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The DAW Books List

These pages contain a master list of DAW Book's publications (including reprints). As the full list with publication details is very large the list has been broken down into several pages.

  • The All Titles page lists just the titles with no publication details and links to the main publication detail pages.
  • The publication detail pages are grouped by the DAW Book No. and have 100 titles per page:
DAW Book No. 1-99, 100-199, 200-299, 300-399, 400-499, 500-599, 600-699, 700-799, 800-899, 900-999, 1000-1099, 1100-1199, 1200-1299, 1300-1399, and 1400-1499.

If you are looking for a story in a specific date range the All Titles page may be easier to scroll through as it is sorted by date and has one line per title. Here is a table of the DAW Book Numbers by date that links directly to the publication detail pages.

Book No. Start End
1-99 Apr-1972 Apr-1974
100-199 Apr-1974 Jun-1976
200-299 Jul-1976 Aug-1978
300-399 Aug-1978 Aug-1980
400-499 Sep-1980 Sep-1982
500-599 Oct-1982 Oct-1984
600-699 Oct-1984 Feb-1987
700-799 Feb-1987 Nov-1989
800-899 Dec-1989 Dec-1992
900-999 Jan-1993 Sep-1995
1000-1099 Sep-1995 Oct-1998
1100-1199 Oct-1998 Oct-2001
1200-1299 Oct-2001 Aug-2004
1300-1399 Aug-2004 May-2007
1400-1499 May-2007 Feb-2010
1500-1599 Mar-2010 Present

The DAW Books Spreadsheet

The DAW list is available as an Excel spreadsheet for viewing or verification and can be exported to other formats if needed. Please see the Publisher:DAW/Verification_Spreadsheet page for more details.


The early history of this list is not clear though it seems to have been a printed list from DAW that was scanned in and cleaned up. Don Erikson contributed the list as a plain text file to ISFDB. See for details. In late 2006 Marc Kupper then converted it into a wiki table and has been maintaining it. At present this list is stored in an Excel spreadsheet that gets exported to this page and the publication detail sub-pages.

Other DAW Books Resources on the Internet

The list on this page and its sub-pages are focused on DAW's publication details. Here are some other sites that cover some aspect of DAW Books.

Book No. Start End
1 to 100 Apr-1972 Apr-1974
101 to 200 May-1974 Jul-1976
201 to 300 Jul-1976 Aug-1978
301 to 400 Aug-1978 Sep-1980
401 to 500 Sep-1980 Oct-1982
501 to 600 Oct-1982 Oct-1984
601 to 700 Nov-1984 Feb-1987
701 to 800 Mar-1987 Dec-1989
801 to 900 Dec-1989 Jan-1993
901 to 1000 Jan-1993 Sep-1995
1001 to 1100 Oct-1995 Oct-1998
1101 to 1200 Oct-1998 Oct-2001
1201 to 1300 Oct-2001 Aug-2004
1301 to 1400 Aug-2004 May-2007
1401 to 1500 May-2007 Mar-2010
1501 to 1600 Feb-2010 present

DAW Catalogs

If you have a copy of a DAW Catalog or Order Form then it would be very useful if a copy or scan (300 DPI) of the first section that lists the publications for each month would be sent to User:Marc_Kupper. Thank you. The second section that lists all in-print books would also be useful. The third section that has the blurb for each book may be useful for the record. I have scans of the following:

  • DAW=SF 1978 Catalog - Containing books published through September 1978.
  • DAW=SF 1981-1982 Catalog Update - Feature all titles published from January 1982 through April 1982 and including a complete DAW backlist.
  • DAW=SF 1983 Catalog - Containing books published through September 1983.
  • 1986 DAW Catalog - Containing books published through September 1986. This catalog also introduces the new DAW logo that has the overlapping DAW that's still in use.
  • 1988 DAW Catalog - Containing books published through September 1988.
  • DAW Books 1991 - Featuring all DAW titles through June 1991.
  • 1996 DAW Catalog Order Form - The front cover reads "DAW BOOKS / FEATURING ALL DAW TITLES THROUGH DECEMBER 1996 / 1996."

