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  • ISBN - Enter the ISBN if the publication has one. Note that prior to 2007 all ISBNs were 10 digits long while around 2007 they were expanded to 13 digits. Some books printed during the transition period specified both the 10 digit version and the 13 digit version of the ISBN. The ISFDB software supports both formats, so if two forms of ISBN are present, you can enter either one.
    • You may enter the ISBN with or without hyphens. If the ISBN is valid then the ISFDB software will display it with hyphens.
    • If the ISBN is delimited with spaces, enter the ISBN using hyphens instead of spaces.
    • If the ISBN is of the form "0-586-06604-7-275", do not enter the last hyphen and the three digits that follow it. They indicate the publication's price and are not part of the ISBN.
    • Some English language books published during the late 1960s and 1970s used nine digit "SBN"s without a leading zero. When entering these publications, add the leading zero.
    • If you entered a value that was not exactly as stated in the publication, e.g. an SBN, explain the details in the Note field.
    • Note that magazine ISSNs should not be entered in this field. This is because ISSNs identify the magazine as a whole rather than a particular issue. If an ISSN is present, you can enter it in the Note field of the series that this magazine issue belongs to.
    • If a publication has more than one ISBN, then enter one in the ISBN field and list the others in the Notes field.