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  • Add info to Nicholas P. Adams:
  • Fix The Angels' Secret by Nicholas Adams: notes ISBN-13 needs to change to 978-1494938161 instead of 978-1542770774
  • Lovecraft illustrated vol10 - add pub series & series no (10)
  • Remove prices from Yiddish Lord of the Rings as $16.00 is not contemporaneous (Fixer had it at $20.00)
  • Add series info 'Dwarslijnen' (see ppn) to Tim Pratt's Bloedige vete
  • pluizuit en ppn have facet series info colored geel, blauw, to check
  • Update cover art of Didelez Heksenkrant from here
  • Add picture Katrien Vervaele from here
  • Need to update Alan Marks (Beyond the Rainbow Warrior) to author Alan Marks (artist) --> alternate name Jim Riordan --> James Riordan
  • To check if Cugel Gewroken (Meulenhoff edition) has correct pub date: should it be 1985 iso 1986?
  • dwarsligger tweede druk de hongerspelen toevoegen
  • Add and variant D. C. Ford kindles
  • Need to separate out pod vs non- pod for All Systems Red and Ballad of Black Tom - see Taweiss' reply on my question on his talk page for confirmation
  • Add more info to Ontworteld once published (pub date 13-11-2018).
  • Dwarsligger Dan Brown - Inferno. Twee verschillende edities? 9789049803575 9789049802677
  • Dwarsligger Wolkenatlas David Mitchell: 9789049801090
  • Dwarsligger De Erfenis vd tempeliers 9789049800468 Steve Berry
  • Dwarsligger Dante (2x) 9789049800239
  • Dwarsligger F. Peretti Darkness... 9789460730047
  • Clarify name typo Lila Brown - Lila Bowen; variant to D.S. Dawson
  • Bobby Dollar: update to Hodder & Stoughton + correct typo's in notes of The Dirty Streets of Heaven
  • N.K. Jemisin's The Stone Sky map, align credits interior map The Stillness'
  • Add Dutch title Dirk Draulans novel
  • Who why when still to be removed (not in 10th printing) of First Fifteen lives of
  • Add hc of Het parfum after tp available
  • Add All Systems Red tp & verify
  • ebook Aru Shah 9789000364510 to add when more info avail (dec 2018)
  • Revisit Facet pubs and move De Belgische Bibliografie link to Ext ID once available
  • Finalize Van Halewyck; see PPN from 1 to 17
  • Schimmen ... - merge check (Guy Didelez)
  • Rogue Protocol (Martha Wells) add "(date is 2018-09-01 on Amazon UK as of 2019-01-26)"
  • Raspoetin/raspoetin duikt weer op: omnibus toevoegen + covers&printing history
  • Add Verdwaald op de rivier by Bies van Ede
  • Update publisher for Circus Maximus = Corgi Books!
  • Add publisher explanation (see Ballon Kids) for De Ballon
  • ebook titles of filmed editions of Allegiant, Insurgent = ebook; The Fates Divides still to be added
  • Fix translator Artemis Fowl: Mireille Vroege
  • As part of Van Goor cleanup: review pubs for Best of YA series and add where missing
  • Kate Egan : 2455649 to variant to English original
  • Correct date The Hunger Games to 2013-09-00
  • Add starting pages to all 3 Dutch Hungergames novels: all start on page 5
  • To add ISBN 978-90-00-34188-7: Twilight / Leven en dood (HC); also, add leven en dood title to omnibus
  • Blind date vol1&2: change pub series titles to Edge (Manteau) or some such. Remove title series info.
  • 'Nieuwe Maan', Stephenie Meyer, Van Goor: need to update 2018-07-00 to 2008-07-00
  • Check Twilight saga omnibuses for completeness (add link, O1-5 etc.)
  • Cargo: James Patterson's books
  • Tschai: check date of map --> to change to 1973 iso 1978?
  • Add author Michael Ledwidge to James Patterson's Zoo (forgot that one)
  • To add ebook Verbreken