Dating DAW publications

While determining the printing date for a first printing is usually easy you will need to use additional clues to help date reprints as DAW only states the first printing date. DAW’s publications can be divided into three broad ranges.

  1. Publications manufactured in from April 1972 to March 1973. For the first year DAW experimented with several different layouts for the printing date information on the copyright page. For the most part, these publications can’t be dated from the publications themselves but have been dated reliably from secondary sources.
  2. Publications manufactured in from April 1973 to January 1989 plus reprints of publications issued earlier. In April 1973 DAW started using the "First Printed, Month year" plus a number line system that they still use today. Thus the publication date for a 1st printing is stated. When DAW reprinted a publication at a higher price they also used a new ISBN. As DAW allocated ISBNs sequentially a reprint can be dated, sometimes quite accurately, by looking for DAW 1st printings with ISBNs immediately preceding the publication you are trying to date and using the dates from those. Each month DAW releases a set of publications in this order: 1) New hardcover titles, new trade paperback titles, 3) new paperback novels, 4) new paperback anthologies, 5) new paperback reprints of titles previously published in hardcover (these are 1st printings), and 6) reprints of previously published titles. It's the only last category, the reprints, that can't be dated by direct inspection of the publication. For example, “The Snares of Ibex” was first published at $2.95 with ISBN 0-87997-974-7. Later DAW reprinted at $3.95 with ISBN 0-88677-390-3. Let’s say you have a 4th printing with 0-88677-390-3. You would look for a 1st printing of a publication with ISBN’s immediately preceding this. In this case it’s 0-88677-386-5 which is for “Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light” first published in November 1989. Thus we know that the 4th printing was in November 1989 or later. If we know that the 3rd printing was $2.95 then the 4th printing at $3.95 was the first at the new price and we know it was released in November 1989. If we don’t know the price for the 3rd printing, or it is $3.95, then we can only know that the 4th printing was in November 1989 or later. Thus it’s not a perfect system but can at least help bracket when a publication was manufactured.
  3. Publications manufactured in from February 1989 to present plus reprints of publications first printed earlier. Starting in February 1989 DAW does not change the ISBN as they reprint at a higher price. The only exception to this are some special anniversary editions which have their own ISBN. Thus you will need to use things such as advertising or the formatting of the cover and other parts of the publication to help date reprint publications.

