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This field is primarily used to provide additional information for the moderator to decide whether to approve the submission. This note does not become a visible part of the database record. However, it will be visible on submission history pages, so confidential information should not be entered in it.

Examples of use:

  • Inform the reviewing moderator that this submission is the first of several steps in updating a record.
  • Inform the reviewing moderator that you're working from a book-in-hand which will speed up the acceptance of the submission.

Information that should not be entered in this field:

  • Any bibliographic information which you believe adds value to the record. This includes the source of the data used to update or create the record. That data should be recorded in the "Note" field.
  • Questions for the moderator. You will get a faster response at the Help Desk; by asking there, you may avoid needless effort and unnecessary submissions.

When editing publications which have been primary-verified by users other than you, this field is required. State what data has changed and why, e.g. "corrected price based on publication", "added cover artist based on artist's website", or "corrected misspelling". This will clarify the nature of the changes on submission history pages.