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Some might have notice I come and go. When I am working on a project for work I tend to get fairly focused on it. Most of my free time is then unwinding and relaxing. Then between projects there is not much to do. So I work on my hobbies which SF is one of the big ones.

Todo Plans:

Finish updating my personal catalog authors that are missing photos with bio information updating ISFDB is the process. Finished first pass 10/2007
Remove non-ISFDB material from the unknown list. (Still personally debating (snickering) the Harry Potter popup book)
Remove manga entries (Still a closet Manga Otaku)
Remove RPG game entries (not many out side of unknown)
take a whack at the unknowns some more.
finished a first past through the novels. Ray 21:36, 16 May 2008 (UTC)
Do unknown cover artist even have a entry? Many entries leave it blank.
Need to understand the new setup/terminology some more. When to mark Variant titles or merge duplicate titles. How to handle work revisions. Etc.
debate if a need to separate entries the unknowns because on data entry versus author/publisher on purpose versus "famous" or "lost" works.

Long term Plans:

Cross reference my personal catalog of author information that have photos with ISFDB's
Start working through my collection of books for missing info.
Personal catalog needs more cover artist update from actual books. Update ISFDB with any new information

Bio: Someone who started reading the Asmiov "Norby" cartoon in Boys Life then picked up the "Sixth Column" column book of my Dad's and haven't stopped. Don't tell anyone but day job is database application developer for websites.

My Cheatsheet on things that can be removed.

Floor/Sales Displays
Young Children books.
RPG source books.
RPG accessories.
Collectable/Non Collectable Card games.

Removeable based on technical rules.

Magazine with no fiction works in the issue. Even if other issues contain fiction. (Some Dragon issues)

Things to ask about: Seculative fiction movie merchandice. (not novels) more toys than material. Godzilla washable tatoo book. Harry Potter journals.

Data Entry

How do others type and hold a book specifically a paper back at the same time. And no spine bending please Ray 18:31, 16 Jun 2007 (CDT)

We don't. We put the book down and use the keyboard with at least two fingers. Well, I do anyway. IF I could type with two fingers from the SAME hand, I might hold a paperback in the other. BLongley 19:20, 16 Jun 2007 (CDT)

Author Data

My head feels like I am in high school fine literature class. Going way back in time and updating author's info Ray 21:36, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

1800-1925 for Authors with Novel type entries checked against Wiki and Imdb.
1700-1898 for Authors with any title entries checked against Wiki and Imdb.