DAW List Columns

  • Book No. - Starting with DAW Book No. 1 DAW numbered most of their titles and continues to do so today with over 1500 titles being published to date. Originally the DAW Book No. was in a yellow box in the upper right corner of the cover but since mid 1984 the DAW Book No. may be found under DAW’s logo on the front cover, under the logo on the inside of the front cover, or on the copyright page as the “DAW Books Collectors No.” Sometimes DAW would not note the DAW Book No. on a later printing. This was most noticeable in early books (1972 to mid-1984) where DAW would print the Order # where the DAW Book No. was normally printed meaning you will need to look up the Order # in this list to see what the DAW Book No. should have been. To date, DAW seems to have skipped DAW Book Numbers only three times (#667, #1190, and #1321), published two books under the same DAW Book No. (#1191), and published several John Norman and Gregory Kern works without a DAW Book No. (these are listed at the bottom of the list).
    The following table lists the titles that have been published under two DAW Book Numbers. In all five cases DAW continued to increment the printing number but the cover artist was different. For example, Book No. 197 was the first printing of Flight To Opar and has a Roy Krenkel cover. Book No. 475 states it's the third printing of Flight To Opar and it has a cover by Ken Kelly. We have not researched to see if DAW was consistent about this practice and when they discontinued it.
Book No. Title
46, 447 King of Argent by John T. Phillifent
100, 442 Hadon of Ancient Opar by Philip José Farmer
146, 438 Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick
154, 463 The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee
197, 475 Flight To Opar by Philip José Farmer
Since the year 2000 when DAW began publishing hardcover editions regularly, DAW assigns the hardcover and then trade paperback DAW Book Numbers first followed by the paperback editions for a given month. This practice has been helpful in determining what the DAW Book No. should have been for those few times when something slipped up and production of a book was delayed.
  • Order # – From the year 1972 to around 2000 DAW printed an Order # on nearly all of their publications before switching to using ISBNs as the Order #. The early Order #s started with the letter “U,” were followed by a one letter price code, and then by a four digit number. The following table lists the price codes and the ranges of Order #s and dates they were used. Note that the ranges overlap.
Order # Price Order # Range Date Range
UT#### $0.75 UT1073, UT1078, UT1084, and UT1093 December 1973
UQ#### $0.95 UQ1001 to UQ1159 April 1972 to December 1974
UY#### $1.25 UY1081 to UY1324 April 1974 to September 1977
UW#### $1.50 UW1102 to UW1458 March 1974 to March 1979
UE#### $1.75 UE1233 to UE1469 May 1976 to June 1979
UJ#### $1.95 UJ1285 to UJ1846 March 1977 to September 1981
UE#### $2.25 on up UE1471 to UE2832 July 1979 to December 1998
The numeric part of the Order # started at 1001 and counted up sequentially. DAW skipped numbers from time to time, probably because of canceled print runs, but also from mid-1974 to 2000 DAW skipped every single Order # where the corresponding ISBN’s checksum value was the letter “X.”
DAW would do one or more printings using the same Order # and cover price. When DAW reprinted a book with a new (and higher) price DAW would then generate a new Order # including the numeric part. In January 1989 DAW started keeping the Order # and ISBN the same as they reprinted at a higher price meaning that with a single title you will see a single "UE" series Order # at two or more price levels.
The first twelve DAW titles (Order # UQ1001 through UQ1012) had the Order # located on the spine but not the front cover. Starting with UQ1013 DAW printed the Order # on both the spine and at the top of the front cover. For first printings the Order # would be at the top of the front cover outside the yellow DAW Book No. box. When DAW reprinted a title at a higher price they would move the Order # from the top of the front cover to inside the DAW Book No. box in the spot where the DAW Book No. was. Thus the DAW Book No. is not stated for these later printings. In November 1976 DAW stopped printing the Order # on the spine and instead has the ISBN there though they continued with printing the Order # on the front cover. In 1983 DAW replaced the Order # on the front cover with a line of text that looks like "DAW • 87997-UE1857 (CANADA $4.50) • U.S. $3.50" that's usually printed horizontally at the top of the pace. The yellow DAW Book No. box was still present. Around 1984 DAW stopped using the yellow DAW Book No. box and instead has a single line of data, usually printed sideways, that has the ISBN, Order #, and the Canada/USA prices. There is some ongoing research in this area at Publisher:DAW/Layout Changes. Towards the year 2000 DAW was not always including the Order # in the “ISBN/price line” on the front cover but sometimes you will find one on either on the inside of the front cover or on the spine just under the DAW logo. In the year 2000 DAW stopped using Order # entirely and instead catalogs books only by its ISBN.
