in the ..." same as above but shorter

Amazon Look Inside! [1992] does show

title page "Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths" over "Delacorte Press";
copyright page "Other boks by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire" (c) 1962 by same; 0-440-40694-3 "Originally published in hc by Doubleday Books for Young Readers in 1962 // First Delacorte trade paperback edition June 2003 // 33rd printing per number line"; Contents [9] to ... 190-92 Index
no back material

Amazon publ date paperback 1992-03-01 is inscrutable

A New York Public Library's 100 Great Children's Books 100 Years selection

LC catalogue and WorldCat

  • (Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen, 1812-1885) East of the sun and west of the moon; twenty-one Norwegian folk tales; edited and illustrated by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. 1938 [532] 1969 [533]
D'Aulaires' book of Norwegian folktales / edited and Illustrated by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. 2016 [534]
  • Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire's Book of Greek myths. 1962 [535]
LCCN no more recent edition;
  • Norse gods and giants [by] Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. 1967 [536] D'aulaires' Norse gods and giants / Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. 1986 [537]
D'Aulaires' book of Norse myths / by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'aulaire ; preface by Michael Chabon. 2005 [538]
1993 Dell pb
Aulaires' book of trolls / by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. 2006 [540]
  • Conquest of the Atlantic / text and lithographs by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. 1933 [541]
  • Children of the Northlights 1935 [542] 2012 [543]
  • Lief the Lucky 1941 [544] 1965 [545] 2014 [546]

Clute/Grant Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) Myths

User talk:Pwendt#Book of Trolls

Wanda Gag


Wanda Gag 112469 (52)

EN: "To encourage the use of these stories, Gág translated and illustrated Tales from Grimm in 1936. Two years later she did the same with the Grimm story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a reaction against the “trivialized, sterilized, and sentimentalized” Disney movie version.[38] Her essay I Like Fairy Tales was published in the March 1939 issue of The Horn Book Magazine. Nothing at All became a Caldecott Honor book for 1942. More Tales from Grimm appeared posthumously in 1947; four of her translated fairy tales were later released individually with new illustrations by Margot Tomes."

ISFDB 1958 anthology includes 3 Grimm illus Gag, 2 as transl Gag

ISFDB varies in treatment of Gag as illustrator only

[16] Tales from Grimm T1670763

1936 US o[547]
1936 Faber 5s per The Scotsman 1937-12-09 p10 Christmas Books o[548] from later printing with ISBN, with list of Contents; o[549] 247
1981/1964 o[550]

"coming October 9"; work of 4 years; incl "a number of tales hardly known or available in English translation"

listed in weekly columns -10-11

[551] $1.50 from review NY Times 1936-11-15 pBR12 "The Changing Art of Children's Books", review 4 as Tales from Grimm Freely Translated and Illustrated

[1] Snow White and Seven Dwarfs EN

fc August 8 "Books and Authors" NYT 1938-07-10 p82

[552] Anne T. Eaton NYT -08-07 p80 gives previous title "Tales from Grimm, Freely Translated and Illustrated by Wanda Ga'g"

$1.00 [553] Lewis Gannett "Books and Things" NYHT 1938-08-11 p13 --afoul the new orthodoxy


1936-10-09 [554]
1938-08-08 * [555]
1943 not found
1947-10-20 [556]

[3] Three Gay Tales from Grimm 1943 The clever wife.--The three feathers.--Goose Hans.

$1.50 per "Books Received" NYHT 1943-10-10 pD25

[557] May Lamberton Becker NYHT 1943-10-03 pE10 Sweeping the Field

[558] unsigned NYT 1943-10-24 pBR21

[32] More Tales from Grimm 1947 o[559], with list of Contents; 664363831 650511783 317628508 601817673; 2006 o[560], with list of Contents


fc September per "Book Notes" NYHT 1947-06-23 p13 Wanda Gag Exhibit [opens today] and Books

$2.75 per "Books Received" NYHT -11-09 pE32

$2.75 [561] NYHT -11-16 pE24 "A gala collection of 31(!) stories ... // Uniform with this title: Tales $2.50 Three Gay Tales $1.50 Snow $1.25

one WorldCat record states 33 and I count 32 Contents

[562] Chi. Tribune -11-16 pB14 Polly Goodwin, 1st listed of 13 "few of the outstanding"

[563] NYT ELB, a few unfinished

Joseph Jacobs

Jacobs Batten fairy tale series originated with David Nutt

1890 English Fairy Tales T2074718

43 "collected"

LOd Nutt
HDL 1 nutt 2nd (Contents I-XLIII plus Notes and References 229-53) p256 Works by Jacobs
o[564] Nutt special ed.
––– us putnam

Publ date and month from advertisement by the publisher NY Times 1890-11-11 p5 "G. P. Putnam's Sons' List."

