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Documentation for Template:By Permission (Transcluded from Template:By Permission/doc)

This template is used when the author of an image (or other work) has given the ISFDB permission to use it, normally in an email or letter. Such permission may or may not extend to allowing reuse (although if it does, one of the CC licenses would probably be better), and may or may not allow the creation of modified (derivative) works.

This template takes three parameters, one of which is required:

  • Author, which should be the name or identifying handle or pseudonym of the author/creator of the image (multiple names can be listed for co-authored works). This parameter is required.
  • Holder, which should be the name, handle, or pseudonym of the copyright-holder who actually granted permission, if this is not the author. If missing, this defaults to the author's name.
  • Details, which should be any additional grants of permission (such as permission to modify) or restrictions on the grant. If missing, this defaults to "None".

This template may be used on images, or on works of text (such as biographical sketches used by permission). However, in the case of text, it may be better to create a new work including the same facts, which can be released freely.


See the example page.