ISFDB:Missing Titles from The History of Science Fiction by Adam Roberts (2005)

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After passing the first 9 chapters here is the list of missing titles from ISFDB: I have checked the Author names and titles for typos, and they are correct now. The years are given as they are given by Adam Roberts. The author names spelling fixed to include original alphabet letters.

Titles that their Author is present in ISFDB:

1665	Mundus Subterraneous            	                Athanasius Kircher
1875	Pyrna: a Commune: or, Under The Ice	                James Ellis
1875	Etymonia	                                        James Ellis
1810	Ini: a Novel from the Twenty-First Century	        Julius Von Voss
1906	Made in His Image                   	                Guy Thorne
1935	L'Agonie du Globe                     	                Jacques Spitz
1736	The Adventures of Eovaii: A Pre-Adamitical History	Eliza Fowler Haywood
1755	The Invisible Spy                                   	Eliza Fowler Haywood
1885	What is the Fourth Dimension?	                        Charles Howard Hinton
1885	A Picture of Our Universe	                        Charles Howard Hinton
1885	Casting Out the Self	                                Charles Howard Hinton
1889	Les Secrets De Monsieur Synthese                 	Louis Boussenard
1907	Mr Nothing	                                        Louis Boussenard
1872	The Novel of the Next Century                           Mor Jokai
1892	The Electric Life	                                Albert Robida
1873	Celestial Advertising	                                Villiers de l'Isle-Adam
1874	An Apparatus For Chemically Analyzing the Last Breath	Villiers de l'Isle-Adam
1874	The Glorification Machine	                        Villiers de l'Isle-Adam
1879	The New Ordeal	                                        George Tomkyns Chesney
1893	The Lesters, or, a Capitalist's Labour	                George Tomkyns Chesney
1690	Selenographia	                                        Anonymous
1851	The Last Peer	                                        Anonymous
1862	The Plurality of Inhabited Worlds	                Camille Flammarion
1877	Stella	                                                Camille Flammarion

Titles that their Author is NOT yet present in ISFDB:

1874	Uchronie                                                Charles Renouvier
1946	Die Stadt Hinter Dem Strom                              Hermann Kasack
1909	Sar Dubnotal	                                        Norbert Sevestre
1630	Le Grand Empire de L'un et L'autre Monde	        Jean De La Pierre
1899	On an Airplane to the Moon	                        István Makay
1893	Sub-Coelum: a Sky-Built Human World	                Addison Russell
1873	Transmigration	                                        Mortimer Collins
1870	The Invasion of England                           	Alfred Richards
1868	Realmah	                                                Arthur Helps
1848	The Fountain of Arethusa	                        Robert Landor
1829	Travels in Phrenologasto	                        John Trotter
1811	The Empire of the Nairs: or, the Rights of Women	James Henry Lawrence
1775	The Philosopher Without Pretension, Or the Rare Man	Louis-Guillaume de Lafolie
1584	On the Infinite Universe and Worlds	                Giordano Bruno
1750	An Account of Planet Mercury	                        Le Chevalier de Béthune
1734	The Tale of Erik and the Goths	                        Olof von Dalin
1688	Les Caractères de Théophraste	                        Jean de La Bruyère
1675	Gerania	                                                Joshua Barnes
1673	The Floating Island	                                Richard Head
1675	O-Brazile, or, The Inchanted island	                Richard Head
1668	The Isle of Pines	                                Henry Neville
1627	The Extravagant Shepherd	                        Charles Sorel
1632	The True Courier	                                Charles Sorel
1632	Gazettes and News from Various Faraway Countries	Charles Sorel
1644	Recueil des pièces les plus agréables de ce temps	Charles Sorel