  • ISBN - Though ISBNs were not printed in their early publications the DAW Order #s can be translated directly into an ISBN. Order #s Ux1001 to Ux1999 map directly to/from ISBNs 0-87997-001-x to 0-87997-999-x (with the final x being the ISBN checksum) and Order #s Ux2000 to Ux2999 map directly to/from ISBN’s 0-88677-000-x to 0-88677-999-x. By the time DAW reached the end of the 0-88677-###-x range they had dropped the use of the “Ux####” style Order #s and were using the ISBN instead. After 0-88677-999-x DAW switched to 0-7564-####-x ISBNs and continues to use those today. Four hardcover titles were printed using ISBNs 0-8099-0001-7, 0-8099-0002-5, 0-8099-0003-3, and 0-8099-5000-6. Presumably the 0-8099-####-x range is being held in reserve and will be used once 0-7564-####-x runs out.
From 1972 to January 1989 DAW Books followed a policy of generating a new Order #, and later a new ISBN, each time they reprinted a title with a new (and higher) price. For books printed after January 1989 DAW keeps the same ISBN as they reprint at higher prices though they will use a separate ISBN for the paperback, hardcover, and trade paperback editions of a title. As it occurs so rarely, here’s a list of the times that DAW has generated a new ISBN for a paperback book since January 1989.
  • No. 881, 0-7564-0095-3 at $7.99 - Jaran (10th Anniversary Edition) by Kate Elliott
  • No. 941, 0-7564-0251-4 at $6.99 - Foreigner (10th Anniversary Edition) by C. J. Cherryh
  • No. 1031, UE2899, 0-88677-899-9 at $7.99 - The Golden Key (New Packaging) by Melanie Rawn; Jennifer Roberson; Kate Elliott
  • One other book, No. 1119 - Twice upon a Time by Denise Little (ed), is listed with two ISBNs, 0-88677-835-2 and 0-88677-883-2, both at $6.99. The Penguin price list has 0-88677-835-2 listed as a trade paperback and it seems that the plan was for tp and pb editions but DAW ended up doing just the pb under ISBN 0-88677-835-2 and that 0-88677-883-2 was not published.
  • Spine - The Spine column is colored yellow/gold for publications with the old style yellow spine and also shows a code for the style of Order # or ISBN coding used. We are cataloging the spine codes as they can help date reprints. The Spine codes are:
  • UQ - DAW Books started publishing in April 1972 and the spine for their early books (Order #s UQ1001 to UQ1032) were formatted as UQ1001-095 where UQ1001 is the Order # and 095 is the price without the decimal point.
  • 451- - In December 1972 (starting with Order # UQ1033) DAW switched the spine format to 451-UQ1033-095 and is the same as the UQ spine style though prefixed with “451-.”
  • UY - In August 1975 DAW briefly reverted to the old “UQ” style though with UY Order #s as in UY1191-125.
  • ISBN - In November 1976 DAW started printing the ISBN on the spine formatted as “0-87997-262-9 150” where the “150” at the end is the price without the decimal point.
  • ISBN2 - In July or August 1983 DAW started printing the price “sideways” (so that it reads normally when the book is on a shelf) to the left of the ISBN and also dropped coding the price after the spine. DAW Books also uses this style on their newer paperback books where the artwork wraps onto the spine.
  • ISBN3 - Around May 1986 DAW started printing the both the price and ISBN “sideways” so that they read normally when the book is on a shelf.
  • Price - Starting around October 1999 and continuing to the present DAW has just the price (no ISBN) in a small rectangular box. Usually it's a white box with black lettering but sometimes it's a black box with white lettering. Both of these are cataloged as Price.
  • Price1 - Like "Price" except the formatting has been confirmed to be "7.99 U.S." over "(10.99 CAN)".
  • Price2 - Like "Price" except the formatting has been confirmed to be "$7.99 U.S." over "($10.99 CAN)".
  • None - Hardcover and trade-paperback publications normally do not have a price or ISBN. Note that the code None was used for many paperbacks before the newer codes listed above were developed.
The following spine codes are no longer used but can still be found in the list as many books were cataloged before the list of spine codes above was developed. We'll need to make a second pass to update the records and to eliminate these codes.
  • New - In June or July 1984 DAW stopped using the yellow spine format and instead either wraps the cover artwork onto the spine or made the spine a solid color (other than the familiar yellow except for E2184 in January 1986 which is "retro yellow."). (Note that this code is no longer used but got applied to some publications before the other spine codes were added.)
  • hc - Hardcover books normally do not have the price or ISBN on the spine.
  • tp - Trade paperback books normally do not have the price or ISBN on the spine.
  • UE - By November or December 1987 DAW was not always printing the Order # on their covers but they did start putting them on the spine though it does not seem to be a consistent enough of a pattern that books could be dated with this.