1892 [1891] Celtic Fairy Tales T1564404

26 "selected and edited"

LO– Nutt as format unknown (links HDL 2nd printing)
HDL 6 nutt (NYPL evident 2nd) HDL 1 nutt 2nd (Pref vii-xii; Contents I-XXVI plus Notes and References)
HDL HDL 1 nutt 2nd "1892" publication late 1891?
[565] Irish Times review
o[566] special ed.
advertised by a Bombay retailer "New Books" The Times of India 1891-10-28 p2, price 3 Rs. 12 s.
––– us
NY o[567]; [568] published to-day both vols. $1.75; so received NY Times -11-02 SF Chronicle -11-08; [569] full review Chi. Tribune -11-14 p13

Preface, p[vii]-xii

(3) 1892 Indian Fairy Tales T1949811

29 "selected and edited"


HDL 1 nutt

Nutt ed. shares half-title[570] and note on Plates, etc p.xv[571] but identifies printer p255[572]

––– us Putnam/Nutt HDL only o[573]

HDL 3 putnam/nutt 3 of 2 book copies

U Michigan with half-title page illustrated versoHDL and back advertisements p[257-58]-HDL E and C "uniform with" I; 8m. Demy 8vo ... 6s.

give price 6s from this source?

U California c.p. with affixed photo portrait Jacobs
<a href="">04-10447</a> links HDL (Putnam's and Nutt)
NY [ full review 1892-11-28 (no price)
per the publisher as "Jacob's Fairy Tale Series", now three, 8vo $1.75 N-Y Tribune and NY Times 1892-12-08

review "Folklore and Anthropology" Chi. Tribune 1892-11-19 p12

"Jacobs has to some extent handicapped himself by omitting the Indian versions of stories already given" in the English and Celtic collections; As in his other works of the same class, Mr. Jacobs has catered to the little folks in the text and for the scientific students in the notes."

received CT -11-12 NYT -11-14, review NYT -11-27 p19 "Books for Christmas Books"

(5) 1894 [1893] More English Fairy Tales T2074720

44 "collected and edited"

L–– Nutt (links HDL)
HDL 4 nutt (Contents as XLIV-LXXXVII or 44-87 plus Notes and References)

listed "Books of the Week" The National Observer 1893-10-07 p545; 31s 6d (English Fairy and Folk Tales by E.S. Pollard, in the same Miscellaneous section, is 3s 6d)

[574] The Academy 1119 (1893-10-14) 322; Jacobs (London: -10-12) protested the last Saturday Daily News review by Andrew Lang, a competing folk-lorist, "The Ethics and Etiquette of Reviewing"

––– us

Listed as received NY Times 1893-10-30 (no price) Review NY Times 1893-12-19 p3 (no price, positive), subtitle "Folklore and Its Students", evidently Jacobs criticized by "folk-lore purists" for writing "traditional English" rather than dialect; but "the chances are all in Mr. Jacobs' favor that a certain tale found in a place was 'rather brought there rather than born there' "

No. 5 in 'Fairy Tales of the Nations', 8vo $1.75 The Independent 1893-11-23, 45, 234, p20

Putnam's advertisement Fairy Tales and Folklore Literary World 1894-12 lists all five $1.75 (three 12mo, Celtic 8vo, More Celtic not listed)

Fairy Tales of the Nations six volumes, each $1.75 (not enumerated); NY Times 1894-12-11 p5

(6) 1895 More Celtic Fairy Tales T1132825

?? "selected and edited"

L–– Nutt
HDL 2 (1894) uk

Manchester Guardian "Christmas Books: VII. Illustrated Books" 1895-12-18 p7 "Mr. David Nutt has brought out in a new and cheaper edition the four very charming collections of fairy tales ... among the prettiest and cheapest gift-books for children that have appeared this Christmas" [the four English and Celtic collections] (no price)

––– us
HDL 1 (1895) us another us
advertisement by the publisher "New Books" NY Times 1894-11-17 p5

"(Being No. VI. in the 'Fairy Tales of the Nations' series)" 8vo $1.75 ; 27 and 29 West 23rd Street

received "selected and edited by Joseph Jacobs" Nutt and Putnam's Chi. Tribune 1894-11-24 p15
received NY Times -11-26 (as $1.25)

