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This page has been deprecated and is here for archival purposes only. Please file new Display Bug reports at:

Add new bugs at the top. Give the bug a number by incrementing the "next open bug number"; give it a status of OPEN, and then describe the problem.

Valid statuses are:

  • OPEN -- reported, not fixed or denied
  • WORKSFORME -- cannot reproduce the problem; no further research will be done
  • FIXED -- problem has been fixed
  • NAB -- the behaviour described is not a bug, but is the intended behaviour of the software
  • WONTFIX -- the behaviour described is not ideal, but will not be fixed for some reason
  • CLOSED -- the bug has been closed for some other reason. A bug that requires more information for a fix to be made may be closed, and can be reopened if the submitter adds the requested information.

Second hundred

Next open bug number: 20109

Is this new? Try a search for author E. E. "Doc" Smith, get a result, then see the "Author not found: E. E." result when you click on it. I don't think " is a Unicode problem, it's simpler than that. BLongley 17:54, 20 Dec 2007 (CST)
I am not sure, but I suspect that our Unicode problems may be unrelated to the "quotation" problems. For example, when you do a search on "ł", you get an "Author not found: Jan M\&" error message. I have no idea how the software gets from "ł" to "Jan M\&", but there you have it! Of course, it's entirely possible that many (or even all) of these Unicode problems are interrelated, but it's hard to tell when you are looking from the outside in :( Ahasuerus 19:38, 20 Dec 2007 (CST)
Also with Lorenzr's RPG tag list. In this case, I think it's something to with deleting a tagged title. BLongley 13:00, 9 Nov 2007 (CST)
  • Interviewer: Colin Greenland+Lisa Tuttle
  • Interviwee: Colin Greenwood+Lisa Tuttle
I changed [1] this to make the first Interviwee Greenland. Integration seemed ok (I did not save the SQL though and the browser session's lost) but now
  • Title 434601 gets a python error (see the details page for this bug report)
  • Publication JRNLWRDSPR1990 shows "23 • Tête-à-Tête • interview of Colin Greenland and Lisa Tuttle • interview by" and does not show who did the interviews.
  • Author Lisa_Tuttle shows a link to 434601 under Interviewee (top of page) which is expected but not under Interviewer (bottom of page).
  • Author Colin_Greenland shows a link to 434601 under Interviewee (top of page) which is expected but not under Interviewer (bottom of page).
  • Author Colin_Greenwood shows a blank page (no works) and I'd expect "author not found." There are no awards, no titles, and no publications for this author. I suspect there's an edit bug involved too and that something gets scrambled when we have a Tête-à-Tête interview. Marc Kupper (talk) 14:23, 3 Apr 2007 (CDT)
I tried the new editing functionality and the record cleaned up nicely. The Interviewees were there but the interviewers weren't. BLongley 09:07, 3 Feb 2008 (CST)
A related issue is that when I went to the page displays fine but all of the Record and Author links are also for localhost and not (or perhaps just “cgi-bin/…” so that the links follow whatever hostname/IP people used. Marc Kupper (talk) 16:48, 18 Feb 2007 (CST)
I think this is related to 20097 as well as 20083: in general, there's something not quite right with paging of Advanced Search results. --JVjr 09:10, 1 Mar 2007 (CST)
FWIW - the ISBN displays as 8466608621 but should be 84-666-0862-1 (84 is the group code code for Spain). Marc Kupper (talk) 16:48, 18 Feb 2007 (CST)
I did not see an IndexError but there was "Variant Title ERROR: Parent Title=152900." I believe there was a bug for a while where if you merge records that not all referenced to the deleted title record(s) were repointed to the merged copy. I repointed the VT link to record 92605. Marc Kupper (talk) 01:46, 20 Feb 2007 (CST)
This is a variant of 20072 below: egregiously bad behaviour when viewing such titles/pubs is more or less fixed by now, error messages can be removed by simply corecting the parent title number. --JVjr 09:10, 1 Mar 2007 (CST)

