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Dorrance is a vanity press founded in 1920 in Philadelphia, PA.

ISBN Prefix 08059

They have published under the names:

While most of the records in ISFDB report the publisher as "Dorrance & Co." Witch in the Shrouds (1980) uses "Dorrance & Company" with:

  • "Dorrance" on the spine of both the jacket and publication.
  • "Dorrance & Company" over "Publishers since 1920" over "35 Cricket Terrace, Ardmore, PA. 19003" on the back jacket cover.
  • "Dorrance & Company • Ardmore, Pennsylvania" on the title page.


  • Dorrance & Company, 35 Cricket Terrace, Ardmore, PA from at least 1976 through 1980.
  • Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc., 701 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (May 2014 from the publisher's web site.)

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