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These four publisher pages in the database (ISFDB publishers) contain links to this ISFDB Wiki page (April 2019):

Rudd & Carleton
Carleton, Publishers
G. W. Carleton & Co., Publishers
G. W. Dillingham Company

ISFDB publication records (number of records, timespan of records) for the apparent sequence of publishers, as of 2019-03-06:

3, 1859--1861, Rudd & Carleton
1, 1864--1869, Carleton
2, 1876--1878, G. W. Carleton ("G. W. Carleton" covered in 1873 NY Times "Holiday Books" 1873-12-19 p3
33, 1887--1912, G. W. Dillingham Company (1888-stated successor)
"Unknown whether there is any relation to New York publishers Charles T. Dillingham and Lee, Shepard & [Charles T.] Dillingham"

Key: HDL is HathiTrust Digital Library

1859 classified advertisement footer (and mailing address for receipt of price):

RUDD & CARLETON, Publishers and Booksellers,
No. 130 Grand-st., near Broadway, New-York.

1861 classified advertisement footer (and adequate mailing address, evidently):

RUDD & CARLETON, Publishers, New-York.

1864 title page as Carleton (view at HDL)

Carleton, Publisher, 413 Broadway.

1869 title page as Carleton ; London: S. Low (view at Google)

Carleton, Publisher, Madison Square.

1873 New York Times "Holiday Books" (1873-12-19, p. 3; covering about 40 publishers)

"G. W. Carleton, under the Fifth Avenue Hotel, ..."

1878 title page as G. W. Carleton ; London: S. Low (view at HDL)

G. W. Carleton & Co., Publishers.

Note the identical central graphic symbol (neither vignette, nor colophon, nor logo?) on all three title pages.

Sampson Low of London

The linked title pages from 1869 and 1878 reveal a continuing relationship with the S(ampson) Low publishers of London, here abbreviated "S. Low". See publisher Sampson Low, Son, & Co. as a point of entry. Note that years 1869 and 1878 are "too late" for "S. Low", according to one of our sources, with support from publication records of books published by Low alone or primarily; those two years are within the timespans of successors Sampson Low, Son & Marston and Sampson Low, Marston, Low, and Searle.

Note on sources

As of the 2019-03-06 creation and early updates of this page, the database contains Title records all of the works, not identified here, that are represented here as sources (e.g., by view of the title leaf of a book at HathiTrust Digital Library). It does not yet contain every edition or printing that is represented here as a source.