First hundred

  • DisplayBug:20099 Spurious stray publications It used to be that when you made all of a pseudonym’s titles variant titles of the canonical author that the bibliographic display for the pseudonym would be empty. Apparently with the current display logic all of the pseudonym’s publications are being counted/displayed as stray publications because they don’t have displayed title records. I suspect a fix in the stray publication logic is to look at the title reference and if the author being displayed is listed to not count that publication as a stray. That way it would not matter if the title is a VT or not. Marc Kupper (talk) 00:39, 11 Feb 2007 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20098 MakeVariant display is backwards OPEN The MakeVariant screen for moderator approval is reversing the sense of the headings. If you make title X a variant of Y by entering "Y" in the title id field for MakeVariant on X, then the approval screen claims you are making Y a variant of X. If you approve it it goes through correctly. Maybe it's always been like this and I only just noticed, but I don't think so. Mike Christie (talk) 19:33, 5 Feb 2007 (CST)
I was wondering why something seemed backwards. :-) I ran two tests.
1) From Test Story 2 I have the record # of Test Story 1 (make Test Story 2 the VT). The XML blob looks good and the approval screen header is correct but the displayed data is backwards which also explains why it was so hard to decipher delete-vt requests.
Current Title [Record #345891] Proposed Parent (Exists)
Test Story 1 Test Story 2
2) with new-title variant requests though the approval table is correct
Current Title [Record #345891] Proposed Parent (New)
Test Story 2 Test Story 2 (parent)
Marc Kupper (talk) 00:39, 11 Feb 2007 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20097 Paging of Advanced Search results loses title parameter OPEN Trying to find some relatively well-known book with a "by" in the title (to test a friend's social library app ability ti handle such a case in importing data from; tips welcome at my talk page or via mail) in Advanced Search (restricting results to "novel"; BTW I'd also appreciate "whole words" options, adding spaces didn't seem to work - ha: 20073 below?) gave a first results page with the link 100-199 at the bottom; however there, the link became 200-299 without the "by" in title; further paging continues like this. Ditto for, say, [2] --JVjr 05:53, 31 Jan 2007 (CST)
This looks similar to DisplayBug:20083 Marc Kupper (talk) 18:35, 1 Feb 2007 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20096 Typo in Title Merge moderator screen error: "pub" should be "title" OPEN Earlier today, Marc Kupper and Unapersson both independently submitted merges for three Moorcock titles: "The Knight of the Swords", "The Queen of the Swords", and "The King of the Swords". After Marc approved his merges (presumably) the moderator screen for Unapersson's merges shows an error: "ERROR: pub record not found: 325351". It should say "title", not "pub". I'll leave one of the merges up to make it easy to test the error message, and will reject the others with an explanation. Mike Christie (talk) 17:38, 27 Jan 2007 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20092 Display of storylen for novels OPEN I'm not sure if this is a bug or will be a feature request but some novels are marked with storylen codes such as "jvn" for juvenile works. The issue is that I don't think this ever gets displayed other than in the edit-pub screen. Marc Kupper 01:40, 18 Jan 2007 (CST)

parse error on: BLongley 9650 Woody Allen BLongley Allen Stewart Konigsberg,%20Woody Brooklyn, New York, USA 1935-12-01 BLongley 13:38, 16 Jan 2007 (CST)