  • First Pr. – This is the stated First Printing date. When DAW reprints a title in a different binding (hardcover and then paperback for example) then each binding will get its own First Printing date and the Printing # starts at 1.
  • Pub Date – DAW generally only stated the date of the first publication and it was very rare that the date of a later printing date is stated. As DAW generated Order #s sequentially the publication date for the first printing for a particular Order # can be estimated by looking for the nearest Order # for a first printing. For example, while UW1313 was the 2nd and 3rd printings of “The Overlords of War” the date of the 2nd printing can be estimated as between May-1977 and September-1977 as those were the publication dates for UE1297 and UJ1323 respectively. The publication date of the 3rd printing can’t be estimated other than knowing it was after the 2nd printing.
  • Printing - The DAW List only shows those printings that have been confirmed. Gaps in the printing # sequence generally do not mean DAW skipped a printing # but rather that the printing # has not been confirmed and added to the list. The printing numbers on unverified rows are from various Internet sources and should be considered for informational purposes only. DAW books published in Canada have their own printing sequence numbers and are indicated with “Canada” in the Printing field. DAW always states the country of publication (U.S.A. or Canada) at the bottom of the copyright page. Some DAW publications have the covers printed in the U.S.A. and the books printed in Canada but are shown as Canadian editions in this list rather than trying to note that the covers were printed in the U.S.A.
Note that early DAW publications printed in the U.S.A. did not state the first printing date and/or number line:
  • DAW Book No. 1 (Spell of the Witch World in April 1972) to 21 (Dinosaur Beach in September 1972) did not state a first printing date or printing number.
  • DAW Book No. 22 (The Return of the Time Machine in September 1972) to 32 (The Halcyon Drift in November 1972) stated "First Printing 1972" without the month and did not state the printing number.
  • DAW Book No. 33 (Transit to Scorpio in December 1972) to 40 (Planet Probability in January 1973) stated "First Printing, December 1972" or "First Printing, January 1973" and did not state the printing number.
  • DAW Book No. 41 (Changeling Earth in February 1973) to 48 (The Other Log of Phileas Fogg in March 1973) stated "First Printing, February 1972" or "First Printing, February 1973" and followed this with a "number line" formatted as "First Printing", "Second Printing", "Third Printing", ... "Tenth Printing".
  • DAW Book No. 49 (The Suns of Scorpio in April 1973) to present use "First Printing, Month year" followed by the now standard number line ("1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9" or "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10").
The printing history for Canadian editions needs further research. In summary, they spelled out "First Printing, Month year" as early as DAW Book No. 19 (The Regiments of Night in August 1972), never used the paragraph style number line, and did not start using the standard number line until some point in 1973. The earliest verified Canadian edition with a number line is #75 (The Crystal Gryphon in October 1973).
For many years after DAW introduced the number line it was common to see first, third, and higher USA editions. Stated second printings were very rare. The first verified USA 2nd printing is not until DAW Book No. 476 (The Silver Metal Lover in September 1985) but that is a trade paperback edition. DAW continued to use 2nd printings for their trade paperbacks and does not introduce a paperback 2nd printing until DAW Book No. 1146 (The Morgaine Saga first printed in March 2000). Thus, if you see a reported "2nd printing" in a dealer listing for a DAW paperback published before the year 2000 it's almost always a Canadian edition. There are two known known exceptions to this rule which are DAW Book. No 50 Strange Doings and Book No. 51 Where Were You Last Pluterday? both with a stated first printing of April 1973 and a "2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9" number line. However, there have been no confirmed sightings of a stated "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9" printing meaning these two "2nd printings" may well be the first printings.
  • Price – This is the cover price in U.S. dollars. The Canadian prices are not shown.
  • B (Binding) - While most DAW books are mass-market paperbacks DAW has published a few hardcover and trade paperback editions.
  • Title – The story title as noted on the title page. All of the titles are linked into ISFDB.
  • Author – The story authors or editors as noted on the title page. All of the authors are linked into ISFDB. Note that at present when there are multiple authors the ISFDB link only points to the page for the first author.

