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This project lists the status of recently published books and their authors' bibliographies.

The ISFDB software generates lists of forthcoming books broken up by month and accessible from the Main Page. These lists are created by a Webbot, Dissembler, and not by humans, therefore they are imperfect and need to be corrected by humans. The lists are regularly reviewed by ISFDB editors and new arrivals are merged into existing Titles, added to existing Series or otherwise massaged. Any prior or future month can be accessed by entering the following URL:, where "MM" stands for the month and "YYYY" stands for the year.

Status of recent months

  • June 2006 - partially cleaned up
  • July 2006 - cleanup completed
  • August 2006 - cleanup completed
  • September 2006 - partially cleaned up
  • October 2006 - cleanup completed
  • November 2006 - cleanup completed
  • December 2006 - partially cleaned up

Author cleaunup

As part of the cleanup process, ISFDB editors strive to clean up each affected Author's bibliography and at least ensure its internal consistency by merging identical Titles, putting Series data together, etc. Thus currently active Authors that are responsible for recent entries in the database are more likely to be cleaned up first, which helps with prioritization.

Sometimes Author data can't be cleaned up in time either because of the volume of data involved (e.g. R._L._Stine) or due to other limitations. If that is the case, their names should be added to this list, which effectively serves as yet another list of priority cleanup targets.

Recently Published Authors in Need of Cleanup

  • Randall_N._Bills
  • Michael_Jan_Friedman Needs to have Star Trek and other series entries reconciled. ST books can wait until the ST reconciliation project is finished. Ahasuerus 12:27, 22 Aug 2006 (CDT)
  • Cornelia_Funke Need to sort out German originals and English translations.
  • Neil_Gaiman Trying to determine what to do with his graphic novels, which are at the heart of his ouevre.
  • Tanith_Lee Needs to be reconciled with the very useful biblio Web page linked to from her WP article. Ahasuerus 12:27, 22 Aug 2006 (CDT)
  • Michael_Moorcock Prolific.
  • Tk Is it a pseudonym or ??
  • Wendy_Pini Trying to determine what to do with her graphic novels, which are at the heart of her ouevre.
  • R._L._Stine Prolific.
  • Robert_E._Howard His Conan bibliography is convoluted, we need a good source(s) to disambiguate all versions of his editions, alterations, etc.
  • Eve_Bunting A very prolific children's author. A significant percentage of her work is fantasy/SF.
  • Nora_Roberts Very prolific, most of her books are non-genre, but a significant percentage of late 1990s-early 2000s books have supernatural elements. 4 SF/F trilogies have been sorted out so far, but more work is needed. Also needs to be merged with "J. D. Robb", the pseudonym that she uses for her mid 21st century police procedurals. Ahasuerus 00:34, 30 Oct 2006 (CST)
  • Mary_Hoffman A prolific children's author. Some SF/F, but also a lot of nonfiction and non-genre fiction as well as some borderline books for small children. Ahasuerus 20:01, 24 Nov 2006 (CST)
  • Tracy_Hickman and Margaret_Weis Prolific authors of RPG flavored novels with a lot of translated Titles that need to be merged with their Parent Titles. Ahasuerus 00:17, 30 Nov 2006 (CST)