The review record doesn't know the type of the target title, so there's no way for it to know whether it's appropriate to display a review or not (currently displays if title and author match - there aren't types to mismatch). Putting the type isn't a good methodology either: when Mike Cross and I first implemented the review records (in ISFDB1), we created a field for tracking the target title type, and quickly found that many reviews are ambiguous - it was often quite difficult to tell what the type (anthology vs collection vs novel, etc) was just from the review, resulting in lengthy research sessions. When recording reviews of titles that come from independent houses, sometimes no amount of research could find the target title type. What this really needs is a direct link to the title, and there's a feature request for that. Alvonruff 20:30, 16 Jan 2007 (CST)
Discussion moved to DisplayBug:20088 Wrong names selected for vt display? Marc Kupper (talk) 01:29, 19 Jan 2007 (CST)
  • This is a dup of 20074. All of the Ursula Le Guin works have been made variants of Ursula K. Le Guin, so they don't show up on the former's page. I made Ursula Le Guin a pseudonym of Ursula K. Le Guin, so that there is linkage to where the poems are. Alvonruff 07:08, 11 Jan 2007 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20085 OPEN There's something I don't understand happening with this display. I did the following:
  • New Novel: Test Title 1 by Test Author 1
  • New Novel: Test Title 2 by Test Author 2
  • Make Pseudonym: Test Author 2 is a pseudonym of Test Author 1
  • New Novel: Test Title 1 by Test Author 2
  • Make Variant: TT1 by TA2 is a vt of TT1 by TA1
Unless I'm missing something, that should have caused the Test Author 1 biblio to show two version of Test Title 1; one by Test Author 1 and one under the pseudonym of Test Author 2. I'll leave these records out there in case they're needed; let me know if I can delete them. Mike Christie (talk) 10:47, 23 Dec 2006 (CST)
This looks very similar to EditBug 20048. Are there any differences that I am missing? Ahasuerus 01:39, 17 Jan 2007 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20084 "Buy This Book" for £ publications OPEN I just finished cleaning up two publications 1 2 and when eyeball-diffing them to see that they were the same other than the cover price, £16.99 and $23.95 respectively, I was surprised to see the screen jumping around on the left. Testing finds that ISFDB is aware of “L” for the price code and will link to Amazon UK but it’s not aware of £ and does not show the Buy This Book: section at all. Marc Kupper 13:36, 9 Jan 2007 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20083 Page 1 vs. N search result columns OPEN Page 1 of search results is different than following pages. I had done a title search for “Preface” and the header for page 1 is "Merge Year Type Record Title Authors" while the following pages replace the “Record” column with a “Variant” column and the header is "Merge Year Type Variant Title Authors." Marc Kupper 19:33, 8 Jan 2007 (CST)
Check out history.cgi?169071. This looks like a double submission - the first submission was integrated (as the history shows), then when the later submission is compared (as you show above), it looks like no mods are being made, but they are still highlighted. I don't think this is too much to worry about. Alvonruff 22:23, 3 Jan 2007 (CST)
Yes, let’s call it NAB for now as I was not paying attention to the double-submission part. I had approved the item and an instant afterwards did a couple take and wanted to check something that did not seem quite right. I reported it as I thought it was a reoccurrence of an earlier submission where it was the first time through and it appeared ISFDB was highlighting things as “changed” when I could not detect what was changing. If it happens again I’ll put a hold on the item and post a bug report. Marc Kupper 18:45, 4 Jan 2007 (CST)
  • 20079 OPEN The Duplicated Man was written by Robert_A._W._Lowndes and James_Blish. It was published as a "Complete Novel" in Dynamic Science Fiction. The byline was "James Blish and Michael Sherman" because Lowndes was the editor of Dynamic. When the novel appeared in book form, both Lowndes and Blish were credited. The Summary Bibliography pages for Blish and Lowndes correctly link the serial to the novel, but do not mention "Michael Sherman" anywhere, as they presumably should. Ahasuerus 17:48, 31 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20078 OPEN Serials are not being linked to their Novel parents if the Novel Title is a Variant Title. See "Snow White and the Giants" in J. T. McIntosh's bibliography. Ahasuerus 13:44, 30 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20077 OPEN If a Shortfiction piece was originally serialized, then the Serial data will appear correctly under the Shortfiction Title, e.g. Crashing Suns by Edmond Hamilton. However, the Shortfiction-Serial connection is broken on the Edmond Hamilton's Summary page, where the serial is linked to the Collection of the same name and not to the Shortfiction title. Ahasuerus 17:32, 28 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20076 OPEN If a Serial is a part of a Series and has been reprinted in book form, it will be displayed twice on the Summary Bibliography page. See Edmond Hamilton's Outside the Universe under "Interstellar Patrol". Ahasuerus 