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For many years Doubleday was based in Garden City and the title pages of their publications would state

Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York

Doubleday is well known for their book clubs with the Science Fiction Book Club (SFBC) being active from 1953 to present.

Publisher series

Full names and addresses

  • 1958,1959: Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York.[1][2]

Doubleday Science Fiction

Doubleday Science Fiction is a publisher's series run by Doubleday & Company that was active in at least 1958 and 1959.[1][2] Usually the jacket spine would state "Doubleday (over) Science (over) Fiction" and the title page would have the book and rocket ship logo. Some jacket front cover also have "Doubleday Science Fiction" and the logo.[1]

Doubleday Science Fiction Logo from 1958.jpg
Doubleday Science Fiction
logo from 1958.[1]


1. ^  A Touch of Strange by Theodore Sturgeon published October 1958
2. ^  The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, Eighth Series (1959) edited by Anthony Boucher

Dollar Fiction (Doubleday Doran)

in progress 2016-02-24 -Pwendt

Doubleday, Doran & Co. (following 1927? merger with George H. Doran Co.) first released new novels in hardcover for only "$1 instead of $2 or $2.50" on 20 June 1930. They (books or scheme) were sometimes called dollar books, dollar fiction, or dollar novels in advertisement or news; "Dollar Fiction" in some advertisements.

Farrar & Rinehart. According to one June article, several publishers introduced low-price new fiction at about the same time. Among them Farrar & Rinehart also planned a series of new hardcover novels at $1. Farrar & Rinehart would release one every two weeks beginning 1930-06-06 with a novel by Stanley Rinehart's mother-in-law(?). Thus Farrar & Rinehart would issue its second dollar novel about the same time Doubleday publish its first batch (-06-20, both anticipated and consummated).
or his mother Mary Roberts Rinehart. "Mary Roberts Rinehart. Mary Roberts Rinehart supported her sons and their company by leaving Doubleday, Doran; her bestselling mysteries became a mainstay of the new imprint." --Wikipedia
Alice Ormond Campbell (1887-1976) Water Weed (F&R, 1929), Murder in Paris (F&R, 1930)
Ada Campbell Rose (1901- ), ed. Jack and Jill

Doubleday released dollar books in monthly batches at least through September: 20, 15, 12, and 10 (total 57). Among these the Crime Club numbers were (total 26)

Dollar books

Doubleday, Doran & Co. introduced new hardcover novels at $1 (instead of $2 or $2.50) in June 1930. Twenty were published on June 20 followed by 15, 12, and 10 late in July, August, and September. Larger newspaper advertisements placed by Doubleday Doran late July thru September [the latest examined] list of the titles released to date, numbered 1 to 57 thru September. The sequence of listings varies but the numbers are stable and a tiny printed list of numerals 1 to 57 [say] is provided as an order form.

One of the few novels named in coverage of the new price policy (June 1?), the one first listed in June 20 advertisement, and the one numbered '1' in July to September advertisements is H.G. Wells, The Autocracy of Mr. Parham T1065186 [P not in database]. By implication in a later advertisement(s), that was one of the "distinguished" in contrast to Adventure fiction, Romance, and Crime Club mystery/detective fiction.

The Crime Club titles were 26 of the first 57, namely numbers 13-20, 21-27, 42-47, 53-57. At least three of these earliest $1 Crime Club titles are in the database.

Jun, #16, Austin J. Small, The Avenging Ray T1089652 [P not in database]
Jul, #22, Sax Rohmer, The Day the World Ended T19419 [P399313 in progress]
Sep, #55, Robert Collyer Washburn, The Jury of Death P1753332

No October advertisement found listing either a batch of new novels or the lot from 1 to 60 or so.

October? not found in NYHT nor any other newspaper within the scope of this university library ProQuest Historical Newspapers subscription. (Article and page images are accessible only to subscribers; URL specific to the subscriber and session.

New York Herald Tribune (NYHT) --automated search hits a more complete set of items for this newspaper

-06-20 "today" twenty
-06-22 batch advertisement [ARE THEY numbered 1 to 20?]
-07-27 "15 more ... have just been published this week" in batch advertisement [1 to 35]
-08-10 and -08-31 pJ16 list numbers 1-35 and 1-47 respectively; intermediate date not found by automated search
-09-21 "tomorrow" five distinguished and five Crime Club [1 to 57]

Some July, August, September adverts incorporate "order forms" comprising little but the list of numerals 1 to 35, to 47, or 57. The books are not listed in sequence but all are listed and their numbers are stable. For instance, The Autocracy of Mr. Parham by H.G. Wells is number 1; the Crime Club novels for June are numbers 13 to 20, etc.