Publisher:Stanley Paul & Co.

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The name "Stanley Paul & Co." can be confirmed for the early twentieth century at The Internet Archive on non Spec. Fiction works, while the only secondary sources are available to date on SF Works.

Three 1909 newspaper advertisements display footers:

Stanley Paul & Co., Clifford's Inn, London
Stanley Paul, Clifford's Inn, London

One 1910 newspaper advertisement displays footer:

Stanley Paul and Co., 1, Clifford's Inn, London

Variant Names

  • Stanley Paul
    • 1915, 1926 (Secondary Source - Bleiler78)

Variant Locations

  • London (Bleiler78)
    • 1915, 1926

Variant Addresses

  • 31, Essex Strett, Strand, W.C.
    • [C]1915 (Internet Archive)