17:32, 28 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20074 Display of vt titles on bibliographic pages OPEN Al, in the interest of understanding ISFDB’s pseudonym support I took a look at Brian Stableford’s pages as his stories are published under both Brian Stableford and Brian M. Stableford. At the moment the variant title records are set up for those stories I know are Brian M. Stableford works and so this report is about the bibliographic displays. Summary – it looks like an overall fix for several of the points listed below is to display vt titles when the parent is not displayed. Right now you are not displaying vt titles at all in the main lists as the “duplicate” entries confuse people at times. The change would be to display the vt titles if, and only if, they were not included as a vt for one of the displayed items. Marc Kupper 17:10, 27 Dec 2006 (CST)
    • Brian Stableford (the real name)
      • Long Works - Displays long works with the “as by Brian M. Stableford” works as expected.
      • Short Works - Displays short works and essays with the “as by Brian M. Stableford” works as expected.
      • Awards - Displays awards
      • Alphabetical - Displays works but does not show the “as by Brian M. Stableford” relationships. Can this be added?
      • Chronological - Displays works except for one title and does not show the “as by Brian M. Stableford” relationships. Can displaying vt relationships be added? The one missing title is the novel War Games (1981 UK) which is in the alphabetical but not chronological displays. It turns out to be a vt and I suspect if you add displaying vt relationships that’ll fix this too.
    • Brian M. Stableford (the “pseudonym”)
      • Long Works - Displays "Used As Alternate Name By: Brian Stableford" and no works (empty page) - Can the Brian M. Stableford long works be displayed?
      • Short Works - Displays "Used As Alternate Name By: Brian Stableford" and the Shortfiction, Essays works as expected.
      • Awards - Does not display link to real name nor any awards. I suspect it should show the real name link. I don't know of any of his "Brian M. Stableford" won awards but if there are any they should be listed.
      • Alphabetical - Displays "Used As Alternate Name By: Brian Stableford" and the Novels, Shortfiction, and Essays as expected.
      • Chronological - Displays "Used As Alternate Name By: Brian Stableford" and no works (empty page) - Can the lists of works be displayed as you do for Alphabetical?
If my understanding of what Al is doing is correct -- see the Requirements page that he has put together -- the "Long Works" and "Short Works" pages are to be phased out once the new "Summary Bibliography" page is stable. At that point Al will presumably go back and make the other pages (Alpha and Chrono) work the same way. Is that right, Al? Ahasuerus 23:52, 27 Dec 2006 (CST)
Shortly after I posted this bug report I realized it probably better belongs on the display requirements page but I also don’t see an easy way to fit the bug report in over there as it seems to be mostly about defining a new display and not about the existing display. Marc Kupper 01:35, 28 Dec 2006 (CST)
I will entertain this as "we should have the ability to display pseudonym bibliographies", but not as "we should intermix pseudonym bibliographies with non-pseudonym bibliographies". If we print variants only when the parents are not available, then we'll be able to see titles. But we won't see series information for those titles, because those are attached to to parent titles, and the variants don't know about the series data. The routines for displaying titles know about pseudonyms ("as by") but don't know how to print "actuals", which you really need for a bibliography like Alexander Blade, where a pseduonym maps to 12 different people. The collaborator query and display routines will be broken. Series information will be busted. The creation of pseudonym bibliographies needs to be designed and agreed upon, new display routines need to be created, and new SQL queries need to be created. Alvonruff 08:27, 28 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20073 Leading and trailing spaces are significant in the standard search window OPEN I’m not sure if this qualifies as a bug or feature but leading and trailing spaces are significant in the standard search window but are stripped for advanced search. For example, searching for “Bestiary ” (without the quotes) from the standard search returns five titles while the advanced search returns over 40 titles. While it’s cool that via leading and/or trailing spaces you can exclude titles containing words at the beginning or end of a title I suspect most of the time it would be unexpected behavior. Marc Kupper 14:19, 27 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • DisplayBug:20072 Parent index out of range FIXED Something I’ve seen a couple of times today is I’ll go to 188906 and there will be a Python error about the parent index. The first time this was on a record I know I had been messing around with a while back while still figuring out some ISFDB stuff and so I figured I had screwed it up and fixed the record by setting title_parent to 0. I’ll leave the latest title uncorrected for you for you to look at. Marc Kupper 23:16, 26 Dec 2006 (CST)
IndexError	Python 2.4.2: /usr/local/bin/python
Tue Dec 26 23:06:42 2006

