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Orbit Books

  • 1974: Orbit Books was founded in 1974 as part of the MacDonald Futura publishing company.
  • 1992: In 1992, the parent company was bought by Little, Brown and Co, at that time part of the Time Warner Book Group.
  • 1997: Orbit acquired the Legend imprint from Random House in 1997.
  • 2006: In 2006, Little, Brown and Co was sold by Time Warner to the French publishing group Hachette Livre.

History from copyright pages

2005 July: Orbit An imprint of Time Warner Book Group UK Source: The Algebraist


Wikipedia entry and Orbit Books now

ISBN data

Common ISBN Ranges:

  • 070888 1978-1992
  • 070881 1989
  • 070883 1987-1988
  • 070884 1989-1991
  • 070885 1992
  • 086007 1974-1992
  • 072214 1991
  • 072219 1990
  • 074740 1990-1991
  • 184149 2000-2006
  • 185723 1992-2004


  • 1993: 165 Great Dover Street, London SE1 4YA Source: Young Bleys
  • 2000: Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN Source: Foundation's Triumph
  • 2005 July: Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN Source: The Algebraist