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Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to evaluate apparent violations of the standards, as specified in the ISFDB rules, on the names used in the Publisher fields of our books. These are not particularly strict rules. For example, we do not try to use a "Canonical Name" for a particular publisher. Instead, we prefer to record the name the publisher used on a particular book, which may vary across time. However, there are certain minimal standards:

  1. Case should be regularized unless there is a clear reason not to. For example, a Tor book often gives the imprint name as "TOR Books"; this should be entered as "Tor Books". DAW, however, is an acronym, and so "DAW Books" is the correct form for that imprint. Publishers of magazines are often printed in uppercase -- e.g. Fantastic Universe's statement of printing shows "KING-SIZE PUBLICATIONS, INC." as the publisher; the form "King-Size Publications, Inc." should be used here.
  2. If you are entering both the imprint and publisher name, as in "Del Rey / Ballantine", then it should be entered as Imprint / Publisher with the imprint first, spaces around the slash, followed by the publisher name. Note, it's still ok to enter things like "Imprint, an imprint of Publisher". The things we want to avoid are the Imprint/Publisher (with no space) and Publisher / Imprint (imprint / publisher flipped around) and formats.
  3. Library records, and in some cases the copyright pages of books, often list publishers with a preceding city, as "London: Mammoth Books Ltd" or "New York: Giant Press inc". In such cases, list only the actual name of the publisher, not the city. (Existing records should not be changed to match this standard without considering how to avoid data loss). The city or country can be listed in the notes field of the publisher record, or on an associated wiki page, or both. Where needed to avoid confusion, a country suffix may be used, so we might have, for example, "Mammoth Books (UK)" and "Mammoth Books (Canada)".
  4. Science Fiction Book Club books should be entered as "Publisher / SFBC" where Publisher is the publisher name stated on the publication.

In addition, where it does not conflict with the actual statement of publisher on a book, we would prefer to merge different publisher names. This, however, is not currently an active component of this project (although various editors try to do this when they notice apparent examples).

For a more complete list of the publisher rules, or to see if the rules have changed since 2012-04-08, see Publication Fields:Publisher.

This project does not yet attempt to address rule #1 above. The publishers that may be in violation of the other rules are collected below, with the known status of evaluating them with respect to these rules.

Avoid "Imprint/Publisher" (no spaces)

Publishers whose name contains a "/" with no spaces around it are listed below. In some cases, we know that this format is justified, as indicated below. In most situations, however, this is probably not the case. Editors working to correct these publisher names should not assume that the current listing has the correct order of imprint and publisher (imprint first), but should verify which of the names included is an imprint of the other.

