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The Data Consistency project is a place to coordinate efforts to identify and repair data consistencies, including Stray Publications, malformed ISBNs, etc.

Publication Records

Invalid characters in Publication titles

Missing data

  • Need a script that finds missing data, e.g. missing page counts, missing pb/tp/hc data, 0000-00-00 dates, etc.


Safe to auto-merge identical titles?

Related to the Gardner Dozois collection was that for nearly all of the titles I found had two title records that were identical other than one was a parent of the other. If it seems safe it seems it would safe some work to to do a sweep for title records that are identical and to auto-merge them. Marc Kupper 22:25, 22 Dec 2006 (CST)


It would be nice to standardize user-generated tags.


  • hard science fiction
  • hard sf

  • history of sf
  • history-of-sf

  • juvenile sf
  • juvenile-sf

  • recursive sf
  • meta sf

  • 'young-adult humorous sf' -> 'humorous sf' + 'young-adult sf'

etc etc

some one should probably come up with a standard then make some filters for input and run the filters on the existing tags.


Title vs. Publication Type Consistency

This section documents mismatches between Title types and associated Publication types:

Pseudonyms in Collections

The following page lists all known Collection Publications that include pseudonymous Titles as of the August 11, 2007 backup. Although this is not always indicative of an error, we estimate that a significant percentage of these occurrences need to be fixed.

Serial Dates

The following page lists all known Serial records whose Title dates do not match the dates of the Publications that they appeared in as of the 2008-02-10 backup.