A problem occurred in a Python script. Here is the sequence of function calls leading up to the error, in the order they occurred.
  137                 parent_title = SQLloadTitle(title[TITLE_PARENT])
  138                 print "<br>"
  139                 print '<b>Variant Title of:</b> <a href="http:/%s/title.cgi?%d">%s</a>' % (HTFAKE, title[TITLE_PARENT], parent_title[TITLE_TITLE])
  141         if title[TITLE_TTYPE]:
HTFAKE = '/', title = [188906L, 'West of the Moon', None, None, None, None, None, '1989-00-00', None, 'NOVEL', None, 12L, 16991L, None], TITLE_PARENT = 12, parent_title = [], TITLE_TITLE = 1

IndexError: list index out of range
      args = ('list index out of range',)
Has been more or less FIXED by now: displays just "Variant Title ERROR: Parent Title=16991". --JVjr 09:10, 1 Mar 2007 (CST)
  • 20071 OPEN If an editor edited a magazine pseudonymously, you can run Make Variant Title on the EDITOR Title, but the magazine Publication will display only the pseudonymous name, not "real name as by pseudonymous name". See this Dynamic Science Fiction issue which was published as by "Robert W. Lowndes", a "pseudonym" for "Robert A. W. Lowndes". Ahasuerus 23:11, 26 Dec 2006 (CST)
Now that I have played with magazines some more, I realize that the problem here is that the editor's name in the EDITOR record is not the same as the editor's name in the magazine Publication record. Is this intentional? It may well be since it apparently mimics the behavior of book Pubs, but I am not sure it will be intuitive. After all, all Content Titles are displayed "as by" when appropriate. Should this be moved to feature requests? Ahasuerus 17:52, 31 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20069 OPEN I entered an anthology, the title page looked ok, I did a minor change to the pub-record, and the previously reported issue about ISFDB flipping author names cropped up and now the title page reports
Bibliographic Warnings:
  • Author Mismatch (Pub=Rosalind M. Greenberg, Martin H. Greenberg, should be Martin H. Greenberg, Rosalind M. Greenberg): Phantoms Marc Kupper 17:14, 26 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20068 OPEN If you log out of the ISFDB, you will still have the option to "Log out" displayed in the navbar. When you select it, you will see the following error: "*** SQLgetUserName FAILED invalid literal for int(): x Not Logged In". When you try to re-login, you will get a very long error in the navbar, but you will still be able to get in. Ahasuerus 15:19, 26 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20063 OPEN Unicode-infested titles are displayed numerically (e.g., #1053;#1072;#1087;#1 - I am not including the ampersands to avoid rendering) and incompletely in the Recent Integrations page. Ahasuerus 14:22, 25 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20060 OPEN I like the new [View Publication] link at the end of the mod-approval cycle but one heads up about it is that it’s linking to the pub by its numeric ID rather than by its tag. I suspect you’ll want to have this use the tag to be consistent with other pub references. Marc Kupper 15:32, 23 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20058 OPEN If someone enters an ISBN with hyphens so that it is 13-characters long then ISFDB displays the publication record with no ISBN line and an ISBN-13 line shows the 10-digit hyphenated ISBN. I know this will get fixed as soon as you put in the ISBN formatter and so it's a heads up on how the system is currently interpreting stored data. Marc Kupper 15:35, 21 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20052 OPEN Something is not quite right with Douglas%20Fawcett He doesn't have Long or Short Works to his name, but he has a serial (well, the first part of a serial) in FGTNFNTJUN1971. Is that because serials need to be linked to a Work to be visible? Ahasuerus 19:37, 1 May 2006 (CDT).