1896 The Book of Wonder Voyages T2075290

4 edited

OOo Nutt --with Note of special ed. "large-paper edition of 100 copies printed on Japanese vellum" printed by Ballantyne Press
LO$ us Macmillan
HDL us 1

1967 facsimile ed. o[575] with list of Contents

1916 Europa's Fairy Book T1762970

25 "restored and retold"

L–– Putnam
LC links HDL 1 putnam "New York and London, G. P. Putnam's sons"
Actually shows
G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
The Knickerbocker Press

3 vols Jacobs Fairy Tales advertised end 1892

vols 5 and 6 Fairy Tales of the Nations advertised end 1893, 1894

Andrew Lang

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Rackham Stephens


James Stephens, wri Irish Fairy Tales T2065727 ill Rackham 34363 (cf. English Fairy Tales T1365205 FASteel (67)

3 publ records 2016-10-12, all OCLC and newspaper only (no LCCN or HDL)
[576] Irish

10 tales (perhaps myth as much as fairy tale

US ed., links HDL (1 of 5 catalog records dated 1920!)

  1. 2 NY lacking cover; 318p and 360p --former Cornell lists 2 more works (Insurrections; The Rocky Road to Dublin), Nov 1920, 16 plates (each 4pp not included in the pagination); latter Harvard lists 2 fewer works; Nov 1920, without illus Apr 1923 (the second is mis-cat)
  2. 1 NY (apparent 1st printing, same as Cornell above)
[577] $5.00 advertisement by the publisher

"Macmillan's New Books for Children" N-Y Tribune 1920-11-21 pE9 under subheading "A New Rackham Book" ... "Ill. in line and color by Arthur Rackham." ... "retelling"

"Macmillan's New Books for Boys and Girls" Chi. Tribune 1920-12-04 p10 (this one "suitable for all the family") The Macmillan Company // Prairie Avenue and 25th Street // Chicago, Illinois

UK ed.

  1. 3 UK deluxe? no cover --1st NYPL apparently identical; 2nd 3rd identical California with 3rd better quality, no cover, no copyright data or month, p318 "Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh."
  2. 1 UK trade lacking cover; Wisconsin
  3. 1 UK deluxe lacking cover and signature; (Cornell)


"Stories" not "Tales" is the more import eds. (1823 and 1826; 2-in-1 1868; facsim 1904)

HDL shows "German popular stories and fairy tales", "German FT and PS", "German PS" --"Popular Tales" not found

("German Popular Tales") (before 1866, 81 hits from 1813 ("German Popular Tales" ruskin) (before 1866, 1 hit)

(1866/68 only 6 hits; 4x retailer advert 1866

[578] Am Lit 1867-12-02 p108ff "James Miller, Publisher" German Popular Tales, 4 vols, $4 --containing Andersen x4
[579] Am Lit 1868-06-01 p67 --as Grimm's German Popular Tales. New edition. (Porter & Coates, Phi.)

WorldCat looking for Ruskin's Introduction German Popular Tales

1868 Chatto
n.d. o[580] as [Collection of fairy tales made up from 4 published dismantled and reassembled books] (citing German Popular Stories, J.C. Hotten, [1868])
c2015 Forgotten Books o[581], no ISBN --reissue of 1868 Chatto German Popular Stories, as German fairy tales and popular stories : as told by Gammer Grethel

WorldCat ruskin, ti: German Popular Stories

1868 Hotten o[582]
o[583] “FAIRY STORIES”: A PREFACE TO “GERMAN POPULAR STORIES” (1868) ISBN-9780511696220 (Works, v19, 2011 \1905)
first published this title 1905 [584]

German Popular Stories

HDL Henry Frowde 1904-11 two-volume facsimile ed.

facsimile of Baldwyn 1823 t.p. 1823 -- Preface, p[iii]-xii mentions (probably written by) The Translators, plural; and MM Grimm; source edition not identified ; no list of Contents -- stories, [1]-217 -- list of illustrations p[218] (title page + 11 plates not included in the pagination) -- Notes, [219]-40

Vol. I (31 stories) final story is Rumpel-Stilts-Kin, ends p217 NOT SELECTED FROM VOLUME I

KMH (i.a.) 83 27 57 19 102 ; 133 50 37 (The Grateful Beasts 1815) 69 ;; 8 62 58 59 70 ; 52 (The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet [n.d.]) 53 39 146 ;; 48 88 110 92 64 ; 38 15 29 1 132 ;; 55

