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Welcome to my user page. I work in IT and live in central Long Island.

I am no longer very active on the ISFDB but am currently (Jan 2014) selling part of my collection so am updating/verified any publications that I see are unverified.

Things that look useful

Notes on the EDITOR type

  1. Every magazine Publication should have the "Editor" field filled out, but this data element is specific to the Publication and doesn't affect Titles;
  2. Every magazine Publication should have a Title (type "EDITOR") associated with it and its Title_title should be the same as the title of the magazine issue and the author/editor is the magazine editor'
  3. This EDITOR Title is created automatically for newly entered magazine issues, but it is not displayed in the Contents area and not pulled up in Edit Pub;
  4. Some previously entered magazine Publications do not have this EDITOR Title associated with them, so they will be showing up as Stray Publications in their Editor's biblio until an EDITOR Title is added to them;
  5. We typically do a Title Merge on all EDITOR Titles for the same magazine/year so that someone like John W. Campbell or Stanley Schmidt doesn't have 300 "Editor" records in his biblio. This results in each Editor record in the Author/Editor's biblio fanning out into up to 12-13 Publication records when you pull the Title up;
  6. The way to fix pre-existing magazine Publications without this EDITOR Title (Open Display Bug 20036) is to go through affected Pubs one at a time, manually add an Editor Title to them, and them merge them when needed.

Help pages


Publication fields

Publication content fields

Title fields

Author fields

Miscellaneous useful templates

Things there have been debates about that might come up again

Moved to subpage: User:Mike Christie/Debates

Things to do

  • Make sure Ace Doubles rules are correct and that they work in practice
  • Clean up Rene/René Vidmer records in Beyond once bug is fixed.
  • Unmerge Signet edition of "Galaxies Like Grains of Sand" when unmerge comes back; it is missing some fiction that is in the Panther edition.
  • Unmerge Hothouse from Long Afternoon titles.
  • Check cover art on Ace Doubles per posts to CP
  • Clean up Buffalo Gals chapbook; post query on title update to CHAPBOOK
  • Enter DatEotW first ed when clonepub fixed; also enter/verify later eds.
  • Check outcome of discussion on use of # in ISBN field
  • Unmerge "The Best of Murray Leinster" versions
  • Write help for Awards, and for Diff Pubs
  • Sort out Dangerous Visions volume 1,2,3 titles -- unmerge from parents
  • Add "jvn" etc. to story length help
  • Clean up Emsh, Orban, Bowman aliases
  • Document the tag field in newpub help
  • Revisit prefixing zero to ISBNs -- in ISBN field or notes
  • Ensure rules in help define when to overwrite a pub and when to leave it there and create a new one
  • Add unmerge to Help:Screen:Moderator
  • Fix The Coming of the Terrans per community portal note
  • Revisit subtitle defs in help files once consensus reached on regularizing (or not) author names
  • Add notes to pubtype and entrytype about types that are invalid (such as NONGENRE invalid for pubs)
  • Mention in the help about adding a page number to the NOVEL title in a novel
  • Fix Helliconia pagination
  • Figure out why the ISBN in [1] this gets resplit from 0-8600-7857-4 (on the book, and entered into ISFDB) to 0-86007-857-4 (as displayed).