    • Shouldn't. Not supposed to. Investigating. Alvonruff 21:04, 1 May 2006 (CDT)
      • FYI, I have now (foolishly) created a Work and a Publication record for this book as part of my testing, but I think it should be recreatable. Ahasuerus 14:51, 2 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 20051 OPEN If a title is revised by the title's original author plus a new co-author, then we usually make the new title a Variant Title of the original. However, it seems to result in the new title appearing as a Stray Publication on the new co-author's page, e.g. Helen%20Keier Ahasuerus 21:31, 10 Dec 2006 (CST)
The display logic now works correctly on the "Summary Bibliography" page, but still has problems on the "Short Works Biblio" page. If/when the latter is deprecated and then retired, we can close this bug. Ahasuerus 23:17, 27 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20048 OPEN Dave Wolverton's Log Works biblio currently lists the first two volumes of his Golden Queen series as "by David Farland". These two novels were actually first published in 1994-1995 as by "Dave Wolverton", his real name, and only reprinted as by "David Farland", his post-1998 pseudonym, in 2005 as you can see in their respective Title biblios. I think this used to be displayed correctly in Long Works; I suspect that recent changes in pseudonym support accidentally changed the code's behavior. Ahasuerus 19:06, 25 Nov 2006 (CST)
  • 20046 OPEN Only Serials titles (not Authors) are matched against Work titles in Title biblio pages, therefore Serials written by other Authors can be linked to unrelated Titles, e.g. 203391 This problem was fixed in the Long Works logic a few months ago, but this page was presumably overlooked. Ahasuerus 21:27, 24 Nov 2006 (CST)
Just found another example: 26662 BLongley 12:22, 3 Feb 2007 (CST)
A few more: 9447 and Template:174800 but this could really go endlessly... --JVjr 09:10, 1 Mar 2007 (CST)
  • 20044 OPEN When you log out of the ISFDB, the navbar still shows a log out prompt, as if you were still logged in. Redisplaying, e.g. by going to the home page, causes the navbar to refresh correctly. Mike Christie 07:34, 24 Nov 2006 (CST)
  • 20040 OPEN A very minor display bug: the "and" in some listings of multiple authors is unnecessarily bolded. See FANTUNIVSEP1954 for an example -- the book review of "Search the Sky" on p. 128. Mike Christie 14:08, 5 Nov 2006 (CST)
  • 20034 OPEN Error with "AND NOT" in Advanced search I used the advanced search to look for "Robert Jordan" Author AND NOT "novel" Ttype. I got the following error:
A problem occurred in a Python script. Here is the sequence of function calls leading up to the error, in the order they occurred.
  165         db = dbConnect()
  166         db.select_db(DBASE)
  167         db.query(query)
  168         result = db.store_result()
  169         num = result.num_rows()
db = <_mysql.connection open to 'localhost' at 81f2c0c>, db.query = <built-in method query of Connection object>, query = "select titles.* from titles,authors,canonical_au...ype='novel' order by titles.title_title limit 100"

