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Verified Publishing Names source reference: The Twilight Realm by Christopher Carpenter published 1985.

This documents data from the publication listed above and serves as a source reference by one or more articles in the experimental Verified Publishing Names project. Please discuss thoughts/questions on the project itself on the project's talk page and thoughts/questions about this publication on this article's talk page.

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{{refp|THTWLGHTRL1985|The Twilight Realm|Christopher Carpenter|1985}}
{{SourcePublication|THTWLGHTRL1985|The Twilight Realm|Christopher Carpenter|1985}}

The front cover and spine both say "Arrow" and have the Arrow logo.

Title page:


Christopher Carpenter

(Arrow logo)
Arrow Books

Copyright page:

Arrow Books Limited

17-21 Conway Street, London W1P 6JD
An imprint of the Hutchinson Publishing Group

London Melbourne Sydney Auckland
Johannesburg and agencies throughout
the world

First published in Great Britain by Arrow Books 1985

(c) Christopher Carpenter 1985

Made and Printed in Great Britain by
Anchor Brendon Limited, Tiptree, Essex

ISBN 0 09 938560 0