Publisher Reason for "x/y"? Corrected to? Status
Ace/PutnamJustified on Publisher pageOk
Ace/CharterJustified on Publisher pageOk
Ace/Putnam / SFBCJustified on Publisher pageOk
And/Or Press"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk
Berkley/PutnamJustified on Publisher pageOK
Berkley/Putnam / SFBCISFDB standard for SFBC entryOK
DC Comics/VertigoVertigo / DC ComicsCorrected
DesignStudio/PressDesign Studio PressCorrected
Donald I. Fine/PrimusPrimus / Donald I. FineCorrected
Donald M. Grant/ScribnerChanged / to &Corrected
Dutton/ObeliskObelisk / E. P. DuttonCorrected
Eclipse/MoonfireEclipse Comics & Moonfire ProductionsCorrected
Edition Brusen/ColophonEdition BrusenCorrected
Esterhazy Press/Lulu.comEsterhazy PressCorrected
Fiction Collective Two/Black Ice BooksBlack Ice Books / Fiction Collective TwoCorrected
First Books/Old Earth BooksJoint venture, changed / to &Corrected
Foggy Windows Books/AfterburnerPublication series removedCorrected
Frazetta Prints/Sun-Litho PrinChanged name to match OCLC recordCorrected
G/L Regal Books"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk
Gallant/Charger Publications"/" is part of the publisher's nameOK
Grove Press/Evergreen Black CatImprint / Publisher reversedCorrected
Hachette/GallimardPublisher no longer in the dbCorrected
Harvard University Press/Belknap PressImprint / Publisher reversedCorrected
Hodder SF/Fantasy / Hodder Headline Australia"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk
Houghton Mifflin/McDougal LittellRecord incorrectly enteredCorrected"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk
Impact/F&W Publications  
Infinite Monkeys/Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation  
ITV Books/Michael Joseph  
Ivan R. Dee, Publisher/Elephant  
Jasmine Sailing/Cyber-Psychos AOD  
Kane/Miller Book Publishers  
Linden Press/Simon & Schuster  
Linden Press/Simon & Schuster / BCE  
Little, Brown/Joy Street  
London: Grant Richards and H. Toulmin/Cayme Press  
Longman Trade/Caroline House  
Lyle Stuart/Citadel Press  
Lyle Stuart/Comet  
Lyle Stuart/Target  
Macabre House/Donald M. Grant  
Mariner/Houghton Mifflin  
MCFI (Noreascon II)/NESFA  
McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages  
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics  
MDS BOOKS/Mediasat  
Metaphysical Fiction C/o Lulu  
Moat Hall/Magread  
Moon Books/Random House  
Moonflower Press/Studio Absolute  
Moscow: AST/Yermak  
NEL/Mentor Books  
Nighthawk/Raven Publishing  
North Atlantic Books/Frog, Ltd.  
North Atlantic Books/Tachyon Publications/Frog, Ltd.  
NTC/Contemporary Publishing Company  
Olmstead Press/e-reads  
Orange Palm/Magn Magus  
Pan Books/Piper  
Paranoid/Inca Press  
Penguin/Signet Classic  
Pocket/KangarooPocket / KangarooCorrected
Pocket Books/Star Trek  
Pop Seagull Publishing/CreateSpace  
Prentice-Hall/Reward Books  
R. J. Wysocki/Cleveland Science Fiction Connection  
Random House/Arrow Australia  
Random House/Arrow/Lucasbooks  
Random House/Yearling  
Raven House/Worldwide  
RE/Search Publications"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk
RH/Disney"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk
Sage, Evelyn/editorial Molino  
Salem House/Hogarth Press  
Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon  
Southern Tier Editions/Harrington Park Press  
St. Martin's/MarekJustified on Publisher pageOk
Starseed/Peace Press  
Stroemfeld/Roter Stern  
Sunken Citadel/Tenoka Press  
Tartarus Press/Durtro Press  
Ted Smart/Orion  
The Dial Press/James Wade  
The Dial Press/James Wade / SFBC  
The Elmfield Press/Morley  
TSR/Wizards of the Coast  
Underwood/Miller / Pendragon Press  
Underwood/Miller / SFBC  
Undie Press c/o Tim Hall  
University of Hawaii Press/Global Oriental  
Ursus Imprints/MarK V. Ziesing  
Vangar Publishers/Baltimore  
Vintage Crime/Black Lizard / Vintage Books  
Virgin/TargetTarget / VirginCorrected
W. H. Allen/TargetTarget / W. H. AllenCorrected
Wanderer/Just For Boys  
Watermark Press/P.I.C  
WhoooDoo Mysteries/TrebleHeart Books  
Wildside Press/Prime Classics LibraryPrime Classics Library / Wildside PressCorrected
Word Play/Cottage Books  
Workman/ArielAriel Books / Workman PublishingCorrected
Wyndham/TargetTarget / WyndhamCorrected
Xlibris Corporation/Fossicker Press  
Yin/Yang Cubed Publishing"/" is part of the publisher's nameOk

Avoid "Publisher / Imprint" (publisher first)

We do not yet have a listing of potential violaters of this rule.

Avoid City Names in Publisher Names

Rule #3 above asks us to avoid the use of city names (and, possibly, country names) in the publisher field. Existing publishers that have cities and countries included in their names appear to be:

Publisher Status
Alella, Barcelona: Pleniluni Ciència-Ficció 
Aosta: Keltia Editrice 
Argentina: Fantaciencia 
Argentina: Muchnil 
Baldwin Park, CA: Camelot Pub. Co. 
Barcelona : Molino 
Barcelona : Molino D.L. 
Beograd: Jugoslavija 
Bilbao (Spain): Albia 
Boston: World Peace Foundation 
Bratislava: Mlade Leta 
București : Editura Nemira 
Bucuresti: Aldo Press 
Bucuresti: Tineretului 
Buenos Aires: Editorial Losada 
Buenos Aires: Editorial Sudamericana 
Chatsworth, Calif.: GX: distributed by Zorro 
Chicago: Covici-McGee 
Conway, Wales: R. E. Jones & Bros., Ltd., printers 
Derby: The Regent Library, F. Murray 
East Aurora: Roycrofters 
Edinburgh: Patrick Geddes 
Fiji: Nostal'giia 
France: Editions de l'Aurore 
Gdańsk : Phantom Press 
Greensburg, PA: Tribune Press 
Hudson Publishing: Hawthorn [Australia] 
İstanbul : Sarmal 
Kaunas: Eridanas 
Kharkiv: Vesta 
Köln: Könemann 
La Jolla, CA: Lane & Associates 
London: ?? 
London: A. F. Bird 
London: Alston Rivers 
London: Ballantyne & Co. 
London: Baynes & Son 
London: Charles Wilson Deacon & Co. 
London: Collins 
London: Daily Telegraph 
London: Derek Verschoyle 
London: E. Benn; New York: Coward-McCann 
London: Elek 
London: Elliot Stock 
London: Grant Richards and H. Toulmin/Cayme Press 
London: Grant Richards's Colonial Library 
London: Gryphon Books 
London: J. Baker for The Richards Press 
London: J. Bell 
London: J. Bowden 
London: J. Dodsley 
London: John Lane; Boston: Roberts Brothers 
London: John Lehmann 
London: John Morphew 
London: Magread Limited 
London: Minerva Press, Lane 
London: Nelson's Library 
London: Pitman 
London: Primitive Press 
London: Reeves & Turner 
London: Sir I. Pitman & Sons 
London: Spottiswoode 
London: Swan Sonnenschein 
London: T.H. Lacy 
Los Angeles, CA: Unicorn & Son 
Los Angeles: Western Lights Publishing 
MA: Odyssey Publications 
Madrid: Siglo Veintiuno de Espana Editores 
Melbourne: Georgian House 
Melbourne: Text Publishing 
Mem Martins, Portugal: Publicações Europa-América 
Midwood / Tower, New York: 
Milano: Baldini E Castoldi 
Milano: Ponzoni 
Milwaukee: Raintree Publishers 
Mokelumne Hill, CA: Health Research 
Moscow: Ad Marginem 
Moscow: AST/Yermak 
Moscow: Malysh Publishers 
Moscow: Zakharov 
Moskwa: Maladaja Gwardija 
Munich: Langenscheidt-Longman 
New Delhi: Ravi Rayal Publisher 
New York: ? 
New York: Alliance Pub Co. 
New York: American Jewish Committee 
New York: AMS Press 
New York: Bodleian Society 
New York: Brentano's 
New York: E. Bliss 
New York: E. Bliss & E. White 
New York: Epstein & Carroll 
New York: Exposition Press 
New York: F. Tennyson Neeley 
New York: Grolier Club 
New York: Hagemann Publishing Co. 
New York: International Publishers 
New York: McCall Pub. Co. 
New York: Mershon Company 
New York: Nimmo's Popular Tales 
New York: R. H. Russell 
New York: Religious Book Club 
New York: Sheridan House 
New York: The H.K. Fly Company 
New York: The Macmillan company; London: Macmillan & co., ltd. 
New York: W. H. Freeman 
News Stand Library, Toronto: Export Publishing 
North Cheam: Young World Productions 
Odessa, Ukraine: Variant 
Oregon: Perri Press 
Oslo: Aschehoug 
Paris: Aubier-Flammarion 
Paris: Del Duca 
Paris: Denöel 
Paris: Ditis 
Paris: Dom Knigi 
Paris: Gallimard 
Paris: Librairie Hachette 
Paris: Librairie Nouvelle 
Paris: Plasma 
Paris: Sintaksis 
Portland, Oregon: Wrigley-Cross 
Portugal: Publicacoes Europa 
Prague: Cinema 
Praha: Detske Knihy 
Praha: Magnet 
Praha: Talpress 
Richmond: Reynolds & Hearn 
Rio de Janeiro: Record 
Rome: Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura 
Saint Louis: Concordia Pub. House 
San Diego: House of Fire Press 
San Diego: Leisure Book 
San Francisco: Anamnesis Press 
San Simeon, CA: Serendipity Systems 
Sandy, UT: Sunflower Publishing 
Shanghai: Commercial Press 
Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Kids 
Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Pub. 
Sofia, Bulgaria: SCC Computer 
Sofija: Narodna Mladiez 
Soul-si : Haengbokhan Ch`aek Ilki 
Spain: Cenit 
Spain: Janes 
Spain: Nebula 
St. Vital, Manitoba: Canadian Science Fiction Association 
Stockholm: Albert Bonnier 
Stockholm: Bonnier 
Stockholm: Fören. Sverige-kuriren 
Sweden: Bonnier 
Sweden: FA-Press 
Sweden: Gleerup 
Sweden: Nova Pocket, Scand Book 
Sydney, Australia: Currawong Publishing Co, 
Sydney: Jubilee 
Sydney: Judd Pub. Co. 
Sydney: Pan Books (Piper Fantasy imprint) 
Sydney: Pinnacle Books 
Tacoma: The Non-Profit Press 
Taibei Shi : Huang guan chu ban she (a.k.a. Taipei) 
Taibei Shi : Mao tou ying (cheng bang) (a.k.a. Taipei) 
Tokyo: Kinseido 
Tokyo: Ota Shuppan 
Tokyo: Shincho Sha 
Toronto: Ambassador 
Toronto: Harper & Collins 
Toronto: S. J. Reginald Saunders 
Vega: The Hungarian Fan Publishing House 
Warszawa: Amber 
Warszawa: Wydawnictwo MON 
Washington: ? 
Wellington, N.Z.: First Edition 
Wiesbaden: F.A. Brockhaus 
Windsor, Ontario: Netherlandic Press 

Use "SFBC" for Book Club publishers