Rows marked with a light blue background have been physically verified.


Starting in the mid-2000s the DAW advertising pages in the back of paperback editions are coded with a number in a lower-right corner. A list of the numeric codes is still being compiled. Note that a particular ad can change. For example, #46 is for Tanya Huff's Smoke series with some instances of this ad including the prices and others just having the ISBN and no prices. As the ads are updated as new publications are introduced to a series or to an author's works it seems the numeric codes can't be used to help date publications. Instead, someone would need to assemble a library of the actual ads and when attempting to date a later printing to look for identical ads to help bracket when that publication was manufactured.

Known numbers:

  • 17 - C. S. Friedman (This Alien Shore, The Madness Season, In Conquest Born, The Wilding)
  • 20 - Tanya Huff's "The Blood Books" series, Blood Price $7.99, Blood Lines $7.99, Blood Debt $7.99
  • 21 - Tanya Huff's "The Finest in Fantasy" (no prices)
  • 23 - Mercedes Lackey Reserved for the Cat (no price)
  • 24 - Mercedes Lackey Foundation (part of The Collegium Chronicles series) (no price)
  • 46 - Tanya Huff (The Smoke Series) Smoke and Shadows $6.99, Smoke and Mirrors $7.99, Smoke and Ashes $7.99. (also #46 with no prices)
  • 48 - RM Meluch (The Tour of the Merrimack)
  • 57 - Sherwood Smith The Fox (Book Two of Inda)
  • 58 - Violette Malan "The Sleeping God" (A Novel of Dhulyn and Parno)
  • 70 - P.R. Frost "The Tess Noncoire Adventures" (series of "Hounding the Moon" and "Moon in the Mirror")
  • 71 - S.L. Farrel "The Cloudmages" (series of "Holder of Lightening", "Mage of Clouds", and Heir of Stone")
  • 73 - Tanya Huff - The Confederation Novels (A Confederation of Valor, The Heart of Valor, Valor's Trial)
  • 75 - Tanya Huff's Blood Books; Blood Price, Blood Trail, Blood Lines, Blood Pact, Blood Debt, and Blood Bank (no prices listed)
  • 110 - Sherwood Smith Inda (no price)
  • 111 - Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind (no price)
  • 121 - C. S. Friedman's "The Magister Trilogy" series (no prices)
  • 123 - S. Andrew Swann (Moreau Omnibus, Fearfull Symmetries, Hostile Takeover, Dragons and Dwarves, Broken Crescent)
  • 130 - Jim's C. Hines "The Stepsister Scheme" (no prices)
  • 142 - Seanan McGuire's "The October Daye Novels" series (no prices)
  • 213X - S. A. Swiniarski's Vampiric Thrillers


  • Book No. 43, Order # UQ1043 Collision Course by Barrington J. Bayley – The 10th printing is unusual for DAW in that the copyright page spells out "First Printing, Second Printing, Third Printing, … Tenth Printing" instead of DAW's usual "123456789" line. It's possible that other printings of UQ1043 use the standard number line.
  • Book No. 300, Order # UE2336 - The Faded Sun: Kesrith by C.J. Cherryh - This is unusual as it's #300 UE1960 0-87997-960-7 $3.50 (6th printing) with a round black & white sticker applied to the cover with a new ISBN, order #, and price. The price is about $2 under DAW's standard for the time.
  • Book No. 338, Order # UE1460 at $1.75 - Spaceling by Doris Piserchia - Minor variant - Some copies have an oval sticker on the cover that says “In Canada $1.95.”
  • Book No. 376, Order # UE1522 at $2.25 - Gor #14: Fighting Slave of Gor by John Norman - Minor variant - Some copies have an oval sticker on the cover that says “In Canada $2.50.”
  • Book No. 419, Order # UE1591 Marune: Alastor 933 by Jack Vance – There are two 1st printings, with USA printing priced at $2.25 and the Canadian printing at $2.50. The publications are identical (including the advertising in the back) other than 1) The price shown on the cover, 2) The bottom of the title page for the Canadian printing says "Published by The New American Library of Canada Limited,” and 3) The bottom of the copyright page says “Printed in U.S.A.” vs. “Printed in Canada / Cover Printed in U.S.A.”
  • Book No. 764, Order # UE2312 - Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn. The 1st printing has two different cover designs (A) title & author printed with simple gold lettering (B) title & author printed within scroll design used on all later printings.
  • Book No. 898, ISBN 0886775353 / 0-88677-535-3 - Path of Fire by Charles Ingrid - This is quite likely a vaporware reprint as the only web site that lists this ISBN is The Locus Index to Science Fiction and copies have never been spotted for sale. The problem is that Locus is usually very accurate and will note if they are listing something that’s not based on a physical copy. Another puzzle is that the ISBN is quite close to that for another DAW printing of “Path of Fire” (0886775221 / 0-88677-522-1) but the page count is quite different (352). It may be a cancelled trade paperback printing.
  • Book No. 1134, Order # UE2838 Death Storm by Anne Knight was initially planned for a May-1999 release as Whirlwind by Elizabeth Forrest and DAW Books pre-publication announcements used the latter title and author name. As a result, a number a web sites picked up the Whirlwind title and continue to list it. The story was instead released as Death Storm in October-1999. Anne Knight and Elizabeth Forrest are both pseudonyms for Rhondi Vilott Salsitz. (source: confirmed with the author via e-mail / Nov-2006)
  • ISBN 0886779731 / 0-88677-973-1 - Night Music by Anne Knight was initially planned for publication in March-2001 but was never written. A number of web sites picked up the DAW Books pre-publication announcements and continue to list the story. (source: confirmed with the author via e-mail / Nov-2006)

