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Verified Publishing Names source reference: The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert published undated but 1978 or shortly afterwards.

This documents data from the publication listed above and serves as a source reference by one or more articles in the experimental Verified Publishing Names project. Please discuss thoughts/questions on the project itself on the project's talk page and thoughts/questions about this publication on this article's talk page.

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{{refp|THDSDXPRMF1978|The Dosadi Experiment|Frank Herbert|undated but 1978 or shortly afterwards}}
{{SourcePublication|THDSDXPRMF1978|The Dosadi Experiment|Frank Herbert|undated but 1978 or shortly afterwards}}

The ISFDB records for other printings of this title list the publisher as "Berkley Books". That phrase does not appear in this publication. Ideally this publication would be filed under "Berkley" but that's being used as the catch-all name for Berkley publications where the imprint has not been determined. This publication was instead filed under "Berkley / Berkley Publishing Corporation".

Front cover

0-425-03834-3 • $2.25 • A Berkley Book


The logo is Berkley's fleur-de-lis inside a shield logo without an imprint name.

(logo) 0-425-03834-3 225

Back cover

No imprint/publisher name, or logo.

Title page

There is no logo on the title page.

A Berkley Book

published by
Berkley Publishing Corporation

Title verso or copyright page

Copyright © 1977 by Frank Herbert

All Rights Reserved

Published by arrangement with the author's agent

All Rights Reserved which includes the right
to reproduce this book or any portion thereof in
any form whatsover. For information address

Berkeley Publishing Group
200 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10016

SBN 425-03834-3

Berkley Medallion Books are published by
Berkley Publishing Corporation
200 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10016

Berkley Medallion Book ® TM 757,375

Printed in the United States of America

Berkley Edition, OCTOBER, 1978
Third Printing

ad on the last page

The ad on the last page has "Science Fiction Bestsellers from Berkley!" at the top of the page. The bottom of the page has "Send orders to: Berkley Book Mailing Service".