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Reardon Publishing is a small publishing company that has recently expanded into young adult paranormal and horror books mostly by the international blogger Amelia Mah who blogs as a teenage vampire Amy Mah Vampire and has turned her blogs into several funny vampire books published by Reardon Publishing such as "Fangs Rule A Girls Guide to being a Vampire"

The paranormal and vampire site on thier books is

The company was formed in 1976 and is based in the Cotswolds, and

Reardon Publishing PO Box 919 Cheltenham GL50 9AN

Nicholas Reardon the owner is a Publishing and Tourism Consultant who has also written and designed many books over the years. New book Creation, Consultation and Advice, Design, Registration, Publication and Worldwide Distribution. Co- Founder and owner of Reardon Publishing one of the largest publishing houses of local guides in the Cotswold Area. Professional activities: Consultant and owner of Reardon Publishing Travels the world, main areas of interest: Antarctic and Exploring Antarctica, Syria, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe. The Cotswolds and surrounding areas, The Cotswold Way, Gloucestershire, Walking, Folklore, Tourism and history. On the team of European Journalists with the EU C.T.D.P. (European Unions Cultural Tourism Development programme). Outdoor Press, Writer and Member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild. Member of (NUJ) National Union of Journalists