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This page is the wiki-page for the publisher or imprint Star. This page may be used for extended notes about the publisher, including alternate names, changes of ownership, associated imprints, locations, etc. The link above leads to the ISFDB publisher record for Star. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page.

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An Imprint of the paperback division of W. H. Allen and Co. (Better known for Target books here, because of all the Doctor Who titles.)

Usual ISBN prefix 0352 - although there's oddities like "0-426-12394-8", where they kept the same ISBN as the earlier Tandem printings.


1977: 123 King Street, London W5 9JG [1]
1980: 44 Hill Street, London W1X 8LB [2]


1. ^  The Lion Men of Mongo 1977
2. ^  The Lion Men of Mongo 1980