Printing Errors

These are errors that appear on or in DAW's books themselves.

Logo Order # Title Author Comment
22 UJ1737 The Return of the Time Machine Egon Friedell This is a second or later printing but the copyright page was just copied from the original printing (UQ1022) without adding a “23456789” (or later) printing # line.
50 UQ1050 Strange Doings R. A. Lafferty Copyright page says is 2nd pr. but is 1st
62 UQ1062 Green Star Saga #2: When the Green Star Calls Lin Carter Copyright page says is 3rd pr. but is 4th (or later) pr.
93 UW1313 The Overlords of War Gerard Klein; John Brunner (translator) Karel Thole is credited as the cover artist but the cover for UW1313 does not bear Thole's signature. The 1st printing of The Overlords of War did have a Thole cover meaning DAW forgot to change the cover artist credit when they reprinted with the new cover.
96 UE2205 Gor Novels #08: Hunters Of Gor John Norman The ISBN is mis-printed as 0-88677-2205-2 on the spine but is correct on the barcode (0-88677-205-2).
119 UE2237 The Spell Sword Marion Zimmer Bradley Cover says Collectors Number is #160 but should read #119
172 UE1339 Soldier, Ask Not Gordon R. Dickson The original DAW List had the comment "(Incorrect Isbn Printed On Book)" in the title with no further explanation
192 UE1674 Wollheim's World's Best SF: Series Five Donald A. Wollheim (ed); Arthur W. Saha (ed) The copyright page says “First Printing, May 1975” but this should be “May 1976.” The copyright itself is 1976 which is correct.
963 UE2580 The Law of Becoming Kate Elliott The cover says number is #965 but is #963
980 UE2631 The White Gryphon Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon The copyright page says the DAW Book No. 937 but is #980
1116 0-88677-815-8 The Burning Stone Kate Elliott The copyright page says the DAW Book No. is #1114 but it should be #1116. The correct DAW Book No. is stated on the front cover. This error was on the 1st paperback printing and may be on other printings too.
1171 0-88677-920-0 Special Effects Kevin McCarthy & David Silva B. David It may not be a printing error but this publication is unusual in that it does not have the DAW logo on the spine meaning collectors of DAW books may miss it as they are scanning shelves or stacks. Other than the missing logo it appears to be a standard DAW paperback.
1176 0-88677-979-0 Oceans of Magic Brian M. Thomsen & Martin H. Greenberg (eds) The cover says DAW Book No. 1176 which is correct but the copyright page has #1178.
1190 0-7564-0002-3 Assassin Fantastic Martin H. Greenberg & Alexander Potter (eds) The DAW Book No. is stated as 1191 but is probably a printing error and should be # 1190. DAW Book No. 1190 was to be Gene Roddenberry's Xander in the Lost Universe by John Peel but was cancelled and both Assassin Fantastic and The Beasts of Barakhai by Mickey Zucker Reichert were published with DAW Book No. 1191.
1255 0-7564-0135-6
The War of the Flowers Tad Williams The copyright page says the DAW Book No. is #1225 but it should be #1255. The correct DAW Book No. is stated on the front cover and inside the front cover. This error has been verified on both the hardcover (1st printing) and paperback (5th printing) editions.
1320 0-7564-0281-6 Renaissance Faire Andre Norton (ed); Jean Rabe (ed) The cover says DAW Book No. 1320 which is correct but the copyright page has #1321.
1321 0-7564-0246-8 Sanctuary Mercedes Lackey Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey was originally planned and announced as a March-2005 hardcover release for $24.95 but was pushed out to May-2005 and released at $25.95. As a result DAW ended up skipping DAW Book No. 1321 in March and publishing Sanctuary in May with DAW Book No. 1326 on both the hardcover and paperback editions. But, DAW also published I, Alien by Mike Resnick (ed) with DAW Book No. 1326 meaning there are two titles both bearing 1326. In the DAW list Sanctuary is filed under DAW Book No. 1321 as that’s where it would have fit had it been released as planned. Note that the hardcover, book club hardcover, and paperback editions of Sanctuary all state #1326.
1334 0-7564-0286-7 Women of War Tanya Huff (ed); Alexander Potter (ed) The copyright page says "DAW Book Collectors No. 1335" but that's in error as it should be #1334 which is on the cover. This note is about the 1st printing (cover price $7.50) though it may apply to later printings.
1373 0-7564-0388-X The Blood Books, Volume Two Tanya Huff The copyright page states “DAW Book Collectors No. 1339” which is error. It should be 1373 which is stated on the inside of the front cover.
1389 0-7564-0432-0 Feast of Souls C. S. Friedman DAW Book No. 1389 was originally planned as Sovereign Silk by ElizaBeth Gilligan to be published in Dec-2006. Publication of this book was delayed and so DAW moved Feast of Souls by C. S. Friedman from #1394 to #1389. However, the switch was made too late and the Feast of Souls was printed with #1394. DAW intends that the paperback printing of the Feast of Souls will be numbered #1389. (source: Steven Silver who queried DAW).