ProgrammingError: (1064, "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ANDNOT titles.title_ttype='novel' order by titles.title_title limit 100' at line 1")
      args = (1064, "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the ... order by titles.title_title limit 100' at line 1")

As far as I can tell, this hasn't been reported. PortForlorn 1:20 14 Oct 2006 (EST)

It seems that "AND NOT" operator doesn't work at all, in any use. --JVjr 09:10, 1 Mar 2007 (CST)
  • 20033 OPEN was having problems with what it reported as "too many connections" this morning, which caused the ISFDB front page to error out with the following message:
OperationalError	Python 2.4.2: /usr/local/bin/python
Wed Oct 11 10:11:50 2006

A problem occurred in a Python script. Here is the sequence of function calls leading up to the error, in the order they occurred.
   14 import os
   15 import string
   16 from SQLparsing import *
   17 from series import *
   18 from biblio import *
SQLparsing undefined
   26         return retvalue
   28 db = MySQLdb.connect('localhost', USERNAME, PASSWORD, conv=IsfdbConvSetup())
   29 db.select_db(DBASE)
   30 SQLUpdateQueries()
db undefined, MySQLdb = None, MySQLdb.connect undefined, USERNAME = None, PASSWORD = None, conv undefined, IsfdbConvSetup = None
 /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MySQLdb/ in Connect(*args=('localhost', 'isfdb', 'SgncULC'), **kwargs={'conv': {0: <class 'decimal.Decimal'>, 1: <type 'int'>, 2: <type 'int'>, 3: <type 'long'>, 4: <type 'float'>, 5: <type 'float'>, 7: <function mysql_timestamp_converter>, 8: <type 'long'>, 9: <type 'int'>, 10: <function Date_or_None>, ...}})
   64     """Factory function for connections.Connection."""
   65     from connections import Connection
   66     return Connection(*args, **kwargs)
   68 connect = Connection = Connect
Connection = <class 'MySQLdb.connections.Connection'>, args = ('localhost', 'isfdb', 'SgncULC'), kwargs = {'conv': {0: <class 'decimal.Decimal'>, 1: <type 'int'>, 2: <type 'int'>, 3: <type 'long'>, 4: <type 'float'>, 5: <type 'float'>, 7: <function mysql_timestamp_converter>, 8: <type 'long'>, 9: <type 'int'>, 10: <function Date_or_None>, ...}}
 /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MySQLdb/ in __init__(self=<_mysql.connection closed at 829ec0c>, *args=('localhost', 'isfdb', 'SgncULC'), **kwargs={'conv': {0: <class 'decimal.Decimal'>, 1: <type 'int'>, 2: <type 'int'>, 3: <type 'long'>, 4: <type 'float'>, 5: <type 'float'>, 7: <function mysql_timestamp_converter>, 8: <type 'long'>, 9: <type 'int'>, 10: <function Date_or_None>, ...}})
  132             del kwargs2['use_unicode']
  134         super(Connection, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs2)
  136         self.charset = self.character_set_name().split('_')[0]
builtin super = <type 'super'>, global Connection = <class 'MySQLdb.connections.Connection'>, self = <_mysql.connection closed at 829ec0c>, ).__init__ = <bound method Connection.__init__ of <_mysql.connection closed at 829ec0c>>, args = ('localhost', 'isfdb', 'SgncULC'), kwargs2 = {'conv': {0: <class 'decimal.Decimal'>, 1: <type 'int'>, 2: <type 'int'>, 3: <type 'long'>, 4: <type 'float'>, 5: <type 'float'>, 7: <function mysql_timestamp_converter>, 8: <type 'long'>, 9: <type 'int'>, 10: <function Date_or_None>, ...}}

OperationalError: (1040, 'Too many connections')
      args = (1040, 'Too many connections')

Ahasuerus 12:23, 11 Oct 2006 (CDT)

