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A publisher founded in 1980 (first titles appeared 1981) that has used the following imprints

Other imprints - some of these need to be merged

Street address:

Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

originally Tom Doherty Associates, 49 West 24 Street, NY 10010 - source: Copyright page of Houston, Houston, Do You Read? / Souls published August 1989). By January 1993 Tor was using the 175 Fifth Avenue address though with "Inc." instead of "LLC."[January 1993]

Tor Doubles

From 1988 to 1991 Tor published the Tor Doubles series of paperbacks containing two novellas by different authors (later sometimes with a bonus short story thrown in). Tor never used "Tor Double" as an imprint but as a convenience ISFDB uses the Tor Double publisher name to group these titles.

The series started out with dos-a-dos format publications with two "front" covers but towards the end Tor was publishing these as doubles, i. e. sequentially (this started at #18 as "A New Wrinkle On Tor Doubles: ... some ... will present a classic novella ... with an entirely new companion piece or sequel especially written for the Doubles by a major SF author of today. You'll be able to recognize this sort ... by the distinctive cover format; other Tor SF Doubles will continue to feature the popular back-to-back format, with a separate cover for each 'side'.). Tor was also inconsistent in wording the series name, noted in the table below. Also, toward the end of the series' life Tor dropped the series name and number from the front cover though continued to number the publications on the copyright page.

Apparently booksellers were unhappy with the line as they did not know how or where to shelve the dos-a-dos books; Tor tried to save it by quitting the "popular back-to-back format" for the ordinary reprint Doubles but ultimately the series itself got shelved.[1]

# Title Format Designation
Published in 1988
#1 A Meeting with Medusa by Arthur C. Clarke / Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson dos-a-dos Tor Double #1
#2 Hardfought by Greg Bear / Cascade Point by Timothy Zahn Tor Double No. 2
#3 Born With the Dead by Robert Silverberg / The Saliva Tree by Brian W. Aldiss Tor Double Novel No. 3
Published in 1989 (all dos-a-dos)
#4 Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo by John Varley / The Star Pit by Samuel R. Delany dos-a-dos Tour Double #4
#5 No Truce with Kings / Ship of Shadows Tour Double #5
#6 Longyear: Enemy Mine / Kessel: Another Orphan Tor Double Novel No. 6
#7 Vonda McIntyre: Screwtop / Tiptree: The Girl Who Was Plugged In Tour Double #7
#8 The Nemesis from Terra / Battle for the Stars Tor Double Novel No. 9
#9 The Ugly Little Boy / Sturgeon: The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff Tor Double No. 9
#10 Silverberg: Sailing to Byzantium / Wolfe: Seven American Nights Tor Double No. 10
#11 Houston, Houston, Do You Read? by James Tiptree, Jr. / Souls by Joanna Russ Tor Double Novel #11
#12 Zelazny: He Who Shapes / Wilhelm: The Infinity Box Tor Double Novel No. 12
#13 KSR: The Blind Geometer / Le Guin: The New Atlantis Tor Double Novel No. 13
#14 Anderson: The Saturn Game / Benford and paul A. Carter: Iceborn Tor Double Novel No. 14
#15 Vance: The Last Castle / Silverberg: Nightwings Tor Double Novel No. 15
Published in 1990
#16 Tiptree: The Color of Neanderthal Eyes / Bishop: And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees dos-a-dos Tor Double Novel No. 16
#17 Divide and Rule / The Sword of Rhiannon dos-a-dos Tor SF Double No. 17
#18 C. L. Moore: In Another Country / Silverberg: Vintage Season double Tor SF Double No. 18
#19 Leiber: Ill Met in Lankhmar / The Fair in Emain Macha dos-a-dos Tor SF Double No. 19
#20 de Camp: The Pugnacious Peacemaker / Turtledove: The Wheels of If double Tor SF Double No. 20
#21 Zelazny: Home Is the Hangman / Delany: We, in Some Strange Power's Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line dos-a-dos Tor SF Double No. 21
#22 Thieves' Carnival / The Jewel of Bas double Tor SF Double No. 22
#23 Spinrad: Riding the Torch / Joan D. Vinge: Tin Soldier dos-a-dos Tor SF Double No. 23
#24 Williams: Elegy for Angels and Dogs / Zelazny: The Graveyard Heart Unknown (probably double as sequel)
#25 John M. Ford: Fugue State / Wolfe: The Death of Doctor Island dos-a-dos Tor SF Double No. 25
#26 Varley: Press Enter [] / Hawksbill Station dos-a-dos Tor SF Double No. 26
#27 Eye For Eye by Orson Scott Card / The Tunesmith by Lloyd Biggle, Jr. double SF Double #27
#28 KSR: A Short, Sharp Shock / Vance: The Dragon Masters double Tor SF Double No. 28
Published in 1991
#29 Nanoware Time / The Persistence of Vision double Tor SF Double No. 29
#30 The Longest Voyage / Slow Lightning Unknown
#31 Naked to the Stars / The Alien Way (also pub TORDOB31) Double (none on the cover and unknown on copyright page)
#32 Run for the Stars / Echoes of Thunder Double
#33 Mike Resnick (both): Bwana / Bully! Double
#34 Damon Knight (both): Rule Golden / Double Meaning Double
#35 Dean Ing: Silent Thunder / RAH: Universe Double
#36 Fritz Leiber (both): Conjure Wife / Our Lady of Darkness Double Tor SF Double No. 36 (on copyright page)


1. ^  Author Lawrence Watt-Evans' report on the Tor Double #37 project and outcome. He also shows Cover for the proposed Tor Double #37 The Final Folly of Captain Dancy / Yesterday We Saw Mermaids that was never published.

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