Vol. II (24 stories) first story is The Goose-Girl NOT SELECTED FROM VOLUME II

KMH (i.a.) 89 6 116 21 183 ; (The Crows and the Soldier 1815) (Pee-Wit [n.d.]) 77 (Cherry, or the Frog-Bride --Johann Gustav Büsching 1812) 24 ;; 97 (Peter the Goatherd 1800) 129 (The Elfin-Grove [n.d.]) 122 ; (The Nose 1815) 134 65 40 151.1 ;; 25 (Roland and May-Bird [n.d.]) 23 47

9 of 55 are not indb as from KMH [n.d.] indb no date, no German-language title

facsimile of Robins 1826 t.p. Vol. II (James Robins ... Joseph Robins Junr ... 1826) -- (no list of illustrations ?) -- Advertisement, p[iii]-iv --

The success of the first volume of German Popular Stories, has encouraged one of the translators to venture on a second. The majority of the Tales will be found ...
Two or three Stories have been taken from other collections, as pointed out in the notes.
The Translator ...

"Collected by MM. Grimm, from Oral Tradition" (title page) ; "MM. Grimm's collection" (preface)

-- stories, p[1]-244 (The Juniper Tree) -- Notes, [245]-56 -- p[257], note from The Translator, singular

Translator(s) not named anywhere

No back pages. No front pages except half-title.

newspapers 1867(none)/68/69 ("german popular stories")

[585] Am Bk 1868-10-15 p1 "Foreign Literary Intelligence" London 1868-09-20 --Hotten "novelties in preparation"
[586] The Athenaeum #2142 1868-11-14 p624, "Very Important New Books" Mr. Hotten ... following Works
The Athenaeum #2145 -12-05 p767, "Special Announcement" Mr. Hotten ... following New Works
The Spectator #2111 -12-12 p1471, "Publications of the Week", @ 6/6
The Athenaeum #2146 -12-12 p796, "List of New Books", cr. 8vo. 6/6 cl.

Scribner, Welford & Co. advertisement p8- "English Publications", The Book Buyer 1869-02-15 p8-14(?); see p11

[587] p11, Grimm's German Popular Stories [title uncertain, publisher uncertain] $3.25, $3.75

back cover images, both formats (no price)

2014 Planet
WorldCat o[588] 267pp 25cm ISBN-9781909115835
Amazon -- tp 2014-05-05, 318 pp ; "Buy New $11.99" ; (same as below) ; (same)
"Look inside" shows this year and ISBN, ~70 stories finally p317-?? ; final 11 stories from p268

WorldCat reports 267 pages (Amazon 318)

2015 Planet
WorldCat o[589] 322pp 25cm ISBN-9781910880043
Amazon --Hardcover 2015-08-20, 324 pp ; "Buy New $29.99" ; "Book 18 of 21 in the Robin Books Series" ; "(70 tales with 150 illustrations, including 30 illustrations in color)"
"Look inside" shows this year and ISBN, ~70 stories finally p323-?? ; final 13 stories from p269

WorldCat reports 322 page (Amazon 324) but Contents shows that the last story begins p323. [590]

-- half-title (signed 1869-01-01) -- title page, [i] -- publisher's note "Advertisement from the Publisher", [iii]-iv -- Introduction // by John Ruskin, M.A., [v]-xiv ... 1868 -- Preface to the Original Edition // First and Second Series, [xv]-xxiv ... 1823, 1826 -- Contents, [xxv]-xxvi -- 55 stories span p[1]-309 -- Notes, [311]-35 (inclg 1823 letter from Walter Scott, 334-35) -- printer, [336]

Compare contents

  • Hotten (all UNCREDITED): Puffin
35 Rosebud NO!: Rose-Bud -- hyphen at p243
95 Shoemaker + : Shoe-Maker -- from 1958
112 Jew in the Bush + : Miser in the Bush --not in db as by anyone
126 Mrs. Fox + : Mrs Fox -- from 2015
142 Frog-Prince +: Frog Prince -- from 1823
148 Rumpel-Stilts-Kin +: Rumpelstiltskin --from 1823
243 Elfin Grove NO!: Elfin-Grove -- hyphen at p243

check first page (+ matches Contents list; NO! matches Puffin) check ISFDB (YYYY year of title indb)

EN: Grimms' Fairy Tales

  • 1823/1826 collections uncredited?
  • 1868 Hotten ed. uncredited?

Chatto & Windus, 1913, title page missing -- p[v]-xiv, Introduction, by John Ruskin, M.A.; signed Denmark Hill, Easter, 1868 -- (t.p. missing), p[iii]-iv, Advertisement; signed J.C.H.[otten], Piccadilly