  • 20031 OPEN "Long Works" pages are displayed correctly when the author's name has an apostrophe embedded. However, other types of biblio pages, e.g. Elaine O'Byrne's chronological page, are still broken. Ahasuerus 16:17, 30 Aug 2006 (CDT)
The display no longer errors out, but the title stil has an extraneous backslash displayed, e.g. "Elaine O\’Byrne". Ahasuerus 19:32, 27 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20028 OPEN When a title is made into an alternate title of another title, its Award data doesn't seem to be displayed under the parent title's record, e.g. see "Dark Detectives" (1999) and its variant title "Dark Detectives: Adventures of the Supernatural Sleuths". The latter lists three award nominations while the former lists none. Ahasuerus 18:19, 1 Aug 2006 (CDT)
This bug is on hold pending a revamp of Award data (which is currently matched lexically) in 2007. Ahasuerus 19:02, 27 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20027 OPEN Running Advanced Search on either Titles or Publications for "Year matches 1901-01-01" will return all records for the year 1901, not all records for January 01, 1901. This can be a problem for more recent years when, e.g., "Year matches 2006-03-02" returns hundreds of records for year 2006. You can still get a month worth of data by abusing the "Upcoming Books" script, though. Ahasuerus 12:42, 26 Jul 2006 (CDT)
Traceback (most recent call last): File "/www/", line 124, in ? (term2, dbases2, followup) = MakeSQLterm(use, entry) File "/www/", line 90, in MakeSQLterm return (clause, dbases, followup) UnboundLocalError: local variable 'clause' referenced before assignment
Well yes, because Storylen is for length of SHORTFICTION type: nv/nt/ss etc. Use Ttype:NOVEL" and you get what you wanted. Whether the search could/should be made more robust against mismatching input type, is another question. --JVjr 09:10, 1 Mar 2007 (CST)
It turns out that this is a data issue, not a display issue. There are 56 records in the database that have a circumflex/caret ("^") embedded in their title. We will need to decide what to do about them at some point. Leaving the bug report here until Al reworks Review support in early 2007 and then we will revisit it. Ahasuerus 18:55, 27 Dec 2006 (CST)
  • 20023 OPEN In Publication display, there appears to be an extra space between the year the book was published and the comma that follows it, e.g. 37119. Is this by design? Ahasuerus 10:04, 12 Jun 2006 (CDT)
  • 20022 OPEN Amazon ASINs are sometimes listed in the ISBN field. Because these are 10 digits, they're mistaken for ISBNs and listed as such (see publication RTHCLNZJCG1987). But this is just a specific kind of catalog ID (like publication TNNLNTS1975 has). Perhaps the software could recognize ISBNs by matching on all-digits as well as ten-characters-long (perhaps also the check digit? or is that too much?), and identify ASINs separately as matching /B[0-9]{9}/. grendel|khan 23:46, 11 Jun 2006 (CDT)
Once detected, what shall we do with them? They are obviously in a different catagory than ISBNs and catalog numbers, as they are Amazon specific. Not put them in the database? Alvonruff 05:03, 12 Jun 2006 (CDT)
They are effectively third party identifiers and don't really belong in the ISBN/catalog field. Some of them can be useful since they can help with verification, e.g. if an OCLC record number points to 13 libraries that report that they own a particular item, then it could be useful. If we want to capture this data, then we would need a new field(s), but it's strictly optional, I would think. Ahasuerus 10:04, 12 Jun 2006 (CDT)
I hadn't thought of anything more complicated than just labeling them as ASINs and changing the sidebar buy-this-book links to not include broken links to Barnes and Noble et al. Is there a reason to hold onto non-ISBN catalog data somewhere other than the Notes field if it's available? grendel|khan 17:54, 14 Jun 2006 (CDT)
  • 20018 OPEN The SQL query that matches Awards and Works performs a partial match on their names. For example, iit displays this 1984 Locus Poll award for "The Time Patrol" (1991) even though it is actually associated with "Time Patrolman" (1983), a different collection of Poul Anderson's Time Patrol stories. Ahasuerus 15:02, 5 Jun 2006 (CDT)
  • 20016 OPEN Doing an advanced search by author which has more than a hundred results, the 100-199 link at the bottom of the page points to localhost. grendel|khan 01:06, 5 Jun 2006 (CDT)
  • 20014 OPEN It looks like angle brackets didn't make it from ISFDB1 to ISFDB2 intact, e.g. see this Note. If you pull up the record in Edit Title, you can see the HTML escape codes that the database actually stores. If you change the codes to angle brackets and Submit it, everything appears to be stored and displayed correctly. Ahasuerus 14:23, 25 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 20012 OPEN The page that displays Hugo Award data for 1959 shows the editor of "Infinity" as "Unknown-Mags" (which points to a non-existing Author) and lists Pauline Ashwell twice as a "Best New Author". Ahasuerus 09:54, 19 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 20009 OPEN Omnibuses are displayed with omnibus-specific information (e.g. "[O/2N]") displayed next to their titles in Long Works, but this information is not displayed in Series lists. Ahasuerus 19:31, 5 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 20008 OPEN All navbar links have been made smart enough to tell you that an Author's pseudonym is an alternate name for that Author. The only exception is the Awards link, which still displays "No awards found for Nelson Bond" instead of telling you to go check "Nelson S. Bond"'s data. Ahasuerus 19:25, 4 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 20007 OPEN In Advanced Search, a search on "Cover artist [or back cover artist] includes Barne" resulted in the following error:
Traceback (most recent call last): File "/www/", line 155, in ? (term1, dbases1, followup) = MakeSQLterm(use, entry) File "/www/", line 138, in MakeSQLterm return (clause, dbases, followup) UnboundLocalError: local variable 'clause' referenced before assignment
  • 20005 OPEN In Advanced Search, a search on "ISBN/Catalog# includes Tor" returned no records. A skeleton result table with no data was displayed instead of a message explaining that no matching records were found. Ahasuerus 14:29, 4 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 20003 OPEN The word "pseudonyms" is misspelled in the dropdown box of the "ISFDB Author Search Form" (under "ISFDB Advanced Search") as "Pseudonymns" Ahasuerus 16:16, 3 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 20002 (also bugs 20006 and 20013, now merged into this one) OPEN Reported Jul 17 2005 by hossman - searching by publications by publisher doesn't seem to work...
Traceback (most recent call last): File "/www/", line 214, in ? db.query(query) _mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'pubs.pub_publisher' in 'where clause'").