From the start of production in 1972 until 1985 DAW was a paperback publisher though it did produce a few hardcover works for the book club market. In 1985 DAW published its first retail hardcover books (Angel With the Sword by C. J. Cherryh and Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams). DAW Books has even fewer trade paperback productions with the first in 2002 (The Valdemar Companion by John Helfers & Denise Little (eds)). The following table summarizes the number of first publications for each binding up through the end of 2006. The last column, O, counts the number of omnibus titles released in the year and could be subtracted from the pb column to compute an estimate of the number of new stories published each year.

Note that the pb, hc and tp columns count the number of titles for that binding in each year meaning a story will get counted two or three times if it was released in two or three binding formats. At some point the table will be adjusted for this but in the mean time please be aware that the new story count is not the sum of the columns. Using the pb column alone should give you a reasonably accurate picture of the “new title” trend as the paperback edition of a title was usually released one year after the hardcover edition.

Also, please be aware that this table does not include reprints. Prior to January 1989 one count get estimate the reprint titles for each month for those books being reprinted at a new (higher) price. From 1972 to 1989 roughly ½ of DAW’s publications were new titles and the remainder was reprints but, again, reprints at the same price can’t be dated meaning that are not counted towards this ½ new and ½ reprint estimate.

Year pb hc tp O
1972 36
1973 48
1974 49
1975 47
1976 46
1977 48
1978 48
1979 49
1980 48 2
1981 48
1982 49
1983 46
1984 51
1985 49 2
1986 35 1
1987 39
1988 36
1989 36 2
1990 36 2
1991 31 2
1992 29 3
1993 35 5 1
1994 38 4
1995 33 5 1
1996 34 6
1997 33 6 1
1998 30 9
1999 33 8 1
2000 33 4 6
2001 31 10 8
2002 27 11 1 7
2003 34 13 3
2004 30 12 3
2005 24 13 11 5
2006 32 13 7 10

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