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This page consists of three sections.

The first section, "Serials that were already VTs when we started the cleanup effort", is a list of Serials that were set up as Variant Titles as of 2009-08-08. In some cases, these Serials were published pseudonymously and have not appeared in book form. These Serial records are currently VT'd to the Serial's author's (or authors') canonical name(s) and should be kept "as is". After verification, the "Fixed" column should be marked "OK".

In addition, many Serials that have appeared in book form were set up as VT's of other (effectively placeholder) Serial records in order to make the "lexical match" logic work. These Serials should be VT'd to the main canonical Title record of the Novel instead and the placeholder Serial Titles should be deleted. Once a record has been fixed, its row should be marked "Fixed".

The second section, "Malformed Serial titles", lists all Serial titles that do not follow the standard wording, i.e. "(Part X of Y)" or "(Complete Novel)" -- note the capitalization. These will not be processed by the automated conversion script, so either their titles need to be regularized to use "(Complete Novel)" or "(Part X of Y)" or they need to be manually made into VTs of their parent Novel/Shortfiction titles.

The third section, "Serials Matching VTs", lists all Serial Titles that match Novel/Shortfiction Titles which are, in turn, set up as variant titles of other Novels/Shortfiction. The automated conversion script will not process these Serial Titles, so we need to set them up manually. In most cases, it will involve making Serial Titles into VTs of the matching canonical Novel/Shortfiction Titles. If there were no publications published under the variant title (it was a stub record created solely to add the variant-titled serial) the title record should be deleted as well.

Completed sections have been archived.

Malformed Serial titles

Serial Title Authors Fixed?
The following need to have pub records created for serials in non-genre magazines, if possible.
In Polar Seas Fenton Ash Done
In Polar Seas Frank Atkins Done
The Space Machine John Beynon Done
Stowaway to Mars John Beynon Done
Carter of the Red Planet Edgar Rice Burroughs
Around the Universe (6 parts) Ray Cummings
The Fragrant Web Jeremy Lane
In Unknown Worlds; Or The Search for the Missing Link (10 Parts) John De Morgan

Serial Title Authors Fixed?
The following are all part of the Grantville Gazette series and need to be repaired.
Dr. Phil's Aeolian Transformers Rick Boatright
Kerryn Offord
The Dr. Gribbleflotz Chronicles, Part 2: Dr. Phil's Amazing Essence Of Fire Tablets Rick Boatright
Kerryn Offord
Suite For Four Hands David Carrico
At the Cliff's Edge Iver P. Cooper
Stretching Out, Part One: Second Starts Iver P. Cooper
Franconia! Part 1 Virginia DeMarce
The Flying Boys; Or, Three Thousand Miles on Wings (10 Parts) William Harrison Dennett
Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part 1: A Russian Noble Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Butterflies In The Kremlin, Episode 2: A 'Merican in Moscow Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part 3: Boris, Natasha . . . But Where's Bullwinkle Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part Four Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Essen Steel, Part 1: Crucibellus Kim Mackey
The Essen Steel Chronicles, Part 2: Louis de Geer Kim Mackey
The Essen Chronicles, Part 3: Trip to Paris Kim Mackey
The Doctor Gribbleflotz Chronicles, Part 1: Calling Dr. Phil Kerryn Offord
Dr. Phil's Amazing Lightning Crystal Kerryn Offord
The Doctor Gribbleflotz Chronicles, Part 3: Doctor Phil's Distraction Kerryn Offord
The Doctor Phil Chronicles: Doctor Phil's Family Kerryn Offord
Euterpe, Episode 1 Enrico M. Toro
Euterpe, Episode 2 Enrico M. Toro
Euterpe, Episode 3 Enrico M. Toro


  • Done: 237
  • To Do: 116