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Writing Credits, Richard K. Lyon from (in case it goes away)

Short Stories

City of Ul Chalan, Analog 7/1973
Standards, Analog 9/1980,
Top Secret Memo, Analog Mid-December 1984
A Logical Answer to “Where is Everybody?”, Analog 12/1991,
New York versus the Great Apes, Analog 3/1983
The Earth Mover, Space & Time, Winter 1982
Schrodinger’s Absentee Ballet, Quantum Muse, 8/2001
New Jerusalem, Gateway, 8/2001
Strangers on the Night Train, Dragons, Knights and Angels 5/2005
Corporate Philanthropy, Dark Krypt, 1/2006
Boxes, Secret Sanctum, 6/2006
Theft of the Great Pyramid, Galileo, 11/1979
Pulpworld, Microcosmic Tales, Daw Books, 1980
Loophole, Secret Sanctum, 4/2006
The Nun’s Demon Lover, The Sword Review, 10/2006
Fixing the Bell Curve, Anotherrealm, 4/06
Renting to Elephant, Anotherrealm 4/2006
The Chocolate Chip Cookie Co0nspiracy, Aboriginal Science Fiction, Spring 1996
The Secret Identity Diet, Aboriginal Science Fiction, 9/1992
Druin’s Heritage, Swords Against Darkness, Zebra Books, 1979 subsequently translated into German and reprinted in Nirvana, Meulenhoff, 1981

Collaborations with Andy Offutt

Demon In The Mirror, Pocketbook
The Eye Of Sarsis, Pocketbook
The Web Of The Spider, Pocketbook,
“Rails Across The Galaxy,” serialized by Analog , 8/1982, 9/1982, and 10/1982,
“The Dark Road To Wizardry,” posted at Pulp and Dagger.
”Devil on my Stomach,” Dragonfields, Summer 1980 subsequently translated into Dutch and reprinted in Shangri-La, Meulenhoff, 1982,
“The Inn at World’s End,” Ares, 5/1980,
“The Hungry Apples,” The Diversifier, 3/1979,
“The Whispering Mirror,” Ares, 7/1980, subsequently translated into German and reprinted in Der flüsternde Spiegel, Knaur, 1985
Streets of Sinchore at Night, Flashing Swords #11, August 1, 2008

Copyright © 2007 by Richard K. Lyon