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Naming conventions/Russia

Temporary parking it here until I find a better place for it:
Prior to 1721-11-02: Russia
1721-11-02 through 1917-09-13: Russian Empire
1917-09-14 through 1922-12-29: Russia
1922-12-30 through 1991-12-25: Russia, USSR
After 1991-12-26: Russia

Random useful links


Link to help Regularized case means that the first word is capitalized, and all later words are also capitalized except for "and", "or", "the", "a", "an", "for", "of", "in", "on", "by", "at", "from", "with", and "to".

Various Help pages

Fixer related

  • Daily Science Fiction
  • Alessandro Manzetti
  • contents and contents
  • Check all pub notes that say {{Narrator|(Not yet determined)}}
  • Psi Phi contents needed
  • Galaxy edge missing issues and contents and digitals.
  • finish contents based on copyright page
  • check content in October
  • Warhammer Horror - pub series or publisher?
  • contents and are all of those sf?
  • check Nov 1. Is it out?
  • cover mid nov
  • Should we reverse? here?
  • Mithila Review - check the titles again when the issue is out in Dec.
  • Flame Tree Publishing (Gothic Fantasy) really needs a good scrubbing...
  • Sort out this
  • Add the source anthologies and magazines of this.
  • Isn't this a magazine?
  • Doctor Who (Short Fiction) - get all stories under it and does it need splitting?
  • Warhammer Horror both publisher and unrelated pub series. Sort out what is what
  • Check JournalStone - how many are from the Bizarro Pulp Press / JournalStone actually?
  • Leonardo Patrignani
  • Untangle this
  • Some are probably from the imprint.

Pending projects


The Italian Magazines translations and needed variants


    • Robur - done




Weird books to be added